Saturday, November 9, 2013

Love Vs Financial security

Dear Men,

A woman who loves you truly will
never ask you to buy her
expensive gifts or take her to
expensive places...

She won't ask for diamonds, rubies or a promise to
bring her a
world of luxuries...

She just wants
your love, care and attention..
She wants you to spend a lot of quality time with her..
and appreciate her for all that she
does for you out of love and
Every woman is unique
in her own way...
Value her.

My rejoinder...
Thanks for sharing... it's nice to actually hear this from the women
once in a while.

Just wondering... what about the "financial security/stability" term
used on men to justify abandoning our dreams and passions to settle
for a boring, life-draining, soul-destroying career?

First they're ordered to compromise away their souls and morals for
money if they ever want to have a life partner (that's what's being
told to me right now), and then they're asked to show love, care and

1 comment:

Abhinav Gupta said...

Hi Nikhil Ji,

It is surreal to read this at a time when these exact thoughts are going through my mind.

Have loved following your blog, I think this is my first comment here.

Warm Regards

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