Sunday, February 14, 2010

Killed for no reason

List of those dead in Pune terror attack
Most of them were around my age, enjoying a fun Saturday just as I was at the time. Why did they have to die, and for whom, for whose bloody cause? What is the use of having a culture, a religion, when it kills these innocents? I would rather be rid of it all than watch more people perish. I feel like we are the least evolved of all species on this planet, because unlike the others, we still keep killing our own. It doesn't matter how many verses you've learnt, how much you give to charity, how regularly you pray. When we kill an innocent, it's OVER. That very instant the perpetrator loses his/her religion completely. The very first tenet of every religion is "you must not kill". That is number one priority. Everything else comes second. When will these people get it? It doesn't matter what else you do, if you violate this law, you are OUT!
This has to stop. I don't care for what cause, I don't care for what reason, can we please just stop killing and try something else instead?

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