Sunday, February 16, 2014

A brief problems-only history of post-independence India

1. Fossil-fuel dependent farming (termed Green Revolution) gets pushed onto the country's farmers in a big way. The country starts incurring major deficits due to this transformation of what was till now a zero-input-costs sector.

2. To fend off bankruptcy due to above, IFI's (intl financial institutions) force the opening up of Indian economy with totally unrelated terms and conditions in lieu of loans accepted by govt without any public discussion thanks to country being occupied with communal issues, and 500-yr old colonialism comes back in the form of MNCs.

3. Environmental and community safeguards are waived to make way for unprecedented extraction of natural resources, bringing windfall profits to a few private players, and employment for a small educated middle class, and little gain to the remaining Indians. Largest human migrations since Partition happening across the nation as people are evicted from homelands to make way for SEZs, industrial corridors etc.

4. Food production gains made with Green Revolution are lost as vast lands put on fertilizer/pesticide drug overdoses succumb and lose fertility and biodiversity, sea fisheries lose capacity due to fertilizers/pesticides runoff, and India becomes a food importing nation once more. Overdependence on now failing BT cotton and hybrid seeds combine to induce the greatest wave of suicides witnessed in all of human history.

5. People standing up against all this : Govt, in pocket of industrialists, brands them as Naxalites and likens them to terrorists.

6. Country now needs continuous increasing foreign investment to offset its now continuous increasing outflow of resources.

7. Economic regulations relaxed and increase in currency circulation being done to adjust to above situations. Causing runaway inflation.

8. Mass media nearly completely owned by industries causing the problems, continues distracting and keeping the people in the dark, hence very few know what's really going on with their own country.

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