Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Why you ought to watch the Zeitgeist Movies - part 1

Some screenshots from Zeitgeist 1:
Warning: This post can offend you. Facts have that tendency. But the facts will never care about your feelings. It's upto you what to do about them. You could just move on to another page.
Pls wait a minute to let the images load:

Gods from civilzations past...

...and there were several others. Then along came...

What are all of these actually referring to?

Virgin Mary... Virgo, the constellation from which the Sun rises or "is born" around December 25.

Found at Luxor, Egypt...

About so many of these Gods being dead for 3 days and getting resurrected:
Around Winter Solstice, the Sun (aka, God) is seen to be at its lowest point for 3 days, and this happens near the constellation...

...and then, just when all hope is lost and the darkness of the winter seems to have triumphed, 
miracle of miracles...

...Resurrection. The Sun rises again to bring warmth and life back into the world.

..and this repeats every year.
About Ages and the whole "End of the World" hulabaloo:

 On the day of the spring equinox, the Sun is seen to rise from a certain constellation/zodiac sign. Because of a wobbling cycle of the earth's tilt, the constellation changes and in 2150 yrs the Sun is seen to rise from another one.


...this was a mis-translation. The actual word referenced was...

...which also translates to...

...which simply means..

 ...the Earth's wobble cycle is going to make the Sun appear to rise from the Aquarius constellation instead of the Pisces on the days of spring equinox.

So how long are we going to allow myths based on astrology dictate our lives in the real world? Our world - our planet - is 5 billion years old. These stars are hundreds to millions of light years away, and the constellations are merely lines connecting disparate points as a method used by skywatchers to keep track. Earlier people didn't know that. Now we do. Why should we think of ourselves as so damn special that everything should end now only?
...And for everyone in the Southern Hemisphere, it all happens in REVERSE! :P

The bad part about these prophecies is that they're self-fulfilling ones. Believe in one and we make it happen. But you'd think we'd be smarter than that by now...

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