Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Prioritizing setting up GPS for public transit

I seriously think the GPS transmitters need to go on ST buses first.

There we have the longest wait times,

Ability to get some real full-fledged work done if we know where our bus is and how long it'll take to come,

serious consequences for missing a bus,

Not having * any * other * way * to get to the destination,

also a valid use case for chasing down and catching a missed bus.

Writing this from an st stand in a town in maharashtra, waiting at 6pm for a bus that was scheduled to arrive at 3.30 but the inquiry desk has no clue whats the holdup and how long it will take. My destination is not very popular and if the bus doesnt come or if i miss it, i might have to stay here overnight.

And leave aside gps.. there's a valid case for simply having the conductors tweet or post or sms to a common app about the comings and goings, which stop passed, telling if the bus is too crowded or so.

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