Sunday, June 13, 2010

Read between the lines...

Would anybody be interested in this flip version of 3 Idiots??

Read this article. It's very short; please read it full:

Their next ad for the now vacant post should read, "Only qualified heterosexuals need apply. All other qualities like competence, integrity, talent, intelligence etc etc negotiable. Candidate subject to live test in front of screening committee. Bring own supporting materials and/or personnel." ;) 

And the next headline : "Left handed prof sacked for trying to promote left-handedness through obscene and unconventional display of left arm usage in all day to day activities, and encouraging open discussions on the same"

Guys, read that article again and try to perceive what's going on behind the outside.

"aggressively encouraging the formation of homosexual groups among students" Vs. "formed a few lesbian and gay groups within the campus and used to arrange discussions and debates rather openly". - exact same fact, 2 different ways of saying it. Former is probably a quote from IIT-H, and latter from EFLU. So having debates is now a bad thing if the profs don't approve, right?

"Under the influence of Tellis" -- waah!, as if they wouldn't without the Influence! You can't interchange left- and right-handers, and you certainly can't convert sexuality. For all we know, maybe with this guy's encouragement the homosexuals got the chance to come out of repression.

"There were allegations against him that he used to spend a lot of time with students in the hostels even after midnight. However, there were no complaints from the students against him" - So either the entire hostel had gay orgies on a regular basis, or chatting up with friends after 12 is immoral. We should all be thrown out in that case. Could it be that the other profs were uncomfortable with his close ties with students?

"His aggressive behaviour was not acceptable to many of the professors in the university." - a fish out of water, by any chance? Aggressive, or open and blunt?

"when he could not get selected in the interviews for regular posts, despite his brilliant performance in the interview" -- guess who was doing the selections?? And nobody's catching the part that brilliant performance can be disregarded to give way to bias?

"Ashley used to dress unconventionally." - Details, please? They're probably saying wearing shorts or jeans or sleeveless shirts is gay, or we'd have seen at least 1 pic of a prof giving a lecture in a thong by now!

Can't you see through this? The 'old skool' profs have pulled a fast one on a rebel! They've used the "gay" angle as an excuse to get rid of him! What's being gay or left-handed or black or white or any such thing have to do with raw talent and teaching? Another Rancho washed down the drain by old Viruses...

I don't know about you guys, but I'm never going anywhere near IIT-H, it seems to be full of everything we stand against! Can we get some student testimonials into the whole thing, please?

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