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Recent news events: what if we connect the dots?

Have you seen the movie, "The Day After Tomorrow" (2004)?

It includes a part where some choppers flying in the UK suddenly get caught up in an extreme drop in temperatures, get iced, and drop out of the sky.
The film was a total work of fiction which drew heavily upon prevailing scientific opinion, but was criticized for over-the-top predictions. The main criticisms from scientists was the time-scale. They said all these things were not possible in the short span of hours the movie shows, and that the extent wouldn't be so exaggerated.

Nature may be a little more imaginative.

'Ice build-up' on crashed plane

"The crew of a plane that crashed in New York state killing 50 people noticed "significant ice build-up" on its wings before it crashed, investigators say.

Analysis of data recorders recovered from the scene shows the plane made a series of severe pitches and rolls seconds before plunging into a house. "

from another page: "the flight was cleared to land on a runway pointing to the south-west, but the plane was pointing to the north-east when it crashed."
From video footage of the crash site, it's seen that the plane didn't hit any of the nearby houses. The rest of the neighborhood was left intact. Untill then travelling at 100s of mph, it just dropped, not dived, onto one house, that too pointing in the opposite direction of where it was formerly headed. Just a minute earlier there was nothing serious reported by the pilots.

and then, see this:

End of UK's big freeze in sight

:Last 3 weeks the country has seen the worst snow of 20 years, bringing all transport services to a halt in many areas

And on the other side of the planet,

Fleeing the flames

Worst fires in decades hit Victoria state in Australia, burning 2 communities down. Fanned by highest recorded temperatures and dry winds, the fires spread so fast that several people were killed while trying to flee in their cars. There was little or no advance warning.

Climate Change: from 'silly myth' to accepted fact
When an agency called the IPCC took out an assessment on Climate Change in 2007, uptill then most mainstream media as well as governments had 'expert' opinion that the dangers of global warming and climate change were a farce or just exaggeration. What the assessment stated shocked the world... the "silly doomsday" predictors had actually been correct. The level of the threats of climate change was shocking; most people had never known the consequences would be this far-fetching. The IPCC, chaired by Mr Rajendra Pachauri, was awarded the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize, sharing it with Al Gore, for their contributions in alerting the world to the dangers of climate change. Uptill then, Al Gore was being regularly derided by mainstream US media for his 'propaganda' movie 'An Inconvenient Truth' which they accused of exaggeration. Turns out he was correct the whole time, and the media had to eat their words, which they did in the blink of an eye without so much as an apology.

On 28th Jan 2009, Al Gore has delivered a testimony on climate change at the US Senate outlining latest developments which show a worsening crisis; watch it here:

Another recent article:
Global warming 'underestimated'
"Prof Field said the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report had underestimated the rate of change."

How can there be a link between extreme storm conditions, freezing temperatures and global warming? Here are 2 clips from an award-winning documentary "An Inconvenient Truth" that might offer an explanation.

Update: I had to remove the clips because of copyright violation (an here I'm trying to help them spread the word~)
Guys, do watch the movie... it's even come on TV channels now.

The movie, "Day after Tomorrow", also worked on the premise of ocean currents being affected by melting icecaps.

If you haven't yet read much about climate change and don't know some basic facts, this could be a good place to begin:

Another article:

The links above, are all real news from last 1~2 weeks.
There is of course a chance that these are unrelated events, but maybe we should try to connect the dots instead of dismissing everything off as freak accidents. The mainstream media doesn't like listening to actual scientists; most of their 'experts' are more managerial than scientific. We watch the news one day and forget it the next. A dire climatic warning is superseded by a cricketer scoring another century or an actor splitting up the nth time, or another 'expert' repeating the exact same thing in another sentence formation, in the guise of his/her opinion. Maybe here internet-based news can come in more handy, give a more cumulative picture, provide more insight.

We find reading the long articles, watching the detailed documentaries too cumbersome. What's actually happened is that we've been 'dumbed down' by short catchy headlines, and sansani khez khabar. But real News was never meant to make you comfortable. It was never meant to be entertaining or convenient or 'suitable for a broader audience'. If that's you're watching tonight then you're not getting the real news.

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ATH007 said...

Brilliant article, Nikhil. "The Day after Tomorrow", is a great movie. Actually i loved some scenes (esp. the helicopter scenes)..and i did hate some scenes too (some were plain exaggeration - like the 'ice monster' chasing our heroes into a room.. :D). But the way imagination depicts whats to come can sometimes send a jitter through you when you notice things (may/may not be related) happen in real life.

I liked the way you put up related links and the way you put out your statement. Heh! It was a good read. This was more like an article i was planning to write myself. Lemme' see if i can get more points other than yours. Now thats going to be a challenge. :P

And yea.. we are blinded in watching 'Real News'. Same thought that i had. :D

But you know, i don't think the global warming thing is actually caused by humans & their creations (industries, autos). I believe that we are just about (probably) entering a second phase of total climate change, something that is inevitable, even if we keep ourselves non-polluting. (LOL!)

Like once, the Ice Age was there... and there were Hot Ages too (i forgot the technical names). There weren't any industries or anything of that sort back then... its more a situation the solar system survives on. Even if we create awareness and stuff, there wont be anything that we can do about it. Either way i mean. I am not one who holds a pessimistic attitude towards things. But some things just cant be changed. What say? :)

Its just that some people have found this to be a marketing opportunity... and they are taking advantage... ;)

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