Thursday, July 7, 2011

Call for Volunteers (at a Teach For India classroom)

Hi awesome Puneite,

If you can spare some time and come over to my classroom and help me conduct the Beginning Of Year assessments, or volunteer a couple of hours of your spare time from home to correct students' answer papers:
1) You will be very lucky to be a part of MY classroom and we can make it OUR classroom
2) You get to see an amazing group of Grade 5 students who'll simply love ya!
3) I get to finish my BOY assessment on time, and we can give the students an education tailored to their needs!

To know more about the organization I'm a part of, please check out our website or this brief presentation.

Q: Skills needed? Does it involve handling multiple kids?? - No, this is all out-of-classroom, is very easy and anybody can do it! (Please talk about this to your mom / dad / retired elder relatives as well as teenage siblings - everyone can help!)

If you feel like you can help in any way, drop me an e-mail or call/text me @966-583-1250 [local charges apply :-) ]
If you have an off day on Saturday, then that's a huge opportunity! Come on over and I promise it'll be the most rewarding Saturday you've had!

I teach in Shantabai Ladkat English Medium School which is located at Nanapeth.
It is next to Sant Kabir Police Chowky on the main road from Shankar Sheth road flyover to Railway Station; also on a direct road from behind Aurora Towers in Camp.
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School timings: 7am to 2pm Mon-Fri
                        11am to 4pm, Sat
Volunteering timings : ANY TIME!

Nikhil Sheth
Pune, India
Grade 5 Teacher, Shantabai Ladkat School, Nanapeth, Pune

 TEACH FOR INDIA Fellow, 2011-13

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