Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dandiya for Dummies

me: jo bhi milta hai, ek hi cheez poochta hai : u know dandiya?
friend: u gujju ...hai na?
me: like, i wouldn't be a gujju if i didn't c'mon...
10:53 PM friend: no generally i m asking :)
me: and then next sentence "i don't know dandiya"
it's like saying "i don't know bhangra"
friend: i think it's quite interesting and enjoyable
me: what's there to know? bhabra: raise 2 hands in air and hop.
dandiya: raise 2 hands with dandiyas in air and step
friend: hmm
me: aaah u never gone to dandiya either, huh?
10:55 PM friend: nopes
me: but i've done bhangra plenty of times
anyways, women prefer the garba..
friend: garba and dandiya r different?
10:56 PM me: ya, very.
garba: no sticks. everyone goes around in a circle, swaying back and forth, hands at low level.
10:57 PM friend: k
me: dandiya : a pair battles it out, stick hitting stick to a much faster rythim
10:58 PM friend: hmm
me: when we guys do dandiya with full gusto.. it's best to stay out of the way.. u never know when the stick might hit u in its path.. it's soooo coool
11:00 PM but ladies usually prefer grace over speed... most of the time u don't even clash the sticks.. they just flick them like harry potter''s wands and go round n round
hey, this is good writing... let me blog this..

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