Friday, March 2, 2012

Help needed to rehabilitate a TFI student who lost his home in a fire in Juna Bazaar, Pune

Forwarding a request from a colleague in Teach for India, urgent help is needed to rehabilitate one of her children whose home was destroyed in a terrible fire in Juna Bazaar last week. If you have any of these items lying spare then please reach back:

From: Visha Mandloi , visha.mandloi2011 [at]
Subject: looking up for some help for my class kid

hey all,

You all must be aware of the fire mishap that happened last week in juna bazzar.
One of my class kids house got completely destroyed in that fire. They have got nothing left with them except for the clothes that they were wearing at that time. By GOD's grace all of the family members are safe. I am thinking of helping them out out by collecting the undermentioned things with the support and help from you all.It can be anything which is just lying unused in your home.
please go through the list and see if you can help, it will be a great help to the kid and his family to start afresh.
also please reach out to as many people as you can who you think can potentially help.

list of the required things ( as discussed with kid's mother)  :
2. quilts
3. bed sheets
4. clothes for one male(father), one female(mother, she wears saris only), one 10 year old boy one 7 year old boy and one 7 year old girl.
5. utensils(each and everything which is used in our homes)
6. stove 
8 .fridge
9. tv
10. fan
11. cupboards

 if you have something which is not on the list , but still could be required please reach out to me.
shoot me an email if you want to donate anything , i will let you know the details of where and how.

thanking you,
looking for a positive response.

Visha Mandloi Pundir :-)
fellow 2011-13
4th garde, S.G. Barve school,
Rasta Peth, Pune.

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