Sunday, January 8, 2012


Do our children know how to count.... their blessings?
Can they read... between the lines?
Can they comprehend... the feelings of others?
Can they find the solutions to... the problems that haven't been solved yet?
Can they draw... a better future for everybody?
Can they question... the status quo?
Can they identify... the faults in the conventional methods?
Can they understand... the circumstances that determined a person's actions?
Can they predict... the consequences of their actions, and more importantly, of their inaction?
Can they determine... the true intentions behind the spoken ones?
Can they imagine... being in the other person's shoes?
Can they find... the facts and not just make assumptions?
Can they figure out... what will be the right thing to do?

Can our adults do all of the above?
Value education... educate values.

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