Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Why are you getting so offended over a horny old man's scribblings?

See here to get a grasp of the extents of this ferocity - a perfect example of what unending hatred can make normal people do.
And have you actually seen those paintings?
They look like scribblings of a child. I see only sillyness and immaturity in them, no malevolence nor any hidden agenda.

Are we justified in getting worked up over the imagination of a horny 90 year old? I think I have better things to get worked up about.
That old man has absolutely no influence over how I perceive my nation. Then why am I seeing so many otherwise normal people getting crazy about it... it's as if their religion and their patriotism is so flimsy and weak that a simple scribbling can endanger it. Sorry, but I am made of sterner stuff - these things don't have any effect on me.

At most, can you please just equate the 90-yr old to a silly child (we know for a fact that many old people's intelligence becomes like that of a small child), throw away this email, forget about it and move on with your life? Why do you want to either respect or punish the man? Just ignore him, he doesn't deserve your attention!

And why is this email demanding that the artist should paint prophet's daughter also nude... his own mother also nude.. some other countries also nude... already something was wrong, you want to make it more wrong? Is this your way of solving a problem? Are you sure you will be satisfied if someone does that?

I get 10,000 times more offended by the fact that we all turn a blind eye to this REAL painting of Mother INDIA:

Is your Campaign going to ever help these children?? They are your brothers and sisters. It is pure chance that you were not born in  their condition. Will your efforts give them clothing and food and shelter? Do those paintings have any say over these people's lives?

I am an Indian, a Hindu and I am not an extremist. I do not give a bloody crap to what anyone paints - it is the REALITY of our stupidity that offends me the most. My fellow Indians are being raped, exploited everyday and you people want to spend so much time, money and effort on a 90-year old silly old man's scribblings. First solve the REAL problems of my country, after that please go around chasing horny old men and their scribblings.
If you didn't like the paintings, don't look at them, don't attend the galleries exhibiting them. If indeed you are right in your stance, then surely majority of Indians will also do the same, and these things will go into the dustbin. But why spend so much effort in trying to ban them - it's like watching a TV channel because you hate it. Just take the remote and switch to something else! Find something better to do with your life! Make a painting more glorious and beautiful, depicting Mother India in the way YOU want it to be. And if you hate that frail old 90-year old so much, make a Nude painting of him ;). Eye for an eye, right? So painting for a painting! Forget about respect for elders or turning the other cheek - you have already been victorious in chasing a frail old 90-yr old human being out of your country, because you didn't approve of his scribblings. What more do you want? Do you want to kill him now? An old man who can't even fight back? Over some paintings? Is that all your dharma teaches you to do?

Please bring some semblance of PRIORITY of issues back into your life, solve the more pressing ones before getting engrossed in silly paintings!


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