Friday, December 10, 2010

Notion Ink Adam available on Pre-Order - anybody wants??

FIAT LUX! « Notion Ink

The FANS who were loyally following their blog and commenting from beginning have been given the opportunity to pre-order the Notion Ink Adam Tablet!!

And I'm one of them! Found the email in my Spam folder just now!
Only 6 hours of tonight to decide... to take or not to take??

Well, at least I can blog about it!!

The highest variant (daylight display, 3G) is for

550 U.S. dollars = 24 848.6491 Indian rupees

as per google...
And the lowest variant (LCD display only, no use in sunlight, WiFi and no 3G) is for

375.33 U.S. dollars = 16 957.17 Indian rupees

Cheap for a full-fledged Tablet personal computer, right? But this cheap variant doesn't have the thing I want most - the transflective PixelQi display that makes it possible to read with min strain, ultra-low power usage and in Sunlight. Plus with 3G coming in a big way, the top variant seems the only real way to go.

Taking it could go in two ways :
1. The price goes crazy due to extreme demand and I can resell it for a windfall, but then that would be because the product's just awesome and I wouldn't want to let it go then.
2. The product turns out to be not-as-awesome as hyped, price drops and I'm left with a bad investment and can't even sell it off.

Now 2. is a tad pessimistic and I don't believe in it coz I've been following these guys since a year now and BELIEVE in them. (Plus it's open source so any software stumbles will be easily tided over. Unlike some Fruity friends of ours!)

Plus, because they've spent so much time setting the whole thing up, it can be expected that after the initial few months of frenzied demand, things will settle and it will come in supply at these prices or maybe lower with mass-production again.

So not sure what to do!!

Still, feeling privileged!

To gauge a sense of the attention around this product, get this : This blog (theirs!) has just ranked no.2 in Wordpress in unique visitor hits. They are only behind... Oprah Winfrey.

Friends : If anyone wants to get his hands on this thing and is willing to pay me the amount above, CALL me ASAP on +91-9665831250. Don't email - call straight away even if it's international call. It's past 1 AM here and I'm sleepy as hell. My pre-order window opens ...NOW (1:30am Indian time or 12pm Pacific time ) and is open for 6 hours only, so till 7:30pm Indian time.

1 comment:

ATH007 said...

Yup dude.. i saw this too.. did u notice something? the configuration claimed before has dropped.. and the price has increased a bit.. i am bit skeptical right now.. i was one of those die hard people who were waiting to get this product (whatever happens.. i will be going for the final variant)..

now i am waiting to see how the initial response is.. and btw, by jan only they will give out the color variant options.. so will wait till then.. or.. omg.. i dont think i can wait..

but what happened to the configuration they claimed before? (esp. 8 GB hdd memory? really? i remember seeing more than that.. :S)

btw.. u got the pre-order mail? were u a regular commenter at NI blog?

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