Sunday, March 7, 2010

We need to find the truth

Watch this : Loose Change 9/11.
It's a 2 hour video - here is the direct download link , i recommend you watch it at leisure with your eyes and ears open.
We will have to explain each and every single anomaly to prove that it wasn't a setup; and so far I'm completely at a loss. It just makes sense. This guy isn't croaking - The physical facts can't have different versions - jetfuel is jetfuel and it CANNOT vaporize titanium, that is it. Those buildings could NOT have fallen that way due to an external blow - it just makes sense. This could be the biggest lie... and if This was a lie, then everything else hence has been too. When you think how many people have died, how many billions wasted... even if wrong, this deserves a thorough investigation. I'm expecting a new war coming up soon to distract us from this revelation, but we need to press on, the truth must be revealed, or our children and the spirits of those killed will never forgive us.

Why am i bringing this up? For the first time a nation's leader has come out and stated that 9/11 was a lie. There are already plenty of intellectuals, NGOs, societies in US itself crying foul since quite some years. Read all about it:

Check out more on :

If this pans out to the worst, then we as Indians have a duty to do something about it, regardless of any economical or political considerations. After all, this is OUR nation's slogan: Satyameva Jayate - "Truth shall always prevail".

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