Sunday, July 1, 2007


Greetings to all bloggers & readers! I've been reading about this (now not so)new form of self-expression, but only now (after finishing with college) have i found the time to get started on it! Well, here goes!
First: Own name removed. Why, well, i'm not going to be writing any autobiographies here, and what i post here has to more to do with everyone than myself. So there.
What you're gonna read here: Well, for starters i'm gonna be quoting whatever good, intriguing news article i can find in various places on the net. This stuff will always have something in it for the future: whether from technological or social point of view. I hope to get some good debate on various issues. I wanna make the reader think & question the current wisdom, and come up with positive alternatives to our bungling ways. We need perspectives from different sides of the spectrum to make that happen.
Well, let's get started then, shall we?

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