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Interesting links for July 2016

Interesting links for July 2016. Last week's been quite busy, apologies again for the delay in posting this! Quite a lot of things have happened this month!
Where to From Here?
Javan Bernakevitch, from British Columbia Permaculture, helps to wrap up Oregon State University's free Permaculture course ( and he provides some direction about how to take this information and do something useful with it.
Greek leftists turn deserted hotel into refugee homes
...Tucked away down a side street in the Greek capital, the previously deserted hotel was [..] turned into a squat for nearly 400 refugees and migrants - half of them children - in late April.
...In City Plaza, families live in hotel rooms and have access to refugee-run and activist-administered healthcare, education and dining, among other services. Most residents play a role according to their own abilities.
50 amazing new public-space transformations captured by Google Street View
How streets the world over are re-imagined
Maharashtra government to scrap all future monorail projects
... The state has now washed its hands of the project, and many of Maharashtra's top bureaucrats say that the Monorail system was not meant for Mumbai, and that it is not a mass public transport system at all
More buses, fewer cars please
... The most common point of criticism has been that the road is too narrow and has too much vehicular traffic to be able to afford two dedicated lanes for buses. Assuming that vehicular traffic is indeed slower when the BRT is operational (which is not always true), we must recognise that making the additional lane available for vehicular traffic is only a temporary solution to the problem of traffic congestion. The root cause of congestion is the increasing use of cars. Buses along this stretch carry twice the number of people as cars do, while occupying much less road space. Public transportation is the long-term solution to the problem of traffic congestion, and the BRT encourages it.
The Working-Class Wounds Hidden Behind Trump Voters' Racism
If we listen carefully to Trump's supporters, we can hear their desire for progressive policies.
>> Cutting through the divide... interesting!
QEG Project Changes
>> some serious listing of the ways the project is being attacked on the net, including how youtube is distorting the view counts, FB is censoring the posts, etc. And a pointer to possibility of Skype being compromised : "In fact it is suspected that the reason why Skype crashes all the time is because it is constantly being listened in on by every alphabet agency and it can't hold the bandwidth.  Last year about 50% of our Skype contacts had their accounts hacked and taken over."
Awesome simulations and games, many of them can be downloaded and played offline also.
Go back Pepsi, Save Thamirabarani  (TN)
Recently Government of Tamilnadu has given license to a multinational giant PEPSICO to setup a factory in Gangaikondan SIPCOT in Tirunelveli district. The company has entered in to an agreement with the government to use the water from Thamirabarani river for the purpose of soft drinks manufacturing. A recent RTI filed by a local resident has revealed that the soft drink multinational giant has been given a license to use 15 lakh litres of water every day from the river for the period of 99 years lease. (Note: Already another softdrinks giant CocaCola, located in the same Gagaikondan SIPCOT is taking 10 lakh litres of water from Thamirabarani river.)
A refinery has built a golf course right in the middle of Kaziranga National Park in Assam.
Watch why this video on PM Modi's 'Do Saal Bura Haal' has gone viral
>>Personality type test and a lot of well-created descriptions, background etc.. I found this better that the MBTI test I'd taken earlier.
Baghdad bombing: Isis's most deadly attack in weeks is the one the world probably cares about least
Car bombings in Baghdad conjure up no hashtags, no Facebook profile pictures with the Iraqi flag, and no Western newspaper front pages of victims' names and life stories
AAP govt's latest reform: no child to be left behind in Class IX
.. According to Delhi's Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia, who is in charge of the education portfolio: "All students enrolled in Class IX in the academic year 2016-17, regardless of their learning levels at this point, will be trained and mentored to successfully appear for Class X exams in 2018. No child will be left behind."
... The release specifically says that the reforms will enable the students of class IX studying in government schools to overcome learning problems that develop due to the "adverse effects of the No Detention Policy."
The reforms are essentially threefold:
1. Regrouping students according to learning levels for all students from classes VI to IX.
2. Building a strong foundation among all students in reading, writing, arithmetic through supplementary learning material.
3. Allowing students who fail the ninth standard to still attend 10th grade classes, avail school facilities and appear for the boards independently through Modified Patrachar Scheme of Examinations (MPSE).
Nigel Farage resigns as Ukip leader
...At a speech in London, Mr Farage, who was elected as an MEP for the party in 1999, said he had never wanted to be a career politician and was standing down. He has had two stints as leader of the Eurosceptic party since 2006.
"I now feel that I've done my bit, that I couldn't possibly achieve more," the 52-year-old added.
... The victory for the Leave side in the referendum means that my political ambition has been achieved. I came into this business because I wanted us to a self-governing nation, not to become a career politician.
Report confirms: MGNREGA workers create real assets, not just 'dig holes'
CBI arrests Principal Secretary to Delhi CM, Rajendra Kumar, and 4 others in corruption case
Dexit dilemma
Full statehood, a potential solution to the capital's powerless governance, remains mired in politics
Giving people's money back to them to spend on their own
Atishi Marlena, who is advisor to the deputy CM and is spearheading the mohalla sabha initiative, talks about the emergence of a new brand of grassroot politics.
How a Farm in Dharamsala Can Help us Replace Plastic Bags with Eco Friendly Cow Dung Planters
'Shut coaching centres, they suck': Kota student's suicide letter
Tesla crash raises concerns about self-driving car regulations
>> An automated self-driving car carrying a passenger crashed into a truck, and KILLED the passenger it was carrying! And sheesh, look at the accommodating language, the technocratic reassurances, the statistical overtures. "Oh we knew this would happen, it's ok, all part of the learning curve.." Say that to the family, the parents, siblings and children, of the person you just sacrificed at the altar of your technocratic God!
And why is it that nothing like this (the inevitability of such deaths happening as part of the learning curve) was even mentioned BEFORE the first death? Why at that time did these exact same people go out of their way to promise ultra-safety of the driverless car? Should there be no accountability at all on those who made the grandiose promises back when the public was still just considering whether to go in for driverless cars or not?
Get down to business. Do any of the people making these assuring claims have any real technical knowledge, any logical algorithm on hand, to lay out HOW a computer operating an automated driverless car will be able to account for EVERYTHING that can happen on the road? No they can't, because real driving needs more than physical senses detecting stuff. It needs things that like other things, only living beings can do. It's not just about making processors or programs faster or increasing the number or sensitivity or accuracy of your sensor devices. It's about an intelligence that even an ant possesses but which cannot be possessed by anything that's created within the confines of the materialistic worldview. Look up "Rupert Sheldrake" if this makes you curious to know more.
But coming back to the topic, what I'm seeing in this article is a classic cop-out and imposition of completely unnecessary burdens on the public disguised as inevitable facts of life after having assured them that the situation would never arise. The most basic thing I would expect after this incident is an immediate recall of all driverless vehicles failing which governments should impound them, and the people owning the SOFTWARE that was guiding this vehicle, who took the decision to unleash it before adequate real-world safety testing and corresponding counter-design was completed, need to at least have legal proceedings begun for death by neglect. s
Will this curtail innovation? Not at all. What it will curtail is MAD science. And the way forward can take an open-source route which will spur even more innovation : if the company is unable to fix things by themselves, they can open-source the algorithms they're using for accident avoidance and the best minds of the world can innovate it openly to make something that's much safer.
More links related:
This fatality could slam the brakes on driverless cars
Joshua D. Brown, 40, of Canton, Ohio, died in the accident May 7 in Williston, Florida. According to a Tesla statement issued Thursday, the cameras on Brown's Tesla Model S failed to distinguish the white side of a turning tractor-trailer from a brightly lit sky and didn't automatically activate its brakes. Brown didn't take control and activate the brakes either, Tesla said.
>> Net Metering in Maharashtra! We need
Uttarakhand landslides prove yet again that India's mountains are under siege
>> This one goes one step better : making the link between landslides and reduction of vegetation cover.
While the structural issues that incapacitate forest guards are thrown light upon, the under-funding policy and link to corrupt governance needs to be made.

Many of the links below and excerpts/comments thereunder are copied over from this page:
Facebook CAN track you offline: Site wins Belgian privacy case over following logged out users
...The social media site has won a legal battle against the Belgian data protection authority over tracking its users while they are not logged into Facebook.
Originally, the regulator had won its case and ordered the social network to stop tracking non-members when they visited publicly available Facebook pages.
But the Brussels Appeals Court dismissed the case, on the grounds that the regulator has no jurisdiction over Facebook Inc, which has its European headquarters in Ireland.
>> An example of how legal speak defies common sense. The people that FB is tracking are in Belgium, Belgium's data protection authority is trying to protect its own people who happen to use an outside company. If the outside company, basically a foreigner, is caught committing wrongdoing to citizens of Belgium, then it's a simple case of attack on sovereignty. What the court has decided, means that if a NATIVE service had been caught doing it then the authorities could prosecute them, but since it's a FOREIGN service doing it, it's suddenly totally OK. Tomorrow, if a foreign based entity is caught committing crimes and doing harm to Belgian people, tomorrow if a foreigner is caught having raped a Belgian citizen, then that will be completely valid and legitimate according to the logic that the Bussels Appeals Court has followed in this case. Which of course is absolutely bullshit. What is SUPPOSED to happen here is that Belgium has to issue an extradition warrant to Ireland to extradite and prosecute Facebook's executives for committing crimes on the citizens of Belgium.
Feds ask for 27-month delay in release of Clinton staff emails
The Obama administration on Thursday asked a federal court to delay until October 2018 the release of 14,000 pages of emails from aides to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
>> Hillariously obvious move to protect Hillary Clinton's image till she gets elected as US President, following which she will obviously use her executive authority to delay the release indefinitely. This also creates a situation where for Hillary Clinton herself, forget all other organisational loyalties etc, her own ass is now firmly on the line in a do-or-die situation. If she loses the US Presidential elections, she will either go to prison or more likely be killed by her masters/collaborators. Which also means that she is going to leave absolutely no stone unturned in her bid to grab power and after that to stay in power. In contrast, in a non-convoluted situation, a politician could take a shot at Presidency but be left free as a person to continue living a normal healthy life if they lost the election.
FBI can now lawfully hack anyone, anywhere, at any time, without warrant
US District Judge Henry Morgan has ruled that the FBI are now well within its rights to go out and hack anyone it feels like, without court review.
Hillary – Has She Compromised the Country?
...A very serious issue is starting to rise behind the curtain. Obama is blasting Trump as part of some global elitist group that does not exist outside of those in Obama's camp who subordinate the people to government. Indeed, it was Obama who played the role of political elitist by interfering in Britain quite disgracefully. He told the Brits to get to "the back of the queue" when Britain is America's strongest and oldest ally. If telling Britain to surrender its sovereignty to Brussels was not a global elitist attempt to end democracy in Europe then nothing is. That is the equivalent of the US surrendering its sovereignty to the United Nations.
... One of the strongest reasons to vote against Hillary is that she is wide open to blackmail by all those nations that bought favors from her, or copied damning emails off of her server. We need a President who works for the American people, and is not a slave to foreign control!
"If you say anything bad about Muslims on Facebook you get banned. But ISIS is fine to buy and sell weapons."
>> revealing further the collusion of internet giants like Facebook, Twitter and Google in allowing easily identifiable terrorists to freely use their platforms to conduct their activities. This isn't even catching them off-guard : these activities are going on since a long time and are easily find-able even by regular internet users (who can then be targeted by security agencies for visiting those pages etc.. nevermind the glaringly obvious question of why are those pages being allowed to exist on the above-ground open non-secret internet realm?
So then the question arises : is there a father-controller to whom both ISIS and these internet giants swear allegiance? Any other setup is highly unlikely.
Microsoft forced to back off tricky Win10 upgrade prompts
Microsoft dispensed with the historical function of the red "x" in the upgrade prompts to instead use it as authorisation for the upgrade process; clicking the button meant users gave their consent for the upgrade to take place.
>> Holy Shit can you believe this is actually happening? It looks like something that could only happen in a fiction story. Forget the executives.. who the bloody hell are the coders that are making this happen?
Global terror database World-Check leaked
The terrorist database used by global banks and intelligence agencies World-Check has reportedly leaked online.
The mid-2014 version of the database contains some 2.2 million records and is used by 49 of the world's 50 largest banks, along with 300 government and intelligence agencies.
The Thomson Reuters database is accused of falsely designating citizens and organisations as terrorists. Banks have used this data in whole or in part to shutter accounts, effectively locking people out of vast swathes of the global banking system.
25,000 malware-riddled CCTV cameras form network-crashing botnet
... A massive network of hacked CCTV cameras is being used to bring down computers around the world, we're told.
The unusual 25,000-strong botnet was apparently spotted by US security outfit Sucuri when it investigated an online assault against an ordinary jewelry store.
The shop's website was flooded offline after drowning in 35,000 junk HTTP requests per second. When Sucuri attempted to thwart the network tsunami, the botnet stepped up its output and dumped more than 50,000 HTTP requests per second on the store's website.
When the security biz dug into the source of the duff packets, it found they were all coming from internet-connected CCTV cameras – devices that had been remotely hijacked by miscreants to attack other systems.
This Orwellian Technology Automates Censorship & Is Even Worse Than It Sounds
>> Isn't it already there? If I upload a video to youtube which recorded part of a commercial song that was playing nearby (or even a decently sung song!), then it immediately gets tagged by youtube's system as having content belonging to so and so music company, and youtube activates ads on my video, the proceeds of which go to the company whose track just happened to be sung by someone recorded in my video. This has actually happened with some videos I've uploaded! So with the exact same technology youtube could very well have caught out most ISIS related stuff.. but they haven't because they don't WANT to. Because the guys at the helm are subservient to the same masters that the terrorist orgs are doing the bidding of.

----------- ok enough of links from ------
Vehicular cycling is dead, just don't bury the body yet
... For a long time, this was a dominant idea among North American bike advocates, but over the last 20 years, a counter theory grew that was, in some ways, the polar opposite. Rather than accepting bicycles as vehicles on a road, the new idea has cyclists being accommodated with dedicated infrastructure that keeps them segregated from cars.
... What happened instead was some hearty bicycle lovers adopted the tenets of vehicular cycling in the way they got around cities. They started riding in the centre of lanes instead of cowering in the gutter lane. They asserted their rights to the road, and made those cross-traffic left-hand turns that make less confident cyclists gasp in horror. All of which pissed off those drivers who thought they owned the road.
FEMA Investigator's Shock 9/11 Claim: "Vault Contents Emptied Before Attack … They Knew It Was Going To Happen"
>> Kurt Sonnenfeld .. keep this name in mind.
Media Silent as Concealed Carrier Stops Mass Shooting in Progress at a South Carolina Nightclub
.. "His rounds struck 3 victims, and almost struck a fourth victim, who in self-defense, pulled his own weapon and fired, striking Thompson in the leg,"
Hacked Emails Expose US NATO General Plotting Conflict with Russia
... "The Pentagon needs that kind of enemy," Kwiatkowski continued. "And [U.S. Secretary of Defense] Ashton Carter, if you listen to what he says continually — even from the beginning of time he was put in office — his job is fundraising, just like the university president's job is not education but rather fundraising. Ashton Carter's job is also fundraising, and he fundraises through this process of identifying, pushing, and delivering up an enemy that will justify their budgets."
5 Best Homesteading YouTube Channels to Binge Watch
These YouTube homesteaders share their personal experiences through vlogs and courses. They teach methods for raising livestock, growing fruits and vegetables, preparing and preserving food, homeschooling, and saving and making money.These YouTube homesteaders highlighted below share their personal experiences through vlogs and courses. They teach methods for raising livestock, growing fruits and vegetables, preparing and preserving food, homeschooling, and saving and making money.
>> With so much overt instruction from the MSM  that we must all hate Trump (eerily similar to how in India we're continuously being instructed to hate Kejriwal), it makes common sense to check out what the other side has to say and find out what the MSM is trying to distract us from this time.
Donald Trump: The only presidential candidate to tell the truth about vaccines
... In a series of tweets made in September 2014, the presidential candidate expressed concerns about administering vaccines to children in large doses. He suggested that administering vaccines in small doses over time might be able to reduce autism rates in children.
... Trump recognized that his views went against what most physicians were willing to admit. "But I couldn't care less," said Trump. "I've seen people where they have a perfectly healthy child, and they go for the vaccinations and a month later the child is no longer healthy."
CNN tried to destroy Donald Trump with vaccine autism question, but he gave this amazing response
Belgium: Nigel Farage speaks to the European Parliament (Video)
Donald Trump Introduces Health Care Plan
Adani Snatched Dal From Your Plate. Potential Scam Worth ₹1,90,000 Crore Unearthed
... In 2014, Adani had formed a joint venture with Wilmar Company of Singapore for the marketing of food items in India. This joint venture company worked to collect the agricultural produce on large scale from the farmers in major states producing pulses. Since there was a cap imposed on the amount of collection and storage, Adani utilized his political influence and got a government order passed which removed the cap. This allowed the company to collect and store the three types of pulses into their warehouses. At that time, the entire produce of the three states were in the possession of Adani's company approximately 100 lakh tons. This gave them control over the prices and they started selling the pulses at ₹220 per kilogram which were bought merely at ₹30 per kilograms. It is estimated that Adani's Joint venture company earned total profit of ₹1,90,000 Crores rupees through this route
... Gautam Adani has always been at the close proximity with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. After Modi was sworn-in, Adani was seen accompanying him on most of his foreign trips. The massive $1 Billion loan was also provided by the SBI to Adani groups in spite of him being under massive debt.
.... It is estimated that amount that Adani owes to the financial institution is equivalent to the debt of all the farmers in India.
This is a conspiracy to paralyse Delhi CM's office: Manish Sisodia on Delhi Principal Secretary's arrest

Tweets from Manish Sisodya:
There is a conspiracy to paralyse the CM office - Pr and Dy Secy to CM arrested, Asst Secy transferred to Andaman. All in one day! (1/n)
This is the lowest levels to which a Central govt has stooped, from the time Delhi has had an elected govt in 1991 (2/n)
11 senior officers have been transferred out of Delhi on a single day, that too illegally without meeting of Joint Cadre Authority (3/n)
Senior officer handling major project of large scale devt of unauthorized colonies in next one yr has been transferred to Andaman (4/n)
Senior officer in-charge of ambitious project of installation of CCTV cameras in all govt schools transferred to Andaman (5/n)
Delhi has 300 sanctioned DANICS posts, has 65 posted - now 8 transferred. Andaman has 24 sanctioned posts, has 23 & 8 more sent there (7/n)
Today one of our minister's, Kapil Mishra was called for questioning by the ACB. This is clearly an attempt to paralyse our govt (8/n)
All this is happening bcoz AAP is winning the elections in Punjab and Goa and garnering massive support in Gujarat (9/n)
Modi ji, let me tell you - we've been elected by ppl of Delhi, we shall run an effective govt for them despite all your attacks on us! (n/n)
Will address Press Conference at 9pm to expose Modi ji's attempt to paralyze Delhi govt
Two days and Two judges recused themselves. Independent Judiciary? Monday - JS Khehar Tuesday - L.Nageswara Rao
Two consecutive Supreme Court judges have recused themselves from being judge at a hearing of AAP Govt's petition on interpretation of Article 239 AA on Delhi Govt's power.
Just Add It To A Glass Of Water: It burns Fat, It Protects The Heart, And It Prevents Diabetes…
>> slices of cucumber in water
Spray This Simple Mixture And You Will Never See Weeds In Your Garden Again!
>>     Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with Epsum salt and dish soap
As Modi Cabinet Swells, His 'Sincerity of Approach' Is Not Evident on the Ground
The Kafala System And The Indian 'Slaves' In Qatar
... in practice it consists of three basic features: it establishes that entry for the purposes of work requires a local sponsor; it establishes the sponsor's responsibility for the sponsored migrant's housing, employment conditions, and other benefits; and it establishes that the migrant's exit and the migrant's capacity to change employers is subject to the sponsor's permission."
... Horrendous stories of mistreatment proliferate in the country -- of men dropping dead on building sites, or committing suicide by running in front of cars to end their misery and to allow their families to collect a little insurance money because they haven't been paid. The International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) has claimed that 4000 workers would have lost their lives before the first ball is kicked in Qatar 2022 world Cup. The same piece quotes the Indian ambassador stating that more than 700 Indian workers died in Qatar between 2010 and 2012.
Most Bizarre: Kingfisher Airlines' Accounting Books Have Gone Missing
Husband, In-Laws Tattoo Expletives On Rajasthan Woman's Forehead After Raping Her
>> A reminder that we're still living in this country only.
Putin crushes CNN smartass Fareed Zakaria on Donald Trump and US elections
>> listen to Putin's statements. This is the kind of maturity we need from our leaders.
Snapshots of Donald trump from 1980s. He's consistent.
Articles by Vlad, someone from Russia who's interested in education and who I met at Urmila's place.
T.M. Krishna's open letter to Prime Minister
.. from 2015, demanding a full condemnation of Dadri lynching and other hate crimes that have been happening
New Political Earthquake in Brazil: Is It Now Time for Media Outlets to Call This a "Coup"?
>> A 75-minute recording between plotters has been leaked, validating the assertions of the impeached president's supporters and incriminating the elites, elite-owned media, military and Supreme Court justices in a plot to subvert democracy and stop investigations of corruption scandals in which they had been implicated.
Will provide free medicine in hospitals with money saved from flyover projects: Kejriwal
Delhi government runs around 38 hospitals across the metropolis.
... Kejriwal said that the decision to provide the services free of cost has been made possible by efficiency of thecity's Public Works Department (PWD), headed by Home MinisterSatyender Jain, which he claimed "has saved Rs 350 crore" in construction of the three flyovers.
... "Jain and I had estimated that if we want to provide facilities such as x-ray, ultrasound, blood tests and medicines for free in government hospitals we would have to set aside around Rs 350 crore. Now the money saved in building the elevated corridors will be used for this purpose which is your right," Kejriwal said.
... Delhi government runs around 38 hospitals across the metropolis.
Giant 'UFO' Seen Above Miami Airport
Airports workers in Miami were left stunned when a giant UFO floated above them, lighting up the night sky.
Julian Assange: My Next Leak Will Ensure Hillary's Arrest
Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has said that Wikileaks have obtained information that, when released soon, will guarantee a Hillary Clinton indictment.
Scientist Who Discovered That GMO's Cause Tumors Wins Lawsuit
A court has ruled that French Professor Gilles-Eric Séralini was correct when he concluded that GMO food, when fed to rats, caused serious health problems including tumors.
Jesse Ventura Thanked By Putin For His Work While Visiting Moscow
... While at the reception, Ventura, who had never been to the country previously, says he was shocked at how much the nation was progressing towarurds freedom, not just in the free market but in basic human rights, and how the United States has been heading in the wrong direction.
Jill Stein's Best Live Tweets During Trump's RNC Speech
>> Everything people blindly believed Obama would bring but didn't take it in writing from him.
... Protect Mother Earth:
... Lead on a global treaty to halt climate change. End destructive energy extraction: fracking, tar sands, offshore drilling, oil trains, mountaintop removal, and uranium mines. Protect our public lands, water supplies, biological diversity, parks, and pollinators. Label GMOs, and put a moratorium on GMOs and pesticides until they are proven safe. Protect the rights of future generations.
How This Entrepreneur Is Turning a Profit in Developing Countries
D.light's story
We Must Reject Economic Cannibalism
By John Perkins, Truthout | Op-Ed
Bhoomi magazine
Petition: Request government to regulate private school's fees. (Maharashtra)
>> the way Delhi govt has successfully done.
International Permaculture Convergence 2017
Putin's Warning: Full Speech 2016
... This candid conversation took place with representatives of various media outlets during the St Petersburg International Economic Forum, in June 2016. Putin urged journalists to report genuinely on the impending danger that is a nuclear arms race.
Nobody has anything to gain from a nuclear stand-off against Russia. The power hungry decision-makers are few in number, but powerful enough to have subverted mainstream media to misrepresent Russia as the main threat to international security.
... Today, there is no instrument in international law that prevents the possibility of mutually assured destruction. Putin has been sending out warnings for over 10 years – all of which fell on deaf ears. Who will push the button first?
>> Something we should note here: Our planet today is at much greater risk of thermonuclear armageddon than it was though the 80s and 90s. But this time it's not on the minds of the population, so we're going towards it blindly. Before the population was well aware and there was a conscious push towards restraint. In this the world's mainstream media have played a major role, while credit for taking us towards destruction lies squarely in USA's hands. When Bush withdrew from the arms treaty, he basically wrote a death warrant for every living being on the planet.
Putin at Youth Summit.
>> The humour exchanged here, the simplicity.. something to be noted. And here Putin blows to shreds one aspect of nationalism's narrow-mindedness : he refutes the idea that if youngsters leave the country in search of better livelihoods then they're being traitors to their motherland. Instead he brings back the responsibility on the State to create fruitful conditions in the motherland so youngsters aren't forced to leave.
Mehbooba Mufti: Sacrifice of children won't go waste; securitymen had no idea they were targeting Burhan Wani
... "Mufti (Mohammad Sayeed) Sahib used to tell me that we need to change the mindset of Delhi. We are saying we need to change the thoughts of people here but we will have to do it there (Delhi) as well. I will not work like this. An atmosphere has to be created where they (Delhi) can also move forward. Otherwise, everything will be lost."
Irom Sharmila's decision to call off her fast against AFSPA reflects the state's failure to engage
Irom Sharmila's decision to end her fast is a moment for us to pause, and take stock.
Interesting spirituality / mental balance focused articles

The Delhi BJP demanded cancellation of Health Minister Satyendra Jain's daughter's "appointment" as adviser for the Aam Aadmi Mohalla Clinics. (
>> Can we ever expect BJP themselves to cancel all appointments of their own relatives and so implement what they're demanding?
Navdaya Times article, 15 July '16
>> blowback : Satyendra Jain's daughter has resigned. Turns out she's an architect and has been volunteering pro bono with the mohalla clinics project, was involved in the design of the first one too. She had turned down an admission at IIM-Indore to continue volunteering with Mohalla Clinics. The position was of advisor without any executive powers, but anyways, she has now resigned and now the big question is : will the BJP also live up to the standards they were demanding and remove their own MLA's/MP's kin from profit-making positions
I'm a Physicist At CERN We've Done Something We Shouldn't Have Done (3 parts) The Heart Followers
Inside a glass dome in Northern Norway, lives a family of five. In the inhospitable Arctic climate the Heart Followers have found their unique way of life.
Released 28 Pages Reveal Double Cross War On USA
Documents show why the elite wanted this information suppressed
Arvind Kejriwal salutes Navjot Sidhu, likely to join AAP in next few days
In the war of right or wrong, you can't afford to be neutral: Sidhu
Former Gujarat BJP MLA, Yatin Oza, joins AAP, says Amit Shah and Owaisi had secret deal before Bihar elections
After Sidhu, Kirti Azad's wife likely to join AAP
Azad retweeted a news report of his wife Poonam Azad joining the AAP from his twitter handle.
Plugging the leaks : Local economic development as if people and the planet mattered
>> Shared by a friend. "This is a very interesting on actions local communities can take vis-a-vis local economies... practical and seems doable."

Turkey Failed Coup Attempt
Military coup was well planned and very nearly succeeded, say Turkish officials
Government ministers admit they fully expected to be killed by army rebels, but plotters blundered by attacking parliament, alienating potential supporters
India taginfo : indexing, doing cool things with OSM (OpenStreetMap) metadata for India.
Video interviewing a journalist who is exposing a plan to declare martial law in USA.

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