Sunday, June 8, 2014

HOW TO send audio to the HDMI-connected TV

We now have HDMI cables to connect the laptop to a projector or large LCD/LED TV for screening something.
The HDMI cable also sends sound; and if you're screening movies etc on a big-screen TV, then it's best to use the TV's own audio rather than getting a separate set of speakers.

But you might find it difficult to get the sound to come on the TV instead of your laptop. Ideally this should happen automatically but I guess we'll have to manage with some manual tweaking right now.

If you're playing video on VLC player, you have to go to Tools > Preferences (or hit Ctrl+P on keyboard)
See the screenshot below... 
click to enlarge

1. you have to set the Preferences window to show All settings (bottom left)
2. Navigate to Audio > Output modules > DirectX on the left side tree
3. Your plugged in HDMI device should appear in the dropdown list on the right. Choose it.
4. Press Save button on bottom right.
5. Don't panic if the sound is still coming from your laptop. You have to STOP the movie, and start playing it again for the change to take effect.

I went through some trouble to get this straight. Here's hoping you find it easier. Once done, you can really feel the difference as the sound comes on the TV nice and loud.

Note: You'll probably have to use the same technique to change it back when you want to hear sound on the laptop again. Don't panic if you're playing a movie later on and there's no sound coming!

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