Saturday, November 26, 2016

when someone's lived experience defies your "knowledge"

When people's lived experiences defy and question your "knowledge",
you need to modify your "knowledge", which at the end of the day is an
opinion - rather than outright denying their experiences.

When does a nationalist turn into a fascist?

When does a nationalist turn into a fascist?

If your love for your fellow countrymen is more than your hatred for
whom you perceive to be its enemies, then you're a nationalist.

If your hatred for whom you perceive to be its enemies, exceeds your
love for your fellow countrymen, then you become fascist.

This is reflected in the decisions you take and the ones you approve of.

Friday, November 25, 2016

The purpose of pre-election polls?

While there are others, the ones I've noticed are :
Delhi State Elections, both of the last 2 times;
Bihar State Elections
and then internationally:
Brexit referendum, UK
Presidential Election, US

What do these elections/referendum have in common?
In all of them, the polls commissioned and shared by the dominant
mainstream media channels and newspapers of that country and
internationally, in the run-up to the grand finale, all mispredicted
the result, massively. They said sun and pointed at moon.

In all of these cases, the reigning establishment - the dominant
status quo - the side that the corporate elites backed - was what was
predicted by the polls to win, but lost. And the other
anti-establishment side, which depending on the occasion was
relentlessly attacked by the media in all kinds of ways, ended up

And these were landmark fork-in-the-road occasions too : times when
there were clear and distinct choices to choose from, where the
electorate actually had a choice rather than the tired old game of
choosing one of identical options.

So what was it that made all these pre-election (and pre-referendum)
polls fail so badly? While there have been many post-mortem
explanations, I'll try to introduce a different angle : by
re-examining the question.

What is the true purpose of these pre-voting polls?
Conventional answer : to guage and report the public sentiment and to
predict what the vote's outcome would be.

But if that were true, then these polls have been failing
catastrophically and consistently, and you would have expected to see
some serious disruption and course-change in this industry. Yet the
same pollsters and the same people did them and reported them, both in
India's case and in USA-UK's case.

I'd like to offer a different purpose.

The purpose of these polls is to influence the final vote.

By repeatedly telling you that side A is going to win and that's what
most of your fellow citizens support, they seek to make you believe
that is the side you should be supporting too.

"You" is multiplied millions of times over. Everybody is privately
told that "A is what everybody else is supporting so you better do it
too. And if you are believing otherwise then you better keep your
mouth shut to avoid any rejection / embarrasment amongst all the
people you live and work with".

Under normal circumstances, come voting day, and people do as they've
been told, and then the final result of the vote is.. totally in line
with what the pollsters had predicted. Everything works as planned and
so nobody finds out what really happened. Did the polls just predict
the vote or influence it.. heck, the results were the same so nobody

What we miss out noticing, is that what the polls had predicted, ended
up influencing the actual vote, and so rather than the poll being a
reflection of what will happen, what happens on voting day ends up
reflecting what the polls were predicting.

That is, the final vote obeys the polls.

This would be difficult to achieve with just one source and one
station, but if the dominant status quo manages to co-opt the whole
umbrella of public information discourse : all or nearly all the
mainstream newspapers and TV news channels and magazines and academia
networks and now even virally shared items on social media, then they
can successfully guide the public into voting the way they want them
to vote.

The only occasion when the chinks in this mechanism's armour show up,
is, as is true in industrial applications, under failure conditions.
That's when the proverbial curtain gets caught up in the winds of
dissent and is momentarily lifted. revealing a brief glimpse of what's

On the occasions I mentioned above, I believe that's what has
happened, and the mainstream media got caught in the act trying to
influence the final vote. We have caught them abandoning journalistic
standards and trying their hardest to influence the vote. Heck, even
after the vote they are STILL trying to influence the outcome.

The true purpose of the widespread, repeated and v-high-coverage
pre-vote polling by mainstream media is not to predict the vote, but
to make it go the way they want it to.

What's the alternative?
Well, first things first, what a good researcher would do is to cut
out all the external factors that may influence the experiment. So
yes, these polls need to be recognized as what they really are and
taken down from their current highly respected position. Rather, they
serve only the ends of the competing parties, as a market research so
they can guage where they are and strategise what to do next. Let the
parties do their own research if they truly want to stay ahead of the
curve, instead of mainstream news organizations wasting millions in so
unreliably doing their job for them.

Instead, we would benefit a lot more if that much time were instead
taken up in letting the competing sides offer their arguments and
submit their information.
Isn't it silly, that at the very start of campaign season, before the
public has had any chance to even go through the options on the table,
they are being bombarded with predictions of what the outcome would

It's the equivalent of going to a restaurant with your family and the
waiter, instead of giving you the menu, starts yapping about what that
family over there is having and what everybody else is having and so
what you should be having. Imagine asking this waiter for the menu,
and he gives you only a list of what most of the other people are
having instead of what all the options on the menu are, with the
most-ordered item on top with percentage points and all the prices
removed. If you enquire about the other options available, this waiter
starts bitching and trash-talking about the other options, so as to
make you choose the one he's recommending. Then you ask him for the
actual MENU and he tells you, "No, I'm not going to give you that. If
you're so desperate for it, why don't you go to our restaurant's
official website and look it up yourselves?"

You're damn right we will. We don't need to give a shit about what
everybody else is ordering; we're distinct individuals and we want to
order what we want to eat ourselves.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Would anti-Trump protests even happen if what they claimed about his side was true?

An observation about the anti-Trump protests.

If all the myths of Trump supporters being intolerant violent
extremists etc WERE true, then all these "F**K Trump. Kill Trump"
protests and riots and social media declarations wouldn't have
happened at all. They have happened only and only because the
participants - whether paid or not - feel safe that they will not get
physically attacked by violent extremists. Just look at other
countries where true tyrants (elite-backed I must add.. why do people
miss out that little detail?) have come to power : the dissenters have
no choice but to shut up for some time and be very, very afraid at
least during the first days when the winning side people are
triumphant and belligerent. I don't see any of that happening in the
US right now.. the anti-Trump voices are only getting shriller, more
violent and more provocative with no retaliation coming from the side
that they have been claiming is violent, intolerant etc etc.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The I-dont-know-who-to-trust syndrome

You've been believing A since some time now.

A had told you some really bad things about B, and said you should
never trust B. And trusting A, you stayed well away from B all this

But suddenly some new information has emerged, in a separate matter,
which puts your trust in A in question. It has turned out that A had
betrayed your trust and has been lying to you.

So now you no longer trust A.

When asked who do you trust, you say "Oh, it's all so complicated, I
don't know who to trust anymore".

But wait a minute. What about B?

"Oh, I can't trust B, no way!"

But who told you that B can't be trusted?


Doesn't the fact that you can't trust A anymore, lead to the
possiblity that whatever A told you about B might also have had some

It would be foolish of course to blindly go to the opposite extreme
and blindly trust B suddenly. But what if your learned,
indoctrinated-by-A complete aversion to B needs a re-evaluation?

What if you need to re-look into what B has been telling, with a fresh
set of eyes?

What if A's deception had included painting an ugly image of B and
preventing you and B from finding common ground together?

Then by resorting to "I don't know who to trust anymore" instead of
re-examining your aversion towards B, aren't you still making A win in
their game of deception, even after having known that A is fraudulent?

What / who have been the As and Bs in your life?

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Diwali message with a twist

This Diwali,
instead of wearing a new dress,
*can I change the way I address people?* This Diwali,
instead of cleaning an already clean house, *can I work on scrubbing my dusty heart?*
This Diwali,
instead of lighting up my doorway,
*can I question my pathway to ignorance?*
This Diwali,
instead of stuffing myself with sweets, *can I give up the bitterness in my heart?*
This Diwali,
instead of bursting crackers,
*can I burst my egoistic pride?*

Spread Love ❤ and Happiness Friends 😊 Happy Diwali  🙏

-- shared by someone named prachi on a whatsapp group, but can't verify if she's the author. Anyways the message is universal.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Winter travel tip: Use clothes as under-blanket

Poor people's guide to survival without sleeping bags:
Unpack and lay all your remaining clothes as a secondary patched-up blanket below you, to add to the one blanket ur carrying that you'll put on top. Use one clothe to cover ur ears well.
☝🏼 this saved my life on a few occasions and during cycle yatra.
On one bus journey i realized the chaddar was too thin so the clothes went both above and below.
Also, newspapers tucked in can help as insulation.

Note: this was applicable to me in rajasthan's winter (which is in india). If you're at an even colder place then don't take it literally!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Possible additional motive for demonetization move

Came across this article posted as citizen journalism:

Following up on that.

I know for a fact that the big corporates have borrowed and defaulted on huge sums of money from psu's. Raghuram was pushed out for exposing this n trying to take action.

If govt doesnt confiscate their assets or take action like on sahara group or even kingfisher, then only way is to do bailout like usa did for their banksters.

For that they need public's money. See, India cannot print large amts of money as usa can, as rupee is not world's reserve currency. Else runaway inflation will happen like zimbabwe/venezuela. Please search online to find how US is able to get away with it. "Hidden secrets of money" series on youtube can explain the details.

So the only way, if you're not confiscating the assets of the defaulters, is to collect surplus cash reserves from the people of the nation and use it to settle the defaulter's debts. Basically, socialism/communism for the rich and capitalism for the poor.

At the end it results in massive amounts of money collected from citizens that could have been used for nation's progress, transfered to big corporates instead. Classic crony capitalism case.

This isn't the only source. Earlier there have been reports of govt not lowering petrol-diesel prices despite intl crude prices crash. They have been collecting huge surplus as result, and there were speculations of govt deliberately hoarding these reserves so that they can be used to bail out the big defaulters.

This demonetization move would not directly give money to govt's treasury, but is massively increasing the cash reserves of the banking sector. Our banks follow fractional reserve lending, meaning to be able to lend large amounts of money, or in this case to write off bad debts, they need higher reserves of cash.

India traditionally doesn't keep very high reserves in its banks; the term 'black money' has been overzealously used to blanket-paint all the money of indians that doesn't pass through the banks.

Actually there is no real reason for it to be so : banks were originally solely for people to store their money in a safe place so they don't get robbed of it at home. The lending out at interest was a way to make use of this collected money, and a part of the interest earned was passed on to the depositor. So banking is just one for-profit service in the economy, among many. There is really no reason to make banks the holy temple of all money : doing so has caused many problems.

But I digress. Anyways, while i also agree this demonetization move has many benefits, its worth exploring the possible other motives too. A vigilant citizenry is necessary for a healthy democracy.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Gratitude to Infowars, RT and more

Dear Alex Jones / Infowars, RT, Lee Camp, Inessa S, Julian Assange/Wikileaks, John Rappoport and many more,

You've taken on an Empire and have prevented, for the time being,
World War 3 from happening.

It's still difficult for me to explain this matter to the people around me. It's possible they'll hate me for this for some time to come. But I hope we will see through in time. You have my deepest and heartfelt gratitude. Thank you, for being who you are.

[Rethinking] US Elections

Writing about a major hoodwink operation underway among the social
sector people, and among many of my friends.

Right now on these networks I see a conspicuous absence of people
choosing to talk about the ongoing US Elections. It's one of the
biggest issues but strangely it has become the elephant in the room
that people want to avoid. I take that as a sign that there is
uncertainty and confusion, and I think I know the reasons for that
confusion. People are following a standard narrative when asked, but
aren't proactively expressing it so I don't think they're really
saying what's in their hearts.. I sense more of an obligatory
compliance. It seems fashionable now to talk only ill of certain
people and there is an imminent threat in the air of excommunication
should one break the taboo.

There are simply too many links to track down and share here. I had
earlier thought I'll do a proper curated email, but there are too many
threads of info and I don't want to share this AFTER the election
results are out, as I want to stake my claim on what I've been
observing and share my conclusions and not be doing a post-facto
post-mortem of the matter. I've been afraid of even talking about this
with people as at first conversation I learn that it's going to take
forever, we don't have forever and in the meanwhile even I'll just get
damned, pinned as a misogynist or something. So anyways here goes.

The major corporate and banking elites that have been running the
world into the ground, seem to have successfully convinced
well-meaning and i-had-assumed-were-more-aware people to back their
chosen candidate for the US elections, Hillary Clinton. If you want
any specific names, then see : Goldman Sachs.

The mainstream media, which is lock stock and barrel acting like
Hillary Clinton's PR agents, has demonized Trump for the exact purpose
of instilling so much fear in people's heads that they become blinded
by this fear and blindly support the opposite camp. The media's
portrayal of him looks too bad to be true, and that's what got me
questioning. And I've found out that this portrayal is both deliberate
and unnatural. He's actually not the monster they've painted him to

What's happening is a classic case of a controlled situation spinning
out of control. The media's job was set, but the elites didn't count
on Trump actually turning out to be something more than just an
attention grabber. It has been told by countless participative
democracy proponents: one does not need to be a career politician to
be a good leader. Any human being is sufficient and can make the right
decisions if he/she is a free person and is not beholden to any vested

"Oh no, anything but Trump!" Really? How did we become so childish all
of a sudden? "Anything?" Really? Do you have any idea what you're
signing up for when you say "anything" ?

So here it becomes necessary to question the prevalent mood that Obama
is a good guy.

The Obama+Clinton regime of the past 8 years has not only continued
Bush's legacy, but taken it to even lower depths.

The core problem with US politics is not blunt-mouthed politically
incorrect people, but smooth-talking liars. Obama came into office
with a Nobel Prize in hand; he should leave with an Oscar for best
Acting. He said he'll stop war and he's created even more. He said
he'll reign in Wall Street and instead he made them more powerful than
ever. He promised justice, and he's industrialized drone assassination
programs that have a 90% innocent-kill rate, is using Kill Lists where
he can choose who he wants dead without any due course of law or
oversight, has signed record number of executive orders (an
unconstitutional practice started by Bush) and has given himself
powers to wage war anywhere in the world as and when he sees fit. This
isn't President Obama anymore; it's Emperor Obama. Very recently he
even vetoed to protect Saudi Arabia's government from lawsuits by 9/11
victims' families. Frankly he has acted like he has absolutely no
intentions of leaving the White House. And Hillary is right up there
in the Emperor's court, waiting in the wings to take over the title
and continue the Empire. The only thing saving these people from open
revolution is the illusion they're putting out of being nice, coupled
with the illusion that there is no other possible choice, with the
full complicity of the international mainstream media that has a
highly centralized ownership.

To vote for Hillary is to vote for war, for the banksters who have
already ripped us off trillions and are prepping to do it again, for
the elites, for pay-for-play ie favors given to people who donated to
her Clinton Foundation (which it turns out isn't even a law-compliant
NGO), for the Saudi rulers who have publicly declared to have
massively funded her and who routinely suppress women's rights and
execute nonviolent dissenters, for more of ISIS, for enormous
corruption, for American Imperialism, for endless wars, for more
secrecy, more mass surveillance, for a very real possibility of a
global nuclear holocaust with her nonstop warmongering towards Russia.

Oh, but it's a vote for women, so let's forget everything and cheer on
more absent-minded symbolism.. after a black guy let's put a woman,
yayy! It's "time" to have a female US President, just for the heck of
it. Let's give the status quo yet another blank frame of symbolic
expectations within which they can fill in whichever stooge of theirs
fits the generic description. And nevermind the fact that the Green
Party leader who is also contesting is also female and a better woman
and a better leader by far. People are so fixated on Hillary that it
looks like she's the only woman on this planet.

I'm realizing the importance of context in all of this. Disguised as
different political parties, I'm now learning that the US has had
actually one constant regime right from George Bush senior, through
Bill Clinton, George Bush, now Obama and now planned through Hillary
Clinton. They have all had the exact same funders, the same
puppetteers guiding these puppets. George sr. back-stabbbed Saddam by
one day telling him he can go invade Kuwait and next day saying it's
not allowed, and with that started the next leg of American
imperialism. Bill Clinton repealed the Glass-Steagal act which had
been preventing banks from becoming too-big-to-fail, and signed NAFTA
and other free trade treaties that have directly, massively,
contributed to a global acceleration in CO2 emissions and extreme
pollution, by allowing corporations to employ and mine as carelessly
as they want anywhere, transport goods across large distances without
any control, and still their products won't be blacklisted or taxed.
He also continued the trend of unilaterally bombing countries without
proper peaceful dialogue and destroying international law. In Bush's
time, 9/11 gave the excuse to do more imperialism (and mind, it wasn't
co-incidence) and then Obama has only continued it. All these years
there have been whistleblowers coming out and warning that these
people plan to invade a multitude of countries, and the mainstream
media purposefully ignored them. Bush also unilaterally withdrew from
the ABM treaty, which according to Russia is the single biggest blow
to international mutual peace. Obama took that forward and has now
placed missiles right on Russia's borders, with no way for even their
European hosts to know whether the missiles are carrying a
conventional or nuclear warhead. And after doing 100 times worse than
what the Soviets had attempted during the Cuban missile crisis, when
Russia objects to their country being put under direct threat, the
media has been painting the Russians as evil. Obama also did more to
severely deregulate weapons manufacturers, resulting in a
multiplication in the world's stockpiles of instruments of death, and
now there is little to no oversight on who's buying the weapons. They
might be selling to mercenaries, tyrants and it's ok. This has
directly caused the increase in human suffering due to weapon
violence. While he and Hillary have been rattling on about removing
the right of US citizens to bear arms, behind the scenes the American
domestic police agencies have, with Obama's blessings, amassed
unbelievable amounts of military weapons, ammunition, gear and
vehicles : enough to wage a civil war against their own people, with
more than a billion bullets stockpiled and waiting to be fired and
companies who benefited from this large purchase waiting to
manufacture and sell more. So that has got people questioning if the
move to disarm the population is being done to enable a dictatorial
takeover and not just stop mass shootings.

I have to dedicate another para to Ukraine and Syria. Western powers
funded and aided right-wing orgs in Ukraine to overthrow the elected
government, violated international norms and gave official recognition
to coup leaders, and now Ukraine is one of the most corrupt states in
Europe. When Crimea voted, democratically, to move from Ukraine to
Russia, and Russia moved in without firing a single bullet, the media
painted it as an evil takeover. When Donbass tried to do the same
thing, Ukraine behaved exactly the way a right-wing fascist government
does: they indiscriminately bombed them (even using weapons banned for
use on civilian areas by the UN), destroyed all possibility of civil
life or peaceful dialogue, and when rebels resisted the hostile
takeover, the media again painted the separatists as evil. If Russia
helped them, then as the immediate neighbour, with ethnic Russians
under fire, in a similar situation as India was when Bangladesh was
trying to separate from Pakistan, suddenly, the people who have been
intervening everywhere, are demonizing Russia for intervening,
equivalent to demonizing India for intervening when Bangladesh ceded
from Pakistan. And then Syria! The Obama-Clinton admin did the exact
same thing to Syria what Pakistan has been doing in India's Kashmir :
funding, arming and sending militants across from NATO member Turkey's
border, with the difference being that here the funding was to the
tune of billions of dollars and they did it to a much smaller country
with no capability to cope against such a hugely externally funded
armed rebellion. Imagine what would happen to Kashmir if Pakistan
suddenly got $5 billion to spend on the insurgency. The majority of
the "rebels" fighting the Syrian govt are well-paid foreigners! How
does one square that circle? And in all this free money flow we have
ISIS emerging, with the world's biggest cash flow among terrorist
organizations, and with not a single intelligence agency like CIA or
Interpol even attempting to track down their money flows which are So
easy to track and suspend.

Hillary Clinton was very much part of this dishonest regime and is the
continuation of Obama's legacy; she is the anointed heir to the
Empire's throne.

"Oh, so you're saying Americans should vote for Trump?" >> see the
knee-jerk response in this statement? An absolute absense of
non-binary, realistic thinking. Either you're with Her, or you're with
Him. Suddenly any third option is intolerable. How about the Green
Party, Jill Stein? "Oh but that will waste the vote and make Trump
win" >> Gee, where have I heard that claptrap before? Suddenly
election is a chessgame and you're Viswanathan Anand. My ass. It's not
your bloody business to speculate, buddy. The voter's ultimate duty is
to simply pick who they think is best candidate, and leave the rest to
God / whatever their inclination is.

There's very few entities that have questioned the bluff that Hillary
should be voted for, and for that they have won my respect which many
others have, sorry to say, lost.

And what have I been seeing? Whether Jill Stein or Trump, they're both
actually quite good as presidential candidates. Yes, I actually think
Trump would is ACCEPTABLE whereas Hillary is not. So let's just flush
this guy's entire life down the toilet and assume hereon that he's
also a bad guy, ok? After all, that's what the media has instructed
you to do and you're an obedient little sheep, aren't you? I've seen
that the allegations credited to him are nothing more than cultural
blabber that my own father being his age carries - anyone who hasn't
ever said anything controversial has to be guilty of pre-planning the
whole thing like a career politician - which Hillary is and Trump
isn't. The argument that he's got some devious thing to gain in
comparison to all that he has lost (including his own private wealth
that he spent rather than be beholden to donors) just doesn't hold
water : the situation is simply too impossible when seen from the past
to give any guarantee of success.

I heard one person repeat another propaganda piece : Trump is a
monster! If he gets his hands on the nuclear codes then we're all
dead! >> He missed one critical point : Trump has absolutely no
intention of doing nuclear war with Russia. Hillary does. She's the
one you need to worry about keeping away from the nukes. Hillary wants
to intervene and invade everywhere; Trump does not.

When Trump and Putin talk about making peace on the planet instead of
destroying it, they're accused of bro-mance. Suddenly wanting my and
your family to stay alive is a crime.

And then come the Hitler comparisons. They say Trump is like Hitler,
after having committed the intolerable crime of not actually having
slaughtered thousands to millions of people, while Obama/Hillary who
have been actually doing the things that would give Hitler a hard-on,
are oh-so-puppy-like. You think Trump will slaughter everybody. Can
you please explain to me how?

You quote Mein Kampf to prove that oh, these selective personality
traits are matching. Hillary's ACTIONS and campaign strategies match
Hitler's. And the biggest point of all that everybody is missing out
about Hitler because it was cleverly not mentioned in our textbooks :
Hitler was completely funded, aided and armed by the dominant Western
corporate elite and Western banks of the day. IBM helped him track
down the Jews and Bayer and folks constructed the concentration camps
for him - do they care to mention that in their recruitment videos?
The mainsteam media of the day completely supported him as their
masters were among the elites raising him. Even Charlie Chaplin was
royally screwed for having dared to make "The Great Dictator".

Hitler became Hitler not through deft populism as is mistakenly
attributed, but through complete assistance by the corporate and
banking elites. Mein Kampf is at the end of the day a propaganda piece
that does NOT mention the truth about how Hitler actually rose to
power : who helped him get there. If it wasn't for the western elites'
funding and complete assistance, he would've been just another
localized goon that would have vaporized quickly.

And then there's the total misunderstanding of human nature (with
thanks to Freud the perverted d**khead who made the classical
technocratic mistake of finding only the savage in people and not the
noble side that the Apaches had found, in their two wolves fable,
aeons before him). It wasn't frenzied mobs that brought Hitler to
power. Germany and Japan both fell to fascism precisely because at the
time they had the most DISCIPLINED and OBEDIENT populations in the
world. Germany was where the system of compulsory education began,
with the publicly declared purpose of creating an obedient public that
will do as told. An out of control population would have rebelled, has
far better checks and balances and would have screwed Hitler over
long, long before he could have gotten to any power position. No sir,
it was and always has been obedience that has caused the maximum
carnage on this planet.

The people of Germany were hoodwinked by the Western powers to be
their pawns, for the express purpose of destroying the Soviet Union.
The Soviets / Russians suffered unspeakable destruction : areas
greater than whole countries were completely flattened with extreme
prejudice: but it was their perseverance despite all odds that turned
the tide and defeated fascism. The Normandy landing by US/UK troops
was nothing compared to what the Russians shored up and it happened
AFTER Hitler had sounded the retreat, AFTER the Frankenstein monster
had turned on its own creators.

Ok, enough context. Back to present.

So among Clinton and Trump, which one is completely funded and aided
by the corporate and banking and media elites of today as Hitler was
back then? Who is out-spending the other, in TV ads by 50 to 1? Who
has taken massive corporate donations and who is using up 100 million
dollars of his own personal wealth to stay campaigning but not get
beholden to the corporates? Have you even thought about it? Oh no, Trump is so
bad, Trump is so bad, we're physically incapable of intelligent
thought because Trump is so bad.

Oh, he wants to kick out the poor little puppies, sorry, illegal
aliens who didn't follow due visa procedures that any Indian would
rightfully expect anyone entering India for work to follow. Suddenly
that's so horrible. Oh, he wants the kind of borders for USA that
EVERY OTHER COUNTRY HAS where people who want to enter have to show
some papers and had better not be carrying drugs. That is soo bad,
he's going to kill us all, oohh ohhh STOP IT.

The academia, the media, and a lot of people reading this, think that
regular people are all idiots, that it's a crazed and deranged mob
rallying for Trump and attending his speeches in never-before-seen
numbers, and they know better than the people getting off their
couches do. Their contempt for normal people has reached its peak in
these days. What if that's not a mindless mob but a movement of real
people : people who haven't spent most of their lives living under an
academic rock and who know the reality that lies beyond the blackboard
: people who are not as easy to brainwash as our
degree-and-published-paper-chasing intelligentia are? What if, heavens
oh heavens, Sigmund Freud was wrong and people ARE capable of
distinguishing between right and wrong and are getting better at it
since Internet?

On climate change : guess what's going to bring the best control over
CO2 emissions across the world? Hillary's greenwashing just like
Obama's greenwashing after which he unleashed Tar Sands and is
currently shooting pipeling protestors with rubber bullets without
provocation? TPP and buddies? How about : the restoration of
country-to-country import taxes, the repeal of NAFTA and similar "free
trade" agreements? Doesn't simple logic say that the plan to bring
back US jobs, stop the out-of-control outsourcing will lead to a
better control over the globe's excess CO2 emissions?

Isn't a policy of leaving other countries alone to sort out their own
problems better than being Big Brother and intervening between
Childish governments clamoring for aid?

"Hillary is just another corrupt politician" - excuse me, corruption
is an act of crime, and once you put a criminal in charge of the crime
scene, guess what happens to all the witnesses?

Lot of cool stuff happening! Media has hoodwinked us long enough.
People everywhere are waking up. What's up with you?

Stopping here. Haven't included many things because it would take too
much time to explain the context around them : time I'd rather not
waste right now..

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Outing the method behind the media's madness

The intention behind the mainstream media's shenanigans is to make you
despair over where your country/planet is heading and to make you
think it's all a sad state of affairs.

Because a disempowered human being makes a much better customer and/or
pawn for the powers that be.

A person feeling hopeless is less likely to show some spine and
question the status quo when they make their move to grab more power
and rob you of your rights, your liberties, your duties and your

My take : do not give them what they want, not one inch.

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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Interesting Links for October 2016

Here's what I've found of note in October.
I'm finding immense value in increasing our attention span when it comes to news, and seeing things at a larger time scale of months instead of news-by-the-day.

Note: Many youtube videos by Inessa S, Redacted Tonight, WeAreChange and InfoWars have been left out of this list - I had seen them while not saving the links and haven't had the time to go back to them. I'll encourage you to look them up.
LG Najeeb Jung strips Tarun Seem who piloted Mohalla Clinic of DGHS charge
Honest Officers Being Removed Systematically, Tweets Arvind Kejriwal
The F.B.I. secretly arrested a National Security Agency contractor in recent weeks and is investigating whether he stole and disclosed highly classified computer codes developed to hack into the networks of foreign governments, according to several senior law enforcement and intelligence officials.
FBI Criminal Complaint Against Harold Martin, N.S.A. Contractor
The F.B.I. secretly arrested Harold Martin, an N.S.A. contractor, and is investigating whether he stole and disclosed highly classified information.
'Shadow Brokers' Leak Raises Alarming Question: Was the N.S.A. Hacked?
... By midday Tuesday Mr. Snowden himself, in a Twitter message from his exile in Moscow, declared that "circumstantial evidence and conventional wisdom indicates Russian responsibility" for publication, which he interpreted as a warning shot to the American government in case it was thinking of imposing sanctions against Russia in the cybertheft of documents from the Democratic National Committee.
Secret Swiss Military Bunkers Being Filled With Gold By Billionaires Seeking "Alternatives To Bank Deposits"
Private storage sites for the gold stash of the world's wealthiest of billionaires
...has been a huge boon for Swiss operators of private vaults which are not subject to the same transparency and reporting requirements as banks.  In fact, these super-secret, privately operated storage facilities buried around the Swiss Alps can basically store anything from anybody because they're not even required to report suspicious activity to Switzerland's Money Laundering Reporting Office.
.. "There is growth in gold," Wipfli says. "Since 2008 there has been a real interest in alternatives to bank deposits." The company explicitly taps into that demand. Swiss Data Safe "is independent from the banking system and any other organization or interest group," according to a PowerPoint presentation Wipfli shows clients. The company and its anonymous rival aren't regulated by the Swiss financial-services regulator Finma.
... according to the Swiss defense department, of the roughly 1,000 former military bunkers still in existence across Switzerland, several hundred of them have been sold to private individuals who are now operating them as private storage sites for the gold stash of the world's wealthiest of billionaires.
...  In the first half of this year, 1,357 metric tons of gold—worth about $40 billion—were imported into Switzerland, according to the Swiss customs office, putting the year on course to be the biggest since a record in 2013.
... As one (anonymous) vault operator told Bloomberg, his vault sits adjacent a private landing strip which allows quick access to his former military bunker buried in the granite face a mountain deep in the Swiss Alps.
Sept 11 Widow Is First American To Sue Saudi Arabia For Terrorism: Her Full Lawsuit
.. Congress slammed Obama for siding with Saudi Arabia, overriding his presidential veto only for the first time in his administration, and enacting legislation allowing Americans to sue foreign governments for allegedly playing a role in terrorist attacks on U.S. soil.
...  It remains unclear if, now that it is about to be dragged into countless US courts, Saudi Arabia will execute on its threat from 6 months ago and proceed to sell billions in Treasuries and other US assets.
Putin Meets with Parents of Hero Policeman Killed by Terrorists in Dagestan, Russia
Who are actually "Assad mercenaries" killing "innocent Saudi tourists" in Aleppo, Syria?  - Russia Insider
Why Everything You Hear About Aleppo Is Wrong -
... What's really going on in Aleppo? Are Assad and Putin exterminating the population for sport? Is it a war against US-backed "moderates"? That is what the mainstream media would have us believe. We speak with Vanessa Beeley, a journalist who just returned from Aleppo for the real story.
Aleppo: How Americans are being lied to - LaRouchePAC Videos
... EIR's Jeff Steinberg sits down with Virginia State Senator Richard Black to discuss the reality on the ground in Aleppo, Syria vs. the lies permeating the Western press. Having recently returned from a tour of Syria, including a meeting with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Black is committed to educating his fellow Americans about how U.S./UK strategy of regime change is destroying this once prosperous, non-belligerent and progressive country.
China Joining Russia In Syria While Germany Prepares to Leave NATO-WW III Is Here - Military Update
30 U.S./Israeli Officers Killed in Russian Missile Attack - Media Silent
>> What the hell were US, Turkish, Qatari, Israeli officers doing inside an ISIS stronghold?
>> good overview of connected events
Exposed: The REAL Reason MH17 Was Shot Down
MH17 FULLY EXPOSED!! You Won't Believe The SHOCKING TRUTH About the Ukraine FALSE FLAG - Corbett Report
Who Is REALLY Behind ISIS? - corbett report
Who Funded Hitler? -- Questions For Corbett #008
... Pakistan media took this opportunity and molded the whole thing to question Modi government over the proof of the surgical strike.
... After this, the Indian media completely went berserk and misinterpreted the whole thing displaying the misleading headines like 'Pakistan's hero Kejriwal' or 'Kejriwal Insults army' etc. A large section of Indians rely on these news channels to form opinion but the way they reported the whole message led the social media scream 'anti-national' rants like usual. Kejriwal never asked for the proof but appealed the Indian Prime minister to slam the Pakistan's propaganda and world media narratives by throwing some proofs to them (not him).
... Something is fishy right here. When Pakistan spreads the news (or the UN/world media) that no surgical strikes happened, we neither believe nor think over exposing their propaganda. But if someone calls to puncture the false propaganda of Pakistan, Indian government and their favorable media houses runs a completely different narrative which he didn't utter at all and slams him all over. Pakistan version of tribune also ran the false tale that Kejriwal wanted proof of surgical strike, in order to make a favorable environment. The most predictable response is "trust the army". Yes we do but let's shut up those who don't trust your claims of operation through some concrete testimony.
... Several posters have erupted in UP which displays the valor of PM Modi and self-patting BJP leaders to attract the voters. Such a shameful use of army for petty political gains is something really 'first' and 'historic'. The earlier governments never made use of the army operations in any election in spite of thrashing Pakistan a number of times. This is a new low in Indian politics
.. The government must take cognizance of the banner in poll bound UP praising PM Modi in lieu of the Indian army and must not make a mockery of India's integrity worldwide.
Pakistani Woman's Facebook Post About 'Sibling Rivalry' Between The Two Countries Is Going Viral For The Right Reason
>> must read! hoping that one day we can grow up!
BOOM! Wikileaks Confirms Hillary Sold Weapons To ISIS
Britain's top human rights lawyer who represented Julian Assange and worked alongside George Clooney's wife Amal dies in apparent suicide >> from April 2016, quite some months ago
>> Forget the title. This article contains good (albeit overy textual) details about changes in Pune's ward boundaries for the 2017 local body elections.
Tesla Powerwall: 6 months in, here's what one of the first customers has to say
9 Internal Issues The Govt. Wants You To Forget By Focusing On War With Pakistan
>> There are important links linked to in this article that will explain at length each of the 9 issues mentioned. Follow those links.
... In this critical juncture, the nation will be best served by some soul-searching in building an inclusive state that will tackle these issues rather than capitalising on a 'war on terror', a strategy that has failed much bigger powers in recent times.
3 Hyderabad Univ. Students Express Their Disbelief At PM Modi's Speech On Dalits
... That you and your government once again went silent, has convinced us that we should not get too carried away with the Prime Minister's addresses to the nation, no matter how passionately they are made.
>> Precisely. No matter which leadership we're looking at, NEVER rely only on their statements. Put a LOT more attention on what they are actually DOING.
... But here in Hyderabad, when we Dalit research scholars started quoting from the writings of Babasaheb Dr. B.R.Ambedkar, we were branded as anti-nationals by Bandaru Dattatreya, a minister in your own cabinet. No action was taken against him. When we organised 125th Birth Anniversary Celebrations of Babasaheb Dr.B.R.Ambedkar with Hon'ble Prakash Ambedkar, Grandson of Dr.B.R.Ambedkar as Chief Guest, he was prevented at the main gate of the university under the instruction of Podile Apparao, Vice-Chancellor, UoH.
... If the words of the Prime Minister are disowned by the ministers in cabinet what trust can there be in the government? If words are not translated into actions, what is the value of those words in itself?
Message Sent? 40 Million Russians Head To Bunkers For Oct. 4th-7th Drill
Author and researcher David Wilcock told C2C that an alliance of ancient civilizations currently residing inside the Earth may be soon reveal themselves to the world.
Clinton sent the email on August 17, 2014 to Podesta
Hillary Clinton personally deleted the emails herself
US military strikes Yemeni 'radar sites' in response to missile attack on navy destroyer
While 'surgical strikes' were under way, govt cut Army's disability pensions
New rules to come into effect retrospectively from January 1
... If a young soldier with severe injuries — what cold medical jargon terms "100 per cent disability" — from that operation had been invalided out from service, he would have found his monthly pension slashed from Rs 45,200 to just Rs 27,200 — down by Rs 18,000 a month.
... "Shocked is an understatement to describe what we feel," said a top serving general. "Instead of joining us in celebrating the strikes, the MoD has stabbed us in the back."
... news is filtering through the army hierarchy that the slashing of disability pensions includes not just battle disability pensions, but also pensions for medical disabilities found to be attributable to, or aggravated by, military service. These include training accidents, including parachuting, respiratory ailments caused by long exposure to extreme altitudes, loss of digits/limbs due to frostbite, etc.
... It scraps a decade-old system that the Sixth Central Pay Commission (6th CPC) instituted in 2006. In that, disability pensions arising from battle injuries, or disabilities attributable to/aggravated by military service, were calculated on a "percentage basis", related to the last pay drawn.
... Now, for unspecified reasons, disability pensions will be calculated according to a far less generous "slab system" that existed earlier. The 7CPC has proposed, and the government accepted, that the earlier system be reinstated.

Counter-claim by govt:
Government trashes media reports, says 'disability pension not reduced, but significantly increased'
>> Unfortunately the precise data points shared in the earlier news were not specifically addressed in this rebuttal. It appears that there's been a rise and then a down. At least one commenter on this article has claimed to be disabled soldier whose pension has been halved.

>> The proof will lie in the paychecks; hoping some real journalists get in touch with disabled soldiers of various kinds and produce copied of their pension payments. Also, the "retrospectively from Jan 1" part is a huge concern. Does this mean that all the disabled soldiers who have gotten paid in the 9 months of this year have to refund/take the balance amount? We've seen the problems with retrospective decision making even in the case of the foreign funding laws (where a court verdict indicting Congress & BJP for taking foreign funding might be made null and void) and recently even in Delhi govt's case where over 2 years of operations are suddenly under threat due to a recent high court verdict.
Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal's Press Conference, video uploaded 9 Oct.
An article on the press conference:
There is no LG vs CM, Jung in tussle with Delhiites: Kejriwal
>> some homework for readers : See the video, and then read the article. The journalist was reporting on the same thing you just watched. Do you think s/he might have left out anything important?
>>bullshit, that man was probably framed, explosives were planted in his apartment and then he was hanged in jail to cover up and protect the real terrorists. We've seen this game before. There's never only just one man involved. The ISIS are plain bloodthirsty scoundrels, not so devoted to any cause that they would consider killing themselves. "How did he manage to hang himself" >> hello, the question should be "who benefited by getting this link in the chain murdered before proper questioning could uncover the truth?"
How many are genuine? As Europe locks down its borders, eye witnesses claim fewer than a third of refugees who have made it to Germany are Syrian – and some are even ISIS infiltrators
...'Look at them!' he says. 'They pretend to be migrants from my country, but they lie. Their skin is blacker than ours. I know they are Arab-speaking Muslims from Sudan in Africa. Every day, more Africans, Afghanis, Iraqis, Iranians, Lebanese, and lots of others, slip through the door opened by Germany to us Syrians.'
...Joachim Hermann, the interior minister of Germany's Bavaria (coping with enormous arrivals from Austria), said stricter rules were needed. 'We have established in the past few days that many en route here are not really refugees,' he said.
... In Berlin, Mohammad and Ismail told me less than a third of migrants in Germany, or on their way there, are from Syria. When I questioned this astonishing claim, they insisted they were right, calling over three friends who had travelled with them, who all said the same.
... 'In our reception centre there are many, including the three Sudanese girls, who pretend to be from our country. Yet these people have different hair, different faces and speak Arabic in a different accent to us.
'We first realised back in Turkey, when we waited to get a boat to Lesbos in Greece, migrants from other Arab-speaking countries were claiming to be Syrian,'
...'The traffickers were selling them identity cards, either stolen from us Syrians, or faked, ready to show the Germans.'
Trade in these documents — produced by trafficking gangs in forgery factories — is booming.
...'Trafficking in Syrian passports is an extremely lucrative trade for smugglers. People who use them mostly speak Arabic, they may come from Africa or the Middle East, but they have the profile of economic migrants, not refugees.'
He added: 'A lot have fake Syrian papers because they know they'll get asylum in the EU more easily.'
Just this week, the United Nations High Commission for Refugees estimated that only half of the 381,000 people who have landed this year in Italy and Greece — the two main entry points for migrants — are Syrian. Others come from all over the Middle East and Africa.
....In a further alarming twist, Islamic State has seized a cache of 3,800 blank Syrian passports, with registration numbers, from former Syrian government buildings in Raqqa, the city it now controls.
....The other day a dangerous ISIS terrorist, posing as an 'asylum seeker', was discovered at a refugee centre in Stuttgart, Germany. The 21-year-old Moroccan — wanted in Spain, where he is accused of recruiting terrorists for ISIS — was using a 'fake identity', thought to be Syrian.
....And German customs authorities have intercepted packages posted from Bulgaria containing 10,000 fake and stolen Syrian passports, destined to be sold for £1,200 each.
...As a smartly dressed German woman, passing by an overwhelmed asylum processing centre in Berlin, said to me pointedly: 'It seems that everyone wants to be Syrian now.'
(Putin's) Answers to questions from French journalists from TF1 TV channel
The interview was recorded on October 11, 2016 in Kovrov, Vladimir Region.
... Remember what Libya or Iraq looked like before these countries and their organisations were destroyed as states by our Western partners' forces?
... But whatever the case, these states showed no signs of terrorism. They were not a threat for Paris, for the Cote d'Azur, for Belgium, for Russia, or for the United States. Now, they are the source of terrorist threats. Our goal is to prevent the same from happening in Syria.
... But the Americans insisted that we first need to declare a ceasefire and then they will take care of separating the terrorists from the non-terrorists. Finally, we agreed to make concessions, agreed to their terms, and on September 12 declared a day of silence and cessation of hostilities. On September 16, American aircraft launched a strike against Syrian army forces that killed 80 people.
... At this same moment, immediately after the airstrike, ISIS launched an offensive in this very same place. Our American colleagues told us that this airstrike was made by error. This error cost the lives of 80 people and, also just coincidence, perhaps, ISIS took the offensive immediately afterwards.
... At the same time, lower down the ranks, at the operations level, one of the American military service personnel said quite frankly that they spent several days preparing this strike. How could they make an error if they were several days in preparation?
... This is how our ceasefire agreement ended up broken. Who broke the agreement? Was it us? No.
...For example, we send our American partners information and often get no response at all. Some time ago, we sent information on the Tsarnaev brothers. We sent the first document, got no response, sent a second document, and got the response that this is not your business, they are US citizens now and we will take care of things ourselves. The result was a terrorist attack in the USA. Is this not an example of how we end up with losses if we neglect cooperation in this very sensitive area?

Related: Boston Marathon bombing:
>> shit, so the Boston Marathon bombing happened despite the US getting warned by Russian Intelligence about them. Or rather, was it deliberately allowed to happen? Who will guard us from the guards if they're more secure when we're not?
Vladimir Putin met with President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan following a special session of the 23rd World Energy Congress.
... the article carries an embedded document that appears to be a strategy memo from the Clinton campaign. And it's... holy mother of God, it covers.... you're going to have to read this to believe it!

.. Although rated a toss-up by national pundits and within striking distance by national polling, internals show that Clinton is dangerously behind Trump (polling -6) with her strongest constituency of unmarried white women.
... In order to prepare the field for the national election we will need to enforce that Clinton has a substantial advantage in voter enthusiasm as bandwagon effects are most effective with the target demographics.
... Yard Sign Capture: The visible show of support for Trump must be mitigated in middle class and affluent white suburbs. Black Pod will run distributed operations to collect and destroy opposition signs as well as to distribute Clinton signs to strike-list homes where we believe the occupant demographically may favor Clinton. Pro-Clinton signs will be distributed without asking for consent as we believe that potential Clinton voters may be reluctant to display a sign but will not remove one if it magically appears.
... Bumper Sticker Targeting:  Spotters for Black Pod will be organized into three teams covering Levittown, Yardley, and Warminster. They will identify vehicles, especially female-driven high-end SUVs displaying Trump advertising and will deface the vehicles to create a psychological climate unfavorable to such displays.
... Pro-Clinton Modeling: Black-Pod daylight operations will engage female models with aspirational wardrobe, jewelry/accessory, cosmetics, and body-fat levels to frequent shopping areas, salons, and parks to positively model pro-Clinton signifiers (such as "I'm With Her" shirts or hand-bags or "Ready For Hillary" bumper stickers on vehicles). Operatives will track views and interactions with models. Models will be coached in pro-Clinton messaging.
... The local/community-news site Topix has a significant footprint in the PA-08 area. We will be creating a user account in the identity of Katie Wagner-Fox (top 5% 'whitest' names), an upscale / aspirational white young woman (married) who will be a mouth-piece for pro-Clinton views. A CTR team will handle on-line engagements to disrupt Trump supporters and encourage potential  pro-Clinton females. We are aware that there will be a major messaging drop coming in the next few days and need to  promote emotional triggers for SEXISM, MISOGINY, and RAPE CULTURE. Please have female staffers on hand to help guide gender-targeted messaging and provide authentic voice.
... Black Pod operatives will recruit negro agents to visit potential-Trump houses of female voters. Presentation will mix non-verbal intimidation (personal-space invasion, direct-prolonged eye contact, elevated shoulders, hoodie-style clothing) with articulate speech and basic persuasion markers. When the target feels intimidated by the subtextual intimidation, the textual communication will create a WHITE GUILT trigger in her.
... This will either suppress or possibly even redirect potentially pro-Trump female voters.

>> if this isn't psychological warfare, what is?
Clinton praised Deutsche Bank in a 2014 speech
... EXCERPTS OF HILLARY CLINTON'S previously secret speeches to big banks and trade groups in 2013 and 2014 show her exalting the work of her hosts, hardly a surprise when these groups paid her up to $225,000 an hour to chat them up.
... Far from chiding Goldman Sachs for obstructing Democratic proposals for financial reform, Clinton appeared to sympathize with the giant investment bank. At a Goldman Sachs Alternative Investments Symposium in October 2013, Clinton almost apologized for the Dodd-Frank reform bill, explaining that it had to pass "for political reasons," because "if you were an elected member of Congress and people in your constituency were losing jobs and shutting businesses and everybody in the press is saying it's all the fault of Wall Street, you can't sit idly by and do nothing."
"His people will think they've "won" something from the Party Establishment"
... In the email, Siegel explains how Bernie's "sometimes self-righteous ideologues" could be fooled "to go home happy and enthusiastic in working their asses off for Hillary."
... "So here's my idea. Bernie and his people have been bitching about super delegates and the huge percentage that have come out for Hillary," wrote Siegel.
"Why not throw Bernie a bone and reduce the super delegates in the future to the original draft of members of the House and Senate, governors and big city mayors, eliminating the DNC members who are not State chairs or vice-Chairs. (Frankly, DNC members don't really represent constituencies anyway. I should know. I served on the DNC first as Executive Director and then as an elected member for 10 years.)
So if we "give" Bernie this in the Convention's rules committee, his people will think they've "won" something from the Party Establishment. And it functionally doesn't make any difference anyway. They win. We don't lose. Everyone is happy."
A new distraction had to emerge to keep the public distracted
... "It is absurd to think that one of the most recognizable business leaders on the planet with a strong record of empowering women in his companies would do the things alleged in this story, and for this to only become public decades later in the final month of a campaign for president should say it all," Trump spokesman Jason Miller said.
"A large portion of the funds... ended up squandered by the organization"
... many of the investigative reports exploring their role in the controversy revolved around the political dynasty's use of their influence within government; some of the foundation's top donors were granted exclusive contracts to "rebuild" Haiti.  In one example, companies who received contracts thanks to their influence with the Clintons provided substandard classroom trailers
Fox News Cuts off Girl Telling the Truth About Russia
The media will not mention that Geiorgia was attacked first and that Russia retaliated in self defence.
Document literally refers to group as "the shadow government"
... The revelation that there is a group literally known as "the shadow government" within the State Department, proven by FBI documents, is going to be hard for the mainstream media to dismiss as another "tin foil hat" conspiracy theory.
Assange's Internet cut off after release of Hillary's Goldman Sachs speeches
... "We can confirm Ecuador cut off Assange's internet access Saturday, 5pm GMT, shortly after publication of Clinton's Goldman Sachs speeches," the organization tweeted.
The world is "on the brink of the beginning of a large regional or global war"
Urges citizens to stockpile cans of food
... While Americans are kept distracted by the media's obsession with Donald Trump's alleged mistreatment of women, Russians have very different priorities. State-owned television stations are urging citizens to find out where their nearest nuclear bomb shelter is located, while managers of the Zenit Arena, a huge half-built stadium in St. Petersburg, recently received an official letter from the Ministry of Emergency Situations demanding that they create underground facilities that will be used to protect citizens from nuclear fallout.
Prime time host warns of secret plot
The Obama administration is apparently psychopathic and ready for nuclear war to protect their darling candidate's crimes from being exposed
EMERGENCY! War Declared on Russia By Soros Controlled U.S.
War With Russia Is The Democrat's Oct. Surprise
Donald Trump's Final Message to America.
>> More of Alex Jones' moment of clarity for the millennials / trendies
Donald Trumps Last Speech Before The Final Presidential Debate 2016
Sheriff Clarke Brings Down The House At Trump Rally - It Is Pitchforks and Torches Time in America!
>> some points on liberal democrats policies failing the poor in America
... "Don't pay any attention to the polls. The only poll that matters is the one on Nov 8 (election day) in which you are in charge and where you get to cast your vote"
>> isn't this true? Isn't the entire exercise of polling before elections only serving to distort the vote at the end of the day? Why can't we simplify this whole thing by cutting these polls out and instead concentrating on the manifestos, promises of the competing candidates? Who cares if one candidate was leading or trailing some months before the election, when their manifestos, committments, plans haven't even been fully laid out and shared yet?
US Media Hides WW3 Crisis From Public

>> even if Russia DID hack the DNC and exposed all those emails... shouldn't that earn praise and gratitude instead of war threats?
What price the new democracy? Goldman Sachs conquers Europe
While ordinary people fret about austerity and jobs, the eurozone's corridors of power have been undergoing a remarkable transformation
...  but the current consensus in the eurozone is that the creditors of bigger nations like Italy and Spain must be paid in full. These creditors, of course, are the continent's big banks, and it is their health that is the primary concern of policymakers.
... "My former colleagues at the IMF are running around trying to justify bailouts of €1.5trn-€4trn, but what does that mean?" says Simon Johnson. "It means bailing out the creditors 100 per cent. It is another bank bailout, like in 2008: The mechanism is different, in that this is happening at the sovereign level not the bank level, but the rationale is the same."
... So certain is the financial elite that the banks will be bailed out, that some are placing bet-the-company wagers on just such an outcome.
To understand the Islamist beheading of a French priest, we must remember what happened 20 years earlier
>> Horrific things have been happening in the past too, particularly where people have been caught up between two equally brutal sides.
Isis has not radicalised young Muslims, it has infantilised them – ...
... he speaks of Bloody Sunday – he was 39 then – as "the day when I lost any romantic notions or ambivalence that I may have had about the morality of the use of arms as a means of resolving our poltical problems."
>> This didn't go fully in the direction that I was thinking in, though it gave a good start.
Saudi Arabia cannot pay its workers or bills – yet continues to fund a war in Yemen
In Saudi Arabia itself, the government seems unable to cope with the crisis. The 'Arab News' says that 31,000 Saudi and other foreign workers have lodged complaints with the government's labour ministry over unpaid wages. On one occasion, the Indian consulate and expatriates brought food to the workers so that their people should not starve
... Almost unreported outside the Kingdom, the country's big construction magnates – including that of the Binladen group – have not been paid by the Saudi government for major construction projects and a portion of the army of Indian, Pakistani, Sri Lankan and other workers have received no wages, some of them for up to seven months.
Russians Told To Return Home! What Putin Knows That We DON'T!!!
...As of Tuesday, October 11th, 2016, Russian-based website Znak released a cryptic report — in which Russian officials, deputies, regional administrations, and public staff were advised to return home to Russia.
First Russia, Now China Warns Its Citizens To Prepare For War
... Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the termination of the plutonium processing agreement with the US, for hostile action by Washington against Russia and he set several conditions for its renewal – first, a "reduction of military infrastructure and the size of US contingent troops located in NATO countries who became members after September 1, 2000, to the level at which they were on the day of this agreement entering into force."
... The US proved unable to fulfill their obligations to the contract. The exact reason to terminate the agreement is the American method of processing the plutonium. The agreement call for the nuclear material to be processed "irreversibly". Since 2010, the US stopped processing "irreversibly" and has only been burying the material, enabling them to produce nuclear munitions uncontrollably.
Thailand Is Now Part Of China | China Uncensored
Why Is Everybody Celebrating A Bloody Communist Takeover? | China Uncensored
China's Secret Plan to Control the Internet | China Uncensored
China Could Control the Global Internet After Oct. 1 The handover of ICANN, the body that governs domain name registration, fits into a strategy by the Chinese regime to determine how the internet is run
America's Hidden Unemployment Crisis
Millions have stopped looking for work yet go uncounted in the Unemployment Figures
... The unemployment figure Yellen referenced is called the U3 unemployment rate. It measures everyone who has actively sought a job in the past four weeks and is what people most often refer to when they discuss the unemployment rate.
... Clifton points out that if someone is discouraged and has stopped looking for work, then that person is not counted in the U3 number as unemployed. He also notes that if someone works just one hour a week and is paid $20, he or she is not counted as unemployed.
... "More and more manufacturing has gone overseas," Dulak said. "It can be a dirty, polluting industry [electroplating] if you don't do it right, because the benefits of say going over to China are there. Cheap labor, pollution standards aren't as strong."

Delhi Govt Twitter Handles
1. @DGNewsFlash -
2. @DGNewsQuotes-
3. @DGNewsLens-
4. @DGFactFile-
5. @DGNewsClips-

Just watched about this on Epic channel: Balaknama, a newspaper run by street kids in Delhi :  main site:
What's So Funny?
"If Hillary gets elected we're kind of going to war with Russia folks"
I'm sure it's just a coincidence
"They know POTUS and HRC emailed"
Mr. Trump, don't you realize you're supposed to surrender this country to the international banks Hillary's plotting in secret with to destroy U.S. sovereignty?
Danny Williams reveals story to press before final presidential debate
Beware! Over 30 Lakh SBI, Yes Bank, ICICI, HDFC & Axis Bank debit cards exposed to ATM hack
The recent incident highlights new security challenges for banks, as the breach seems to be directly connected with the Hardware Security Module (HSM)
>> aren't these hacks happening.. like.. so much more nowadays?
Government looks to press ahead with GM mustard (13 Oct'16)
>> serious lying going on here. "Consultations at the highest levels in government have concluded that the GM crop has benefits" >> what conclusion? What "highest levels"? Are they implying that the PM's office has concluded this? Even the safety data has not been released. SC-appointed member of GEAC, Pushpa Bhargava has openly stated criticism that allowing commercial use would be disastrous as multinational organisations would take over Indian agriculture. Was this consultation dropped? Where is the conclusion?
... "Though there might be some delay as the government re-engages anti-GM opinion, the direction seems to be in favour of commercial release. "
>> so TOI states that Modi Sarkar, BJP is pro-GMO. Can we please be clear about this, confirm it once and for all and make our next electoral decisions accordingly?
Sangh Parivar groups fighting GM mustard run into a new opponent – Sangh Parivar groups
A few organisations linked to the RSS are pushing acceptance of genetically modified mustard as it comes up for regulatory approval.
...  The strategy is simple: get an impressive number of scientists specialising in genetic modification, among them a clutch of former ICAR heavyweights, to talk about the benefits of the technology and the urgent need for India to adopt it. Also, rope in the top companies selling GM seeds, such as Mahyco (it is partly owned by global agribiotech giant Monsanto), to talk about the food security concerns in India and the need to improve the economic condition of the country's impoverished farmers.
... Playing a pivotal role in putting it all together is an unlikely figure – Ashok Chowgule, executive director of Chowgule & Company, a large Goa-based industrial group with interests in iron ore mineral, shipbuilding, industrial explosives among others. Although agriculture is far removed from his business interests, Chowgule is passionate about GM technology as "the way forward" for agriculture. In his newfound zeal, the corporate executive has been a godsend to the pro-GM groups.
... In an interview with this writer, Chowgule says the objective of the Pune symposium was to find out "how we can together, project the right picture to the people at large. And try and wean away the people from the emotionalised campaign of the anti-GMO activists". He accuses them of being not only "anti-science but they conduct themselves in an unethical way by projecting the technology as causing harm". He singles out Vandana Shiva, champion of sustainable agriculture, and Greenpeace for knowingly spreading falsehoods about the dangers of GM technology. Even though "they have been exposed", they have been able to "intellectually terrorise the government authorities all over the world into doing their bidding", says Chowgule.
... It is significant that Gujarat, unlike neighbouring states, has not allowed field trials of GM food crops.
... The controversial GM mustard is a hybrid variety called DMH 11 and it was tested in Rajasthan and Punjab. In a research project funded by the National Dairy Development Board, the supposedly high-yielding variety was developed by Delhi University genetics professor Deepak Pental at the Centre for Genetic Manipulation of Crop Plants.
... Cloak of secrecy : Since the Modi government came to power, the regulatory process on GM has been brought under a tighter cloak of secrecy. Even innocuous information such as the agenda of GEAC meetings is no longer publicly available, much less what is being approved and how it was done.
... that repeated efforts including RTI requests have remained unanswered since 2006. In the latest RTI query, biosafety information was denied to ASHA on the grounds that "it was under process" although under a Supreme Court order all biosafety reports, the biology of the crop and related literature have to be placed in the public domain.
Officially shy, but Narendra Modi govt weighs GM options
>> got this on email. Imp note by sharer: Envi Min Prakash Javdekar is pro GM n he is supporting Sharad Pawar for GM sugarcane in the name of drought. Surprisingly they do not want to advertise about traditional organic farming technics, some of which use just 10 % water for sugarcane and with zero chemical gives more tonnage and more sugar per 100 KG of sugarcane.
Gujarat farmers' body, 3 APMCs join chorus against GM mustard
GM trials: Sharad Pawar tells PM Modi to scrap rule Jairam brought
Ramesh, then environment minister, had made it mandatory for developers of GM varieties to obtain a no-objection certificate (NOC) from the concerned state government before going ahead with field trial.
>> note from sharer: This industry man gets active only on useless things like this, of course. No time to look at issues like farm suicides but lots of time to send off industry-penned letters.
When will you speak on GM crops, Mr Modi?
>> this one's a pro-GMO one, but raises the same v.imp question : why can't our PM do a Mann-ki-Baat on GMOs? Why not take a stand? Is it because he's in a situation where he's going to loose supporters one way and funders the other? Is there a conflict of interest between nation's interests and funders' interests?
Many States skip meet on GM crops
... They also allege that results of tests on GM mustard weren't fully open to public scrutiny and the clearance violates recommendations of a Supreme Court-constituted expert committee on how GM crops ought to be tested. The Supreme Court is yet to pass an order on these issues.
>> so with the matter still pending in court, Central govt is still pushing GMOs ahead.
Farmer Unions, Scientists, and Consumers write to Modi urging him to Stop GM Mustard as GM regulators close public feedback time, without putting out data in public domain - Press Release by  Coalition For A GM Free India
Over 700 comments received on GM Mustard: Environment Ministry
GM Mustard: No deadline extension for feedback on biosafety
Not simply a vision thing (about GMOs)
... Building promises is very similar to building facts, notes Cynthia Selin who studies the intersection of science, technology and society. It is the promise and vision of the future that then becomes key in generating a constellation that provides social and political legitimacy on the one hand, and much-needed financial resources on the other. Bt cotton, Bt brinjal and many technologies of the future exist through the expectations they generate and mobilise about the future. The act of developing a technology, therefore, is as much work inside the laboratory as it should be of engaging with the state and society and with their various concerns and questions. This will not be possible if the public is seen as ignorant or ill-informed, and the activist reactionary or an agent of vested interests. The contestation is, in fact, over the vision of S&T, of society and, for that matter, of the future itself.
.. In the case of GM mustard, work was done at Delhi University using public money provided by the government. And yet it needed the Central Information Commissioner to say that biosafety data around GM organisms should be available in the public domain.
... What explains, for instance, this deficit of trust in the public and in democratic mechanisms set up by the very institutions that provide the resources and the legitimacy for these new technologies? Is it an anxiety about failure of the technologist or of the technology itself? Or is it about the stakes involved in the socio-technical-economic system that has been mobilised to create the legitimacy in the first place? Does it say something about the potential failure of an imaginary technology that is based exclusively on the promise of the future? Can the narrative be one of hope and promise alone with no space for doubt or the possibility of any failure at all?
... TV 2035 (India's Technology Vision 2035) sees people opposed to certain technologies like nuclear and big dams as a barrier to their dreams. These then need to be addressed through better governance and not better technological design because "bottlenecks lie in policy and not technology".
Monsanto stops release of new Bt cotton tech
>> from Aug 2016. Relevant? Bayer has bought Monsanto, now they'll release it.

Side thing that came out in this article:
... On a visit to Kashmir, a conciliatory Home Minister Rajnath Singh offered to engage with anyone who was interested in finding a solution to the crisis there. "I will be staying at the Nehru Guest House. Those who believe in Kashmiriyat, Insaniyat and Jamhooriyat are welcome," he tweeted in an effort to reach out to all. It was as much an invocation of the political and the democratic promise as it was of the technological promise of modern communications. The irony only came forth when he was asked how this message of the Home Minister would reach the people when the government itself had blocked Internet services.
>> whoa, smack down! He did not ensure to spread the message out in printed flyers, posters etc.. just tweeted it while an internet blackout was going on in Kashmir. Which means the tweet wasn't for Kashmiris, it was to impress the twitterrati and the media to convey an image of dialogue-friendliness.
RSS outfit faces 'anti-national' barb over genetically modified crop event
>> fact-check here : "discredited" Seralini has won a court case proving his discrediting was illegal. He's been re-credited. HT missed mentioning that.
Is Modi preparing to defy RSS outfit on GM mustard rollout?
... At a meeting held in August, Modi had called upon three cabinet ministers and four top bureaucrats to carry out a thorough and speedy assessment of GM mustard. Agriculture minister Radha Mohan Singh, environment minister Anil Dave, science and technology minister Harsh Vardhan and the secretaries of these ministries had attended the meeting, two sources have told HT.
Modi watched a presentation by the biotechnology department on GM mustard and then got a lowdown from Prof Deepak Pental – the lead scientist behind the project. Analysts view this as a sign that Modi favours GM technology as a policy option in agriculture.
... In its 2014 election manifesto, the BJP had said GM crops would not be allowed without a study of its "long-term" effects.
... "GM is not acceptable," Ashwini Mahajan, leader of the RSS-affiliated Swadeshi Jagran Manch, told HT. "We provided proof to the Prime Minister that GM mustard is neither indigenous nor capable of providing high yields. It will ultimately benefit multinationals like Bayer."
Don't give go ahead to GM mustard, farmers and activists tell MP govt
Cross spice - Gene-modified, herbicide-tolerant mustard could be marketed from October
... Organic farmers fear a loss of demand once the new crop is introduced. "We told the minister that there is an imminent threat to our status as organic farmers, right to free choice, seed autonomy and biodiversity," said Neelam, a woman farmer from Jhajjar, Haryana. "GM mustard will destroy not just organic farming, but also purity of centuries-old traditional mustard varieties forever."
... Kavitha Kuruganti, convener of Alliance for Sustainable & Holistic Agriculture, said members of the GEAC had conflict of interest. In addition to Sesikeran's case, she named Dr C.R. Babu, pro vice chancellor of Delhi University. She said Babu and Deepak Pental, developer of DHM-11, were "from the same university and were good friends".
Government stares at Bt brinjal moment before taking call on GM mustard
No commercial release of GM mustard for now (8 Oct '16)
... The Supreme Court on Friday stayed the commercial release of genetically modified (GM) mustard crop in India and asked the central government to first take suggestion and views of the public on the controversial subject. A bench of Chief Justice TS Thakur and Justice AM Khanwilkar told the Centre not to commercially release GM mustard till October 17, when it will hear the issue in detail. Additional solicitor general Tushar Mehta agreed with the bench's direction.

An email from ASHA (Alliance for Sustainable & Holistic Agriculture):
Our reaction to media coverage on 7 "farmer organisations" urging the Prime Minister to rollout the commercialisation of GM mustard:
* More than 57 major farmer unions have already come out against the approval of GM mustard. These include Bhartiya Kisan Union, Bhartiya Kisan Sangh, All India Kisan Sabha, Karnataka Rajya Raitha Sangh and others. Kisan Ekta has recently passed a detailed resolution on this matter in their last convention. Further, as per the National Policy for Farmers, beekeepers and women agricultural workers also are Farmers. More than 5 lakh beekeepers in India, through the Confederation of Beekeeping Industry of India have come out against the approval of GM mustard. Women agricultural workers associated with Mahila Kisan Adhikaar Manch are opposing GM mustard. Thousands of organic farmers around India are opposing GM mustard and through their outfit called Organic Farming Association of India have appealed to the Agriculture Minister to stop GM mustard.
* Some organisations that are part of this umbrella network called Rashtriya Progressive Kisan Association have a dubious background as regards their primary interests, whether they exist to support farm livelihoods or to promote corporate interests.
* One of the organisations appears to have been a front organisation for the agro-chemical industry in promoting chemicals in the past and this in itself could be read as an indication of the real intent of GM crop developers and the agri-chemical industry, of promoting the use of pesticides in the form of herbicides.
* It is strange that these organizations are asking specifically for GM-based hybrids in the name of farmers because there is no proof that GM-based hybrids are higher-yielding than CMS-based hybrids. These organizations should ask for proof for how GM-based hybrids are better, since GM mustard has not been tested against any other hybrids.
* While yield is not the only thing that determines farmers' net profitability, even on the yield front, to ask specifically for GM hybrids appears that these organisations are a front for someone else, given that the higher yields that they are looking for, after can be obtained through other hybrids as well as other means.
* It is important to note that the production and productivity can be addressed by addressing anti-farmer trade policies that are pricing out Indian farmers and not incentivising them towards oilseeds cultivation.
* In risky technologies which involve multiple stakeholders including consumers, beekeepers, honey exporters, ayurveda practitioners etc., the decision cannot be left to only one stakeholder to decide. This is the reason why regulation and policy in favour of sustainability and safety is needed in the first instance.

International GMO news:
Pope Francis Slams Biotech Industry and GMOs in World Food Day Letter
>> Holy Cow, the Pope is Anti-GMO and our "desi" NaMo isn't
...Those who are engaged in work in the fields, in farming, in small-scale fishing, or in the forests ... There is a prevalent sense of abandonment, the feeling of being abandoned by institutions, deprived of possible technical contributions or even of just consideration on the part of all those of us who benefit from their work.
... From the wisdom of rural communities we can learn a style of life that can help defend us from the logic of consumerism and production at any cost, a logic that, cloaked in good justifications, such as the increasing population, is in reality aimed solely at the increase of profit.
... In the sector in which the FAO works, there is a growing number of people who believe they are omnipotent, or able to ignore the cycles of the seasons and to improperly modify the various animal and plant species, leading to the loss of variety that, if it exists in nature, has and must have its role.
... Not precaution, then, but wisdom: what peasants, fisherman and farmers conserve in memory handed down through the generations and which is now derided and forgotten by a model of production that is entirely to the advantage of a limited group and a tiny portion of the world population. Let us remember that it is a model which, despite all its science, allows around eight hundred million people to continue to go hungry.
... Very often, also as the Catholic Church, we have reiterated that the level of world production is sufficient to ensure food for all, provided that distribution is equitable. But can we still continue along this line, if market logic follows other routes, to the point of making food products a commodity like any other, to use produce increasingly for non-food uses, or to destroy food for the simple fact that there is excess in relation to profit and not to need? Indeed, we know that the mechanism of distribution remains theoretical if the hungry do not have effective access to foodstuffs, and if they continue to depend upon more or less conditional external support, if the correct relationship is not established between need and consumption, and not least, if waste is not eliminated and food loss is not reduced.
... Material and spiritual needs, but in any case real, not the fruit of the decisions of the few, of the fashions of the moment or models of life that make the person an object, human life a tool, even for experimentation, and the production of food a mere economic affair, to which it is possible to sacrifice even the food that is available, destined by its nature to ensure that every person may have a sufficient quantity of healthy food every day.
... The recent Nobel laureates' letter accusing Greenpeace of a "crime against humanity" for opposing genetically modified (GMO) golden rice reveals a deep division not only between civil societies and some science circles but also within the science community
... A strong indication of this division is that among the Nobel laureate signatories, there seems to be hardly anybody with a solid scientific track record in agriculture, food production, development, or the socio-ecological and political causes of poverty and hunger. Others with notable competence – at least in the economic and social domains of development, poverty, and hunger – are not among the signatories.
... Signs of escalation also include the emotional, accusing language in the letter and the ample use of scientifically unsubstantiated claims. What is missing in the letter and among the supporters and developers of GMOs is the recognition and scientific analysis of some tough facts.
>> a quick overview of the topics shared here:
Fact no. 1: Still no functioning vitamin A rice despite unlimited resources
Fact no. 2: Lack of recognition of real reasons for failure to deliver
Fact no. 3: Questionable conceptual underpinning
Fact no. 4: A missing roll-out plan
Fact 5: Colonial mindset

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...Clinton has both received money from and been on the board of a company called GEMS which financially sponsors ISIS directly.

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