Sunday, December 20, 2015

infowars needs to get over their hatred for Islam

While Infowars have been getting a lot of things right in recent years,
their recent anti-Islam articles have been going overboard, and missing the more important points.

There is no need to prove that Islam is bad to stop the refugee crisis. Simply exposing the fact that ISIS is not a muslim but a CIA front and is being funded and supported by Turkey and others... is more than enough. The fallacity of funding violent extremists to collapse a regime that's supposed to be oppressive, and in the process destroying the country's basic infrasructure, letting loose uncontrolled bloodshed and chasing out the very people you were pretending to be fighting for.. that needs to be exposed.

The Russian approach seems much wiser : To separate out ISIS from Islam, to correctly point out that they're using Islam as a cover for other ulterior motives.

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