Sunday, June 8, 2014

Break out of the box and the fake dream chase

We really need to break out of the box that India's mainstream media has trapped us in. It rarely ever covers what's happening on planet Earth.. India is treated as if we're in some different world alltogether. At the same time, we are shown fantasy images of how the West is and we are made to believe that our sole purpose in life is to mimic them. We are not at all shown the reality. 

1. How many people reading this know that the US has the largest % of its population in jail? 
2. And nearly half of its jailed population are the US's "Dalits" (blacks and latinos). 
3. Also, it has the highest number of murders and random shootings happening, 
4. and a huge number of citizens getting shot dead by police in times of confusion. 
5. It has highest rates of cancer and addiction to pharmaceutical drugs. 
6. Its children are forced to take psychotropic drugs to get them to behave properly in the classroom, and are getting permanent damage in the process. 
7. Their meat industry is equal to Nazi's concentration camps.. horrendous abuse, extremely horrific way of killing animals and esp of cows happening there at enormous scale. 
8. There are more people homeless in US than there are vacant houses that have been taken over by banks over failed home loans ("Mortgages, foreclosures"). 

All these details are left out by India's media and we are made to believe that the US is some magical fairyland whereas that is not the case. Their upper classes are similar to our upper classes. If you only focus on them, you would think that even India is very well off. Plus, it's a mathematical impossibility for India to "get there".. US is at its place because it exploits India, Asia, China, Africa etc. India does not have any more Indias, Asias, Chinas, Africas on this planet left to exploit. And we shouldn't anyway. The dollar is the world's reserve currency and the US can print as much as it wants to escape reality; India cannot do that. In the blind chase of aping the US, India is quickly getting all the negative realities of US and far worse.

So, break out of this box as well as out of this fake dream chase : this wild goose chase that the media has mentally trapped us in.

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