Friday, June 1, 2012

Using BYTubeD in Firefox to download lots of videos from Youtube

1. Use Firefox web browser. (get the portable version here)

2. Go here: and install the BYTubeD extension.

2.1. Also go here: and install the DownThemAll extension.

3. Restart Firefox (or just close it and open it again).

4. Go to this page which has a list of Youtube videos. (this is a list of all Khan Academy videos under a specific subject)

5. Right-click anywhere in the page (and by anywhere I mean DO NOT click on a link! There's so much more free space, use that!)

6. Choose BYTubeD


7. Now a smaller window opens up. Wait a minute or two, and BYTubeD will enlist all the youtube videos with their original titles. Green means... green!


8. Go to the Preferences tab and select the second option "Preserve order..." if you want to keep the files you're downloading in order. (in this example, that's important because it's a lecture series)


9. Other things... choose your preferred Video format..

10. For "What to do?", choosing "Enqueue... " will directly start saving it all using the normal saving mechanism. Not recommended. Better to choose the other option and it will make a page with the links listed and you can either select each one and download, or use a download manager like DownThemAll! to save them all.

11. Enjoy!

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