Saturday, December 4, 2010

Request to Notion Ink for giving Adam tablets to TFI / other nonprofts

Comment posted on Week-End Special – XI « Notion Ink

Request : Please earmark a small number of Adams for educational donation / subsidized sale to nonprofits. You can hook up with Wipro - they've announced they're putting $2 billion into education in India and I'm sure many such funds and NGOs will be happy to participate. Why I'm asking for this is : Because it is THIS sector that will benefit the maximum from Adam. Outdoor operation, easy touch-based data collection and photo/video, easily usable in any way and 3G connectivity - it's like a match made in heaven. Once we have Adam in the hands of a few social workers / teachers and videos of it being used by them surface, you can be sure to have a (free!) publicity blitzkrieg the likes of which has never been seen in this category.

If it helps, please take my pre-order model (yikes I can't believe I'm pledging this) and give it to a non-profit in Pune - preferred is Teach For India. I'll be happy to put in up to Rs.5000 pro bono - the rest, we can gather the necessary funds. What say?

Nikhil Sheth, Pune, India
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