Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Collection of healthy Food, Treatment tips for a heart patient

Here are responses to a query on healthy foods/diet, natural treatments etc made by a heart patient in a network I'm part of called "Learning Societies".

Dear Friends,
I had mild heart attack 4 years ago. I do not want to go through that interventionist route
of Allopathy meaning Angio-graphy, Putting stent or Bye pass surgery etc.
But I am on heavy allopathy medicine along with homeopathy - Crategus-30 .
And Lawaki juice with one Ayurvedic Kadha. I do some Asanas-Pranayam
in the morning.
Sometimes I feel uneasiness, I have to rush to doctor , he suggest
some more medicine and that is all.

Can anybody suggest me Food Therapy (Restrictions ie.some food I must avoid at all cost )
along with the food recipes for me ?

You might like to check out this organisation, which offers an alternative approach to heartcare:

I would urge you to meet Dr. Suresh Shottam a world class naturopath with a deep understanding of the human body and such sitations.. he is in blore 

his email id is sureshottam [at] gmail.com 


Food-  to be consume regularly.
Pomegranate juice or fruit daily,
Grapes, sweet lime and Oranges
Vegetables-Bitter, ridge, bottle, sponge gourds, coriander, dry ginger, desi cow milk.
Mental and physical rest,sound sleep for 7-8 hours.
Medicine- (Consulting with Vaidyas)
1.Arjunarishta-2-3 tsf after meals
2.shring bhasm 100-200mg.
Food that should be avoided strictly
Black gram, Bengal gram, tomatoes, cauliflower etc.
Find out root cause (Stress, over waight, wrong food life style etc.) and remove it.
Avoid these things--Exertion, climbing, eating out, awake at nights.

Naturopathy, Homeopathy best ways out!

There is a naturopathy+meditation Ashram near Pune, Uruli Kanchan. Known as Nisargopchar.


I know people:

1 who avoided heart bypass surgery and

2 heart other ailment allopathy by going to urali kanchan and staying there some months and coming back renewed physically and in beautiful indescribable ways, like they were filled with the lightness of being!

Very inexpensive, basic stay and food costs, but high on discipline


Kerala ayuvedic treatment has helped for all manner of ailments, including detoxing the body after chemotherapy and steroids but these sessions work best in the kerala climate


Not sure if you have already read it, but if you haven't please buy & read this book -  Dr. Dean Ornish's Program for Reversing Heart Disease


Raw food can heal you fastest.

Theres a very reliable centre with over 25 yrs of experience in Mumbai called the health awarness centre their nos are 022 2498 0005,6.

You will need to come down once and take consultation,

You could call and email them your details, make payment online and start in nagpur, till you get an appointment, so even before you get an appointment you will be at ease and start self healing.




Have you read Dr Abhay Bang's " MAZA SAKSHATKARI RHUDAIROG" ? If not, you must ! Read it carefully and follow it as strictly as you can. 


I had to leave out one input which was just a direct phone number of a person named Shammi Nanda who has worked a lot on healthy foods and cooking... please let me know on nikhil.js [at] gmail.com if you want that contact.

Monday, April 14, 2014

BJP : More corruption, more criminalization and far worse

India needs an alternative. Why Modi is not the alternative?
A few facts shared by a friend. 

Do read and share if you like to 

1) Corruption
BJP: Modi talks about corruption issues of Congress, but he never talks about Yaddurappa and other corrupt politicians in BJP like Babu Bokhariya(Mining scam gujarat) and many more. 

Gujarat high court order plugs Rs2,000 crore mining scam in Gujarat

Gujarat state government gifts Adani Group land in Kutch for peanuts

How Adani got contracts for supplying power despite being the most expensive

CAG blasts Narendra Modi govt for giving Rs 750 cr undue benefits to RIL, Essar

NewsX : Honesty is impossible in Politics, says Senior BJP leader Nitin Gadkari

Ex-BJP min's OSD arrested in MPPEB scam

Former BJP minister booked for examination scam questioned by STF

CBI raids BJP leader, ex-governor in steel plant scam

BJP's scam as NDA – a refreshment of BJP's scam list

BJP leader faces CBI case in coal scam

Now,CAG unveils Rs 1,052 cr coal block allocation 'scam' in BJP-ruled Chhattisgarh

Karnataka BJP MLA arrested, sent to CBI custody in mining scam

Yeddyurappa's downfall from one scam to another

Land scam case against Vasundhara

2) Criminals
BJP: Modi never talks about politicians with Criminal records, because BJP is filled up with lot of criminals. Amit Shah(Gujarat 2002 riots, fake encounter etc), Dinu Solanki(Gun from Junagadh [My hometown] involved in many criminal activities), Vithal Radadiya(Gun from Rajkot Gujarat), LK Advani(Babri Masjit issue) and many more.

Murder charges dog Narendra Modi's right-hand man Amit Shah

31 per cent MLAs in Gujarat assembly have criminal records

In Gujarat, 57 MLAs face criminal charges

Vitthal Radadiya, the MP who brandished gun at toll booth, joins Narendra Mod!'s BJP

Reasons for Narendra Mod!'s deafening silence over convicted politicos

RTI activist Amit Jethwa murder case: BJP leader Dinu Solanki named in CBI chargesheet

A rape charge is no bar for politicians: 260 MLAs and MPs contested polls while facing sexual assault charges

Bangaru Laxman convicted of taking bribe

28 BJP MLAs, 21 Congress MLAs have criminal records

Delhi polls: 129 candidates have criminal cases against them, BJP tops chart

Number of MLAs with criminal charges rises by 6% in Madhya Pradesh

3) Development Model of BJP(Modi)

8 holes CAG picked in Narendra Mod!'s Gujarat development plan

????? ?????? ?????? ?? ???? ????? ???? ??!

Gujarat's per capita debt set to rise by 46%

Ahmedabad gas prices among the costliest in country

You are not poor in Gujarat if you earn Rs 11; Congress, BJP spar over BPL issue

Ahmedabad riverfront to open as displaced await new homes

High income, yet high hunger levels in Gujarat

'Textbook terrorists' booked

4) Pro Corporate and Anti People BJP/Congress

5,000 Gujarat farmers protest against Maruti plant

Farmers protest against investment regions in Gujarat

Farmers to intensify protest against land acquisition for Narendra Mod!'s pet project

Mod!'s Gujarat development model questioned again

Every third child in Gujarat is underweight, says CAG report

MP Shivraj : CAG slams Environment Ministry for favouring Reliance Power firm

5) Misleading People
Modi says Congress mukt Bharat... and purchasing Corrupt MLAs and MPs from Congress.
AAP should say Corruption and Criminals Free India

Barack Obama watching Narendra Mod! speech on TV? 

6) Party Fund Raising and Spending

BJP hires special train for Narendra Mod!'s Kol rally for Rs 22 lakh

Mechanics of Narendra Modi's PR Agency: APCO Worldwide – Orchestrating our Future

6) Others

Power hungry BJP is doing alliance with Corrupt parties like LJP to come into the power. 

Reasons For Not Voting Modi . Facts and Lies

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Widespread booth capturing reported in Gurgaon

Saw this shared on FB,
Over 110 booths in Gurgaonn elections on 10th April 2014 were compromised.
Detailed list of complaint made to Election officers by Aam Aadmi Party is available here - http://t.co/DRyP8ooBSz

These are the initial complaints filed so Duh! of course they haven't gotten any Supreme Court stamp of authencity on them yet; no point in questioning. Our media reports the craziest of things without checking for any facts.. wonder how they're treating this? Please share this with mediapersons whom you know.

If each of all the extensive little details in there, including promises to testify and video footage taken by volunteers (not yet available) turn out to be false, no problem. But if even a few of them are true, then one needs to ask some questions:

1. What made the capturing parties so desperate? AAP's Yogendra Yadav was contesting this seat.
2. If this isn't a one-off incident, can we expect this happening elsewhere too? Earlier we got a screenshot of a guy from Muzaffarnagar, UP gloating on FB about how he voted for BJP over 20 times. It was live on that night, I saw the status and comments myself, but was deleted by the morning by which time he may have gotten sober.
3. Is this BJP/Congress's model of governance that we should consider as "stable" and worthy of running a country?
4. Do the pro-Modi / other main parties people in your friend circles, social circles normally approve of such acts? After crossing what limit would it become a deal-breaker for them?
5. Wouldn't a party having practically unlimited budget for spending on elections, find it possible to pay off large numbers of poorly paid staff, officers working on manning election booths? Do we need more reasons for taking big, black money out of politics?

Edit: Here's a related article saying the same things; it's published in Outlook so heck you might treat it as more credible. But even this one is by an AAP member... WHERE ARE THE JOURNALISTS OF INDIA GONE OFF TO? Where are the media's own reports from the field? Don't tell me there wasn't any journo covering the area on voting day?

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Why I am voting for Aam Aadmi Party

Click to know more about the Swaraj (Direct Democracy) Bill : Let's stop depending on the fickle "good intentions" of politicians; Let's vote to put all decision making and taxpayer funds spending powers for an area directly in the hands of the people living in that area.

Watch short clips about AAP's stand on various issues.
Questions and concerns about AAP? Watch these short video clips : Frequently Asked Questions about Aam Aadmi Party
Myths, doubts clarified on http://aapkajawab.in

Dear Friends,

I've copied and pasted the contents of this article for easy reading right here.
Please forward and share this with with your friends.

In 1999, while doing a part time job during college, one noon sitting in office I read an article on some political outfit started by some ex-IITians. They had named it Parivarthan (Change). In an era where Laloo Yadav beamed from television screens, I remember marveling at the thought of qualified professionals entering politics but smugly wondered at what few guys can do to an established, strong fortress of a system. What I didn't remember reading was the name of the guy who started it – Arvind Kejriwal.

Today Arvind Kejriwal has stormed into this corrupt political bastion with the fearlessness of a suicide bomber. Sections of all the pillars of democracy (judiciary, politicians, administrative and the media) are working overtime to bring him down. The corrupted system unlike the large sections of the Indian populace clearly understands Kejriwal. For the CORRUPT system, Kejriwal is cancerous - hence they are using the radiation of scrutiny to burn AAP's progress before it spreads through the country and kills them.

Otherwise, can anyone explain the media scrutiny of a party that the media itself claims will get only 4 seats? The relentless attacks by senior leaders from BJP, Congress, and Shiv Sena, etc. on a party who they claim will not win any seat outside Delhi. Why are all of them scared of Kejriwal? Why is the unintentional falling of 2 metal detectors in Churchgate station more important than the numerous instances of intentional vandalizing by political parties (burning, breaking property worth of Crores?) The fining of the rickshaw driver who ferried Kejriwal more hyped than BJP and Congress giving Lok Sabha tickets to Kings of Corruption – Yeddyurappa & Srimullu (BJP of Raping Mines fame) and Pawan Bansal (Congress of Coalgate fame).

Please fine AAP's rickshaw driver or its leaders for breakage of any laws however small but also scrutinize the list of candidates from BJP and Congress which is more like wanted list of criminals. AAP on the other hand, is asking the public to source proof in case any of their candidates have any criminal background, and publishing the source of its funds – why is no one highlighting this? 
(According to Association of Democratic Reforms (ADR), 35 per cent of Modi's BJP candidates face criminal charges; of them 17 percent are serious charges. And, 27 per cent of Rahul's Congress candidates face criminal charges, with 10 per cent facing serious charges.) ). Meanwhile Kejriwal has ensured topics that were spoken in hush tones – are now mainstay in political discourse – from Robert Vadra to Adani, from Paid Media to Ambani.

When the entire intelligence machinery was unable to find anything corruptible in Kejriwal, the political class latched on to a term he uttered in sarcasm – Anarchist. Anarchy is not when a CM sleeps on the pavement in 4 degrees on a cold Delhi night to fix accountability on the police force to check rapes happening there. Anarchy is when a strong CM with 56 inch chest can't stop the public rape of women, flinging of toddlers on rocks, burning of pilgrims in a train or the relentless and well organized mass killing of over 1000 people in 2 weeks. Anarchy is when a death of a PM is used as an excuse to mass murder an entire community with no justice even after 30 years. Anarchy is when bombs explode in trains during rush hours – one station after another- and you are frantically wondering who you will lose at the end of it. Anarchy is when Kashmiri pundits find themselves homeless one fine morning. Anarchy is when you buy onions at 100 rupees and the prices of petrol have the guts to compete with Sachin's milestones. Anarchy is when you go to a railway station or a five star restaurant and witness some gun toting men spraying bullets like kids spray coloured water during Holi.

This Anarchy exists because the ruling class in its failure to address core issues of governance has distracted the population with divisive and emotive issues. The BJP calls us Hindus and Muslims, The Congress – minorities and majority. Mayawati calls us backward and forward castes. Shiv Sena/MNS pit us as Marathi Vs North Indians while the left parties classify us as rich and poor. Here is a party which is making an attempt to call us INDIANS. If we don't respond to this call then we will risk the DNA of our nation. As Indians, before we get swayed by the emotive rhetoric, we need to understand that onions costs the same for Hindus and Muslims, your Maratha pride or Gujarati Gaurav can't save you from a pothole on pathetic roads, a bridge doesn't collapse after counting the number of backward castes travelling on it. The emotive issues are a perfect foil to cover the core issues – corruption and bad governance. Corruption breeds lacunas and bottlenecks in everything from defense to development. It also plagues seemingly unrelated issues - Nirbhaya's ordeal could have been avoided if the corrupt collusion between Delhi transport authority and the bus owners didn't allow busses to ply with curtains.

Meanwhile critics found a new name for kejriwal,  "bhagoda" (desserter or one who runs away). A man who challenges the might of Ambani, Sonia, Modi and the Paid Media has not come to run away. In a country where people hang on to their positions even when they are half in their graves - here is a man who gave up power and decides to go back to the people for a majority mandate and be in a position to pass the anti-corruption law rather than warm the chair. In the meantime , the critics are still searching for another government that has done so much in 49 days. http://news.in.msn.com/national/what-the-aap-government-achieved-in-49-days .

Electing AAP is not electing a new party – it's an attempt at changing the system. A systemic change that will make sure that if a Rahul Gandhi is born 20 years from now, he won't do the mistake of thinking his surname will get him anywhere OR a future Narendra Modi doesn't need the plank of hate politics to stake claim to the PM's chair. Modi or a Rahul or the political classes are not from Pakistan – they are our own – and we are here not to destroy them but to change their thinking. We are here to change our mindsets, fight our habits.

Rahul says Congress is the answer, BJP says Modi is the answer but Arvind is saying WE (you and me) are the answer. BJP and Congress will always remain with its reserves running into crores – but AAP may not survive if we don't support it today. Are you comfortable with a babysitter who has a criminal background to take care of your children? Will you hire criminals as domestic helps for your parents? Then how can you trust convicted criminals, rapists and murders to protect your family or wealth, to lead you and society? Dr. Ambedkar, the architect of our constitution once remarked, "Rights are protected not by law but by the social and moral conscience of society".

This is India's chance in history – to set things right – so that our children will breathe in an air of hope, of equal opportunities, the men who protect us – will get their due, our women feel safer on the streets, our young can prosper here and we can soar together unchained beyond the horizons – and set an example that we a collection of 30 states – as diverse as 30 countries – can be united in our resolve for a better tomorrow like a smile that would erupt from Kashmir to Kanyakumari when Sachin would raise his hands to the heavens.

(Author is an Entrepreneur and AAP volunteer. email : jimmyforaap [at] gmail.com)

Monday, April 7, 2014

The Ungli Song

Message from the makers of "The Ungli Campaign" : an effort to bring out the where-whats of refusing to vote Vs. voting for alternatives in the upcoming elections.

This is Amreen here. With the elections coming up, I have been working on an initiative called 'The Ungli Campaign'. I'm connecting with you to have your support in our initiative to make young people go vote in the upcoming elections.
We have launched a portal to help people easily register online, and aim to bring about 200 campuses into voting booths this year. The campaign has just kick started & to promote it, we have launched a promo song called 'The Ungli Song'. This song aims to highlight the power of the common man's Ungli. Shibani Kashyap and The Band of Boys have sung the song, along with support from celebrities such as Arbaaz Khan, Prachi Desai, Sonu Sood, Esha Deol, to name a few, showing their support by being part of the video.
Here is a link to the song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jFOK7HuClIs

What did AAP's Delhi government do in just 49 days?

Stay up-to-date on what AAP can really bring to this country : https://www.facebook.com/AamAadmiParty

Sunday, April 6, 2014

AAP Press Release: Mr Rahul Gandhi, please reveal the Congress stand on Delhi elections

Date: Sunday, April 6

The Aam Aadmi Party challenges the Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi to reveal his party's stand on whether fresh assembly elections should be held in Delhi.

Mr Gandhi, whose party entered into an open alliance with the BJP in the Delhi assembly on February 14 to vote against the AAP government's Janlokpal bill, is now making an unsuccessful attempt to mislead the public.

If Mr Gandhi is so concerned about the people of Delhi, then why is the UPA's central government keeping the national capital under President's rule and why is Mr Gandhi's Congress party running away from making its stand public even before the Supreme Court on whether fresh assembly elections should be held ?

Mr Gandhi talks about eradication of corruption and has openly stated that he wanted to push some anti-corruption bills in the last session of parliament, but chooses to remain silent about his party's role in the Delhi assembly, which sided with the BJP to defeat the most important legislation to curb corruption in public life.

Mr Gandhi's comments are a desperate bid to deflect attention from the growing public anger against a series of corruption scams of the Congress-led UPA's central government and its wrong policies.

The Aam Aadmi Party makes it clear that it will not compromise on its core principle of eradicating corruption from the country. It was on this promise that the people of Delhi had given 28 seats to the AAP in the assembly elections and the party's minority government was working towards bringing a strong Janlokpal bill.

The AAP government could not continue in office beyond February 14 since it did not have the numbers to get the Janlokpal bill passed and the cabinet in its last meeting had recommended dissolution of the assembly.

It is for Mr Gandhi's Congress party to tell the people of Delhi why it is hiding behind the shield of President's rule and denying the voters their right to elect a new government ?

In case the Congress party is so confident of its mature skills of running governments then why does not it direct the Lieutenant Governor to recommend dissolution of the state assembly and why is it running away from facing the elections ?  

The AAP is taking its message to the people that it was the open alliance between the Congress and the BJP, which did not let the AAP government implement its agenda and it is for the people to now decide what they want.    

AAP Media Cell

Typical pattern of #NaMoFans

A typical ‪#‎NamoFans‬ pattern : 
1. State an enormous, impossible-to-solve problem.
2. Explain how frustrating it all is; explain why everyone else will be unable to solve it and what a huge disaster is looming ahead.
3. In the very last line, declare that our magical God-like NaMo will solve everything.

There is absolutely NO effort on their part to explain HOW Modi is going to solve it. It's just blind faith built up by years of spoon-feeding and being out of touch with reality. Sorry boss, there is no such thing as a magical pill. Our problems are all solvable when we the people put our heads and hands together, when we stop depending on "magic" pills and take steps to take back power over our lives into our own hands. AAP is not a party but a vehicle for people to take back their power and help themselves. Why do #NamoFans religiously avoid talking about Jan Lokpal and Swaraj bills? Because they cannot risk exposing the fact that a well-laid out vyavastha parivartan is any day better than a fake God.

Also a typical tactic : Absolutely omit the extensive solutions laid out and also implemented by AAP and mention only and only controversies. As if Modi never had Gujarat genocide and mass gangrapes, child malnutrition, snoopgate, massive land scams and mordor-level pollution happening under his charge. 
AAP's controversies are nothing in comparison (absolutely no one harmed!), plus they're media-created : there's nothing wrong in protesting against a brutal, murderous Congress-controlled police force that is blatantly shielding rapists, bride burners, drug peddlers and pimps from justice. AAP's intention was always to help the people : they risked their reputations to do what was right. Compare that to Modi who has risked (and ruined) thousands of lives just to establish his reputation. Intention matters. Wake up, #NaMoFans, your NaMo-God is a fake.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Electronic Voting Machine doubts

Hi Friends,

Note: This could all of course be just me blowing things out of proportion so take it all with a pinch of salt, eh? This email is going out to multiple networks I'm part of and to my friends and to a blog. I have no powers of my own to communicate this to any higher-ups.. but if you consider this serious enough then pls do so. The information is all open, I do not hold any more details, so I'm just putting this together and leaving it and would seriously like to not be involved if this goes up any chains. Please cut out my name if you're forwarding this.

Knowing from the past decades of politics in the US, leaders who are privy to a lot of top secret information that is being withheld from the public, time and again make Freudian slips or in a moment of jest share something which is derived from that information. One infamous George Bush slip was in a global meeting of leaders when in a moment of humour he told a South American counterpart that the best way to improve the economy was to make war. The 9/11 attacks had recently happened and the war on terror was just beginning at the time, Now, a decade and multiple occupied and devastated countries later as well seeing the US economy's trajectories in relation with its wars, we know of the crony military-industrial complex that profited immensely as a result of America's wars post 9/11 which they influenced to make happen. More recently, government or industry people have been recorded saying at speeches or press conferences that they might need to fake an incident to legitimize a war with Iran.

Why I'm sharing this: I had come across a NaMo quote on a news website a few days ago saying something like:
"This is the first election where the results are known from beforehand."
And there's also similar sentiments coming out about Congress winning irrespective of what all is happening.

It could of course be a harmless co-incidence, but look at this news that came out recently:
GUWAHATI: An electronic voting machine raised many eyebrows across the state during a mandatory mock poll in Jorhat on Tuesday. Every time a button was pressed, the vote went in favour of BJP. 
The Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) system that India has adopted at such a massive level, is fraught with risks, and we're down to seriously over-depending on the independence and honesty and robustness and sheer brute strength and 24/7/365 vigilance of the Election Commission to prevent them from being compromised.
India is the only country in the world to adopt all-electronic voting machines at an absolute level. This is not because of any technological wizardry of India : it's because it has been rejected by many other countries that have far better infrastructure on the grounds that it is too easy to abuse. (For the same reason, even Aadhaar card like projects are not being taken up by any other country despite many having the technology and infrastructure). A paper trail has been strongly recommended by several independent democracy watchdogs. There are sites and videos on the net galore about EVM fraud having happened and being doable all around the world if the people handling the machine can be compromised. Compound with this the EC's strategy of maintaining secrecy about the inner circuitry and arresting people who dare to investigate : You know a technology is vulnerable when you're depending on a veil of secrecy to protect it.

One website dedicated to ringing the alarm bell regarding this in India: http://indiaevm.org/ . This video featured on the site really breaks it down: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZlCOj1dElDY
There is also an oft-ignored but steady suspicion about the Congress's surprise return to power 10 years ago when exit polls were predicting a BJP victory. That was when India went all-EVM. The mainstream media had been agog suddenly about the virtues of the Congress, Sonia Gandhi's "sacrifice" of PM position, Manmohan Singh as the silent obedient spotless perfect administrator and I remember actually believe all of that at the time. Today we know those media houses have not been entirely honest in their coverage 10 years ago, we know they went overboard to paint our leaders as, well, perfect leaders, and we know the extent of scams that have come to pass since then, and we know how the same media houses suppressed or downplayed many of the scams until independent entities and people talking about it made it impossible for them to continue blacking them out.

I would also keep in mind here that TOI is a Congress bastion and that it is possible for Congress to have rigged those machines to trap BJP in controversy. But they are on the same team, IMHO.

Here's my opinions and recommendations:

1. The contention in the article that the EVMs had become faulty due to being left out for too long, is soothing, comforting, but likely to be false. If our phones are robust enough to travel around with us and still work properly, then a much simpler electronics like EVM has to be many times more robust. If the EVMs are really so delicate then that means they have failed their minimum working requirements and cannot be used. Here I was expecting the EVMs to be shock-proof, fall-proof, dust-proof, water-proof.. aakhir humaari puri democracy ka sawaal hai bhai! Those machines are supposed to be taken to the farthest corners, deepest pockets of the country; not to be kept in sanitized air conditioned offices!

2. It seems far-fetched that an accidental malfunction puts all the votes into one option. Malfunctions aren't this intelligent when you leave your machine outside and it gets weathered : a genuine malfunction would be simply if the machine stopped working altogether, or the votes went to random options. I'm not saying it's impossible, but the odds of the EVM naturally malfunctioning such that all votes go to only one specific option, are seriously very, very high.

3. If we drop the malfunction theory, what's left is deliberate sabotage. This would mean there is a serious need for the Election Commission to revamp their arrangements. I'm also getting weary of the EC being the sole line of defense in something where even the reigning government machinery, including the state police force, cannot be trusted.

4. One stop-gap measure that seems realistic is that on voting day, just an hour before the first vote is cast, the machine is checked on the spot, and if there's any case of "malfunction" then the machine is discarded and another proven-working machine is used or we resort to paper ballot. (very slim chances of having working spares around.. if there is sabotage then they'll all be compromised.) I understand how paper ballot is also fraught with risks, but it is to be noted that sabotage in paper ballots can be independently noticed and caught (photos, videos of the act can be taken and instantly go viral) whereas in EVMs we'll never know.

5. If we find a critical vulnerability that cannot be safely and completely cured before elections begin, and if traditional alternatives (paper ballot and all the systems surrounding it) cannot be fully activated at every polling booth in the country (ie, if EC has not kept a Plan B in place), then I would recommend to swallow the bitter pill and completely postpone the national elections.

6. If such a situation as I speculate (wildly!) comes about and yet business as usual is continued and EC proceeds as per plan with no realistic checks done, then I recommend that the candidates who surely know this contest will be rigged, withdraw their candidature, boycott the elections and put out a public appeal to the people to not vote this time. A long term plan of action would be to rejoin the out-of-politics social movements and start working on the more difficult option of people leaving the government behind. Every social movement for change should have a plan B which doesn't depend on trusting prevailing centralized mechanisms : we should never lay all our eggs in one basket.

7. At present I have seen nothing that might question the integrity of the Election Commission of India. To the contrary, they seem to be regularly having issues with governments due to their strict ethics. But I'm just an ordinary guy, I haven't done any real investigation.


Some defenses I have seen on this topic earlier that I think are just not heavy enough to counter the doubts:

1. Using paper is going to waste so many trees >> Fine, let's have any one big college give all its students a gap year and shut down for an year, that will compensate for the lost trees and probably much more. Jokes apart, you cannot risk destroying a nation's sovereignty and putting into power people who will wipe out entire forests just to save a few trees (and looking at what Moily's been up to, I'm wondering if we haven't done that already?)

2. Election Commission will never let such a thing happen >> They aren't Gods, let's keep that in mind. A tiny little crack in the security shell can do the damage. It's funny how we so easily ascribe God-like qualities to any entity that we infuse with national pride.

3. No one would dare do such a thing, people will revolt instantly >> They won't if the entity coming to power already has co-opted majority of the media and is able to suppress this news from being officially and credibly told to the people. The ones who manage to slip through, or the independent parties that aren't part of the scheme, will be publishing it on their social media / blogs / own chhota websites and the co-opted media will instantly ridicule them and brand them as mad or liars or anti-constitutional or anarchists or conspiracy theorists. We know this is very much happening already in some way or the other.

4. The main rival political party will surely blow the whistle and bring such a matter to light >> Not if the main parties are all on the same team, being funded by the same crony capitalists.

Disclaimer : This could all of course be just me blowing things out of proportion and not having all the details known, so chill and take it all with a pinch of salt, eh?

Friday, April 4, 2014

Proxy candidates in Indian elections

NaMo isn't contesting from 2 Lok Sabha seats. He is contesting from 415 (+allies), with the rest filling in proxy attendance for him... both in elections and in Parliament if elected. Those candidates are going to represent and act for NaMo and his funders; not the people of their constituencies.
Same with Congress : RaGa is contesting from 414 seats (+allies).

This is why the Indian Parliament has so far: fought with SC and kept criminals eligible for elections; kept their parties out of RTI; given themselves fat salaries and perks; opposed or totally diluted Jan Lokpal; sanctioned forced land acquisition; and many more things.

AAP, on the other hand, has candidates representing and loyal to the people of their constituencies : these candidates will act independently and will vote & act against anything that hurts their people, even if it's an AAP legislation.

So whom should we vote for : candidates representing their bosses, or candidates representing their people? Should our Lok Sabha be filled with real people, or proxies?

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Ab ki baar...


Congress hi lootegi kya harr baar?
Abki baar Modi Sarkaar

Chutney ke bina dhokla hai bekaar
Abki baar Modi sarkar

Baby doll pe ayaa mujhko pyaar
Abki baar Modi sarkar

Team Australia ki t20 me haar
Abki baar Modi sarkar

IRCTC ki booking ki lambi hai kataar
Abki baar Modi sarkar

Dekha hai pehli baar saajan ki aanko mai pyaar
Abki baar Modi sarkar

unzip kaarne ke liye formatz hain .zip aur .rar
Abki baar Modi sarkar

itna saara tar aap ko bana sakta hai bahut bimaar
ab ki bar Modi sarkar

match ke dauran dekh lo mere adz hazaar bar
Ab ki baar Modi sarkaar

karenge puncture hum kejru ki wagonR,
abki baar modi sarkar

twinkle twinkle little star
ab ki baar modi sarkar

"Voldemort ne kiya Harry Potter ke mathe pe Scar.
Abki baar Modi Sarkar."

1 pascal = 1.0x10^-5 bar
Isliye ab ki baar Modi sarkar

Malaika, tu thumke maar,
Ab ki baar Modi Sarkar.

.abcdefghijklmnopq r
Isliye abki baar modi Sarkar

.Daal chawal ke saath aam ka achaar...
Isliye abki baar Modi sarkar

Ek duni do, do duni chaar;
isliye Abki baar Modi Sarkar

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

On Rakhi Sawant contesting elections

My comment for a link shared on FB:
..coming among a sea of male chauvinistic comments, taunts, insults...

Think wholistically, guys. 

Instead of keeping on taking it from the abusive males of society, she gamed the assholes and brought herself and a huge number of people permanently out of destitution. 

By "selling" herself, as people keep chastising her about, she's saved all further generations of her relatives from the brutalities of poverty, prostitution etc. She deserves respect for screwing the male-dominated abusive society right back. 

Having lived the desperate life herself, she's capable of understanding how the system affects the poor and delivering a better life to them. And she's not become anybody's stooge, she's not contesting as any party's item girl but as a leader in her own right. A way better candidate than Shiv Sena, BJP, Congress by a mile.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Why is AAP only complaining about everyone?

Umm.. No. AAP has a galaxy of positives and strengths of its own that are always given the deaf ear by those who then label them as only hitting out. Rather than actually showing any positives, that label is then trumpeted. Please look before judging.

AAP is the only party to announce as well as practice in many cases, Fulll committment to:
- RTI applied to political parties
- Fully transparent funding : zero black money
- Jan Lokpal
- Administrative Decentralization, direct citizens participation in local decision making : Nagar Swaraj Bill
- Womanifesto 2014
- Zero tolerance for candidates with criminal/rape cases
- Focus on health, education and empowering rural parts of the country to prosper so that the people do not have to migrate to slums in cities.

There's a lot more... so don't say AAP has nothing positive. Of course, when glaring, dangerous lies get widely publicized as truth, when the emperor is parading around wearing no clothes, it's the duty of any responsible person to point it out. 

Challenge : Can you enlist even one major country-level controversial thing (example : about both BJP and Congress taking massive amounts of funding from big businesses, or about them spending vast amounts of black money to purchase attendance at their rallies or about the paid media scam or the fake opinion polls scam) that the AAP as pointed out that isn't true

Are you going to just sit and complain about people who dare to tell you the truth about the powers that want to rule over your country? Will you keep shooting the messenger only?

Monday, March 31, 2014

How would you measure development?

Another opinion piece on development...

The conventional definitions of development, democracy etc are far removed from reality, human happiness as well as from long term sustainability. There are misreadings of what is happening; other things simultaneously happening are deliberately ignored and the whole picture is missed; from there the wrong inferences are made; and then "solutions" are proposed that will send us all down the toilet.

While taking us out of one set of dogmas, we've been plunged into yet another set of dogmas, another religion that pretends not to be a religion : a religion of money. One where money in itself is ultimate; and the economists are the high priests who invent complicated explanations to disguise the fact that most of their money is fake; created out of thin air and is then traded for real wealth (food, land, water, minerals, products, labour), hence short-changing the people and inevitably causing inflation. They interpret everything as and when it suits them, at their profit and everyone else's loss (minting money and taking huge loans to help big industries and banks and airports is fine; but oh no! there is no money available to invest in transitioning off fossil fuels or to improve basic services). This religion has zero tolerance for anyone daring to question the mainstream discourse on what development should really be.

It is this religion that has decreed that India must compete with China and the West, that GDP must increase at an accelerating pace at any cost; that stock markets indicate the progress of the whole country; and many other things.

These pre-set agendas lead to an inevitable advocacy for centralized control and dictatorship. In that world-view, with those dominant parameters, Modi is a perfect fit. Those who want high GDP growth at all costs will find Modi a logical choice. It's not just media propaganda... it's also the religion of money that most of our middle and upper classes are unknowingly practising  that is driving them towards seeing Modi as the perfect and logical solution.

Within these standard definitions, there is seriously no way AAP can compete with Modi in destroying India and the world.
Our duty is not to compete with Modi in destroying our future; but to question and redefine the conventional definitions and measurements imposed on us.

Those who say that India is losing to China and the West... within those narrow frameworks, we're not supposed to win at all. It's a race to the bottom. Winning, as defined by the religion of money, will actually make India lose. So we need to rebel against the value systems of these guys. India failed to achieve high GDP growth? That's like saying a man has failed to abuse his children. Or a natural disaster has failed to kill enough people. Or a car driver hasn't lived up to the expectation of mowing down enough pedestrians. That's supposed to be good news! So, we've got to change the discourse... blindly accepting Word Bank standards and then starting to compete along them is only going to do us more damage.

Here's one development parameter I'd like to see adopted as an alternative to all the GDP, industry, stock markets etc:
The number of people in the country going to bed hungry at night. (With the aim of achieving the lowest value possible :P)
That's quite measurable; and it would be a great place to start changing the discourse and defeating the high priests of the religion of money.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Mano ya Na-Mo FAQ-4 - Isn’t Narendra Modi the best option we have?

Copied from https://www.facebook.com/notes/nomore/faq-4-isnt-narendra-modi-the-best-option-we-have/671095096289802

#‎NOMOre_2014 Mano ya-na-mano

Q. Isn't Narendra Modi the best option we have?

This of course depends on your individual social location – If
Narendra Modi's stint as Chief Minister is anything to go by, his rule
has been good for the super rich and urban elite but the urban poor
continue to remain poor and people in the rural areas have been
subject to state violence and extreme distress. Fisher folk in coastal
areas and other marginalised groups have been dispossessed of their
land land and news of farmer suicides regularly emerge from the
state. Minorities, especially Muslims, have been subjected to violence
and intimidation well beyond 2002 when at least thousands were raped
and/or butchered. Here are some more reasons why Modi is far from
being the best:

-The so-called development for which Modi's rule put so many lives
at stake is largely a hoax. Gujarat's growth rate under Modi is
significantly lower than under the previous non-Modi regimes. In the
same period that Gujarat was run by Modi, Tamil Nadu and Maharastra
registered higher GDP. Gujarat's growth rate for the period between
2004 and 2012 is 3.4%, lower than both Tamil Nadu and Maharastra and
significantly lower than Bihar's 6.5%.

-If Modi is contesting for the top-post he has to respect democratic
principles of governance but his past record shows scant respect for
the same. The Gujarat Assembly runs on an average of 30-32 per year.
The state had not had a Lokayukta for 10 years when the High Court
cleared the candidature for one of its own retired judges in January
2013. But in April 2013, the Gujarat assembly gave the government all
the powers vested with the Lokayukta, rendering the position
toothless. If today Modi has a 'clean' image this is no small part
because the institution to keep corruption in check was crushed by his

-Documented evidence collected by state and UN organisations show no
increase in employment levels in the last 12 years, poor public
education infrastructure, high rates of malnourishment among infants
and adult women, skewed sex ratios, higher incidents of crime against

Brought to you by the NOMOre Campaign, 'Mano ya Na-Mo' is a
pre-election series which aims to bust the myths perpetuated by
Narendra Modi. We challenge his empty rhetoric with hard facts, so
that voters can cast an informed vote. NOMOre Lies! NOMOre false
#NOMOre_2014 NOMOre

Mano ya Na-Mo FAQ 3. - What is the Alternative to Modi ?

Mano ya Na-Mo
Q. What is the alternative to Narendra Modi?

Quite a few people have been posing this question to anyone who
opposes Narendra Modi. It is a question that can be traced back to
NaMo, and pushed relentlessly by mainstream media. It is also a
question designed to be impossible to answer because it is a non
question. It makes no sense, like asking urban citizens what the
alternative is to purchasing an expensive Mercedes car against a high
interest loan for daily commuting, makes no sense.

For Lok Sabha elections in our parliamentary democracy, voters choose
between sets of ideals and policies presented by political parties,
and not between prime ministerial candidates. This is a scenario which
is fraught with difficulties for NaMo. For all the hype generated
around NaMo, there is precious little detail shared about his
policies. And NaMo is notorious for avoiding any situation where he
can be questioned on policy, such as addressing press conferences or
interviews with independent journalists who won't agree to prep the
questions with him first. He is comfortable only delivering prepared
speeches. Even these reveal more about his ability to launch attacks
on opponents than they reveal on policy.

How does NaMo overcome this distinct disadvantage in the battle of
ideas which is election in a parliamentary democracy? By using non
questions like this one to avoid a debate on ideas. By trying to
reduce general elections to a personality contest which obscures the
real question. That real question would be – What are the alternatives
to the ideas that Narendra Modi represents? And for this real
question, there are many, many answers. As NaMo himself says, we need
only look to his record in Gujarat to find these.

The alternative to NaMo is respect for all faiths and a state blind to religion.
The alternative to NaMo is development that works for all and not only
the wealthy.
The alternative to NaMo is a state that does not fudge facts and
figures to hide immense deprivations and exclusions behind a mirage of
so called development.
The alternative to NaMo is a climate for free and independent media.
The alternative to NaMo is a state that does not routinely murder
innocents of all faiths in encounters as personality building
exercises for elections.
The alternative to NaMo is a state that does not punish public
servants for doing their duty, when this duty clashes with its
interests or aims to expose its misdeeds.
The alternative to NaMo is a state that does not file cases against
victims of communal riots, but against the rioters.
The alternative to NaMo is politics that respects women and will have
no truck with criminals like Pramod Muthalik of Shri Ram Sene who have
publicly beaten up women for exercising their freedom to go to a pub.
The alternative to NaMo is inclusiveness, not majoritarianism.
The alternative to NaMo is commitment to pursuing peace in a spirit of
brotherhood as opposed to rabble rousing, sabre rattling and extreme
communal nationalism.
The alternative to NaMo is respect for dissent.
The alternative to NaMo is preservation of your fundamental rights.

Brought to you by the NOMOre Campaign, 'Mano ya Na-Mo' is a
pre-election series which aims to bust the myths perpetuated by
Narendra Modi. We challenge his empty rhetoric with hard facts, so
that voters can cast an informed vote. NOMOre Lies! NOMOre false
#NOMOre_2014 NOMOre

Mano ya Na-Mo FAQ 2 - SIT has given clean chit to Modi, why should he be culpable for Riots ?

Copied from https://www.facebook.com/notes/nomore/faq-2-sit-has-given-clean-chit-to-modi-why-should-he-be-culpable-for-riots-/670596619672983

Mano ya Na-Mo
Q2.- Hasn't the Special Investigative Team (SIT) done the most
detailed investigation against Modi? If they have given him a clean
chit, why should he still be held culpable for the riots of 2002?

The SIT's investigation was anything but detailed and the so-called
clean chit is, at best, dubious. The SIT was constituted with the sole
aim of establishing whether there was enough evidence to prosecute
Modi for personal involvement, and not to establish criminal
culpability conclusively.
Moreover, even though the SIT has stated that judicial proceedings
against Modi are impeded by a lack of evidence, a senior advocate
appointed by the Supreme Court thinks otherwise. According to him, a
prima facie case against Modi can be drawn up and brought to the
Similarly, investigative journalist Manoj Mitta (who had severely
criticized the investigation of the 1984 riots) in his recent book on
the SIT investigation of 2002 has confirmed that the investigation was
a shoddy affair. He points out that during the so-called
interrogation, Modi was neither legally obliged to tell the truth nor
was he cross-examined on a single response. The contradictions in
Modi's own statements that the SIT let go unchallenged reveals a
narrow understanding of what constitutes legally permissible evidence
(for details, see this link).
If the SIT was indeed keen on establishing culpability it could have
looked for undisputed facts elsewhere:
- Modi kept the army at bay and allowed the massacre to carry on for
far longer (three days) than it would take to rein in supposedly
"unruly thugs".

- Police officers who tried to prevent murders were transferred from
their posts immediately.
- The Gujarat police obstructed the filing of FIRs against rioters;

- Investigation of cases against the rioters by the Gujarat law
enforcement agencies was slipshod, or obstructive;

- The Supreme Court itself has accused the Public Prosecutor of
Gujarat of acting on behalf of the accused rather than against them.

- Little or no support was offered to victims in the immediate
aftermath of the riots.

All these point to an efficient institutional mechanism with the
explicit purpose of obstructing justice. More recently, Zakia Jafri
has made an appeal in theGujarat High Court against this clean-chit,
alleging that the SIT has not conducted a free and fair investigation.
Indeed, with Modi being at the helm of affairs and controlling the
direction of the investigation, it seems that the one giving out a
clean chit to Modi is Modi himself.
Brought to you by the NOMOre Campaign, 'Mano ya Na-Mo' is a
pre-election series which aims to bust the myths perpetuated by
Narendra Modi. We challenge his empty rhetoric with hard facts, so
that voters can cast an informed vote. NOMOre Lies! NOMOre false
#NOMOre_2014 NOMOre

Mano ya Na-Mo FAQ 1 - Why do you only talk about 2002? What about Congress and 1984?

Copied from https://www.facebook.com/notes/nomore/faq-1-why-do-you-only-talk-about-2002-what-about-congress-and-1984/670596233006355

Q1 . Why do you only talk about 2002? What about Congress and 1984?

Both 1984 and 2002 were riots of genocidal proportions and are,
therefore, indefensible. Communal violence against any group,
organized by any party (especially one in position of power and
responsible for protecting the citizens) is a moral as well as
criminal offence. However, there are reasons why a voteagainst the BJP
is a stronger vote against communal violence:

- BJP has enabled the rise of a man who is arguably the chief
perpetrator of large-scale, targeted and horrific violence to the high
pedestal of prime ministerial candidate, which is not true of any of
the other parties with equally brutal histories of communal violence.
Also, there is evidence linking Modi's right-hand man Amit Shah to the
recent violence in Muzaffarnagar, where the latter is known to be
building a Narendra Modi Army.

- BJP has an explicit ideological commitment to communal politics. A
majoritarian politics of excluding, marginalizing and ultimately
eliminating minorities is at the heart of BJP's nationalist agenda and
the stated goal of many BJP leaders. Under the Vajpayee rule, not only
did the BJP government oversee the genocidal violence against Muslims
in Gujarat, Christians in Jharkhand,Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh
were regularly brutalized.

- A vote for BJP today is a vote for majoritarian politics of hate.
Modi has delivered numerous speeches humiliating minorities before he
was declared the Prime Ministerial candidate. Several other leaders
and party members still use foul language and tactics of physical
intimidation to crush the marginalized and the dissenters. Vocal and
physical violence, both everyday and large-scale, is what Modi's
party, and the man himself, stand for.

Brought to you by the NOMOre Campaign, 'Mano ya Na-Mo' is a
pre-election series which aims to bust the myths perpetuated by
Narendra Modi. We challenge his empty rhetoric with hard facts, so
that voters can cast an informed vote. NOMOre Lies! NOMOre false
#NOMOre_2014 NOMOre


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Is AAP a creation of the media?

With a little bit of logical processing, this statement being shoved onto audiences nowadays by the Indian mainstream media, pretty much eats itself. Let me explain how :

If a certain political entity, created for the purpose of contesting for and the government of a country...
If such a political entity actually is a creation of the media, ie, if it orginated in corporate boardroom desks and did not emerge from the people,

Then the media that created it, will NEVER acknowledge it.
Because such an acknowledgement would be nothing less than a confession to complicity in a mass fraud perpetrated on the people of the country, by the institutions that have been entrusted with the duty of simply reporting to the people what is happening in their country. It would be an admission that they have lied to the people, for the express purpose of making the bad guys their rulers.

So, any person speaking on behalf of a TV news channel or newspaper...

That claims to that a certain political party was CREATED by them...

..Will invite legal and criminal proceedings upon his/her media entity, which if proven will permanently shut that entity down and end its members' careers for good. Because it will be a case of fake news reporting; fraud perpetrated on the people by a medium that had been trusted to give them real news.

Because of this simple chain of cause-effect, if the media ever does do such a thing, they will never, ever publicize it. It will be the equivalent of a person in government proudly showing off how much money he/she has siphoned off in so and so scam, or at a lower level, a burglar showing off to the whole town whose house he just robbed and how much did he loot.

So, what to make of the current allegations being brazenly put forth by a large part of the Indian media that they created the AAP?

Simple : If it were true, they wouldn't be saying it.
The only available deduction here is that they are lying.

But one would wonder where  the seed of saying something like this came from... well, you don't need to look much further; just look at a similar statement that the media is NOT saying, is steadfastly denying or ignoring. Here's my little educated guess:

Narendra Modi's perfect-for-PM image is the creation of the media.

Addendum: Here's an interesting possibility:
Someone ought to file a PIL against the media organisations that are claiming that AAP is a creation of the media.
If they're telling the truth, those mediapersons / organisations have committed fraud with the people.
If they're lying, those mediapersons / organisations are committing fraud with the people.
Either way, they're lying to the people!

Is is possible for an AAP-led government to become a dictatorship?

"When Arvind Kejriwal will come to power, he will grab power and sideline everyone and become a ruthless dictator"
This is an oft-repeated statement, and I must notice that the people who say this usually fail to mention that this is exactly what Narendra Modi or Sonia Gandhi (through sonny boy Rahul) plan to do.

There is a mistake in the structural analysis here of the BJP/Congress and the AAP. We're taking the normal structure of the former and imposing it in full on the latter without checking the details. So, here's my inference:

The candidates that are standing for elections as members of AAP, can not really be described as AAP's candidates, even if unfortunately we're enslaved to using that language.
From the limited names that I have checked and talked about with people (who know them well) so far, here are some common characteristics I'm finding:
  1. Independent thinkers.
  2. Committed to the people.
  3. Caring for the people.
  4. Consistent track record as good doers.
  5. Cannot be corrupted, manipulated, deceived.
  6. Having a good amount of clarity about what is right and what is wrong.

If you put a person having these characteristics in your country's Parliament, then irrespective of which political party's candidate he/she was before getting elected, after elections this person will live up to the textbook description of a representative of the people living in his/her constituency.

These people will not be commanded from any "high command".
They will not vote on laws as per their party's stance. They will develop a consensus amongst themselves on what is wrong and what is right in most cases of course, but their vote will go to that option which they themselves think is best.

So, supposing that Aam Aadmi party does get the mandate, and forms a government,
And supposing that the line at the top turns true,
Then what will happen in the Parliament is this : AAP's MPs will SCREW Arvind Kejriwal if he ever dares to do as claimed.
This won't be horse-trading, as these people cannot be traded. They will simply vote and act against anything that they feel is wrong. Just like you and I would. Just like a real person would.

Aam Aadmi Party is not a creation of the media; but Arvind Kejriwal's image as the "boss" of the party is most certainly the exclusive creation of the media. All the people in AAP that I have gotten to know thus far, either through personal contact, through trusted sources or by analysing what they speak and write, I can tell you this for sure : NONE of them think of Arvind Kejriwal as their boss. Their reverence seems to be reserved singularly for the people for whom they say they have entered politics. Every one of them maintains an identity of their own; has their own likes and dislikes, opinions, affections... These are real human beings collaborating with each other. By consensus they concede some authorities to certain persons that they trust will have do the right thing.

Can anyone say the same about BJP or Congress candidates? Will any of them ever consider an option to act against their "high command" or commander-in-chief as is BJP's case? No. They are drones, robots. The vast majority of them (and mind, never use exceptions to pretend that the rule isn't there) are the representatives of their party; They are NOT representatives of the people.

So, given the structural composition of AAP, I would take a call here and say that even if Arvind Kejriwal does ever act like a dictator, it is physically impossible for him to grab and act on any dictatorial powers, even as Prime Minister. The MPs who make him PM, will destroy him the second something like this happens.

However, Narendra Modi, and any possible Congress-PM, most certainly will, excepting of the people whom he is serving and taking orders from.

So, the choice for the voter is as follows:
1. BJP/Congress/the like : Absolute Dictatorship at the Central govt level. (as is prevailing right now)
2. AAP / independent candidates : Democracy at the Central govt level.
3. NOTA - none of the above button. But this will in effect be a vote for whoever's garnering most votes anyway... this is not a neutral stance. So watch your priorities.

Now, for those who think that this dictator will be a good one : What will you do about the one who succeeds him? Why pass on that looming disaster to the population 5/10 years down the line? Why not take a chance to put in a structure that doesn't allow those in power to turn into dicators?
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