Thursday, January 13, 2011

Plato's Republic

This is a comment that I posted to an interesting blog-post :

21st Century Democracy & Plato's Republic

Loved the closing line!

I'm more of a leaner on the conspiracy side; The way Obama's campaign happened, had something very telling : a suspiciously universal support, even from the big corporates. Look at the funding done by them! That has never happened to any sincerely good effort. And the opposition was deliberately weakened like hell. It all looked like a set-up from the start, and the bankster bailout confirmed the suspicions : Here's a mole made to give the impression of "change" when in practice, the Obama Administration seems to have done the same things Bush was doing.

Even at home, I can't digest many things. The scandals seem to be just the tip of the iceberg. What's happening in the nether regions of the country, with industrialists seizing more and more lands, which is causing the Maoist disputes in the first place; and with the Nuclear Deal also... noble intentions, but by fully allowing suspect companies in who don't have a good track record?
And at Copenhagen and ensuing climate summits.. the way India gave up its own people's future in favor of industrialists' concerns ("Don't say you'll reduce Coal consumption, or the ONGC stocks will fall!") When we know that despite all the drawbacks, if the most populous nation on Earth would have taken a stand to stamp out any possible climate threat before proceeding with progress, the rest of the planet would have followed suit. (If a poor guy comes and drops money into a donation box, the rich ones standing around are automatically shamed into following suit). We have a historic opportunity to become the undisputed moral authority in the world by taking a stand (and given our lower consumption we don't even have anything to lose!) but we're blowing it away thanks to vested interests. And Manmohan Singh is not doing anything about it. Jairam Ramesh is someone who is - I'd make him the next PM and ask that Rahul boy to go back to playing Age of Empires on his computer.

Plato's republic idea is highly susceptible to a set-up. The kids may have been saved from their parents' brainwashing, but who would guarantee them safety from brainwashing by the elite? Parents will still always want a better future for coming generations and would instill that desire in their children. The elites of today, with their own children safely settled or secured, don't seem to be concerned in any way for our country's future. Which is sadly short-sighted, as we're all still on the same planet.

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