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Interesting links for September 2014

Ten Grassroots Environmental Justice Campaigns from Around the World

Putting powerpoint presentation online with audio narration:
AuthorStream :

In The Tragedy of the Private | The Potential of the Public, a new booklet co-published by Public Services International and the Transnational Institute, Hilary Wainwright argues that now is the time to turn back the tide of public services privatization.
The booklet's title inverts the phrase, "the tragedy of the commons," the economic theory predicting the failure of group resources management due to conflict between individual self-interest and the common good.
Direct link:

"'Tragedy of the private' : We use this phrase to highlight the fundamentally inappropriate application of he logic of private business, based on maximising profits, to the management of shared resources, natural and social, and the meeting of social needs. The phrase turns on its head 'the tragedy of the commons', which was an attack on the idea that people can effectively manage common resources together for shared benefit, if they have suitable conditions. The tragedy of the anti-commons, and in particular of the private, arises from the presumption that people act only in their immediate self-interest (rather than taking account of mutual benefit and interdependence) and do not communicate, let alone collaborate, over shared problems." : Wikipedia for farming and gardening

ASHA has initiated a web portal in collaboration with a German organisation (Welt Hunger HIlfe), Pravah and FFID, to help smoothen information flows that allow for organic procurers to get information on stocks available with organic producers around the country. The objective is to help organic producers find better and more marketing avenues. The website is: The actual trade deals happen outside the portal, and this is a platform for information flows.

You're invited to join our panel of experts, researchers and activists in an inspirational GMO Mini-Summit. The first wave of the Summit featured broadcasts of potent presentations from inspiring experts, and took place October 25-27. The second wave of the Summit is a series of broadcasts made available each Sunday, as well as an ongoing collection of resources to help you get informed and take action.
This is a virtual program you can enjoy at no cost from the comfort and convenience of your own home. If you want to know the TRUTH about GMOs and the risks Monsanto, the government, their paid advisors and the media are deliberately hiding from you, then join in this unique, free summit.

how a teen activist won a TV debate on the GMO issue:

if you don't fit in, if you feel at odds with the world, if your identity is troubled and frayed, if you feel lost and ashamed - it could be because you have retained the human values you were supposed to have discarded. You are a deviant. Be proud.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had a three part answer to a question on Teachers' Day about combating climate change. In one part he said, 'Climate change has not occurred. People have changed.' Just before that he had given the example of old people complaining about the winter turning harsher each successive year. It's just people losing tolerance for cold as they age, he explained. In the third part of his answer, just after he came across as the first climate skeptic Prime Minister of India, Modi said the real problem is people have lost old values, picked up bad habits and therefore harmed environment. He said people are acting against nature and that has upset the balance. We must love nature again, he concluded.

Structuring our beloved communities

Vermicompost project in slum area creates earnings for residents while taking care of organic waste

Norway : no national debt, budget surpluses. Through high corporate taxation and high taxation of oil industry revenues.

Student in Kerala who has been periodically involved with human rights protests, arrested by police at midnight, for sitting while national anthem was played, and slapped with charges of sedition for a FB post. 

1 hour movie that blows the lid on GM Food

online payments platform

The United States' official policy in the Middle East is now perpetual war.

US: A new & inventive way to stop the authorities from taking your land : install artwork on it and copyright it

This horrifying account from the Central African Republic of Christian-Muslim clashes going out of control bears a stark reminder of what happened in India too during Partition, and what can easily come about again if people keep on looking at those practicing other forms of religion as others
At the same time, the article is insufficient in explaining the background behind the situation. It mentions diamond but doesn't go into Blood diamond. Who is funding the rebels? Who is supplying the weapons?

Exposing The Hypocrisy Of Modi Government On Environmental Issues

Structural analysis

66% of the people in India's jails haven't been convicted.

On teachers day 2014, schools across the country were made to compulsorily make students watch or hear on radio the PM's live broadcast, beyond school hours. Attendances were forwarded to HRD ministry, for punitive action against teachers and students who dared to skip the event.
another view on the matter, a more positive one. and I refreshingly find myself agreeing with it as well! 

Lessons From the Garden - With Kimberly Carter Gamble

Lots of good solutions and doable actions listed that can be applied anywhere.

CDC Whistle-Blower Reveals Cover-up Of Vaccine & Autism Link Data

Nodal agency for disaster management is leaderless since its vice chairman M. Shashidhar Reddy and five others resigned. The main agency that should be working on J&K's flood situation is completely missing from the scene.

9/11 footage of WTC 7 controlled demolition

Satyamev Jayate - Mumkin hai (short stories of impact and change)


CDC Whistle-Blower Reveals Cover-up Of Vaccine & Autism Link Data

A large youtube playlist with testimonials of parents whose children have suffered after vaccination.
These videos seem to have been uploaded this month only.. 
There's a wealth of information here on immediate post-vaccination symptoms and drastic changes in child's actions and behaviour.

Graphic on facebook.. transripting it..
Why did the US govt invent and patent
Ebola : Patent number #CA2741523A1
Swine Flu : #8124101
AIDS cure: #5676977
Cancer cure: #6630507
Seems like they are trying to cause an epidemic, making us ill, then keeping us sick...

Photo album on Facebook, pictures and graphics about chemtrails, cancer, monsanto etc

Explaining Dharnai's micro-grid tariff structure and the democratic structures formed for decision making.

Solar Wind Tower Could Rival Hoover Dam in Power Output - See more at:

Budget India Facts NFI

CEE article from 2009: Several public schools in Medak district in Andhra Pradesh have incorporated food growing into their curriculum and are growing fresh fruits, vegetables etc on their premises with the students' and local farmers' involvement.

"the real, central journey of my life-and I think this probably shows in the way that I live .. has been trying to figure out how to live well. Trying to figure out how to not succumb to darkness. Trying to figure out how to be a better friend to people. Trying to figure out how to find destiny and live it in a way that feels bold and important."

It's the costs, stupid. Therefore, opt for renewables!
Silvia Brugger explains why the EU should opt for a much more ambitious program: Renewables are cheaper and reduce Europe's foreign energy dependence.

German grid more stable in 2013
It's bad news for the folks insisting that renewables are wreaking havoc on the grid - last year, the average number of minutes of power outages in Germany fell below the already leading level of 2012 and below the average over the past seven years.

Satyamev Jayate Mumkin Hai series

50 reasons to not vaccinate

As World's Largest Dam Removal is Completed, Fish Already Returning
"It goes against my deepest notions of how fast ecosystem recovery can possibly happen," Christopher Tonra, a research fellow with the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center in Washington, D.C., told the Seattle Times. Tonra is studying how the dam removal affects numbers of native birds, which have already appeared to benefit by the return of salmon, whose eggs they eat. "We are all trained, as biologists, to think of things over the long run. I am not saying the Elwha is fully recovered. But it is so mind blowing to me, the numbers of fish, and seeing the birds respond immediately to the salmon being there. It makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up."

Delivering justice from docket explosion
an astounding 3.14 crore cases pending before the courts at various levels... then Delhi High Court Chief Justice A P Shah said it will take 466 years to dispose of all the criminal cases pending before the Delhi High Court if the present rate of disposal continues.

Over 3 lakh people converged on the streets of New York on 21/9/14 for the People's Climate March. Thousands converged on streets in cities around the world. 

Lots of news and speculation articles about fringe topics. Awesome for conspiracy buffs. I love his signoff quote : "see you on the flip side"

Argentina Cancer Deaths Well Above the National Average in Heavily GMO-Planted Areas
"Argentinean farmers have increased their levels of herbicide spraying of crops, and the results don't look good. A huge increase in cancer incidence is being reported in Argentina linked directly to areas of heavy GMO crop engineering and high biotech herbicide use.

Water as fuel
 Ways to eliminate / reduce radioactivity of nuclear waste and accidents
 All the things we do to kids that makes boredom a fact of life : something that was completely alien some years ago.
"The true threats to the climate and India's environment arise from resource grabbing, unequal resource use and expropriation by corporates and elites. These are not being addressed at all, and instead such sham programs - whose benefits are grossly exaggerated and almost impossible to actually calculate - are being proposed as an eyewash. The Green India Mission is likely only to result in conflict, resistance, impoverishment and displacement, while itself causing environmental damage."

Pune: Air civic issues on WhatsApp for quick action. Sep 23, 2014

Sourabh Phadke's ecosan dry composting toilet design.
USP: urine mixed with wash water directly goes into banana plant; no collection, stinking etc.
There is a pipe/chimney at the side which diverts any odour up and out.
The two pits are facing each other with the pee hole in between. Rather than side by side. > Space conservation.
"The Sendriya Shouchalaya: A Urine-diversion Dehydration Toilet experience from Kuran village, Maharashtra, India", is a photo-essay, describing the setting up and operation of an eco-san toilet in a remote village in Maharastra. The toilet was set up by Sourabh Phadke, an architect from Pune, in collaboration with the owners, Bhau and Kadubai.

Nagaland : indegenous machine that takes in water from uphill streams via a pipe, and runs it through a dynamo. Compact machine. No change to the water; after passing the hydroger it gets used in the field, household etc.

The woman who turned down Modi's offer of 1 crore compensation after the martyrdom of her husband Hemant Karkare on the grounds that the entire Hindutva brigade from Modi to Bal Thackeray had raved and ranted against ATS chief Karkare because he was also investigating the role of Hindu terrorists in Malegaon and other places.

Putting all the puzzle pieces together of what's happening in the world right now.

Explaining the workings of the two main mobile network technologies (GSM and CDMA), their differences, strengths and limitations.
One inference from here is that GSM networks cannot work in hgh population density areas where number of active cell phone users starts crossing a treshold. I wrote about this here: 

Facebook censorship : proof from a popular page's admins of how so many of their posts are being blocked or prevented from being read by their fans.

198 methods of nonviolent action

Book: The Creature from Jekyll Island : about the Federal Reserve

A pump that runs without electricity

Bad cell signal?

There's something deeper afoot, which goes into the details of how today's cell phone networks operate. 

1. One cell phone tower can handle only x number of call events at a time. This limit derives from the limits to cell tower radiation, the frequencies that can be handled, etc. 

2. Increasing density of mobile towers in an area inflicts the population with increased cell tower radiation, hence the courts and govts cracking down on illegally built towers, esp the ones built in close proximity to people. Even birds and bees, I've read, are negatively affected by them. 

3. So there a logical limit on the number of mobile calls that can simultaneously happen in any geographical area for reliable, uninterrupted mobile service. 

4. There is no regulation happening on cell phone sales and new connections... no attempt to reign in the numbers. (security measures don't count in this consideration). It's on an infinite growth trajectory and applauded by our economists for being so. 

5. Indian population densities are hence hitting the logical limits to cell phone network operation. 

6. The service providers that bribe government officials, violate safety regulations and install more towers, will be the ones providing "better service", hence pulling more customers, and with increased profits, getting incentivized to violate safety standards and put people at risk. The providers complying with the rules will get screwed. People will leave them in the droves because of "bad service".

One thing worth noticing : We're predomiantly using GSM rather than CDMA networks in India. And, GSM has an inherent limit to number of users it can serve.

More info:

Whatever the case, one thing is clear : "bad mobile service" can not be solved with commercial competition and consumerism. The efforts in that direction end up causing immense harm, in terms of children belonging to vulnerable classes being exposed to unhealthy amounts of mobile tower radiation with the towers being propped up where they live. This needs collective decision-making.

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Pune Bus complaint system

For those who travel by bus in Pune regularly

For Participatory Budget in Pune
PMPML Helpline Number 020 24503355 (can suggest, compliment or complain)

Fwd: Modi's visit: other side and attack on Sardesai

sharing :

It was vintage Modi. There is no doubt about it. Prime Minister Narendra Modi completely bowled over the Non Resident Indians who had come together under a joint banner to create a mega-event at New York's Madison Square Gardens. The blitz was so high that the hundreds lining the roads around the venue, carrying placards, and seeking to focus attention on the Gujarat violence were completely ignored by the Indian media although noticed by the international press and clearly several US Congressmen as well. 

Sardesai tweeted that only a part of the video has been released by the single minded crowd there.

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Videos regarding nonviolent peoples movements

A bunch of useful videos shared by Ekta Parishad regarding a youth camp for training in non-violence, democracy and people's movements

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Politicians and Terrorists need and feed each other

Terrorists unite us under the leadership of the corrupt politicians that we would otherwise never have trusted. 
And both work hand in glove to loot us ultimately. 

Politicians need terrorists to take the people's attention off their misdeeds and portray themselves in a guardian-figure, one who will "save" the people from this vile enemy. 

Terrorists need the injustice and deprivation caused by the politicians to recruit cadres; and get their funding from the vast amounts of black money siphoned off by the politicians.

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My stand on Deepika Padukone Vs TOI issue

When choosing between criticizing individual human beings or institutions in any standoff, we all too often embrace the status quo's habit of unconsciously defending the institution, in the process of vilifying the individual. 

This is a sound strategy to prevent any positive change in society from happening : there's not much effect when we brand the person as a publicity-monger etc. Koi sudhaar nahin hoga. 

What if we were to brand Times of India as the publicity-monger, the attention-grabber, the inhuman one? 

That would set in motion a process of fundamental institutional change; that would make our mainstream media more responsible in their behaviour than they have been so far.

So, in the interest of the future of my nation and the dignity of everyone I love, I choose to stand on Deepika Padukone's side in this issue. 

The ugly face of TOI that we're glimpsing thanks to this controversy is just a little peek into the monstrosity that this thoroughly corrupted institution has turned into, and the extent to which it is violating its role as a news provider. Hoping the rest of it also comes out in the coming days.

Here's Deepika's response on the matter; I think TOI has already given its side all over their publications as evidently seen in this pic; no guesses to which one looks more civilized:

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Micro managing the kids

"Most parents want their children
to be all-round performers,
because society places a premium
on a child's versatility and the
number of things s/he can do.
Thus parents provide a 'taxi-
service', shepherding their
children from one class to
another. Their child's
performance and others' approval
becomes the measuring stick for
their own self-worth. Such parents
micro-manage their children;
taking their behaviour, successes,
failures, achievements and
disappointments personally.
An average home environment is
usually tense and speed oriented,
with directions like, 'Hurry up and
do this.... We are getting late...
Tomorrow is this exam.... It is
time for that class...' Children
who don't tow the line are
labelled as 'difficult' children.
Some parents try to enforce their
authority forcefully which causes
children to rebel. They may not
rebel immediately but the seeds
of rebellion get sown which flower
during teenage.
Parents motivate their children to
excel by shaming, ridiculing or
inducing guilt. Love is withheld
when the child has been naughty,
disobedient, destructive or a
failure. There is unfavourable
comparison between siblings,
neighbourhood kids, or
classmates. All this builds anger
and frustration in children."
Quoted from my book on
Conscious Parenting........

--shared by Chitra Jha on facebook.

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Local Futures (Economics of Happiness) Newsletter, September 2014

The newsletter was clipped short in the email (lots of great content!), so please see it in full here:

Greetings from LOCAL FUTURES

In This Update

- NYC November 8th: Localization, Climate Justice, and Hope

- People's Tribunal on the Rights of Nature

- Planet Local Photo Contest – Winning Photos Announced

Global to Local Workshop held in August in Ladakh

From our Local Bites Podcast: 

- Episode 5 - Seeds of Resilience, Seeds of Sovereignty 

From our Planet Local Series:

- Banco Palmas: Community Banking in Brazil 

- The Chikukwa Project, Zimbabwe

Vrihi & Basudha, India

From our Economics of Happiness Blog:

- Land Grabbing and the Threat to Local Land Rights

- Keeping Your Cool in a World on Fire

- Shamans, Ice Cream, and Climate Change

Other Events:

- Techno-Utopianism & The Fate of the Earth

Policy Watch:
- The Role of The World Bank and the IMF in the Ukraine Conflict

Articles of Interest:

- Helena Norberg-Hodge's talk at the Economics of Happiness conference, Bangalore, India

- Over-regulating the local: Small farmers now need a license to sell their produce

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Pune, 20 Sep : Movie Screening on Climate Change and the Global People's Movement

Inviting you to a Movie Screening and discussion...
on the People's Movement blossoming all around the world around the issue of Climate Change.
It's not just about weather, or pollution, or food, or social justice.. it's everything together.

Join us at Mona and Ajay Dalmia's place,
in Baner, Pune
from 10.30am onwards,
this Saturday, 20 September 2014

(Length: 1 hour. See )

Freak weather events like the one our countrymen in Kashmir and our neighbours in Pakistan are suffering through right now are happening with increasing intensity all across the planet; happening unexpectedly in places that aren't even in high-risk zones. Directly as a result of the rampant increase in greenhouse gas levels being dumped without any checks by an economy addicted to fossil fuels. The denialist lobbies keep picking on the warming-or-not-warming confusion, all the while distracting our attention away from the actual violent weather increases that are the real symptoms of a destabilizing global climate. It's time to disrupt the comfortable shenanigans and bring attention back to what's happening on the ground.

This weekend we're witnessing a global people's march on climate change, with thousands of people all over the world coming together and sending world leaders a clear message on the eve of a global UN summit.

Catch the action in your city here:

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Schools in Medak, AP grow their mid-day meal

Around 15,000 students from 150 schools of Medak district have been growing and eating healthy green vegetables, hand picked from their own school gardens.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Kashmir and the Mainstream Indian Media

Post on FB regarding Kashmir floods issue and what TV news channels are doing with it:

Shame on channels that try to use Army relief work in flood-hit J&K to justify AFSPA and Army deployment there! Shame on attempts to use humanitarian work to justify inhumane crimes... 
I am just seething after a phone call from Times Now that asked if I would participate in a debate on how AFSPA and Army were needed in Kashmir, as proved by the relief work the Army is doing there. I said 'Shame on you' and refused. I also asked them if this means AFSPA and permanent Army presence would be ok in, say, Uttarakhand, since the Army did relief work there as well? 
How low can one fall - to exploit a natural calamity and people's tragedy in the face of floods, to justify all that Kashmir has suffered at the hands of armed forces and paramilitary - the disappearances, the mass graves, the rapes, the firing on school boys and youngsters on the streets and in funeral processions...and the total failure of any accountability or justice in custodial killings and rapes... 
Kashmir is facing a natural calamity now. Yes. But the flood of custodial killings and rapes, the flood of tears from eyes of mothers of 'disappeared' Kashmiri youth, is a man-made calamity, one in which the Indian State perpetrated in OUR name, in the name of India's citizens... If we can feel a spark of human empathy for the flood-affected people of J&K now, we should all ask ourselves if we felt any empathy for the families of thousands who lie in mass graves today, or those of the boys killed in firing by police and paramilitary on the streets... The relief work for the man-made, State-made calamity is yet to begin. When can we, the people of India, begin that much-needed relief work in Kashmir, to bring a semblance of truth and justice about the crimes committed in our name, to end the endless siege and daily humiliation there? 
Hats off to the Army personnel for their courageous rescue work - be it in J&K or Uttarakhand or anywhere else. But shame on us if we tell ourselves that relief work gives the same Army a licence to commit custodial killings and rapes with impunity....

My comment:
don't know where all the comments are going... but Thanks Kavita for cutting right through the exploit-Vs-help paradox. YES, all the help one can get during times of calamity is of course needed. Even if Chinese or or US Army came and helped then even THAT would be most welcome : they have way better machinery and could actually save everyone who's stranded there right now.
And, YES, the AFSPA must be revoked. Human rights must be honoured, otherwise we don't have any real country to defend; only an oppressor in its place. Kashmir is today being ruled like a colony by an oppressive, murderous regime PRETENDING to be India. The real India : the one I am proud to be a citizen of, has been hidden away because of AFSPA.

Related post, this one doesn't go into any balancing or perspectives; rather it's a bare-bones reporting of what's happening on the ground right now:


Pasting here Dispatches from Srinagar, as I received them. READ AND SHARE WIDELY.

Day 4 of Kashmir's worst ever catastrophe, we are back to stone ages, no electricity, no connectivity, the weather continues its scare-mongering while lakhs of our brethren remain marooned. This is turning out to be a nightmare that seems to have no end. Shops that are not inundated are running out of stocks, chemists are running out of life-saving drugs. Scores of Kashmiris have died and God knows how many will meet the same fate.

While Kashmir has been shovelled back to darkness Indian media has unleashed a vehement PR campaign for the Indian State & Indian Army. The way Indian media is portraying them right now must be making people believe that they are supermen who are full of compassion. Yet, the situation on ground is far far from reality, Indian Army was mostly seen evacuating its own men on the 8th of September, and non-locals on the 9th of September. According to Indian media 215 columns are engaged in the rescue op that amounts to about 4300 soldiers roughly, given the troop presence in Occupied Kashmir this number amounts to nothing.

I personally saw CRPF, State Police running for their lives with nothing but their service rifles. The Indian media has essentially started demonisation campaign against Kashmiris portraying us as ungrateful people who fight the same army that is saving them, the lead role in this PR is being played by NDTV, IBN7, Times Now and their valley based lackeys. For example Barkha Dutt's show on 9th evening had representatives from erstwhile oppressors of Kashmir Dogras, the present oppressors PDP, Congress, BJP, the fifth column comprising of the elite class, liberal scum, plus the Indian army and an Indian whose family was stuck in Kashmir.

There was absolutely no Kashmiri representation, in addition to this the host to chose to play the army vs separatist card at this hour of carnage and despair. The media has been doing an unpaid PR for the Indian state and Indian army. The numbers of evacuated are grossly exaggerated and most of those air-lifted are non-locals, Omar Abdullah, corroborated this claim while speaking to Sakal Bhatt atop Shankarcharya Hill.

Civil administration is absolutely non -existent so is the State Police who otherwise are at the forefront of killing, detaining and torturing Kashmiri people. Indian Army and India's NDRF were seen by me with a handful of boats, 1 or 2 in Allochi Bagh, 4-6 in Rajbagh-Jawahar Nagar belt on flood channel end. 3 boats were being used near Tengpora bridge on the 8th of September. How many boats are being used on the Jhelum end or whether that route is even accessible remains unknown.

Most of the relief operations are being carried out by locals using Tractors, trucks and tippers; and Allah knows best how long their fuel lasts. Make shift refuge centres are being run on bridges, fly-overs, embankments and masjid compounds, all of them being run and maintained by locals, this is a glimmer of hope.


The carnage cannot be put into words, it is Al-Nafsi, Al-Nafsi here in Indian Occupied Kashmir.

Taga : blockages to innovation in organizations

In Japan there is even a word to describe the various limits in innovative thinking. Taga, which literally describes the metal hoops which keep a tight hold on the wooden boards which make a barrel, is used to describe the current state of Japanese innovation. Taga is what causes organizations to decide unconsciously and automatically what is possible and what is not based on current circumstances, not future predictions, hopes or opportunities. It stops completely the ability of a company to adopt a positive attitude towards any change or new idea. Taga is usually fostered in a tacit agreement to, or unspoken understanding of, customary rules or organizational paradigms within a company. When new people join a company (usually it's the hope that new people bring new ideas) they tend to quickly become unconsciously accustomed to thinking along the lines of the existing organization paradigm. This means that it can be extremely difficult for a company to be aware of taga limiting creativity and implementation of new ideas within your own company.

Fwd: Oct 31, Nov 1-2, Pune. 10th biennial National Convention of NAPM



10th biennial National Convention of National Alliance of People's Movements
Politics of Development and Social Justice Today
31st October, 1st -2nd November, Pune
Dear Saathis,
20 years ago, in response to the rising inequality, oppression and destruction in the name of development, country's progressive individuals and sangathans came together and envisioned the birth of the National Alliance of People's Movements. There was enthusiasm, hope and determination to struggle towards establishing peace, justice and truly participatory democracy. Over the last two decades, we have been a part of the various people's movements and struggles; there have been victories and there have been setbacks. Despite the changing times which are defined by neo-liberal policies and supported unanimously by all political parties, and having damaging impacts, people's movements have continued to challenge, propose alternatives and pushed the boundaries of ideas and vision for a just society.  We witness that the rights of the people are increasingly curtailed, natural resources being appropriated and rule of law deliberately violated to undermine people's movements. However, our struggles have together built increased awareness about such draconian policies, as a result of which exploitation and injustice can no longer be justified under the rubric of nationalism. People are resolutely fighting against the violations of their rights and no longer need outside instigation. Every village, every basti, every city has people who are raising their voices against capitalist and oppressive forces. But on the other hand, religious fanaticism and violence and discrimination based on gender and caste are raising their ugly heads. On one hand the ruling classes are keen on changing the pro-people laws enacted by the Parliament and rights bestowed by the Constitution and on the other hand, it is trying to take political advantage of the existing exploitation and violence to exercise its continuing control over society.   
As we complete two decades, we feel the need to revisit those same questions we started with, in today's context. We invite you to NAPM's 10th biennial National Convention on October 31st, November 1-2nd at Rashtra Seva Dal, Pune, Maharashtra. More details will follow but this is the intimation so that you can block the dates and make arrangements for the travel. As it is the festival season, it would be good if you could make your bookings in advance.
We hope you will be part of this gathering so that with the same enthusiasm, we can move forward together and collectively understand and strategize the future course of action to fight the illusion that is being spun in the name of development but is in fact only increasing inequality and leading to destruction of natural resources. Working towards the notion of alternative development and building equitable society is our aim and we are determine to reach this end.  
In anticipation to seeing you all,
Medha Patkar, Prafulla Samantara, Dr. Sunilam, Suniti SR, Arundhati Dhuru, Gabriele Dietrich, C R Neelakandan, P Chennaiah, Ramakrishnam Raju, Saraswati Kavula, Sister Celia, Vilas Bhongade, Suhas Kolhekar, Anand Mazgaonkar, Krishnakant, Kamayani Swami, Mahendra Yadav, Bhupender Singh Rawat, Rajendra Ravi, Vimal Bhai, Meera, Madhuresh, Kanika.
Contact: Suniti SR :09423571784, Kanika :9818823252, Madhuresh: 9818905316
napmindia [at], andolan.napm [at] 

जन आन्दोलनों का राष्ट्रीय समन्वय का दसवां द्विवार्षिक राष्ट्रीय अधिवेशन
आज के दौर में विकास और सामाजिक न्याय
अक्टूबर ३१, नवम्बर १ २, पुणे
बीस साल पहले देश के संघर्षशील और प्रगतिशील साथियों और संगठनों ने देश में बढती गैरबराबरी, शोषण और विकास के नाम पर हो रहे विध्वंस को देख कर एक साथ मिलकर उस दिशा को बदलने के लिए जन आन्दोलनों के राष्ट्रीय समन्वय (NAPM) की परिकल्पना की थी. जोश था, उमंग थी, संघर्ष करने की चाहत थी और था संगठन ताकि देश में शांति, न्याय और लोकतंत्र का राज स्थापित हो सके अंतिम जन के लिए. इन दो दशकों में अनेकों संघर्षों में हम साथ चले हैं, जीते हैं, कभी हार का भी सामना करना पड़ा है, लेकिन इन सब में जन मुद्दों को आगे ही बढाया है. समय बदला है, और बड़े तेजी से बदल रहा है. आज नव उदारवादी नीतियों को भी दो दशक से ज्यादा हो चुके हैं और देश में इन नीतियों का भयावह प्रभाव भी दिख रहा है. सभी राजनैतिक पार्टियों इन नीतियों के बारे में एकमत है.
जनता के हकों को आज तेजी से रौंदा जा रहा है, प्राकृतिक संसाधनों का बेतहाशा दोहन हो रहा है, शोषण, अन्याय का बोलबाला हो रहा है, लेकिन जन संघर्षों के बदौलत जनता की समझ भी परिपक्व हुई है. आज शोषण और अन्याय को देश हित में या राष्ट्रवाद के नाम पर जायज नहीं ठहराया जा सकता. जनता उठ खड़ी होती है अपने हकों के लड़ने के लिए. आज बाहर से किसी को आकर उद्वेलित करने की जरूरत नहीं है, गाँव गाँव, क़स्बा क़स्बा, शहर शहर, हर जगह लोग अपने हकों की लडाई के लिए पूंजीवादी और दमनकारी ताकतों के खिलाफ खड़े हैं. लेकिन दूसरी ओर आज धार्मिक उन्माद तेजी से सर उठा रहा है, महिलाओं के प्रति हिंसा बढ़ रही है तो जातिगत हिंसा, भेदभाव और पक्षपात भी उसी भांति बाद रही है. जन विरोधों के कारण ही एक तरफ आज शासक वर्ग संविधान और संसद के द्वारा बनाये गए जन पक्षीय कानूनों को बदलने के लिए आमदा है तो दूसरी तरफ वह समाज में मौजूदा विषमता और हिंसा का राजनैतिक फायदा उठा कर समाज में अपनी पकड़ बनाई रखते है.
आज दो दशक बाद जरूरत महसूस होती है, उन्ही सवालों को आज के दौर में देखने की, जिसे लेकर हम चले थे. हम आपको आमंत्रित करते हैं, NAPM के दशवें दिवार्षिक राष्ट्रीय अधिवेशन में अक्टूबर ३१, नवम्बर १-२ को पुणे में. अगले कुछ दिनों में और विस्तृत जानकारी दी जायेगी, लेकिन यह पहली जानकारी हम आपको दे रहे हैं ताकि आप तारिख नोट कर लें और यात्रा की टिकट भी समय रहते कर लें. यह समय त्योहारों का है, तो बेहतर होगा अगर ट्रेन का रिजर्वेशन पहले कर लें.
आशा है आप जरूर इस महत्वपूर्ण समागम में जरूर शामिल होंगे, ताकि हम फिर उसी उत्साह के साथ मिलकर आगे के संघर्षों की भावी रूप रेखा तय कर सकें और विकास के नाम पर जो मायाजाल बुना जा रहा है जिससे सिर्फ और सिर्फ गैरबराबरी बढ़ रही है और प्राकृतिक  संपदाओं का नाश हो रहा है, उसे हम रोकने में कामयाब हो सके. वैकल्पिक विकास की अवधारणा, और एक साम्यवादी समाज की संरचना ही हमारा लक्ष्य है और उसे निर्मित करने के लिए हम कटिबद्ध हैं.
सविनय आपसे मिलने की अपेक्षा में,
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Saturday, September 13, 2014

(Open Letter) Inviting you to defend your stand on supporting GMOs

Hi Anand,

With reference to your pro-GMO articles on News Laundry (and I don't know where else),

I'd like to invite you to watch this movie (which of course is making an argument against GMOs, with testimonies from people who have been forced to consume GMOs and feed them to their families without any clear information given to them):

While I've seen a lot more written research and articles too on the matter, I don't want to overwhelm you. This movie will take only 1 hour of your time.

I would love to see your rebuttals to the actual scientific cellular level facts and theories expressed here rather than seeing more rhetoric from you about how evil or crazy our non-academia-approved grassroots movement leaders are. Writing below some of the flaws I've noticed in your articles thus far.

I hope you have something to say about the findings of the independent long-term trials on GMOs. You must know for sure that Monsanto has conducted only short term studies on its GMO foods (not even 6 months! That's less warranty than a cheap Chinese phone!), blocked publishing of its longer-term studies which it abruptly discontinued, and is attacking any independent long term studies on GMOs (like the Seralini 2-year study), including legally refusing to allow independent research groups to use its GMO seeds for their trials.

While I appreciate your drilling into numbers and making mountains out of numerical errors on the part of the less academically inclined people standing against GMOs (but where I saw you targeting the more vocal individuals in the movement and omitting official publishing by whole organizations), I felt you were getting lost in the numbers and losing sight of the more important points, such as the question of the evidences of harm caused to the health of people consuming GMOs. After all, I would still refuse to consume a cyanide pill if you coated it with vitamins and gave it to me.

Or the slightly inconvenient fact that the BT cotton crop whose sole USP was that it would not need any pesticide spraying as the plant itself is supposedly a pesticide factory, today requires more and more pesticides to be sprayed on it and that has driven widespread farmer indebtedness and suicides across India, with the input costs of patented seeds, fertilizers AND pesticides piling up and exceeding the output earnings. Or the news that the same is now happening across BT Corn fields in Latin America. Actually, I didn't notice you making any references to these serious facts at all while defending GMOs. If economic considerations are supposedly so important, then why leave the economic details about GMOs out of the debate?

While arguing for the nutritional goodness of Monsanto's patented rice, you seem to have missed out the data on the several indigenous patent-free varieties of Indian rice and millets that have medicinal properties far exceeding anything offered by Monsanto and their peers. Even if you refute these on the basis of them not being biotech-funded-academia-certified, it would have helped to at least see some mention of them while you were busy berating the people who have been talking about them.
You also seem to have missed out several research studies and UN reports that have found that organic farming yields increase over GM or conventional farming after an initial period when the soil must recover its lost microbial life. (check for the Rodale study where the different kinds were grown side by side and monitored over multiple seasons) Or the studies collating present-day food market logistics recording that today most of the world's food supply comes from the small family farms which are using half or less than half of all arable land. 

And, your assertion that organic farming can happen with patented GM seeds is seriously laughable, seeing that the GM seeds and the plants they grow into are pesticide-producers themselves. Organic means not using chemical warfare to kill insects that eat the crops. Also, the romantic co-existence idea is brought back to ground by the fact that through open air cross pollination (which, duh, happens in a field trial of GM crops) the DNA of the whole crop species gets infected by the GM strains and their well-documented drop in fertility spreads with them. 

On top of that, you left out the fact that Monsanto and peers' primary business model in the Americas has been to let their patented GM crops freely cross-pollinate with non-GMO fields and then they sue those farmers for patent infringement, without any actual role played by those farmers! This isn't some hoax you can dismiss.. it's a matter of public record... visible in these companies' own annual statements as well as public records of lawsuits registered in the judicial systems of these countries. Even before anyone knew much about the possible harms of GMOs, Vandana Shiva and her peers were fighting against this predatory exploitation by biotech companies of patents on life forms, this punishment of farmers who absolutely have no control whatsoever on where the wind brings the pollen into their fields from. (Imagine in a classroom, the teacher blows chalk dust into the air and punishes all the students on whose tables any dust lands) Your criticisms of the anti-GMO groups misses out these practices that they are standing up against, completely. To omit out this is akin to writing an essay on Hitler and not even mentioning what he did to the Jews.

You also failed to notice the sheer loopholes on the part of governing laws of countries like USA where GMOs are widespread, of relying only on the producers of GMOs to conduct safety studies on them. That's akin to relying on Arnab Goswami to give accurate figures of how many people believe what he says. And the fact that the government's food industry regulatory heads are also long-time employees or representatives or board members of companies like Monsanto. A conflict of interest that shouldn't be omitted by someone who's writing about GMOs. 

You also failed to state anything at all about the ongoing multi-million-dollar lobbying by biotech majors and their biggest clients in the US against citizen referendum measures and bills that are trying to mandate labeling of foods having GM ingredients in them. Oh, and India is now importing several of those foods btw, without any further checks. Doesn't that seem a bit fishy to you... the argument that citizens do not have a right to know whether they are consuming GMOs or not, because their producers have declared it's good for them? For a country that's experiencing an out of control epidemic of chronic diseases and previously non-existent allergies that co-incide neatly with the introduction of GMOs into their everyday food without informing them, I think that's a bit suspicious.

Lastly, not having Phd degrees under the belt while opposing a corporate for-profit and possibly harmful agenda doesn't make one anti-science. Deliberately omitting vital facts from the arguments to help weigh them on one side, is what makes one anti-science. From everything I've seen so far in the topic of GMOs, I think I'd have to be rabidly anti-science to still support the adoption of GMOs as they currently are. Do more research: Yes, by all means, in the utmost controlled, scientific, standardized safe ways we know. Push an under-tested, inadequately developed infantile technology blindly into adoption across the world and subject the entire population to an unpredictable experiment in the name of scientific progress : Sorry, Boss. I'm not stupid, and I certainly don't hate kids that badly.

Awaiting your response. I sincerely hope you will not resort to the cheap school debate competition tricks of picking on one little detail and lavishing all your attention on it while conveniently ignoring all other points. There are serious facts here, and if you cannot counter each and every one of them effectively then the argument supporting GMOs is lost. 

I'm also publishing this email on my blog (, which kind of makes this an open letter to you. But of course you can choose to dismiss me completely since I won't be attracting as much attention as News Laundry does.

PS: Please forgive me for not being a certified Wikipedian / academic and not citing references at every phrase : a practice that originated in the age of severe information scarcity. Do feel free to search any of the topics on the net in this age of information abundance, but please remember that our most official-assumed publications that even get accepted as valid sources on Wikipedia, have been caught in recent years blatantly publishing lies and misinformation in many fields, some have even led to deaths of thousands of innocent civilians. There is no such thing as the 100% objective source of information; we have no convenient escape from the responsibility of having to make our own judgements and choosing whom to believe. It does help to be open to possibilities and doing our own checking rather than blindly declaring the opposite of an argument to be true just because the argument didn't have adequate references pre-written.

PPS: Thanks for sharing your email on the site, to facilitate 2-way communication rather than one-way. All websites publishing articles should do this.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Fwd: 100 days

100 days of Modi government : Tall claims, but disappointing performance

The discredited Congress-led UPA government was replaced by the BJP-led NDA government with a resounding mandate. However, if the first 100 days are any indication, its work has been anything but landmark and emphatic.

Given below is the Aam Aadmi Party's assessment on main points :

Black Money

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's top priority was to bring back the black money stashed in foreign banks, which he reinforced in every speech during the election campaign. The current Home Minister Rajnath Singh had said that he would bring back the black money from foreign countries within 100 days. BJP leader Subramaniam Swamy had claimed that only two months were needed to bring back the Rs. 120 lakh crore back to the country, and even advocated abolishing the income tax for 40 years, since we'd have enough revenue not to need this tax.

But the actionsc fall short and are insignificant compared to the promises. 100 days are up. Where is the black money? The government has only set up the cursory SIT on Black Money, that too following the directions of the Supreme Court.
The government has taken no action to fill the huge number of vacancies in the Central Board of Direct Taxes, Excise and Customs, which would thoroughly investigate claims of corruption across the country. The government hasn't reverted, repealed or even commented upon the double tax avoidance treaties or participatory notes, which are important in smuggling black money away from India. It hasn't implemented any of the key recommendations of the White Paper on Black Money tabled in Parliament in 2012.

Achche din have arrived but only for those who want to keep their black money.

Price Rise

Another important electoral issue that the BJP and Narendra Modi raised was price rise and its effect on the Aam Aadmi. However, in the first 100 days of the BJP government, the prices of diesel, kerosene, milk, tomatoes, onions, potatoes and nearly every essential commodity went up by astronomical levels. And it's not as if farmers benefited from this price rise, as they received lower real minimum support prices, adjusted for inflation.

The Union Budget: Arun Jaitley or P. Chidambaram

For those looking for patterns of similarity, the Union Budget was a clear example of how the Modi government represented cosmetic change and not something more fundamental. Spending on education and health remained exactly the same, and so did the expenditure on women, children and the socially disadvantaged. There were tax deduction announcements, disinvestment, FDI allottment increases, PPPs, calls for modernization, but somehow the Aam Aadmi remained under the radar for Shri Arun Jaitley.

Criminalizing Parliament and Making India Corrupt

For all the talk of removing MPs with a criminal record from Parliament, there has been little action to follow it up. Twelve out of the 44 Ministers in the Modi-goverment have serious criminal charges against them. Nihal Chand, a minister of the government is facing rape allegations against him in a 2011 case. Yet, their cases aren't even close to being solved and have not been fast-tracked. Lok Sabha MP from Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath continues to make polarizing statements to flare Hindu-Muslim tensions even as the PM issues a 10 year moratorium on communal hatred. This doublespeak doesn't go unnoticed. At the same time, the government has shown excessive speed in removing honest officers who fight corruption like Sanjiv Chaturvedi at AIIMS and clipping the powers of institutions that fight corruption like the Delhi Anti-Corruption Bureau. The government may make tall claims about fighting corruption but it has worked only to promote this social and economic evil.

Destroying the Environment

The goverment has proposed to loosen the regulations and make as many as 19 amendments in the Land Acquisition Act in a bid to please industrialists without taking care of the environment, farmers and the rural poor. The height of the Narmada dam will be raised. Irrigation projects requiring 2,000-10,000 hectares are now exempt from the scrutiny of the Centre and can be cleared by state governments. Those requiring less than 2,000 hectares will require no green clearance at all. The new government has also diluted the Forest Rights Act that requires the consent of the local tribal population for diverting forestland. Instead of gram sabhas (village councils) certifying that their rights had been settled and that they had consented to projects, the district administrations have now been asked to do the same. The process of reviewing the National Green Tribunal Act to reduce the judicial tribunal to an administrative one has been initiated. Slowly and steadily, the government is paving the way for the real backers of the 2014 election, the corrupt businesses of Indian industry to dictate the rules of government and the usage of public goods.

Which brings us to the most important point. A government which holds private interests above public good will end up being the same, even if its declared motives are Nehruvian socialism or Hindu nationalism. The fear with Narendra Modi's government isn't that they will do something radically different and crazy, but rather that they will end up being the UPA government. And the first 100 days, an indicator of a government's priorities and policy goals, exhibit that this government is selling the public old wine in a new bottle, albeit with new leaky holes.
Rather, what we have seen is the same sort of governance or lack thereof, with excellent public relations management and high-definition photographs on Twitter.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

13 years on

13 years on...

9/11 - Echoes of Darkness [Mini-documentary]

Some of us know what really happened. And we're not falling for the crap that goes for the official story, No Sir.
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