Monday, June 14, 2010

Brute strentgh Vs Flexibility

He looked at the tree and thought, "enough time spent on that thing, I want something flat and square and rigid where no one else trespasses!"
So he built a house - broad, flat, with lots of room and off limits to all but Him and his family. It was better, more luxurious, easier to get into and out of.

He built them across the Earth, got used to thinking that this was the only possible way of living. The tree became a disdainful thing, probably just good for oxygen making but to heck with any other uses - he had his House for protection!

Then the rains came a little too much, the rivers jumped the banks and flooded His streets and cities and inundated His house, pillaged everything. In some places His house was washed away, in others destroyed. Then came an earthquake and his Oh-so-strong house crumbled under its own brittleness. Then came the tsunami and in one fell swoop cleared the shore. Then came the hurricane and the tornado and hit his House's walls at an angle they couldn't withstand, lifted His roof of and pillaged his oh-so-strong House again.
While he was rummaging through the debris and wading through the floodwaters, he saw the rough, slender trunk of the tree - it was still there. Up top, the branches and the leaves were still there. Some were lost, but most were still there. He didn't take any time to think, shrugged and moved on.
And then the tree thought to itself : "What an idiot. Everyone knows that the key to survival is not brute strength, but flexibility."

"It didn't matter to me when the floods or the tsunami came, because I've kept all the good stuff up high, and my roots are spread deep and wide enough to hold me. My slender bark bore the minimum impact owing to least exposed surface area, the irregularities and rough disorderly lines deflected the oncoming forces and spoiled them.

It didn't matter to me when the earthquake jolted me. I happily danced along and treated it like a night in a disco! We rocked! My roots are spread in multiple ways and they can easily accommodate these slight shakes because they can bend with the land and still hold. But look at what the same disco dance did to those poor rigid structures!

The hurricane and the tornado did scare me a little, but then I just danced with them again. My branches bent and swayed with the wind and then just bent back, the leaves absorbed the impacts and diluted the effect. Many on the outside were lost, but many more are still around and my insides have stayed safe!

And here, after the disaster has passed, I see all these idiots crying over their losses, never even once stopping to notice that though a majority of their homes were destroyed, the vast majority of the trees are still around and happily so! They build more Houses the same way they had, only to lose them again at the next Bath or Disco dance! Will they ever learn??"

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Nikhil Sheth said... - Children survive Mexican floods by sheltering in tree

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