Monday, July 24, 2017

Let's put the textbooks on GitHub and collaboratively transform them there

My Letter to Hon'ble HRD Minister/Chairman (NCERT) Prakash Javadekar today
- Manish Sisodiya, June 27 2017

Comment posted:

Respected Sir, suggesting an idea from the IT world : is a global platform for open sharing of programs and also data. It has excellent mechanisms by which people can copy over a project (fork), make the changes they want to, and then start a process called "pull request" to re-integrate these changes back into the original. All changes are meticulously tracked. There is also a rich discussion system where there can be elaborate discussion on the proposed changes. Please upload the NCERT textbooks' content (text, images, formatting) to GitHub and let's have an open sourced way of transforming these books to make them much better suited for our kids! If we have word file versions of the textbooks then it's very easy to get the content online. I'll be glad to help in setting this up. Reach me on [censored] -- Respectfully Yours, Nikhil, Pune

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