Monday, September 28, 2009

Modern, sophisticated, enslaved

This article is dedicated to our modern-day sophisticated women, mainly all those who actually or secretly like posters like this one:

Sorry about that, but hey, I couldn't say no ;) Anyways, back to the bashing...
At this juncture, I'd like to give due regards to the fairer sex - the ladies. They have single-handedly dumped the world into one big trash can with their incessant shopping and materialistic desires. Research has shown that women today prefer shopping to sex. So complete hedonist waste is now better than a natural, nourishing act. (Oh, grow up, your parents practiced this a 100 times before they could concieve you) You don't really find this (wo)man-made preference preceding natural instincts that alarming, right?

All modern society trappings removed, a rational individual would buy a piece of clothing, a cellphone, a car - anything - with the intention of it serving its purpose till either it or or he/she dies. The concept of things getting out of fashion, of you being "bored" of something that you use to do your daily activities doesn't apply in a rational construct. After all, do you ever get bored of breathing and stop doing it? Do you get bored of brushing your teeth? We can make things interesting by changing our methods and actions, we don't need to change the materials involved. Ladies, you definitely got bored of thinking at some point, there's enough evidence of that.

But wait a minute, isn't it man's excesses that are dooming the planet? Why blame women? Well, there's a reason. Guys do expensive, resource-consuming stuff only because YOU like it and for no other reason whatsoever. Big fancy fuel-guzzling cars. Individual transport instead of public. Hefty bonuses made from cheating the common man, so the lady can have her guicci shoes, expensive dinners and good-looking residences.
You'll never see a sane group of guy-friends go to an expensive cafe, they derive greater pleasure from a roadside chaiwaala. But take a lady like you to the same place and ohh, the stare of disapproval! You'll always prefer balcony tickets instead of the logical nearer seats (Why would I go to a cinema hall if the screen was so far it looked smaller than my TV at home? I want a BIG-screen experience, one that fills most of my vision so i can see everything in its glory, you expensive cashew-nut!)

Ladies, to be frank and also somewhat saddened, I just don't think you have it in you to think independently, to stop "going with the flow". How do you explain your blind pursuit of fashion, your preoccupation with being concerned about what the "other" woman is doing, wearing and whether or not you're being left behind? How do you explain the fact that you are worlds different from the girl you once were? How do you explain your preference for a guy you don't actually love you but earns much more than you do? If you were planning on living within your means, the life partner's pay would never have mattered to you. You dress better to show off to people, not because you feel comfortable. You still prefer bottled water, tissue papers, expensive dinners, physical comfort and luxury, leather bags (Oh the depravity!).

There are those among you who have broken out of that mold, and you have ostracized them as ugly, un-fashionable, not "in" with the rest. So terminally pre-occupied you are with your physical appearance that it scores over every emotion or feeling. It's a wonder why the spiritual leaders of the world don't publicly denounce your vanity, your materialistic mentality.

And let's not forget the hero-worship. The guys will like watching hot heroines. They'll see their ads for the sake of visual delight, and get pre-occupied with refreshing fantasies and forget about the product being endorsed. But when the ladies like SRK or AB or MSD, it's a different story. It's more.. well, i'll go into that fallacy later -- it's more religious. They believe them, without questioning. Maybe that's why the entire ad industry treats women as the true customers - they're much, much easier to fool. No? Am I being crude? Then explain the advertising industry to me. Explain the value of brand advertising -- of believing what's dished out to you without caring for the Evidence. Even Nike is able to sell its shoes because the guys hope by buying them, their ladies will also want to "just do it". Forget about the slave-wages to the sweat-shop workers who made them.

What makes you think that by altering your vocal cords, coating yourself in make-up and sporting designer wear, you're being independent, or feminist? With the clothes and shoes you wear, you're unfit to take any public transport, unable to trust the common man on the street, and are dependent on cars to take you places. You need to splurge out with your father's, brother's, boyfriend's, lover's, or husband's credit cards just to keep up with your image. Does this make you more independent or less? You compromise on your own emotions, abandon the people you fell in love with (don't make a face, I've seen you do it countless times), to find a partner who'll be able to provide you all of life's luxuries without you having worked for any of it. To compound it, your parents and relatives support you in this endeavor. They think you need to be taken care of, to be pampered.

Don't you get it? You will never be treated as an adult if you don't take charge of your life, if you keep up your vain pursuits. If this was a one-off thing it wouldn't be so bad, but you're messing up everything else in the system too. The resources that would have saved a billion from malnutrition are today being expended on creating fairness creams for you. The leather bags you buy poison thousands of hectares of arable land and you couldn't care less.

Here's a sad fact for you : The man who truly loves you doesn't love you for your physical attraction. If he does, he's a little boy, not a man, and it's lust, not love. The reason why so many of your ilk are crashing out of "picture-perfect" marriages is because they married Boys, not Men, and over time the lust wore off. The arranged marriage system is the perfect arbiter for these temporal romances -- two people just have to "look good together". "There's a sense of adventure, of exploring the unknown, that comes with arranged marriage!" - That's right, you like having sex with a stranger -we all do - and if you can DO it every day with mom and dad's stamp of approval, why not? But what do you do after you're no longer strangers? What deeper traits do you have that will make the little boy you married love you more than the next pretty girl that comes along? So for God's sake, stop claiming you're doing this for the men. Men can get sexual gratification without needing you. What they're really looking for is someone who can walk by their side in life, shoulder their responsibilities, not create more of them. You are solely responsible for your high-wastage lifestyle. And you're spoiling it for the real women, the women of substance who've been ostracized by you.

Everytime I listen to your yapping, it's about "exclusive", "high class", "looking smart". FYI, smart = intelligent, NOT good-looking. Can anyone ever expect someone of your mentality to think of "inclusive" things, to ponder about how to do things that will benefit everyone around you? These are basic, essential human traits that you left behind a long, long time ago.

Ladies, the world is in peril. And you're not helping by indulging in vanity. End this artificial life of yours, forget all those ads and if nothing else, at least stop buying those designer leather products! (you really don't know what damage is done in manufacturing those blights, do you?)

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