Monday, January 28, 2013

Cheap mobile internet

Here is an ensemble of details and prices by which you can get cheap mobile internet in prepaid without risk of inflated bills - for one user or also on wifi and share among many people.

Edit: Do you know a cheaper deal in any of these? Then PLEASE let us know.. put it in a comment under this post!

USB Modems in which you can put in any SIM card:[]=sort%3Dprice_asc&sid=6bo%2C70k%2Co47&layout=grid

At Swaraj we use the Micromax MMX 355G and the 353G models. Very efficient. Put any SIM card in and it connects you to the internet. We also have a Beetel stick which works just as well.


And for wifi,[]=sort%3Dprice_asc&sid=6bo%2C70k%2C2a2&layout=grid&q=3G

They ought to be compatible with each other, but I'll have to go to the market to check. I'd bought for Rs.2500 whereas here it's Rs.1821. But I still think I saw it cheaper somewhere.


Anyways, for a single-computer use, we can get internet stick for Rs.1500 capital cost, then use a prepaid SIM card. Take care to keep the talktime on the SIM card at minimum, so that they are not able to charge by normal internet (10paise/10KB) once the pack expires, or put on any hellotunes or anything.

Internet packs (on prepaid SIMs) (all for 30 days)

Rs.98 for 650MB, Rs.125 for 1GB
Rs. 199 : 2GB, after that gets over we can still get unlimited net at v.low speed (40kbps)
Vodafone has the same:

Rs.98 for 650MB, Rs.126 for 1GB,
Rs.198 for 2GB + low speed unlimited.

Tata Docomo:
Rs.78 for 1GB, Rs.155 for 5GB, no unlimited plans

There's something unique on Tata Docomo's 3G plans:
Rs.250 : 1GB at 3G speed, thereafter unlimited net at 64kbps.

BSNL prepaid also has internet packs, but you need to keep a minimum talktime balance of Rs.50 on the phone (and once the internet limit is crossed, this Rs.50 vanishes quickly. So might as well add Rs.50 to the cost)
Rs.54 for 500Mb, Rs.98 for 1.2GB, and further, but no unlimited plans.

Note: For all of these, you should check if the network is working or not at the place where you want to set this up. Particularly in rural areas

The advantage with this is that it makes us independent of any one connection. We can put in any sim card. If someone comes along who has an unlimited connection on his phone, we can use his for the time being. And it's much easier to recharge also from shops or online (take care that you have to explicitly take internet pack. Regular. And there is no threat of inflated bills. You can keep a no-bargain policy of only one recharge a month and beyond that if they want then they can recharge with their own money.

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