Tuesday, August 30, 2016

How feminists are being weaponized by the status quo

A very common pattern I see being deployed throughout the world : any man is exposing the status quo, exposing the illegal actions by a power elite that have or will threaten the life and liberty of millions, or will deprive millions of their right? Slam a sexual harassment / rape / spouse-killing charge on him and drown out the original case concerning the lives of multitudes, with a case concerning just two people or so.

Julian Assange
Rajinder Pachauri
Tarun Tejpal
Sashi Tharoor
Kurt Sonnenfeld

and many more that I keep coming across but can't recollect right now. I won't comment on which I think is a true case or false, but at the end of the day, the larger causes they stand for, stand screwed.

The obvious but unasked question here is : Why would anybody who knows they are being constantly watched, who know they are up against a massively more powerful opponent and could get screwed any second, be at the same time suddenly unable to restrain themselves from any unnatural 'urge' to harass / rape? That too why is it always timed precisely to happen when the time is the most critical for their cause? When they can easily avoid any threat to their cause by simply going home, watching porn and masturbating? Or heck, even going to a prostitute would be far less dangerous to their cause than raping someone.

These people aren't even in any position of great executive power at the time; they do NOT have people to order around as they please. Even if media limelight may have given them the same amount of mental real estate in people's minds as anyone holding a position of real executive authority, when it comes to action on the ground, they don't have any actual power.

They have no control whatsoever on the police force (and in fact have every reason to avoid ANY run-in with authorities), no deep connections that will cover their asses.

How such a sequence of events could happen at all.. just doesn't make any sense. I honestly don't think human behaviour can ever go so suicidally stupid. What makes a lot more sense, is if the elites whom these people were standing up against, who don't want the truth to come out, plant such cases to assassinate the characters of those who were going to expose their crimes. Qui bono : Who benefits? The greatest beneficiary of the rape case against Julian Assange, for example, is the US Military whose war crimes he has been exposing. There's a mental messing up happening : oh, if the guy whistleblowing turns out to be a rapist then maybe the US military isn't really raping entire nations and all those mountains of evidence that have absolutely nothing to do with the rape case can just be blindly dismissed.. discredit by association.

What's also worth observing is the role played by well-meaning people who jump on such cases and become part of the shrill noise that drowns out all the larger issues. When I see various friends in different networks start off when the latest such case comes up (and note, even I'm among them many times), it looks almost like a feeding frenzy is going on, like some kind of catharsis is happening, like lashing out against this one-off case, seeing this one supposedly-powerful person get shot down (note: this is only perceived; the ones truly in executive power would rarely even get any due coverage, forget the damage), will magically take care of everything and we can all go back to being screwed by the system and taking our deliberately lowered quality of life and loss of security & liberty for granted, having let off our excess steam on a one-off incident and thus having diverted it from that which it was supposed to be building up against.

In practically no case have I seen the person doing the attacking try to take on the responsibility of the larger cause that their target was shouldering. No one wanting Assange to be tried for the rape cases, would want to even touch the cases of the entire nations getting raped; would want to do anything for the milions of women there living lives much more hellish. Sympathize, sure. Actually do something, stick your neck out like the guy you just shot down was doing? No. While I don't think they're in cahoots with the status quo, I can see how the focussed, ignore-everything-else, repeating and easily predictable behaviour has by now been thoroughly researched, analyzed, weaponized and repurposed to serve injustice to the very many (like the millions of people killed in Iraq/Afghanistan or Bradley Manning still held captive without fair trial) while making a grand show of standing up for the rights of the very few.

And look at the stark difference between what gets trumpeted and what gets censored : one-off cases versus cases involving systemic, structural injustice. Alleged plight of one woman versus well-known plight of all women. Is the stereotypical inability of women to differentiate between scales and be prone to emotional attention-grabbing being gamed by the elites?

If you do not look at the larger picture, do not pay attention to the context, and react to news reportage in a predictable way, then you will be used as a weapon to inflict further damage to the very cause you stand for.

This post was sparked by this video:
>> Julian Assange's testimony to the United Nations. Eye-opening details on the US govt's treatment of whistleblower Bradley Manning and the ongoing attack on Wikileaks.

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