Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sign the Petition to stop the iraq war

I've recently signed an online petition launched by -- some of the people partly behind the recent LiveEarth concerts worldwide. I've also posted a video made by them previously ("stop the clash of civilisations").
Please read this article on the current REAL situation in iraq, backed by real facts and not rhetoric
Iraq's humanitarian catastrophe: the facts and figures
And then sign an online petition here:
Just give your name & email addr, and trust me these are the good guys, u won't need to do any verification procedure or get any spams from them.

This crisis is too real to be ignored, and action needs to be taken without any thirst for revenge or pride, else we all risk committing the same mistakes the US administration did. Here's a quote from the email that Avaaz is sending to members :
Dear friends,

With hundreds of thousands killed, 4 million homeless, and massive ethnic cleansing, Iraq is not just a political disaster-- it is now the greatest humanitarian crisis in the world. But this week, incredibly, US President Bush and General Petraeus will claim their approach is working, and refuse to change their devastating course. It's time for the world to step in.

Over 100,000 of us have already signed the "NEW Plan" for Iraq – calling for a UN-brokered diplomatic solution and a full US withdrawal, but we need a major power to support the plan. Of all the world powers, France has led opposition to the war. It could be the strongest voice to call for international action as most world leaders converge on the UN next week for its annual summit.
Remember: the devil is always in the details! Don't shape your opinion based on a fact-less 30-second commentary you just saw on TV.. Those guys are just TRP-mongers. It's the 24-hr news channels that fooled americans into believing in their war in the first place. They're gonna say one thing one day and something totally different the next. The typed word is still the world's most authentic & credible form of news... read it in national & global newspapers and their websites (i recommend they show feedback by readers too on the same page).
Let's do our bit to make a difference, right now.

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