Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Maharashtra govt arresting protesters

"Over 50 people were arrested outside the Wankhede stadium yesterday where the new BJP State government celebrated its election victory. The protest was against the brutal massacre of a young Dalit man and both his parents. They were hacked to death and their bodies chopped into pieces and thrown into a well. The reason? The boy had dared to have a relationship with a Maratha (upper caste) girl. Her family now in BJP also had ties with NCP and Shiv Sena. The police has made no arrests. The new BJP government elect is absolutely silent.

The protest lasted only a few minutes before the police swooped in. By the time we joined the protestors they had already been whisked away. We went to the Yellow gate police chowky where they were taken. The guards at the gate denied they were brought there at all. On being told that they could not tell such lies to us they admitted that the protesters were inside but they had been asked to keep it quiet.

The next days English press was equally silent. The Times of India carried glowing reports on the Wankhede function but not one line on the protest and arrest.

All the news thats fit to print?"

~ Anand Patwardhan

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