Thursday, May 20, 2010

Climate Change vs. Armageddon (movie)

I talked recently with a quite rich and very smart shares trader who talked about the Global Warming "conspiracy" in the same way he talks about Shares - purely speculating on everything, and all his points being centered around what this and that company is Doing, rather than talking anything about what's actually happening!

People need to draw the line between speculation and reality, they need to step out of their air conditioned home, office and car when they have to think about this issue, or else it all ends up in "I don't think there's any problem! It's all a bunch of profiteering! In winter we had record cold temperatures!"

I then asked him if his parents had ever experienced a heat wave like the one right now (North India), what duration of the day it used to stay hot earlier, where did the cool summer breeze go (we only have hot wind now), and about the fact that the crops can't last when it's both hotter than usual in summer and colder than usual in winter. No reply to that, and then he returned back to speculative talk about the economics of switching to green, and how since it's about a 1000 bucks costlier, he'd rather not do anything, and there was no talk about what he plans to do When the tipping point is reached.

How do we tackle this zero-sum crap? How can people keep talking about money matters and comfort level when the food supply itself is in peril? I mean, you can have millions in stock options, and an air conditioned car and fabulous house and gadgets and everything, but with no food you're dead just the same! And the first thing that's going down in this climate change scenario is that the crops are going to die off the very day the extreme temperatures cross their max OR min limits, no matter what the "average" year-round temperature is!

And then there's the other party - "It's a natural phenomenon - all Sun related!"
Alright, so for a minute I believe you, it's all a *natural* cycle, so THEN what??

The temperatures are still going over the max and below the min limits. Storms are getting worse and more and more often. Fine, so it's all natural, Not Man-made. Ok, you win.
This question I'd like to target at every American :: YOU made the Armageddon movie. The problem : a meteor is heading for Earth. We're all going to die. So what did the people in the movie do? Did they spend the years in the run-up debating whether this meteor is man-made or natural? Did they mope around like the pussies we see today, arguing about the economics of saving the world - did anyone point out that it's cheaper if they just let it happen and not do anything about it? Did they dismiss the whole thing just because the experts were unable to establish exactly which spot on earth it would hit?

No. They loaded up some rockets with the baddest bombs ever, and blew the mother-****er out of the sky. And they didn't do it 20% or 50% or 80% - they didn't wait for complete accurate data to come in and be presented in a nice manner before they lifted a finger, they didn't wait for the thing to cross the danger zone before deciding to act. They just went ahead and saved the world.
And THAT's how you solve a problem when it threatens all life as you know it.

So how about we turn this climate change problem around as well? If it's a Natural phenomena, are YOU going to sit around and watch your world crumble? Are you going to keep postponing real action until the Economics justify it - meaning until the petroleum, coal and natural gas reserves all run out? Here's a nice quote from a TED talk : "They didn't move out of the Stone Age just because they ran out of stones."

I'm sick of these pussies nit-picking endlessly. Simple questions they can't answer, and then they start off on word quests, all resulting in nothing. I don't CARE who created the problem or about its little details - but the problem IS HERE and it's right in my face. There's a time when you gotta do what you gotta do. Solve it, or get out of my way.

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