Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Knowledge Traditions and Practices of India - CBSE's new elective course for 11th

As written by Michel Danino from Coimbatore:
Namaste. The CBSE has taken the pioneering initiative of introducing an elective course on "Knowledge Traditions and Practices of India". The course, introduced in class XI (to be extended to class XII from next academic year), is an attempt to reintegrate India's best intellectual, literary, artistic and scientific traditions in the classroom. The material for the course was developed under the general guidance of Dr Jagbir Singh and the editorship of Prof Kapil Kapoor.
The CBSE's recent circular on the course can be read at www.cbseacademic.in/web_material/Circulars/2012/68_KTPI.pdf.
The 10 modules developed this year for class XI can be seen on the CBSE website: click on www.cbseacademic.in/circulars.html and scroll down to Acad-68/2012 of September; the box on the right shows the links to the modules. Each module consists in (1) a survey write-up; (2) selections from primary sources; (3) activities; (4) further resources.
For convenience, I list below all the modules in the order given in the textbook. (You may click on any of them to start a download of the module in pdf format; please keep in mind that the files are heavy, often 10 to 20 MB each.)
Ø  Module 1: Astronomy in India
Ø  Module 2: Chemistry in India
Ø  Module 7: Mathematics in India
Ø  Module 8: Metallurgy in India
Ø  Module 9: Music in India
Each module begins with a preface by the CBSE chairman, Shri Vineet Joshi, and a Convenor's Note by Prof Jagbir Singh.
Please note that the material is © CBSE. It may be viewed privately, but for any public use, the CBSE's permission will have to be sought. In particular, if you know any CBSE school with a management genuinely interested in Indian culture and heritage, please ask them to contact the CBSE and enrol for the course from next year.



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Atul Jain said...

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