Friday, January 15, 2010

My Favourite Firefox Add-ons

Using Firefox without add-ons is like... a cake without creammm... mmm....

Tab Kit - blessing for wide-screens, it turns the horizontal tab bar into a vertical one (that can also auto-hide) and color-codes and groups them. Now having 30+ tabs open isn't a headache at all!

Screengrab - screenshot tool right in your browser! You can copy to clipboard or save direct to file. Choice: Grab the screen, just an area you can mark, or, the WHOLE PAGE (however long it is!!) into one single image!

Firefox Throttle - place a speed limit on bandwidth usage (browsing and downloading) - so your youtube session doesn't retard the net speed for others sharing your net connection. Also, keeps a count of MB's, very useful if you have a limited net connection.

Flashblock - replace all flash with a Play button - see it only when you want to! Ideal for conserving bandwidth!

Adblock Plus - Live a web life free of all annoying, intrusive ads! If everyone had this, the www would totally cease its ad profits!

CoolIris - Browse image and video galleries on a 3D wall - you have to see this one to believe it!

Flashgot - Integrate with any download manager!

DownnloadHelper - Download ANY streaming video or mp3 from ANY site! If you can cache it, you can download it!

Nuke Anything Enhanced - Remove anything on a web page  while keeping everything else intact.

Auto Shutdown - set the computer to shut down as soon as downloads complete

..and many more...

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