Saturday, June 12, 2010

BP Oil ERUPTION case in 20 points

Chat conversation with a Friend (name changed!) where I had to explain in short the BP oil "leak" case. Why the quotes used... because that little vocabulary error is partly responsible for the entire mess.

chalo, let me cut this very very short:

Friend: ya ya

Nikhil: 1. A methane bubble blows up the DeepWater Horizon oil rig incinerating 11 workers.

Friend: :O

Nikhil: 2. The accident leaves the pipe open at the bottom of the ocean floor, 1000s of feet below sea level.
3. BP gives all placatory and "we are in control" statements which are 100% false, later exposed by actual photographs

Friend: but what is the political connection ??
if there is /?

Nikhil: 4. Imagine a cloth water bag having a puncture in it and you're pressing down on it. (here the whole ocean is pressing down on an oil bag that was punctured by BP)

Friend: ooo i c
oki oki ..

Nikhil: 5. Since the oil is continuously flowing outward, the "attempts" to "plug" the "leak" fail. Imagine what would happen if you tried putting a tissue paper on this watrer bag and said "hey i plugged the leak"

6. Meanwhile, oil keeps spewing and has now spread over the entire US south-eastern seaboard, till now the most biologically diverse area and the most productive fisheries ground.

Friend: oikiii ... understood ...

Nikhil: 7. It gets better. The oil has now reached 100s of miles of shoreline, directly clogging up the most sensitive wildlife areas, covering the marshes, putting at extinction risk animals that had been protected in off-limits reserves for the past 40 or so years.

8. This is the time of the year when there is maximum activity of migratory birds in the area. Every bird that touched down was smeared in thick crude which cannot be cleansed by natural means.

9. Political connection : There were very simple safety mechanisms to put in place that were NOT, and these were ignored over an year or so ago.

Friend: :( ..

Nikhil: 10. BP used their connections to avoid inspections and checking, because they wanted to save a few million dollars.

Friend: achha .. hmm

Nikhil: 11. For a disaster of this scale, an ENTIRE country is needed to mobilize the relief efforts. But so far the US Gov is doing nothing, and BP is doing a shitty job.

12. The reason for inaction is some shitty legal clauses of liability and blame-taking.

Friend: hmmm .... okiiiii

Nikhil: 13. All that Obama is doing is making "very angry" statements in front of the camera to show how pissed off he is. But they're not FIXING the problem. The military should have taken over the whole thing from day 1. Had BP not downplayed the problem, then that would have happened.

14. Another reason is because the US military doesn't have any of their required manpower. Guess where they're all occupied...

15. Meanwhile, practically the entire south-east coastal region of the US is for all practical purposes, DEAD.

16. They're gonna get serious food supply problems because they won't be getting FISH from there anymore. As it is, the world's fish stock is another disaster - the oceans have become practically empty.

And all of this, is quoted by our stupid media, as an "oil LEAK".
sorry, that was point 17..

Friend: gosh!!
thanks for the uppdate .. :)
i wonder how i missed all of it ...

Nikhil: 18. If they'd called it the oil ERRUPTION and likened it to an undersea volcano like they should have, then maybe better action would have been taken before the oil could reach the shores.

Friend: hmmmm

Nikhil: 19. There's more! Oil "plumes" have formed - undersea channels of oil. One has reached an ocean current and THAT is going to take this oil to Europe and elsewhere.

20. So happy holidays to all!
ok, thatis' itl

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Aditi Only said...

thanks for the 'cut it short' description ..
i think u r a cut out for enviro-journalism .(taking it up from Earth day)

Vansh Arora said...

your 20 points told me more about the BP oil ERUPTION case than the whole media did in these entire 2 months....!!
All hail to Nikhil our new enviro-journalist...!!

Nikhil Sheth said...

Update: There is a free-to-all documentary being made investigating this issue.

"This film production will differ from any regularly produced documentary film.

Funded only by non-restricting sources, this film will not be ruled by any lobby, broadcaster, company or investor. We are not associated with any petroleum company, government or organizational body who would refuse to support the true results of our findings and investigations. Any materials presented in this film will be based on “hard scientific facts, knowledge and expertise of those who have researched the oceans and environment for decades”."

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