Tuesday, May 11, 2010

10 Ideas that will change the world

Presentation I used for my 16th Speech : 10 Ideas that will Change the World


Ashish said...

Very impressive...

I need to ask u one thing... How can the rind of a fruit (i.e. it's skin) be used after eating away the fruit?? E.g.: The skin of orange, pomegranate or banana..Is there any use of its skin??

Nikhil Sheth said...

@Ashish : Hi!
Seeing your comment just now..
Thanks 4 the compliment!

About fruit skin.. I believe there are some direct food uses. I remember us making an orange flavored cake at home years ago, using and orange's rind/skin.

If I were to use one.. let's see, Properties : tough, rough yet soft on one side, the best comparison is with leather, which is of course animal skin.
So maybe this could be processed in a way to mimic or replace leather?

Look around.. I'm sure some cottage industries must be utilising it for something. Personally I use the "santra"s skin as the plate that I eat the santra from :)

Ashish said...

Can u give me the recipe of Orange Cake??? :)
The analogy is quite interesting.. I'll check it out n let u knw...

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