Wednesday, April 13, 2011

How India can defeat inflation and rising food prices

Read this article on Cuba's successful venture with in-city growing of food and how it became self-sufficient despite fuel shortages, trade embargoes, etc:

Peak Oil? Urban Farms? Cuba's Been There, Done It

And then watch this video, shot on a terrace in Mumbai, to see how we can convert Indian cities into self-sufficient food producers and DEFEAT inflation and rising prices!

Want to know more about how transformative self-help and organic living and farming can be? Take a look at the Lapodia Model, where just like Anna Hazare did, Laxman Singh from Lapodia village, Rajasthan gives a brilliant and refreshing talk on how they turned his defunct village into a model village :

Quoted from the article on top:
The plots were well-tended and bursting with food, there were shady spots to sit in, and none of the workers seemed too hard-pressed to stop what they were doing for a chat. One elderly farmer with a machete noticed how parched I was in the Caribbean sun and sliced me a delicious fresh coconut to drink. If this is the future of city food growing, I thought, bring it on.
"The world needs urban agriculture," Salcines said to put things in perspective.

Of course, it's not like we have much of a choice :

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