Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The junior's turn

A bus loaded with passengers and a collection of senior and junior drivers is speeding towards a cliff. The senior drivers are all roundly criticized for having driven them in that direction, for never having learned to turn the wheel or use the brakes, and for having ignored earlier pleas of the more tech-savvy passengers who'd looked up their GPS and figured things out before they did. But now that the cliff is finally visible, all the passengers want the bus to halt, turn around and get back to safety.

However, the junior drivers are now at the wheel and they say it's their turn to push the accelerator; and they haven't been taught by the seniors to do anything else. They're only focused on "their turn", are pushing the accelerator more than ever before, and are oblivious to the fact that the whole bus is going to plunge over unless they stop mindlessly mimicking their seniors' past actions. They're also busy blaming the senior drivers along with everyone else, but don't want to make any changes on their part.

The junior drivers are the government-industrial complexes of India and China and some more developing nations. The senior drivers are pretty much irrelevant by now. The bus is our planet. The rest you extrapolate.

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