Thursday, October 25, 2012

Video compression and clipping tools (made by me!)

Three new programs.. created using the amazing AutoHotKey automation tool to make a quick, easy interface to the awesome ffmpeg video encoding/decoding library

Video compression program
Batch-convert all the video files in a folder to practically youtube video quality... good quality with small file sizes.
This can be very handy if you want a quick, easy way to compress all the videos in your camera.

Video clipper
Extract a clip from a larger video file.
It even works with mp3 audio files.

Video to mp3 converter
Turn any video file into an audio mp3.

Save the .zip file to your computer, extract them to a folder. Then run the respective program.
Make sure the ffmpeg.exe program file is present. It's there in both the zip files... don't remove it, it's needed.

Programming enthusiasts, you can find the source code included with the zip files; or see them here.
Note: this is for Windows OS.

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