Thursday, November 16, 2017

HowTo : Backup your texts from Signal Messenger to CSV

I have installed Signal Messenger on my phone after reading news about
it for encrypted communication. But it also "took over" the SMS
business on my phone. So all my SMSes are on Signal now.

I'm living with it for the time being but am open to questioning it
and walking out in the future, with a particular push-out coming from
: the app now and then refusing to let me send out even unencrypted
SMSs unless I update it. (great going, guys! Very whatsappy!)

Another limitation is that it doesn't let me text more that one person
at a time. (seriously?!) Luckily it didn't disable me from sending
texts using the phone's default messenger.

But this post is for a side option: You want to get a backup/copy of
all your texts from Signal messenger as all your SMSes are there.

Well, here's one saving grace : At least you can export messages in
Signal. I can't directly do that in my phone's default SMS app.

Signal has an export feature but it creates an XML file in its own
format which doesn't even validate on most online xml validation
sites, though you can open it in a text editor and see the messages. I
really hate this lets-use-XML-for-everything brigade. If your data is
not hierarchical, CSV is better, folks. Have mercy on others.

So here I'm going to share what I did to get all my texts (SMSes) out
from Signal Messenger to a CSV spreadsheet.

1. In Signal, options/menu > Export/Import > Export

2. It creates a .xml file on your phone. Somewhere. (forgot exactly
where and I promptly moved it to my SD card)

3. Bring that .xml to the laptop/PC. Open it in a text editor that has
Find + Replace.

4. There are XML to CSV converters on the web but they error out
because of the ampersand (&) characters. And there's lots of them,
because Signal html-encodes special characters. Typically, single
quote (') is stored as """, etc.

5. Do Ctrl+H and replace all the &s with tilde, ` (above the left Tab
key). I chose that because that's the only special character which
wasn't used in any of my content.

6. NOW feed it to the converters and they munch it politely. I used .

7. Now you have a CSV. With funny HTML codes starting with a tilde (`)
all over the place.

8. Get the CSV into the text editor again. Run Find + Replace again
and change all the Tildes (`) back to Ampersand (&).

9. Go to an HTML Decoder online. I found this and it does the job
client-side, so your data will not go to any other server from your
machine :

10. Run the CSV output through that. As output you get a CSV with the
data looking more human now. And wow there's line breaks too, but they
don't break the CSV so no worries.

11. Save the CSV data to a local .csv file, open it in LibreOffice
Calc or so. (Not MS Excel? Well, it mishandles csvs often, especially
if there's non-english characters and my texts have some, so.)

12. There, you got all your messages in a nice table that you can sort
by phone number, date etc.

Now, for why didn't I decode the HTML entities first and then convert
to CSV : The dang decoders refused to work with the XML data! And the
XML-to-CSV converters refused to work with XML that had (&) characters
in it, kept saying it was invalid. Hence the roundabout route. Once I
replaced & with ` everyone sang along.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Dinesh D'Souza

Dinesh D'Souza : I'm checking out his questionings of the dominant narratives of fascism being right-wing, and of the American Democrats being standing for non-whites and Republicans being racist. Some compelling stuff that puts together a lot of questions I've been having.

What's my problem with the Western liberal left?

What's my problem with the Western liberal left?

The prioritisation of some people's feelings

over other people's freedoms

and other people's physical well-being or even their lives.

I have a problem with that.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

SJW logic applied to Star Trek

Just for laughs..

If you took the current SJW logic to Star Trek's time, you'd have to BAN humans completely from all Star Fleet officer positions and fill every single position on deck with another species that hasn't contributed as much to the Federation yet but "needs more representation". 

Imagine the dialogue : "But I haven't said anything racist.." >> "You're a HUMAN! Humans are BORN racist!"

Scene: Earth gets destroyed ... "Oh That's just compensation for all the years when humans progressed while doing nothing for planet {X} !" ... wait, they actually did that to the Vulcan planet in the movies reboot.. damn SJWs..

Re: Antifa : Useful idiots?

Some clues coming of who's funding Antifa.. and George Soros is on it.

The Nov 4 "revolution" was advertised for on front page of NYT, which costs about $150,000. Amazing fundraising job for a grassroots movement.

For something that was pretty bigly advertised and promoted, it's a bit strange that there wasn't so much of a turnout.

Footage of the protests:
Amongst other things, the footage throws up the repeating phenomena of the rally leaders reading from scripts on the mike rather than speaking their mind.

There's also the troubling part about training sessions of these groups instructing people not to talk to anybody from the mainstream or alternative media or to engage in debate with counter protestors. So they promote the protestors being violent and at the same time order them not to engage in dialogue. The "f**k trump" protests one year ago after the election results really stood out for that : CNN had such a tough time finding one who would speak on camera that they got their own cameraman to fake it. (#cnn #fakenews)

There's speculation coming up this being linked with other recent events like the Saudi prince arrests. The richest one to be arrested also owns a stake in Twitter (the so called free speech platform) and had donated big money to Clinton (yes, that's from the world's biggest womens rights abusing country, btw they also chair the UN human rights commission). The speculation is that the money channels dried up so the paid thugs made a no show.

There's not much evidence, but hey at least I can share this as an opinion : The globalists have infiltrated the left and are using them as useful idiots. Their utopian vision contains a secret oligarch group that'll occupy the top. When they say "the people will decide", they're really referring to unelected rulers acting on behalf of the People which is pretty much what every socialist/communist revolution has led to (also what the European Union has become). And it's the abandoning of the principle of nonviolence amongst the very "principled" leftist voices that has paved the way for this, coupled with the attack on freedom of speech under the garb of stopping hate speech, which leads to censorship of any and all dissenting views. Violence and intolerance of dissent helps the bad guys use well-meaning folks for their own ends.

This video covered the hypocrisy seen on the left brilliantly:

Previously sent:
Antifa may have been set up by the US deep state.. the kind of support it gets from mainstream media, the way they are behaving.. things  are very suspicious.

This video highlights how their protests are possible only with the full support of the very establishment they claim to want to overthrow.
URGENT!! A Message to Antifa: You are Walking Into a TRAP Nov 4 -inTruthbyGrace, 2017-10-28

Even their big actions at Berkeley etc happened after the police were given explicit orders to stand down and let them do as they please. Same happened in Charlotesville where Antifa was openly allowed to attack the rally participants and in the ensuing chaos a woman got killed. For all who contest that statement, question : would the death have happened if there wasn't a violent attack on the rally participants?

The video calls for caution regarding the Nov 4 calls to action.

While there is a lot of confusion regarding which side is which, I think following some basic principles, like that of non-violence, can help a lot to simplify matters. Also, Words and Actions are NOT one and the same : It is wrong to interpret speech as violence and thus ban speech; and the using the same yardstick it is now being pushed across western colleges that it's OK to punch people, to cause physical injury, as an expression of political disagreement. So if someone says something that you don't agree with, then according to the Left and the media, it's ok if you physically attack them. This is nonsense. Words and actions are not the same, period.

One more thing : There are rumours coming of an EMP drill being planned by the US military on the same day. Need I remind you that 9/11 happened on a day when the US air force was simulating planes getting hijacked, or that some attacks in UK and France have also happened on days when their forces were practising military exercises?

Other links:
Steven Crowder Infiltrates 'Antifa' -Tipping Point With Liz Wheeler on OAN, 2017-10-02
>> undercover op corroborates the violent behaviour and plans of Antifa to cause violence and chaos including readiness to kill people for political reasons.
Overwhelming Presence of Tennessee Law Enforcement Ensures Peaceful 'White Lives Matter' Rally in Murfreesboro
>> what I'm learning from this is that there were far more counter-protestors there compared to the actual rally participants. And that their attacks only lead to popularising the cause they are attacking. In this case, had all these counter-protestors never showed up, the actual rally would have been a big nothingburger.

Will Antifa Use Kids As Human Shields? -War Room, 2017-11-04
>> This is serious.. there is a call for bringing kids to rallies where there's also reports of them bringing weapons. With people like George Soros being widely implicated in funding BLM and Antifa, we must bear in mind that in Ukraine there were several hired protestors bussed in from other countries, paid by Soros's NGOs to protest, and that mercenaries were paid to shoot these protestors so that the ensuing chaos was then used to make the coup happen. Even in US elections it had emerged that disrupters at Trump's rallies were being paid for doing what they did.. there were ads put up online for it. If children are brought to protest rallies where violence is being planned and they get caught up in the chaos then that is all the excuse the US media needs to blame everything on Trump like they have been doing all this time.

UK To Jail Viewers Of "Far-Right Propaganda" | Amber Rudd | Terrorism -The Iconoclast, 2017-10-06
>> a consequence of the deranged philosophy of equating words with actions. Britons watching anti-establishment independent media voices like breitbart or infowars or Farage or anything else the government deems is "far right" are going to be thrown in jail under the pretext of stopping terrorism. And what kind of an example does this set up for every other country in the world? The Indian govt will happily interpret this to throw in jail everyone who dissents with their policies, and they'll justify it saying "look the British are doing the same thing too". And this follows after the UK govt is already monitoring full internet histories of all their citizens : another shining example. Thanks a ton, liberals applauding the move! Oh, don't watch the video if you're in the UK.. you might get arrested!

And this one's just for kicks:

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

What if relaxed moralities also have a role in abuse of women?

We can understand the abuse of women in conservative societies and cultures.

But the emerging news of widespread abuse going on even in places like
Hollywood, which are anything but conservative, may point to a
different source. Ignoring that and continuing with the tired lines
like "all men are rapists" etc isn't solving anything.

A clip from a QnA session with Ben Shapiro:

Shapiro on Feminism: "What my dad taught me was to be a gentleman, and
to treat women with respect."

And if this isn't trigerring enough, here's one of the comments there:
"Feminists will be disenfranchised no matter what. If Hillary had won
they'd still be angry and hateful. It's kinda their schtick"

The West needs to be proud of their culture

Here's a video..
The West Is The Best: A Trigger Story
by ashtonbirdie

And here's my comment:

Lauren Southern is awesome, and so are you. I'm an Indian living in
India and I'm not triggered by this at all. You guys need to preserve
and carry forward what's great about your culture. Do not give it up.
Over here we have REAL right-wing fanatics and seriously corrupt
politicians who want to curtail women's rights, get rid of the
indigenous, wipe out all our ecosystem for quick money, who are
homophobic for real, who normalize rape, who want the government to
monitor each and everything that moves and who want to KILL anyone who
says anything they don't like. Oh, and the West's experience has
taught me that we can't really rely on our left-leaning folks here as
they have tyrants lurking within them too like you've experienced. So,
America, please ask your SJWs to go do their activism at the places
that actually need it, stop with the pretend show and wasting time
over there. And I hope us Indians one day "appropriate" your values of
freedom of speech and liberty and we become as wary of encroaching
government powers as you guys are, it's really needed all over the
planet and we just don't have it as strongly ingrained in our culture
as you do. India IS a gigantic cultural appropriation from various
cultures and we love doing that so we should absorb your best values
too. Till then we need you to DEFEND these values, preserve and
cherish them and don't let the tyrannical SJWs take it away from you.

What.. you thought I'll criticize her? That I'll get into some stupid
dog fight over which culture is best? To hell with that shit. I love
this lady, she makes sense, and everybody should be proud of what they

Friday, November 3, 2017

Interesting Links for October 2017

Whole lot of stuff on Las Vegas Massacre here, stuff on Harvey Weinstein scandal and its implication for the liberals and democrats who have been pretending to stand for women's rights whilst harbouring sexual predators in their midst, and wow I'm loving MILO...

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Was smallpox eradicated by vaccines or by hygiene? (and some dirt on the Invisible Hand of Science)

Was smallpox eradicated by vaccines or by hygiene?


Raw data question : anybody got the stats on the actual number of babies injected with smallpox vaccines, year on year, over the years it peaked and then died out? Can it be verified or not that at places like Leicester the incidence of smallpox did not reduce upon stopping of vaccinations? In the absence of reliable data, would the testimonies of people whose priors actually lived there count as inferior to blackboard reasoning?

When I step out of my rabid intolerant capitalist finance driven science worshipper mode for a minute, 

Then I see this as a real question, and a realistic comparison. Just like washing hands and taking bath regularly is better at keeping infections away and much healthier than swallowing Crocin etc daily, 

Hygiene and proper quarantining IS more effective, and infinitely less unnatural, than injecting everyone's bloodstream with animal puss curating genetically modified organisms floating in mercury or aluminium laden solutions. If you took something like that and removed the "vaccine" label and injected it into someone, you'd get imprisoned for attempting to cause grievious harm possibly leading to death. Given that our best technologies give some credit to biomimicry, I don't think there's any natural world counterpart of something being externally injected into an organism's bloodstream helping in making it healthy. The closest we can get is leeches, and those guys suck blood out, not put things in. For everything else we have a time-tested rule of making any external cure pass the scrutiny of the body's digestive system or the filters of the respiratory system first, and we resort to injections only in emergencies; never as years-prior prevention.

From a long term perspective, I can picture hygiene and quarantine as an effective strategy usable for the next 10,000 years (Ebola outbreak in an African country? Stop all flights, dumass!), but I cannot imagine how it can ever be possible to inject babies with 1000+ shots in their first hours of life a 100 years down the line, going by the trends we have today, comparing the number of vaccines your parents got with what you got with the number your baby got. And we've managed to mix 3 or so with much protest but I cannot see how we can possibly mix 1000+ different chemicals and bacterial or virulent organisms together into one little vial and expect it to be no different than the sum of its parts, knowing that both chemistry and biology fundamentally don't play that way.

Also, I can't help but wonder, going back to first principles, doesn't the theory of vaccination fundamentally oppose the theory of evolution? We've consigned one species on this planet to eternity-long artificial interventions at birth to help it cope with its changing environment while expecting every other species to naturally evolve to adapt (except pets who are also now getting as sick as we are when they never did this way earlier). We'd only do that if we were sure that species had no more evolving left to do.

Anyways, back to rabid intolerant capitalist finance driven science worshipper mode : let's bring out the pitchforks and torches and burn all these damned creationists and xenophobes and sexists and whatevers at the stake, get offended because we're tolerant people, burn their books, delete their videos, mandate government censorship, compulsory vaccination, imprisoning and de-custodifcation of parents who dare disobey because we're always right and Science has an invisible hand like the one in economics that will auto-magically make everyone arrive at the objective truth without needing any kind of real dialogue or effort on our part.

We can chalk everything up to peer review processes while conveniently ignoring the fact that the peer-review process is inherently designed to let new discoveries see daylight only and only if a very large number of socially awkward people have extraordinary guts to oppose the reigning status quo and put their highly competitive and difficult to attain careers on the line over it knowing that they're too specialized to be employable anywhere else. (Try calculating the probability of that happening!) We can forget that the default function of peer-review process is to prevent new ideas from getting a foothold and to enforce conformity.

We can safely dismiss the spirit of discovery and expect the dissenter to go convince everyone else first and then only come to us for our royal approval, without ever bothering to consider that others might have the same expectation as we do, and that if we keep on shunning and de-funding and censoring and prosecuting new perspectives like we presently are, then that invisible hand of Science we've put all our faith in as the economists put in theirs, might just not exist.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Colleges creating millenial snowflakes?

Sharing this for the folks who are considering sending their kids abroad for studies.

There's a culture war going on and the world of western academia is increasingly getting out of touch with the people on the ground as well as with ground realities. (One hint: Ask people you know who were on American campuses in Nov 2016 what did they reckon was going to happen reg'd the elections there. Not their opinion, but their prediction of the outcome just prior to it based on everything around them ) And it doesn't help that the mainstream media as well as the dominant voices in corporates are egging it on. Some very basic principles of civilisation like nonviolence and tolerance for differences in opinion are being thrown out the window by people claiming to be standing up for them. I see it as a fulfilling of the warnings about the education system sounded by authors like John Gatto and people who have been calling out the corruption of institutions that take huge amounts of money in the name of something intangible.

And non-technical courses seem to be getting more into this. The consequence being that the student instead of being exposed to a much larger world as we hope for our wards, ends up being conscripted into a narrow world view and may even end up being used as cannon fodder in some people's pet causes. It may seem alien for us on this side of the world, with all that we have to put up with regarding religious extremism, right-wing jingoism etc, but even the liberal/left side can go overboard and do harm. Some keywords you can look up : identity politics, social justice warriors.

I don't have much ways of proving any this in an email as it's a long-term observation spanning some years now, but thought I'll share this video and maybe if you're interested you can do your own research on the subject. I also am noting this all as someone who was very much identifying with that group and professing the same views but now questioning some of the finer details. I also feel we might be seeing situations where the parents are very much in the liberal camp and are getting shocked to see their kids saying things like "Yes, there IS a difference between the genders." We could also meet up sometime and talk at length on this if there's interested folks in Pune.

Dear College Snowflakes, No One Takes You Seriously | Lafayette Response -Roaming Millennial, 2017-10-18

As always, this IS open to all varieties of interpretation.

PS: Also check out Milo's videos, and tell me if you'd like a copy of his book Dangerous : it's hilarious, totally counter-culture and great food for thought.

Voices from climate change skeptics side that merit consideration
All the biggest lies about climate change and global warming DEBUNKED in one astonishing interview
>> links to..
Interview with István Markó, for Breitbart News Network — unabridged version

>> This is a counter-view that challenges the CO2 climate change narrative. My focus in not on the central message however, which I'm still not fully buying into and I have disagreements with much of what is written there. Rather, I'm focusing on the little tidbits that have piqued my curiosity and points worth investigating and where I'd love to see more RAW DATA being put out rather than opinions so we can settle the debates. And also points where I see possibilities for common ground and joint action between the warring sides that can lead to good. Mentioning excerpts here:

... By the way, it is worth remembering that ~70% of the oxygen present today in the atmosphere comes from phytoplankton, not trees: contrary to common belief, it is not the forests, but the oceans, that constitute the "lungs" of the earth.

... CO2 is a minor gas. Today it represents only 0.04% of the composition of the air; ... The major greenhouse gas in the atmosphere is water vapor which is ten times more potent than CO2 in its greenhouse effect. Water vapor is present in a proportion of 2% in the atmosphere.

... I believe in science: I mean that I believe in the possibility of objectively knowing reality through science. I believe that there are truth and falsehood, that science allows us to distinguish between the two, and that truth must be known; that scientific knowledge must be placed in the hands of the population. I also believe in freedom. I believe that every man is entitled to lead his life and to manage his goods as he sees fit, that he is the only possessor of himself, and that statist socio-economic control is as morally reprehensible as it is harmful in its social, economic, and environmental consequences.

... In the second place, Westerners have a pronounced taste for self-flagellation; and the theory of anthropogenic warming provides justification for that tendency, possibly anchored in our Judeo-Christian heritage. So, on the one hand, we have religious feelings: faith in a new system of thought, which is ecologism; the veneration of a new divinity, which is benevolent and protective Nature. On the other hand, we have a feeling of guilt, expressed in our conviction that, if the climate warms up, it is our fault; and that if we do not immediately limit our CO2 emissions, we will have sullied and disfigured our planet.

... sea and ocean levels have been on the rise since the end of the Little Ice Age that took place approximately from the beginning of the 14th century until the end of the 19th century. At the end of that period, global temperatures started to rise.

... Thus, in Ancient Roman times, glaciers were much smaller than the ones we know nowadays. I invite the reader to look at the documents dating back to the days of Hannibal, who managed to cross the Alps with his elephants because he did not encounter ice on his way to Rome, (except during a snow storm just before arriving on the Italian plain).

... Sea levels are currently on the rise; but this is an overestimated phenomenon. The recorded rise is 1.5 millimeters per year, namely 1.5 cm every ten years, and is, therefore, not dramatic at all.

... As far as the Italian city of Venice is concerned, the fact it has been faced with water challenges is not due to any rise of the lagoon level; and is just the manifestation of the sad reality that "the City of the Doges" is sinking under its weight on the marshland.

... I note that the Tuvalu islands, whose engulfment was previously announced as imminent, not only have not been engulfed, but have seen their own land level rise with respect to that of waters around them.

... Still another phenomenon we tend to exaggerate is the melting of the polar caps. The quantity of ice in the Arctic has not gone down for 10 years: one may well witness, from one year to the other, ice level fluctuations, but on average that level has remained constant.

... Besides, ice has been expanding in Antarctica over the last 30 years; and similarly, we observe in Greenland that the quantity of ice increased by 112 million cubic kilometers last year.

... On a global scale, glaciers account for peanuts, with most of the ice being located in Antarctica and on Greenland.

... From storms to tornados, extreme events are going down all around the world; and when they occur, their level is much lower, too.
>> Now this point can be hotly debated, but I want to include the reportings of manmade weather warfare coming in associated with these events.

... If you look at satellite data and weather balloon measurements, you then note that the temperature rise around the world is relatively modest; that it is much lower than the rise that is predicted for us by authorities, and that these predictions rely on calculations that are highly uncertain.... The recent temperature spikes measured by satellites and balloons are part of a classic natural phenomenon which is called El Niño. This short-term phenomenon consists of a return of the very warm waters at the surface of the equatorial Pacific Ocean. The heat thus liberated in the atmosphere pushes up the global temperature and CO2 plays no role in that process.

... Another issue I would like to raise: present deserts, far from expanding, are receding; and they are receding due to the higher quantity of CO2 available in the air. It turns out that greenhouse operators voluntarily inject three times as much CO2 in the commercial greenhouse as it is present in the atmosphere. The result we can observe is that plants grow faster and are bigger, that they are more resistant to diseases and to destructive insects, and that their photosynthesis is way more efficient and that they therefore consume, less water. Similarly, the rise of CO2 level in the atmosphere makes that plants need less water and thus that they can afford to colonize arid regions.

... On the other hand, humankind devises recycling methods that let us glimpse the possibility, in a more or less surrealist future, to build growth on perpetually and integrally recycled resources.

... As to the idea that having a comfortable life would create in us a moral desert, that it would make us greedy and heartless, this notion does not stand up to scrutiny either. It is enough to note to what extent people in opulent societies give to charitable organizations of all kinds. Ironically, Asian societies, which have remained faithful to their spiritual traditions, today cultivate a much greater respect for science and technology than that which prevails in the secularized West. It is therefore false to claim, as Solzhenitsyn seems to do, that the spirituality of people atrophies as their way of life is more centered on science and technology.

... Gaia does not take us under her protection; nor is she that delicate and innocent goddess, offended by blood and toil, raped by factories, mines, and urban groups, which ecologists celebrate. I mentioned above the colonization of deserts by plants thanks to the greater amount of CO2 available to them. Colonization genuinely comes from Nature itself, not the human being; it is not so much that humans "invented" colonization, or industry, commerce, war, or even infanticides; we only inherited those behaviors from Nature. If the reader does not take me seriously on infanticides, let him think of the polar bears that do not hesitate to kill their own offspring and to take their heads away for the evening meal.
>> tough love :P

... Key members of the Chinese government are all trained as scientists or engineers: they are leaders who can reason in a logical way, who can analyze and dissect a problem scientifically; and since they do not have to worry about organizing an election campaign every two or five years, they are in a position to make decisions over the long term.

... Having said that, I feel obliged to state that I am not candid about the fate of political and social freedoms there. I note, however, that freedom of expression is advancing at breakneck speed. In particular, I witnessed demonstrations in Tiananmen Square that were in the purest European style, and that did not result in any of the participants being shot or beheaded. In 1993, a doctoral student who wanted to come to Belgium could only do so if his family remained hostage on Chinese soil. Today, there is no longer any problem for his family to accompany him.

... I do not contend that China is the paradise of freedom: all I want to point out is that China is evolving towards freedom and that it respects science, while in the West, we are evolving towards communism, the atrophy of freedom of expression, and contempt of science.

... Two things deserve to be said about the ecological balance of China. Contrary to what is suggested by a certain pessimistic prejudice, the Chinese are increasingly rich. One notices the emergence of a veritable middle class, and as they get richer, their environmental concerns increase. But the Chinese, both elites and "ordinary citizens," do not care about global warming – their concern deals with air quality, the preservation of forests, the safeguard of threatened species, and not with a hypothetical warming of the climate that should be counteracted.

... Warren Buffet, who owns one of the largest wind farms in Iowa, said it without embarrassment: "On wind power, we get a tax credit if we build a lot of wind farms. This is the only reason to build them. They do not make sense without the tax credit." The ecological balance is just as bad: onshore wind turbines kill hundreds of thousands, even millions of birds and bats per year. As for wind turbines at sea, they kill many marine mammals, again in the utmost indifference of ecologists.

... It occurred to me to come up with the expression "error of nature" to qualify the panda. ... Moreover, the panda is a solitary animal, which avoids seeking the company of its congeners, and which therefore rarely leaves its own territory. Those two facts concur to render the reproduction of the panda highly unlikely. On top of this, it is more unlikely as the fertility time of a female panda is only about three days per year. ... Firstly, when she is fertile, the female must move off to meet a male disposed to mate with her, and she must do quickly. Secondly, when she ends up with a male, the latter declines the proposition in nine out of ten cases, and this is because at that time of year, their bamboo food source has very poor energy quality. ... In addition, pandas care very little about their children. For all those reasons, I think that the panda is a naturally endangered species: a species condemned by nature and saved by the human being.

... It is utterly true that there are about 800 species, over the last 600 years that may have disappeared, but the figures that we are hammered with ad nauseam, by environmental activists, the tens of thousands of species supposed to disappear every year, are essentially pulled out of a magical hat.

... One day I wrote an e-mail to WWF asking them to enumerate, preferably in Latin, the names of the species that disappeared in the current year, as well as to indicate the location of the cadavers. To this day, I have never received an answer! And for a very simple reason, NGOs want to frighten us and make us feel guilty with baseless allegations.

... Many persons, generally those coming from the former Eastern Bloc, let themselves be seduced by the idea that the resolution of our environmental problems would be that of global governance. In many respects, ecologism is also the communism of the 21st century.
>> THIS is my biggest doubt-raiser about the climate change thing : the whole push towards more top-down unaccountable governance.

... I note that we already have the equivalent, on a smaller scale, of the global ecological caliphate. I am thinking of the European Union, which gives us a foretaste of the bureaucratic, global, and totalitarian governance that the United Nations manifestly endeavors to establish.

... For my part, the worst 'punishments' I would wish upon a devotee of anthropogenic warming, on-screen or in reality, is to be confronted with honest information, data and figures that are not manipulated, which oblige him to recognize the vacuity of his dogma.

... Regarding sea level rise, in many places, notably in Europe, the level of the earth is rising with respect to that of waters. This is a classical geological phenomenon which is known as rebound, due to the fact that at the end of the last glaciation, the enormous quantities of ice that covered the European and North American continent melted, allowing the land that was pushed down by their weight to rise slowly.

... We are told that the level of water will increase throughout the world and increase to the point that it will overwhelm a large part of our continents. As Hans von Storch, one of the world's leading climate modelers, has shown, the models supporting those forecasts are, for 98% of them, totally false.

... We are told that the air we breathe in the big cities has never been so polluted. One only must review the documents oneself about the air that people used to breath in London in the 1960s to realize how much urban pollution has diminished.

... I was recently in Santa Barbara, California, where I had the opportunity to eat with plates and cutlery made of corn, which are thus biodegradable. This is an initiative that I welcome, and that has nothing to do with the vain, costly, and spiritually lethal struggle against CO2 emissions. If there is one final message I would like to convey, it is that we have to be concerned about the real ecological problems — noxious pollutants, unmanaged waste, untreated human sewage. We have to cease letting ourselves be manipulated by causes that purport to be good for our planet, but that are simply pretexts for enslaving and tying up humanity.
>> See? We HAVE common grounds for agreement and co-operation with climate change deniers!

... We must also exercise our critical mind and identify the real problems, otherwise our good feelings for 'saving the planet' are only arrogant, hypocritical, and stupid tears.

... "The World Meteorological Organization – another emanation of the United Nations and which is also, like the IPCC, an intergovernmental forum – declares 2016 the year the warmest of history. Knowing that 2016 is supposedly hotter by 0.02°C than 2015 and that the margin of error on this value is 0.1°C, we see the absurdity of this statement. For those who don't understand, this means that the variation in temperature can be of + 0.12°C (global warming) or -0.08°C (global cooling). In short, we can't say anything and WMO has simply lost its mind."

<end of excerpts>

Mentioning here some things that IMHO people in environmental fields need to seriously investigate rather than being completely blank about it or completely in denial as I currently see.:

1. The Little Ice Age that happened during the present human civilization

2. Past records of CO2 concentration being way higher than present times, associated with starvation of plant life in present times.

3. The accusations of the hockey stick climate calculation model that predicted rising temperatures producing the same outputs even upon being fed randomized data, and the reluctance of the authors in open-sourcing the model to scrutiny.

4. The deviation of worldwide environmental groups' focus from harmful effects of pesticides and fertilizers, which was the original focus of Rachel Carson's Silent Spring which is credited to have birthed the modern environment movement, to the more intangible and abstracted CO2 emissions, which has led to toxins clogging our biosphere (and which threaten all life on the planet) being given a free pass while billions are being spent on stalled worldwide negotiations on CO2 (which still at the end of the day promote some forms of life while endangering others) which entail truly invasive big government, police-state anti-democratic measures. If all that money and attention was targeted at stopping pesticides and other toxins, would we have better hopes for a more pollution-free world today? Also, organic farms end up sequestering CO2 : would a concerted switch away from chemical fertilisers and pesticides have also solved the CO2 problem as a side-effect, solving two major problems in one stroke? Taking this into account, what are the 'Green' Revolution's contributions to CO2 levels, and where is the accountability for that? Are we today funding in name of climate change the same people and institutions who pushed chemical fertilizers and pesticides down our throats?

Monday, October 30, 2017

Thank God progressives didn't mess Hinduism they way they are messing...

This might get offensive, but I wish to make a point.

Hindus are really lucky that the British ended the practice of Sati (widow burning) and did a lot to end caste-based Apartheid...

Long before progressives / liberals / feminists / leftists who dominate the Western mainstream today rose into prominence.

Because if those folks had been around back then and were as influential as they are now,

Then they would have raised a furore and prevented the British from doing so.

They would have argued that in the name of tolerance and multi-culturalism we must celebrate and honor the Hindu traditions,

Even though some of those traditions were clear violations of human rights.

And they would have branded anyone who dared to speak up against these traditions, 

including moderate Hindus, 

as Hindu-o-phobes.

They would have gotten laws made that fined or jailed people for speaking against these things in public

They would have made hate figures out of them

And scared people off from entertaining the idea 

that there could one day be a Hinduism free of these problematic parts and flourishing

This nanny-like hyper protectionism

Which results in preventing people from learning accountability for their actions and behaviour

Would have only resulted in the Hindu community continuing archaic and inhuman practices like Sati and caste apartheid,

and going steadily backward into the 21st century,

In the name of tolerance and multiculturalism.

Yes, the Hindus were lucky.

Too bad the Muslims of the Middle-East (and increasingly the Muslims of Europe and America) aren't as lucky!

They're stuck with an ever-more-watchful progressive / liberal lobby

Who quickly shoot down any and all attempts to reform Islam, from both inside and outside.

They even brand moderate Muslims as Islamophobes and de-legitimise their questioning,

In the name of tolerance and multi-culturalism,

And have prevented Islam from shedding its archaic components and moving forward.

In the process they have done precisely what they thought they were protecting against

As more and more of the modern world now sees Islam and Muslims as too backward and violent to co-exist with.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

The Hidden Story Of Whats Really Happening In Africa

While the mainstream media was busy babbling about North Korea's rocket man..
The Hidden Story Of Whats Really Happening In Africa

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Affidavit filed by Kerala homeschooling family in response to an NGO's CWC complaint

Affidavit filed by a Kerala homeschooling family to CWC in reply to complaints filed by an NGO. 

Personally I feel that NGOs have bigger (and real) fish to fry when it comes to ensuring all kids are getting an education, and should leave the folks who aren't causing any real problems to society, alone. 

Homeschooling is an internationally accepted method of education, all major universities accept home-schooled students, as entrance exam processes evaluate them on same footing with schooled students and they are able to compete without issues. Many home-schooled students have gotten famous for excelling in academics beyond their age, many start respectable careers while their counterparts are still graduating college. Maharashtra is creating an open learning board for facilitating learners beyond school, and NIOS is a national board serving this already. And I personally know many homeschooled children who are way better at socialising than other kids their age, particularly in self-confidence when speaking with adults and resourcefulness (ability to find answers and solve problems by self initiative). 

The question that folks in edu sector need to ask, then, is that what if there are better ways to educate kids out there beyond the decades-old structures we are used to, that yield higher efficiency and better outcomes for the same or lower inputs? What if it's possible to learn those new methods and apply them in existing schools rather than complaining to the CWC when we come across them as this particular NGO did?

For researchers / analysts, here's an opportunity for a comparative study : Audit the expenses (factoring in educator time and energy invested and pupil's time sequestered) incurred by government and private sector schools, per child. Compare that with the expenses incurred by homeschooling families for the same, per child. Use different units of measurement if need be, like keeping financial and time expenses separate. Be sure to compare in similar income / standard of living groups and factor out or in the kinds of expenses that schooled childrens' parents incur outside of school to ensure honest comparison.

Example : if schooled parents also make extra investments in dance or karate classes then either 1) don't include that in the homeschooler family's education expenses when comparing with schooling expenditure, as it won't be an honest comparison, or 2) add this to the schooling expenditure.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Study on vaccinated vs unvaccinated children

Here's a video:

Open question:
Where are do all the liberal pro-choice advocates run off to when it comes to vaccines ? You want the mother to have full choice to terminate the baby at any time prior to birth but no choice at all when it comes to putting problematic chemicals into her baby. Would a less extreme dichotomy of ownership over the baby's body pre and post birth be more beneficial to society in the longer run?
When it comes to vaccines, are you pro-choice?

First critique : Why not more kids in the study?
Critical answer : Because you keep outlawing everything and have started throwing parents in jail and force-vaccinating their babies in their absence., and are even prosecuting doctors who dare to help parents get exemptions for their kids. Very noble and inclusive, and oh-so pro-choice. Threw a perfect opportunity for comparative study out the window, and possibly threw a lot of babies out with it too. Stop being so invasive and be open to parents claiming exemptions rather than going around demonizing people. 

Major concern : We can't allow exemptions! Herd immunity!
Clarification : Vaccinated people are by definition immunised against being infected by vaccine-exempted people : that's what vaccines were originally invented for. If that doesn't happen then it proves that the vaccine does not work and needs to be discarded, and other more macro-level herd-immunity measures need to be taken like ensuring clean water, air and nutritious toxin-free food for everyone (which would be cheaper and more decentralized than the collective taxpayer budgets spent on vaccines).

Next critique: But look there are so and so counter studies that say that vaccinated kids are healthier.. even Google is skewing my search results so I find the pro-vaccine results more...
Critical counter-query : Which of them were sponsored by the companies or govt agencies who are selling vaccines and have billions of $ to make, and which were sponsored by parents and concerned citizens seeking an answer who don't have billions of $ to make? And if you truly believe that the funders don't have an effect on the outcome, then why not go with that assumption and NOT dismiss the research revealing inconvenient results and instead try to get into the nitty gritty to explain the disparity in outcomes? Were the controls in the safety study injected with the same chemicals used in the vaccines or with inert saline water? Were chronic conditions like allergies and asthama, mental conditions and others part of the questionnaire or was it only asked whether the patient got measles or not? Are there any common patterns emerging in the chronological sequence of events for babies that are reported to regress into autism post-vaccination, or is each and every one of all the cases completely unique and unrelated with the other? Were the test specimens in the study administered the same mixture of different vaccines from different producers that are given to babies today or were they administered only one in isolation (making it a non-comprehensive and non-real-world study as there are no babies getting only one vaccine and exempted from the rest) ?

Another one : You want everybody to get polio or die of smallpox??
Critical counter-query : Do YOU want to spend the rest of your life countering a doubt raised about effectiveness or toxicity of a flu or chickenpox or measles vaccine or a sexually transmitted diseases's vaccine administered to underaged girls with an unrelated rhetorical question about vaccines for completely different diseases when you know fully well that vaccines for different diseases are different and cannot be treated as identical to the other?

Yet another one : This is not scientific enough for me. I refuse to accept anything until you show me at least 1 billion permanently damaged or killed babies with undeniable proof that it was vaccines and nothing else that did it..
Reply : All right then go ahead and prove your version of the truth. Make that research happen in a transparent and alteration-proof manner. Don't throw away the graph-disrupting data points. And remember that no one else was born to jump though hoops for your satisfaction.

Documentary series that condense 1000s of pages worth of experts and parents testimonies to videos:
Vaccines Revealed :
The Truth About Vaccines :

More links:
Mom who was imprisoned for refusing to vaccinate her son speaks out
... Rebecca Bredow, refusing to vaccinate her 9-year-old son on religious grounds, while her ex-husband, James Horne, has insisted that his son should be vaccinated and has taken the matter to the courts. The result? Bredow recently landed up in jail for five days for refusing to vaccinate her son, and has had her custody rights reduced; she now has to share custody 50/50 with Mr. Horne. Even worse, the little boy was forcibly vaccinated while Bredow was in jail
... California has just become the first state in America where mandatory vaccinations for adults have become law.
... Following an earlier bill that banned children from refusing to take a vaccination based on religious grounds, these new rules have now made it illegal for adults to refuse vaccines too.
>> There goes the chances of doing any comparative study.
Studies Outside the U.S. Show Unvaccinated Children Healthier than Vaccinated Children
... If you watch the video below of Congressman Posey questioning the CDC at an autism Congressional hearing back in November of 2012, you will hear the CDC admit that they have never conducted a study in the U.S. comparing vaccinated with unvaccinated children.
Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated: The Study Skeptics Tried to Hide
... Snopes Was Part of the Coverup
... The researchers cautiously asked a logical, but unorthodox question: is it possible that all this immune–mediated disease has anything to do with the immune-mediating drugs that children are given in doses five times that of their parents? ... Could it have anything to do with the 50 doses of 15 immune-stimulating vaccines before age six compared to the three doses of three vaccines the last generation — that wasn't so sick — got?
... "I pride myself to have caused the Frontiers anti-vaxx retraction with one tweet!" he tweeted. "The anti-vaxx paper was published as abstract, a reader alerted me, I tweeted, Frontiers got scared, pulled the paper." Before it was published.
>> we're really going to become an enlightened civilization by letting rabid tweets and mob fury censor out peer-review approvals, aren't we?
... Snopes has yet to update their posts about the paper being "retracted," which it never was. It was just delayed.
Censored Study of Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated sees Daylight
... After 30 years of the government immunizing the vaccine makers from harm, the long-delayed, first-of-its-kind study on "vaccinated versus unvaccinated" children has arrived. From five years of designing and conducting the epidemiology survey to more than one censorship roadblock from scientific journals to thwart the study's findings — a damning indictment against vaccines being a false flag cure-all — it appeared in the public domain.
... For six hours on Valentine's Day, the 34-page study breached daylight for six hours before the url link vanished.
... Why hasn't the CDC ever sponsored such a study? Did the health agency neglect doing so by design? After reading Mawson's conclusions, that appears to be the case since it would have run counter to CDC's messaging that all "vaccines are safe."
...“Nowhere else in academia do we see the degree of censorship of inquiry than in this arena. In fact, the economic, professional and political risks of anyone driving safety science in this sphere of U.S public health is so great that it has served to muzzle virtually an entire professional class. Concerned physicians who are surgeons, radiologists, pathologists, primary care physicians, and even pediatricians face whispered threats of loss of licensure for even speaking out from within the profession.”
Anti-vaccination GP's licence suspending following raid in Melbourne
... Dr John Piesse's practice in Mitcham was raided by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and police officers last week following allegations he had helped families avoid compulsory childhood vaccinations.

>> here's why this doctor is being prosecuted by the Australian government:
... I have been encountering cases of vaccine injury for over 40 years. In June it was a happy, healthy nearly 5-year-old whose parents were required to put her on a catch-up schedule, in order to get her into kindergarten. She won’t be going to kinder. She’s in a wheel-chair, brain-damaged. Her life ruined. Then came a friend’s father who died after a flu vaccine, and last week a 4 year old boy, made autistic by a catch-up schedule.
... From mid-2015, parents who wished not to vaccinate their children, started to converge on my practice seeking assistance with gaining exemption from the penalties directed at non-vaccinators by the No Jab No Pay and No Jab No Play Legislation.
... Analysis up to the end of 2016 of parent’s reasons for not vaccinating, indicated that 64% of 166 parents knew of vaccine-damaged individuals in their own family. The study of ‘Adversomics’ confirms polymorphic and genomic susceptibility factors common to vaccine–damaged individuals and their families. (Poland GA 2015). 40% of unvaccinated children had pre-existing health problems that parents considered would make them more at risk of harm from vaccines. 60% of unvaccinated children were very healthy, but only 6% of the vaccinated children. There were no cases of autism in 212 unvaccinated children, but 8 autism cases in the 50 vaccinated children (16%), and 36% with ASD, compared to 1.4% in the unvaccinated.

Crowdfunding for Dr.Piesse's court battle with govt and big pharma, and by extension, for the rights of Australian parents to have vaccine exemptions for their babies:

Monday, October 23, 2017

Voting decisions : just vote for the best person in your area

On political calculations when voting:

so complicated these "no other option" and other excusers get. Life is
simple, people. Come election, vote for whoever is the best human
being in your area. Vote for whoever comes closest to it and is
standing as a candidate. To hell with your self-defeating
overthinking. Leave all the party / majority / minority / coalition
arithmetic to the wise person you voted for. This is a representative
democracy, you have no reason to vote for someone evil to comply with
crazy calculations and speculations.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Cimate change deniers who are clean energy advocates and anti-pesticides too?

Sharing some articles first; explanation at end.
Zinc battery breakthrough may allow homes to efficiently store energy
for off-grid use
... Relying on the old, but incredibly toxic lithium-ion battery, for
instance, would just be transferring one problem to another. This new
generation of magnesium dioxide-zinc battery may be the answer. The
scientists say that these zinc-anode versions are inexpensive and
could potentially be mass-produced as the main ingredient is an
abundant metal found on Earth.
>> the traditional AA battery is a zinc-carbon one.

>> links to..
Engineers produce long lasting, energy density battery
... A new generation of manganese dioxide-zinc batteries with
unprecedented cycle life and energy density has now been revealed by
scientists. The discovery has made the common household battery
suitable for large grid storage applications.
Battery breakthrough? Membraneless 'flow battery' stores 10 times the
energy of lithium-ion

And then, from the same site:
Climate models to be scrapped? Scientists "retract" previous belief
about carbon dioxide levels during last warming period

>> Mike Adams and many others represent a cognitive dissonance problem for the liberal / left / environmentalist sides : People they would accuse of being "climate change deniers" and by association call them shills for the fossil fuel industry and accuse them of being against a healthy planet.. are also actively promoting off-grid and clean energy technologies, and are vehemently against pollution by pesticides and toxins.

If the global environmental movement had more to do with pesticides
(which is what it is widely said to have started at, with Rachel
Carson's Silent Spring in 1962) than CO2, then a large part of the
"denialist" group, including very influential alternative media
platforms like Infowars, Breitbart, ZeroHedge, Drudge Report etc,
would have been an integral part of the environmental movement.

But the singular focus on CO2 has resulted in both a fragmented
movement, and a gross injustice to Rachel Carson's legacy, as toxic
pesticide makers are given a free pass and even world food prize
awards on occasion; and they can tout their pesticide-pushing products
as solutions to the climate change problem.

Think this is an exaggeration? Tell me when was there a meeting of
high level official representatives of various countries to hammer out
plans to jointly tackle the problems of pesticides, and when has there
been such extensive media coverage, as there have been COP, Climate
Change Summit and such gatherings. Where is the Intergovernmental
Panel on Pesticides? Where are the multinational institutions calling
for global pesticide taxes and caps as they're calling for global
carbon taxes and caps? Where are the pesticide/toxin footprint

But getting back to the main topic : The singular focus on CO2 is
putting the environmental movement at odds with people who'd otherwise
make natural allies.

The difference between Manoj Bhargava and Bill Gates (health matters)

Sharing a significance difference I have seen between the approach of
two billionaire philanthropists : Bill Gates, and Manoj Bhargava and
the starkly different outcomes of those approaches.

BIll Gates : There's many diseases. So, let's vaccinate everybody
using a centrally produced, patented set of chemical and biological
agents that are difficult and expensive to make and deliver. And we
need to do that for each and every living human being as soon as they
are born for ever and ever and that's the only way the human species
can live disease-free. To implement this we need an invasive big
government structure to keep track of each and every human being, and
punish parents who do not co-operate to have their babies injected.
And we will be perpetually dependent on centralized industries for

Manoj Bhargava: There's many diseases, because of poor health which
weakens the body's immune system. When people lack basic needs like
clean water, electricity, and nutritious food, the result is poor
health. So let's make clean water, nutritious food and electricity
available and accessible to all. Let's do it through decentralized,
non-patented, inexpensive ways. We don't need to hunt down every
parent and baby, we don't need to be dependent on anybody.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Mysterious withdrawals from #Yesbank salary account and the way the system is reacting to them

Posting one LIVE case shared by a friend on FB. Keeping her identity anonymous, sharing the experience. Key parts that are spinning off all kinds of questions and outrage in my head have been highlighted by me.

So I write this post more for financial literacy (or lack of thereof), than anything else. I was conflicted about sharing this but I'm hoping that I could get inputs from someone who has dealt with a similar situation, or not. Please feel free to PM if you have.

Facts: On Oct 9th, during the night sometime, ₹ X (a lot for a newly employed person) gets stolen from my #YesBank Salary account (₹ 19 was left behind). I am notified via SMSes, I freak out and have no idea what to do. I check my wallet and my Debit card is safely tucked in there. I call up the Yes Bank helpline, notify them of the same and get the card, phone banking and internet banking blocked. I learn that the transaction was actually an ATM withdrawal done in 3 parts, this is while my Card and I are sitting at home and lamenting over our loses (I suspect a cloned card). They say that it would take 7 working days to process this, no mention of a police complaint.

Thana 1 - I then go to my nearest thana at 10:30 in the night. They refuse to lodge a complaint and interrogate me; statements like "madam ne card ka number wagairah kisi ko de diya hoga and fir bhul gayi hongi", "cloning isn't possible nahi to aur case ate", go around. Sir, let's just wait for more such cases to happen. Finally, he says that my residence doesn't come under this thana and also I have no bank statement so no complaint can be registered. I go back home and sleep (or try at least).

Thana 2 - I have already visited the bank in the morning and acquired an account statement. We reach the thana, two inspectors discuss the case, I go through it again, they say impossible, I show them the card. After much discussion they tell me to lodge a complaint with RBI, [place name] within 72 hours. He also mentions that I need to go Thana 3 since my bank falls in that area.

I call RBI and the officer there tells me aisa nai hai, and that they don't follow the Thana rules but some random scheme that I couldn't care less about at that point. No simple yes, or no answers. Frustrated, I bang the phone.

Thana 3: This guy was nicer. He told me that I have the wrong thana. He makes two calls and redirects me to Thana number 4.

Thana 4: By the time I reach here, it's 6:30 pm, and this ordeal began at 9:30 am. I explain the scenario to them and refuse to leave until my complaint is registered. They finally hear me out and lodge the complaint.

Reflections/ musings: I realize that I have vented out quite a bit but for people still reading this,
1. I now understand why people just give and don't pursue a lot of things when it comes to dealing with such institutions, and this after just one day of running around; when I had help from a lot of people.
2. It can happen to anyone, I never thought I'd be one of them. I have a Master's degree and I had no idea how to go about this one. Need to educate myself more about personal finance and bank dealings.
3. What DIGITAL INDIA when this kind of sh't happens?

P.S. Please refrain from 'so sad', 'this is horrible', no I really appreciate it but it's been quite difficult as it is.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Interesting Links for September 2017

Interesting Links for September 2017
Sorry for.. oh heck let's assume that all the interesting links archived in a month will be shared in the next month's first or second week, ok?
Let's begin.
Black money: BJP gets 81% income from unknown sources, Congress 71%; why chase only common man?
>> In case the obvious didn't get through, this is HYPOCRISY defined. over 4-5ths of your main leadership is funded by black money and we're supposed to believe they'll sincerely crack down on black money.
>> And mind, black money in politics means you have NO idea WHOSE orders your leaders are following. It could be coming from anywhere.. even America's CIA can't be ruled out whose official budget contains funding subservient governments.
After Whatsapp says it shares user data like phone numbers, device details, here is what SC ordered it to do
... The Supreme Court on Friday asked instant messaging services WhatsApp to file a detailed affidavit stating the kind of user information it shares with its parent and social networking site Facebook and also to undertake that it will not share any consumers' data with a third entity.
"When they run past someone, joggers should always look back to make sure they are not about to be attacked," a spokesperson for the Leipzig Police said.
The Mayor of Leipzig criticized the police, saying that more cops on the streets was the answer. The notion of scaling back an immigration policy that invites in people from a culture which spawned something literally called "the rape game" wasn't part of the discussion.
>> This is Germany circa 2017.

Allowing mental illness diagnostics to get in the way of fixing personal accountability
Russia: Killer 'decapitates 18-month-old toddler and brandishes the girl's head in the street' after being released from a psychiatric hospital
>> A very disturbing incident, but I want to focus not on the horrid theatrics at the outcome but on the assumptions made by the authorities at the input that led to this sad situation:

... Six years ago, the knifeman had killed a female shop assistant in the same city, repeatedly stabbing her with a knife in a drunken rage. He was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and sent by a judge to a high security hospital for treatment. The man was released recently as 'healthy', it was reported.

>> and an earlier sentence that makes more sense now:
... The man's niece Tatiana (whose baby got killed) had earlier pleaded with the authorities not to release him from psychiatric hospital, fearing he remained a danger after he had killed a woman six years ago.

>> Let's designate the murdered baby's mother as the victim here, as she's understandably borne the most loss here. So the victim had WARNED the authorities AGAINST letting a dangerous criminal loose, whom they had believed, after having violently stabbed a woman to death 6 years ago, to be merely suffering from a mental illness and they thought it's the illness that made him do what he did and that he wasn't actually a murderer. With that diagnosis a murderer escaped a murder charge, got out of confinement in just 6 years by proving that his illness is "gone now", and has now visited untold horror upon his relative who KNEW he wasn't "innocent" by slaughtering her baby. Not to mention the authorities forced her to put up with having him where she and her children lived. Assuming that he knew about his niece's warnings, it is obvious this man's choice of next victim had a revenge element in it.

>> Who are the criminals here in the larger picture? It was the psychologists who made the diagnosis, and the judge(s) who decided on that basis that the earlier woman's killing should not be treated as a murder and so we don't need to hold the killer responsible for his actions.

>> Allowing mental illness diagnostics to get in the way of fixing personal accountability on what people do. That's what caused this tragedy. Will the people who were being so affectionate with the killer ever care to show some of that affection with the bereaved mother, who, I will repeat, had WARNED them against their judgement and who had to pay the ultimate price for it? 

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Successful SSL certification using the free Let's Encrypt service

Securing a website with SSL certificate (https://) for free using Let's Encrypt service through wp-encrypt plugin in wordpress.

I found this tutorial online:

I followed it, and it worked! Our website is now :

Some loose ends to take care of :
1. Some of the image paths are still in http:// and have to be changed.
I'll recommend this plugin for that: , just replaced
http:// with https://

2. Then, some scripts I had embedded via <iframe> : had to change all the
http:// paths to https:// in them too.

Step Omission:
There was one step where it was confusing and it turned out I didn't
have to do it : in the wp-encrpyt plugin, they say see the help tab,
and there the second section instructs us to edit some apache config
file on our server, to edit some <VirtualHost> block. That part was
NOT NEEDED.. folks on GoDaddy hosts can skip that and proceed to next

Important points:
1. I didn't have to pay any money.
2. I didn't have to type in any commands into any server / SSH / etc.
3. There was no waiting period.

Present cost of SSL certs on GoDaddy:
183.25/mo + 366.59/mo renewal. Per year that would come to over Rs.4000/-.
And that's just for single website plans.

Next I'm going to try doing this on a site on bigrock, will write back
here if I encountered any differences in the process or any

Big thanks to Konark, Thej, Devdatta for their help, and I'm really
grateful to the people at Let's Encrypt for doing this for the little

Saturday, September 16, 2017

A response to the "after 70 years of corruption.." pat reply being xeroxed everywhere

Keeping in mind the 70 years of corruption, we wanted India to vote
OUT of the Cong+BJP combined corrupt regime, recognising that only
concrete steps against entrenched corruption and not grandiose
promises will fix the problems.

But folks were too impatient, they wanted instant solutions. The
candidate who ultimately won promised instant solution, without giving
ANY logical plan of action to how (and a few jhumlas). If nothing
else, at least AAP had some concrete steps laid out like a real
Lokpal, decentralization of finances to citizen-level, right to
recall, increasing judge numbers, due process in land acquisition etc.

BJP only said something to the effect of "we will deliver proper
governance" without any details of a single legislation or reform.. I
read their 2014 Manifesto.

People fell for the one-liner because of their impatience.

Three years later, please tell, exactly how many big-ticket
universally known corrupt politicians have been JAILED since the PM
took office? Does a single one have any serious case proceeding
against them in any court of law? Forget surviving, they are thriving!
Do you think they will be all magically brought to justice one night
by an 8pm announcement?

Every UPA-era scam's details are out in public, many are continuing to
this day with no action taken. Do you seriously believe corruption in
India will be removed in another 700 years forget 70 if exactly
NOTHING is done? Do you honestly believe corruption can be removed
without any action against the entrenched corrupt?

The short-term greed for instant fixes has brought us to a NEVER-fix
situation because we put in power those whose secret funders are the
ones we want to see locked up .

(Yes, I know you didn't understand the above line. Read it again, slowly.)

And some of those fooled people now have the hypocrisy of telling your
and my children that they will have to wait 70 more years to get a
decent life in this country.


There was a school-time proverb : "Haste makes waste". In every way
imaginable, The PM's supporters are running away from what it means,
and pretending to school others about it to distract from their folly.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Something about a child abuse crime ring

Warning: Reading this article might ruin your day. But if you do start on it, I request you to follow it through to the end.
The World of Mind Control Through the Eyes of an Artist with 13 Alter Personas

I've seen enough material from other sources that corroborates this, to say that there is definitely something here. The site too has related links in the end.

To find something constructive to keep my feet on (as opposed to the feeling of falling into an endless abyss that engulfs me whenever I read/see about these horrors of our world), this reminds me that yes, there is still much to do, and there is just case for defending the freedom of speech against the whole fake-news-threat-fakery being passed around these days in a bid to prevent this kind of information being leaked to the masses. And it also confirms that we are dealing with some form of an influencial elite ruling from the shadows, and it's not just class war where everyone's pitted against everyone else.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

A marathi joke-story on demonetization

Marathi story forwarded on some whatsapp groups:

काचेवर माशी बसली होती, माशी मारण्यासाठी एका मुलाने दगड मारला , माशी तर उडून गेली, काच मात्र फुटली. एक चिलट मात्र मेले. मुलाने आणि मित्रांनी चिलट मारणे हे कसे आवश्यक होते हे तारस्वरात सांगायला सुरूवात केली. मुलाचे युक्तिवाद होते १) माझा उद्देश चांगला नव्हता का? २) मी प्रयत्नच करू नये का? ३) एक चिलट मेल्यामुळे आता दहा नवी चिलटे जन्म घेणार नाहीत हा लाॅंगटर्म फायदा नाही का? ४) माशी खोली बाहेर उडून गेली की नाही ? ५) माश्या लपतात त्या जागा कळल्या आता त्या जागांवर मी आणि माझे मित्र नजर ठेवू ६) शेजारचे लोक माश्या सोडायचे, पण आता ही माशी घाबरली असल्यामुळ त्या इकडे येणार नाहीत. ७) काच फुटली असे सांगणारे सर्वजण माशी, चिलट यांचे समर्थक आहेत. ८) ७० वर्ष कोणी काच का मजबूत केली नाही. ९) माशी मारण्याची हिंमत फक्त माझ्याकडेच आहे. मुलाचे कुटुंबिय आता मुलगा कसा कर्तृत्ववान आहे हे ढोल बडवून सांगत आहेत.

*याचा नोटबंदीशी काहीही संबंध जोडू नये*

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Haste makes Waste (regd Demonetisation)

Haste makes Waste:
Maybe it's time to pay a little more attention to this age-old proverb?
The Final Nail in the Demonetisation Coffin

"Given this, instead of destroying black money held in the form of
cash, demonetisation seems to have become a legal money laundering
scheme, where people with black money have found ingenious ways to
deposit it into the banking system. So, the first objective of
demonetisation of eliminating black money has not been achieved. " is a defamation site

Just putting in a voice. Practically any whistle-blowing thing you
look up on a normal search engine, this site comes in the top 5 or 3
results. And every single time their only goal is to dismiss anything
and everything that disagrees with what the status quo says, as
conspiracy theory. And I've consistently found them indulging in
nothing but defamation. Just the language itself has the innuendo and
the attitude loaded into it.. there is nothing unbiased about it. In
these times when what has been long-held to be true is quickly
unravelling and we're finding out how the status quo has been so wrong
about so many things, it doesn't make sense to be blindly supporting
them and to be dismissing any and every dissenting opinion as a
conspiracy theory. They claim to be anti-conservative but as of today
it's them who are the conservatives.

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