Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Poem : Give Peace a Chance

Blast from the past! Just came across this poem I'd submitted for our yearly magazine when in Final year of engineering!

Give Peace a Chance
“Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” - George Santayana

Let's make clear everyone realizes the price we pay for war
The way humanity takes a back seat as tempers soar
The way we forget what's really important in this life
It's the love of loved ones, not a land in strife.

There are more bullets today than the world’s population
Yet for a fraction of the cost we could rid it of malnutrition
We’ve made nukes as a deterrent to wars
But yet our defense budget soars.

While we spend billions guarding our so-called borders
The people, stuffed with xenophobia, are dying from inside
What we need is more friendship, openness and respect
Not ‘enemies’ getting fried.

You say we’ll beat terror with the force of bullets
But tell me, when was the last time you fought fire with fire?
You can’t beat terror by becoming a terrorist
It only takes us ever deeper into this quagmire

Stop trusting your ‘defense experts’
Those guys have been failing since five thousand years
They promise to end war with war
But they only manage to triplicate our fears

Let’s know that the countries that used force are fractured today
Doesn’t that indicate what we’ll become if we continue our policing way?
Why beat up our boys and girls because we don’t agree with what they say?
Why take the pretence of nationhood, to let our men kill and slay?

Stop fussing over nations, you're a human first
It's unnatural to hate your own species, no matter what the thirst
Don’t be bound by the actions of the ones before
Instead try to give your children a world having more

More food instead of bullets,
More liberties instead of rules
More melodies instead of war-drums
More wise men instead of fools

Put your dynamites into building tunnels to connect
Melt those weapons and build the next stage of mankind
Make your neighbors love you by helping them out
We can free us all, if only we freed our mind.

- Nikhil Sheth, BE Electrical, 2006-07

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