Thursday, July 4, 2013

The myth of leadership

Expressed by a friend on FB :

True test of leadership is when you are confronted with problems. Seriously disappointed with the reaction of a person who I thought had it to become a great leader. Every time there is a problem, rather than looking at a solution, the first reaction is of hiding behind the wall of blame game..blaming everything but self :( # disappointed

My comment:
i've had a similar letdown 3 yrs back. since then, realizing and internalizing that everyone is human and fallible... the myth we build up of leadership is just dehumanizing. The leaders who take it to their head.. well, they can't admit making mistakes later on.

And it's also unfair to those seen as leaders. I recently witnessed a wonderful friend of mine get a lot of undeserved hatred from a follower because they just could not comprehend that this person who they see as leader of the group is a human, has several different things going on in life and will not "be there" for that particular group all the time.

We can't specialize & outsource leadership to any individual... that whole concept is false. it has to be worked upon inside us.

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