Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Interesting links for November 2016

A LOT has been happening this month!
>> my question: Why the bloody hell is this man, at the very end of his term, still going around vetoing bills (of allowing 9/11 victim families to sue the Saudi govt for their role in 9/11) and writing executive orders? Is there such a precedent in past US presidents? I feel he's behaving as if he has no intention of leaving the US Administration in the near future. What if.. Obama and Hillary do a mutual switch : she becomes president and he becomes secretary of state or some other high executive position, after the election? Won't that result into the prolonging of an 8 year regime into a 16 year regime?
... Last week's attack on multiple websites including Twitter,
Spotify, and Reddit was carried out using internet-connected home
devices as means of overloading the sites, experts have found.
... The "global event" involved "tens of millions" of internet
addresses, analysts said, and used the 'internet of things" - home
devices connected to the web - as a means of overwhelming sites with
coordinated messages from thousands of machines.
>> From a simple cost-benefit analysis point of view, is it worthwhile to even bother going into this IoT thing? The critical requirements here are smallest size, lightest processing and so simplest programming in the devices. And the demands of robust secure systems violate these critical requirements. Obviously manufacturers have a clear motive to not be bothered with properly securing all these devices and would rather outsource that headache to the people implementing them.
Formally detained by the police. No idea where they are taking me.
>> Arvind Kejiwal, for visiting the kin of an armyman who committed suicide over OROP.
Obama Slips Up, Secret Group Running Elections Revealed
"Lets learn from Israel" - Putin
..."But watching bombs fall, at the end of the 20th century, smack
bang in the middle of Europe.. I don't know about you, but for me this
was savagery"
..."Libya : there was a resolution for Libya. What was the resolution
about? You're all experts here - you all know. What did it say? It
said "no fly zone". What kind of no fly zone was it when you proceeded
to bomb the territory? They simply rudely perverted the resolution -
again circumventing the United Nations."
PUTIN: Here's the reason Trump 'behaves extravagantly'
... a comment: He doesnt want to start world war III, and this somehow
makes Trump an asset or operative of Putin?

>> My comment: Isn't it perfectly logical for any country in the world to want that the next leader of nuclear-armed, biggest-military-threat USA have good relations with them? Given Hillary Clinton's shenanigans of blaming Russia for all her problems (without any forensic evidence whatsoever) and long-standing aggressive threats made to the Russians for the most part of her 8-year run Secretary of State career (an absolutely unacceptable example of bad statesmanship), and opposed to that, Trump's completely anti-war statements that there's no reason to be fighting Russia and that US should be working together with Russia to defeat ISIS, isn't it the most logical thing on this planet for Russia to openly and unequivocally support whoever stands any chance at all of keeping Clinton away from the Oval Office and away from the nuclear launch buttons?

People are getting all riled up at the fear of "a mad man like" Trump
having his fingers on the nuclear buttons, but they're forgetting that
Trump doesn't have anyone to be firing them at; he doesn't have large
nuclear-armed enemies and entire civilizations that he wants to
obliterate at all costs like Clinton does; his definition of a strong
military is one that protects the borders and not one that goes around
invading other countries. Whereas Hillary Clinton's track record
proves she very much wants to go on invading and destroying more and
more countries.
AAP government installs air purification units, mist fountains and
virtual chimney to control air pollution in Delhi
... In Pune, air purifiers have been installed where there have been
good results. Here too we can set up these purifiers at the central
verge of the roads. Air treatment system will be in place in oneand-
a-half months," Jain added.
... A senior government officer told Mail Today that a third edition
of the odd-even scheme is not on the cards this year as the Kejriwal
dispensation is considering alternative measures to curb pollution.
Delhi transport minister Satyendra Jain also parried questions on the
next installment of odd-even, but suggested a free lane for buses and
heavy vehicles.
...He said the government in collaboration with National Environmental
Engineering Research Institute (NEERI) and IIT (Bombay) will set up
the entire system within 45 days.
... According to a study by the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur,
no more than 25 per cent of fine, toxic particles are emitted by cars
and trucks in winter and that's why the oddeven scheme remained
..."The MCG in collaboration with the district jail is committed to
provide cotton bags made by inmates. We have managed to distribute one
lakh cotton bags among residents to make the city pollution free,"
Satyaprakash said.
... The MCG has also sought help from women's self help groups to
manufacture these cotton bags which the civic body will buy.
... Dirty air scare forces govt to call for cracker-less Diwali festivities
... "A soon to be released report prepared by the UNICEF shows how
children are extremely vulnerable to firecrackers. The issue is not
about Chinese or Indian crackers.
... She said that India should mull measures like Beijing where
emergency measures kick in when air quality turns poor. China does not
allow crackers when Beijing's pollution levels are as high as Delhi's.
"There are provisions of heavy penalties in the United Kingdom...
Confessed Clinton hit-man, Larry Nichols: "HILLARY MUST BE STOPPED"!
Gaddafi MUST watch - predict his end and Al Assad laughs
This Is Why The Biggest October Surprise EVER Just Happened in 2016.
Wikileaks Drops Bombshell On Clinton Campaign
There's an internal coup breaking in the Hillary Clinton camp, and
former deputy Secretary of State Steve Pieczenik gives a historic,
rare interview
Emergency! Man Behind Brexit Issues Warning For America
Law Enforcement Begs World: Read Hillary Emails to Find Child Rape Evidence
Hillary linked to child sex ring, emails suggest
Alex Jones explains how Reddit users have cracked the pedophile codes
in Podesta's emails made public by WikiLeaks.
Roger Stone: Hillary To Lose Election, May Stage False Flag
The elites are getting desperate

.. and, on cue...
ISIS Calls For "Slaughter Of Americans" On Election Day
"There is no difference between the Republican and Democratic parties
in their "policies against Islam and Muslims"
Breaking: Secret Service Stops Trump Assassin
Clinton supporter taken into custody
Secret Service stopped a would-be assassin from reportedly shooting
Donald Trump at a campaign event in Reno, Nevada.
>> shouldn't the media be held liable for fear-mongering, promoting paranoia and egging people on to do this?
Why was NDTV India banned and what does the law say?
'Indirect Physical Impact': Russia Tests Unequaled Energy Weapons
... "It has an indirect physical impact on air-borne equipment of
planes and UAVs, and neutralizes high-precision weapons," he said.
Trump: "It's Time To Close The History Books On The Clintons"
Trump addresses his plan for moving our country in a new direction
from the failed leadership of the last eight years
Trump: "It's Time To Close The History Books On The Clintons"
Trump addresses his plan for moving our country in a new direction
from the failed leadership of the last eight years
OSCE poll watcher violates his own "strict impartiality" code
The leaked documents also reveal deliberate and successful efforts to
manipulate media coverage of election issues in mainstream media
outlets like the The New York Times
Aging shock rocker tears pages out of bible while standing over
decapitated businessman
Polls disappear showing major Hillary collapse among likely voters on
election day

------after the US election results came ---------
Shocking Trump lead sends Clinton supporters running for the border
Watch as election officials hassle Alex Jones
DDoS attack on WikiLeaks stymies new #PodestaEmails release
ISIS forces thousands of civilians to retreat with them from town near
Mosul – UN
US not liberating Raqqa… it's protecting jihadi proxies in Syria
The Neocon-Liberal alliance: Clinton coalition that could trigger WWIII

Google search results show money spent by US election candidates:
Trump $250M, Clinton: $687M.
% of the money from Super PACs and other groups : Trump: 1%, Clinton: 28%
The Neocon-Liberal alliance: Clinton coalition that could trigger WWIII
... The neocons: a group of ultra-hawkish hard-right imperialists, who
are quite happy for the US to illegally invade other sovereign states
and drop bombs all over the world. The liberal-left: who profess their
support for human rights, internationalism and progressive causes.
... At first sight, these two groups don't appear to have much in
common. But the truth is the liberal-left have for a long time been
the accomplices of the endless war lobby.
... Liberal-leftists who couldn't bear the sight of George W. Bush are
lining up with pro-Iraq war hawks to try and get HRC elected.
Film-maker Michael Moore, who made the fiercely anti-Bush documentary,
Fahrenheit 9-11, finds himself on the same side as Bush's speechwriter
David Frum and Robert Kagan, co-founder of the Project for the New
American Century. That would have seemed unthinkable a few years back,
but it's happening today, folks.

>> the above article sums up what I've been observing and trying to convey.
>> below blog by the same auhor:
A Sign of The Times- The Vicious Vendettas of Oliver Kamm, cyberstalker
... I'm launching a crowd-funded legal action for libel and harassment
against Oliver Kamm, The Times newspaper and Rupert Murdoch. Here's
... I'm not the only person to have been pursued by Kamm in such a
creepy way. Peterson and Hermann have documented Kamm's
'pathologically obsessive' attacks on the US anti-war academic Noam
Chomsky. "One feature of the Kamm pathology is the vendetta, and in
pursuit of his vendettas, Kamm displays few constraints", they added.
... Accusing people of doing thing that you've been doing yourself is
of course classic sociopathic behaviour. As is pathological lying and
never recognising the rights of others.
>> Yep, have seen it myself!

>> How online harassment over right and wrong happens, and showing how internet mechanisms are being used by sick people.
>> man, some people just need an obsession to live!
>> Many Bhakts exhibiting similar behavior nowadays.
At the end of a 52 hour mega broadcast Alex breaks down Trump's
victory, and issues a warning
About 18 months ago, hardly anyone believed in making America great again
Clinton will claim Russian hacking, but she has no credibility
Liberal tears flow freely after Trump victory
Shocking Trump lead sends Clinton supporters running for the border
Establishment panics as Trump takes lead
Legendary patriot shares what he thinks of this year's epic election
Election fraud revealed
Death threats against president-elect explode on social media
... The irony of the riots is that many pro-Clinton media outlets
previously circulated the talking point that Trump supporters would be
likely to stage violent unrest after they lost the election.
...Twitter was also inundated with death threats, with leftists either
hoping for or personally expressing their willingness to carry out
Trump's assassination.
At the end of a 52 hour mega broadcast Alex breaks down Trump's
victory, and issues a warning
Establishment tactics might have backfired as Republicans turn out to
vote in mass
Top 10 Western lies about Syrian conflict
Warning! Elite Will Try To Kill Trump ( audio transmission )
Putin reacts to Trump victory as he speaks at ceremony to welcome new
ambassadors (Streamed Live)
... Mr. Hatoyama suggests one way of resolving the issue: create an
economic free zone, with Russia retaining sovereignty but in such a
way that both Russian and Japanese populations are allowed to coexist
in essentially a free market zone
... India recently negotiated with Iran to settle all payments in
Indian rupees, by-passing the US dollar entirely.
... China and Russia have similar arrangements for the yuan and the
ruble, again, by-passing the US dollar completely.
Breaking News: The New World Order ARE FIGHTING BACK WITH ANTI TRUMP
'How could we be so wrong?': Clinton's stunning election loss floors supporters
>> wow, this article is window-dressing its oligations to include everything but watering it down how! Esp the "clean chit" over Hillary's crimes. They've written as if wikileaks is just another tabloid, and they're blaming the Russians.

>> Are so many of Hillary supporters really just liberal arts / social studies students and profs? What's happened in the academia demographic?
Billionaire Globalist Soros Exposed as Hidden Hand Behind Trump
Protests -- Provoking US 'Color Revolution'
It Looks Like George Soros is Funding the Trump Protests Just Like He
Funded The Ferguson Riots
BREAKING: Soros Orders Attack On Trump Tower, MASSIVE Riots In Chicago
The Clintons and Soros launch America's Purple Revolution
The Anti-Trump Protesters Are Tools of the Oligarchy
... Remember how upset progressives were when Trump said he might not
accept the election result if there was evidence that the vote was
rigged? Now progressives are doing what they damned Trump for saying
he might do under certain conditions.
... The Western presstitutes used the protests in Kiev to delegitimize
a democratically elected government and to set it up for a coup. The
protest pay was good enough that non-Ukrainians came from nearby
countries to participate in the protest in order to collect the money.
At the time I posted the amounts paid daily to protesters. Reports
came in to me from Eastern and Western Europe from people who were not
Ukrainian but were paid to protest as if they were Ukrainians.
... I hope no one thinks that simultaneous protests in 25 cities were
a spontaneous event. How did 25 independent protests manage to come up
with the same slogans and the same signs on the same night following
the election?
... The protests in Kiev were equally pointless, because presidential
elections were only months away.
Why Trump's Presidency Is a Win for Europe
By vowing to rebuild American society, scale back foreign militarism,
de-escalate NATO and seek friendly cooperative relations with Russia,
a United States of America under Donald Trump would not only be a boon
for America's best interests. It would also be a win for Europe.
...Much of the current discontent and disaffection among EU citizens
towards the Brussels-based bloc stems from this unnatural and
unhealthy subservience to Washington.
....Wars in the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia and the
attendant problems of blowback terrorism and influx of refugees are
direct results of European governments following Washington's foreign
policy of regime change and so-called «democracy promotion». Even
though these wars have been illegal and vile transgressions of
international law.
...Some 500 million EU citizens are held ransom to war policies by a
coterie of governments who behave like vassals to Washington.
... Often it seems that Brussels is acting as a rubber-stamp for
foreign policies authored in Washington. No wonder then that in the
view of many EU citizens the functioning of the bloc is seen to be
undemocratic and unrepresentative of their immediate needs. This
explains the soaring rise of anti-EU parties right across the bloc.
The phenomenon has less to do with an inherent popular affinity for
parties labelled «far right» or «xenophobic» and more to do with a
popular desire for democratic governance that attends to urgent social
... Integral to the oligarchy are the corporate-controlled media
monopolies that pontificate to the masses on how they should vote in
elections – elections that have become inconsequential to democratic
... Trump's election, like the Brexit before in Britain earlier this
year, is a popular revolt against the oligarchy. The mass of people
have become sickened and wearied by endless wars and endless economic
austerity, while the rich elite become ever more obscenely wealthy,
and all the while the media propaganda system cynically instructs the
people who to vote for and who not to, knowing full well there will
really be no «hope and change».
... Trump struck a deep popular chord when he called US-led wars in
the Middle East a «disservice to our country and a disservice to
humanity». People got it when he lamented how much American
infrastructure, schools, hospitals, roads, jobs, would have benefited
if the trillions of dollars wasted on wars had instead been invested
at home.
Will Donald Trump keep his promises?
>> carrying an imagined letter from Rockefeller to Trump.. which does a good job of covering everything. And sending some chills down the spine. A good reminder of the difficulties that lie ahead.
Trump wins: coloring-book and Play-Doh therapy for college kids
>> a smack-down on the childishness of the education system
Russia Calls Washington's Bluff, Moves to Finish Syrian War
... When the Kerry-Lavrov ceasefire broke down last month due to
Western-backed terrorists breaching the accord and due to the massacre
by the American air force of Syrian troops at Deir ez-Zor on September
17, the Syrian and Russian military resumed operations with greater
intensity on September 22.
... Russia has evidently set an unwavering course on Syria. That is,
to ensure that the Syrian government of President Bashar al Assad
remains in power as the legitimate sovereign authority as mandated by
the people of Syria; and to ensure that the US-led covert war for
regime change is brought now to a swift, definitive end. Taking the
final terrorist redoubt in east Aleppo is crucial to finishing this
nearly six-year war that has cost half a million lives and up to 10
million refugees – nearly half the nation.
November 13 is World Kindness Day. A mailer on events happening in
Pune to celebrate it.
in Egypt: The invisible demonstrations
... The problem is that should the Egyptian opposition continue to be
splintered - a natural state when you consider that 60,000 political
prisoners languish in Sisi's prisons - it is likely that when the
face-off occurs it will be written by the chaos of the streets rather
than those with an agenda that may offer solutions. Unfiltered anger,
history has shown, is a fire than can burn the innocent along with the
... With prices soaring, safety nets voided by rampant corruption, a
local economic vision dictated by an IMF that has a history of
drowning rather than rescuing, a rising, but not yet boiling rage, the
situation in Egypt today is more complex and unstable than ever.
Indians sent a record $4.6 billion abroad as outward overseas remittances
Home School Mentioned In Trump's Plan For First 100 Days
...Taken from Trump's first 100 day plan:
4. School Choice And Education Opportunity Act. Redirects
education dollars to give parents the right to send their kid to the
public, private, charter, magnet, religious or home school of their
choice. Ends common core, brings education supervision to local
communities. It expands vocational and technical education, and make 2
and 4-year college more affordable.
What? Clinton Camp Says Media Bias Caused Loss
Leftists blame everyone but themselves for embarrassing Clinton loss
Chris Matthews Says What Everyone's Thinking About the Left's
Hysterical Protests
Real reason why Modi govt has carried out surgical strike on your pockets
... What if I told you that total Bad Loans of Indian Banks right now
is close to Rs. 6,00,000 crore. What if I told you that PSU Banks are
in a miserable condition right now, and need immediate infusion of
money to shore up their lending capacities.
... What if I also told you that few weeks ago, credit rating agency
Moody's had stated that Indian banks required Rs. 1.25 lakh crore
capital infusion? What if I told you that in July 2016 the Centre
injected 23,000 crore into 13 public sector banks. What if I told you
that Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said it in 2015 that the Centre
would pump in more than 70,000 crore in PSU banks in coming four
... And..What if I told you that this demonetisation is nothing but a
measure to infuse money in those ailing banks so as to shore up their
lending capacities?
... What for? To curb the menace of black money? By bringing in new
Rs. 2000 note?
... You don't curb black money by bringing in notes of higher
denomination. In fact, you are now simplifying hoarding of black money
by bringing in new notes of higher denomination.
Trump and the decline and fall of the West
... The Soviet Union did not end when it was outspent by Reagan, or
challenged by The Pope. It collapsed when it could no longer sustain
... The failure of the Iraq invasion did not prevent the experiment
being repeated with the same consequences in Libya. The "We Must Do
Something" Brigade kept on doing their something - with cataclysmic
... Do the Poles and Latvians have a better record of absorbing
minorities in their own country than the English do? No. In fact, in
some cases, worse.
>> interesting tables-turn question!
Saudi Arabia admits owing billions of dollars to contractors over oil slump
They Will Blame Everything On Trump | Paul Joseph Watson
Paul Watson: Democrats Are Trying To Overturn The Election
.. What they accuse you of, they're planning.
France likely to extend state of emergency to 'protect democracy'
during elections – PM
>> yeah right!
... The powers also allow for government agencies to step up the
surveillance of telephones and computers.
>> so you can do surveillance on all your opponents!
... to make house arrests without a court order, as well as conduct
searches without a court authorization.
>> so you can confine an opponent or whistleblower, and in a "search", plant false evidence on someone to have them "taken out". Doesn't have to be the presidential candidate; can simply be a key staff member which if taken out or maligned can make your opponent's campaign collapse.
CNN Caught Red Handed Hoaxing The Narrative Of President Donald Trump Protests
>> they got their own cameraman to act as a passionate Hillary supporter. Which means they couldn't get anyone protesting to come and speak up on national television. What does that tell you about these protesters?
Kellyanne Conway: It's up to Clinton, Obama to calm anti-Trump protesters
... Kellyanne Conway, Donald Trump's former campaign manager, said it
is incumbent upon Hillary Clinton, President Obama and other
Democratic leaders to calm their supporters and encourage a peaceful
transition of power amid anti-Trump demonstrations that have swept
U.S. cities since Election Day.
The Far Left Is Planning The Biggest Political Protest In United
States History For Inauguration Day
Radical leftists are calling for thousands upon thousands of activists
to descend upon Washington D.C. on Inauguration Day
... At other times, Barack Obama has stepped in and condemned protests
when they have gotten violent. So why is he just sitting back and
saying nothing now? As the president of the United States, shouldn't
he be trying to calm everyone down?
>> I'd like to point out that attributing "war", "endless war" to Trump while Hillary is the one who's the war candidate trying to spark war with Russia, is kind of exposing the double standards here. Had Hillary won, knowing her pro-war background and declared intentions, would any of these people care to protest her presidency?
Blocks Of Anti-Trump Protest Buses Caught On Tape
We have visual confirmation of how a substantial portion of these
professional, paid protesters arrive at the site of the protest, in
this case Chicago
... Earlier today we showed that, contrary to USA Today's claims that
the anti-Trump protests across the nation are "spontaneous, involving
people from all walks of life", according to Wikileaks documents at
least two of the people profiled by USA Today have a history of being
professional agitators for the Democratic party, whose task is to stir
up popular protests and – in extreme cases – unleash rioting, such as
the following clip showing the latest day of violent protests in
Portland revealed.
Long Death March Of Dismal Dollar Democrats

... There are guys in my neighborhood that I love, that I respect.
That I think have incredible qualities who are not afraid of Mexicans
and not afraid of Muslims and not afraid of blacks. They are afraid of
their insurance premiums.
... Because Stewart is right in this segment. People voted for Trump
for a host of reasons. The majority of which had zero to do with
racism and everything to do with the Democrat party setting their
phasers to "Screw you." Americans are tired of being lectured, beat
down, and having their pockets picked by elitist banana brains living
in DC.
Twitter User Replaces Word 'White' With 'Black,' Gets Banned
... The first comment read: "I fucking hate white people and their
inconsiderate asses for voting for Trump. Fuck you."
The second: "I fucking hate black people and their inconsiderate asses
for voting for Clinton. Fuck you."
The first was found not to be in "violation of Twitter's Rules
regarding abusive behavior," while the second resulted in the user's
account being banned.
More Winning – Ford CEO Calls Donald Trump: Lincoln Plant Will Stay in Kentucky…
>> good analysis of the way corporates answer questions and what they really mean
Why We Are Still In 'The Danger Zone' Until January 20th, 2017
Trump has not even won the presidency yet
... On Monday, December 19th the members of the Electoral College will
gather in all 50 state capitals to cast their votes for president. It
is then, and only then, that the next president of the United States
will be elected.
Soros & Hillary Launch Purple Revolution Against Trump
Globalists try to usurp power from the people
... Is Soros creating a "color revolution" in the US to oppose Trump?
David Knight interviews Wayne Madsen about Soros' history of intrigue
& revolution and recent moves that look like he is repeating his
tactics used in Ukraine & elsewhere:
Times When the "Mainstream Media Created Fake News"… And People Died As a Result
5 Times Corporate Media Got Caught Publishing Fake News Causing the
Death & Suffering of Millions
... Whether it is lies that took us to war, or the perception that a
deadly attack was carried out by a certain group, the impressions they
create play a significant role in determining world events. Often
times, that role is one of deception, ensnaring people into supporting
deadly and costly actions
... A now-notorious list of ostensibly "fake" news sites — created by
a liberal professor, seemingly out of thin air — spread like wildfire
online in the past two days and was eagerly reprinted by corporate
media presstitutes hoping to vindicate their own failed reporting on
the 2016 election.
... This is, in no uncertain terms, a hit list — or, at least, a
laughable attempt — and it fits conveniently into the establishment's
burgeoning war on independent media disguised as a battle against fake
... When corporate media outlets from the Independent and Business
Insider, to the Los Angeles Times and NYMag scrambled over one another
to reprint this irresponsibly contrived hit list, they proved yet
again a lack of journalistic integrity — the same issue that
originally caused regular subscribers to abandon them in the first
>> the list:
1. George W. Bush's Weapons of Mass Destruction
2. Gulf of Tonkin Incident
3. Suppression of brutality perpetrated in Bahrain during the Arab Spring
4. That time Fox News hired a CIA operative who wasn't a CIA operative
5. Vapid anti-marijuana propaganda and the furtherance of the war on drugs
The Mainstream Media's "Fake News" Narrative is Already Beginning to Collapse
Quantcast restores Infowars, blacklist of "fake news websites" removed
... In addition, the list of so-called "fake news websites" created by
a biased extreme leftist social justice warrior professor has now been
removed from where it was hosted on Google Docs.
... The fact that the mainstream media, which has proven itself to be
the experts at "fake news," from fake predictions showing Hillary had
a 98% chance of winning the presidency, to fake rape campus rape
hoaxes, to fake narratives about Trump being responsible for
DNC-sponsored violence at his own rallies, is now lecturing everyone
else about what constitutes "fake news" is deliciously ironic.
Steve Bannon Interviewed: "It's About Americans Not Getting F—ed Over"
"I'm not a white nationalist, I'm a nationalist. I'm an economic nationalist."
... But he speaks in a non-political vernacular, he communicates with
these people in a very visceral way. Nobody in the Democratic party
listened to his speeches, so they had no idea he was delivering such a
compelling and powerful economic message. He shows up 3.5 hours late
in Michigan at 1 in the morning and has 35,000 people waiting in the
cold. When they got [Clinton] off the donor circuit she went to Temple
University and they drew 300 or 400 kids."
Trump's Digital Director: Twitter CEO Personally Censored Our Campaign
The allegations stem from an "upfront deal" Trump's campaign signed
with Twitter back in August 2016.
Left Calls For Internet Kill Switch To Stop Right
Alex Jones responds to liberals calling for censorship of independent media
Barter Economy Is Reborn in Villages as India Cancels Cash
With new bank notes slow to reach rural communities, neighbors swap
rice and honey for vegetables and other essentials
...The lack of cash in the countryside is affecting big-city markets.
The volume of fruits and vegetables arriving at Delhi's Azadpur
wholesale market is down 75% from normal levels, said Yogesh Sonkar, a
trader, on Friday.
India's Cash Crunch Starts to Choke the Food Supply Chain
At a Delhi wholesale produce market, business is running on IOUs; some
farmers have already thrown crops out because of weak sales
'Come See Our Villages, Then You Will Know': Angry Farmers On Notes Ban
... By 9 am, the line outside a bank in Bundelkhand in central Uttar
Pradesh is staggering. Bihari Das is exhausted. He walked ten
kilometres to get to this bank - for the fourth day in a row. "It's
incredibly frustrating for me. I can't afford to do this each day, but
I have to," said the 65-year-old farmer. Each time he has made his
exacting journey to the bank, the cash has run out before he could get
his turn.
... What he is desperate for is 10,000 rupees so he can buy fertilizer
needed for the crops he has just planted in his village.
Currency Ban Hits Tourism In Delhi, Foreigners Left Helpless
Mamata Banerjee To Announce Her Next Move On Currency Ban On Monday
... The COWMesh is an acronym that refers to community owned and
operated multi-media (not multimedia) networks and which follow a
distributed, multi-path, self healing and self sustaining design. The
COW in a COWMesh could refer to Community Owned Wireless, Community
Owned Web or Community Owned World, depending on the ambition and
orientation of the community setting it up.
More Electors Get Death Threats From Hillary Voters
Texas member of electoral commission tells them to "go to hell"
...Hillary voters around the country are bombarding electors with
emails, some of them threatening, in an effort to force them to vote
against the outcome of the presidential election.
... "At first everyone was kinda enchanted by it. Now all the electors
are starting to get beaten down. There are some electors who have been
threatened with harm or with death," Texas elector Alex Kim told NBC
.... "I've had people talk about shoving a gun in my mouth and blowing
my brains out. And I've received dozens and dozens of those emails.
Even the non-threatening-my-life emails are very aggressive," Michael
Banerian told the Detroit News, adding that he has been labeled a
"hateful bigot" by the same people who are violently threatening him.
>> expected.
CALL TO ACTION: Oath Keepers Pledge to Protect Electors from Terrorist
Death Threats
... OFFER OF PROTECTION TO ELECTORS: Oath Keepers is hereby issuing a
standing offer of volunteer protection to any of the Electoral College
Electors who may feel threatened or in danger from leftist radicals
attempting to coerce them into changing their vote as Electors.
... As an association of both current serving and veteran police
officers, military, fire-fighters and other first responders, we Oath
Keepers are duty bound by our oaths to defend the Constitution by
defending the electoral process that is at the core of our republican
form of government. Any attempt to intimidate and coerce an Elector,
through threats of violence, is an act of terrorism, just as much as
an attempt to coerce the voters on Election Day would have been
terrorism. We expect to see such horrid behavior from the likes of
ISIS or in some third world dictatorship where people have guns held
to their heads and are ordered to vote for "El Presidente" … "or
else." But now we are seeing the same kind of political terrorism
here, at home. This is un-American and unacceptable.
... In his written statement, Mr. Banarian declares: I have
received death threats and death wishes from many who have the
audacity to think they can attempt to intimidate others just because
they think they are right. Here's a wake-up call to some on the left
who have been manipulated into harboring deep-seated hatred of those
who have a different opinion than them: it is this hubris that cost
you this election. Check your hate at the door.
Trump Tells TV Executives To Their Face "I Hate You, You Are Liars"
President elect tells media what most Americans have been wanting to
say for years
Leaked Document Shows Trump Does Actually Plan to Build a Wall
"1989 miles planned for rapid build"
>> this is a response to news coming from the opposing sides that it was all just a chunavi joomla
Russian State Media Exposes AMERICAN "Black Sites" AND FEMA CAMPS
Why Feds Are Banning Fireplaces And Wood Stoves
Riots are Waking up Students to the Truth of Trump

#Pizzagate : A possible pedophile network is being uncovered from code
language seen in Podesta leaked emails. Whether it's actually about
child sex trafficking or something else, it's definitely something and
not just random conversations.
... Going through the material of this article is a difficult and
painful process, but it exposes the true mind-state and philosophy of
the occult elite. They publicly celebrate a specific culture of death,
abuse and dehumanization through their art and events, leaving us to
only speculate about what they do behind closed doors.
Mock Human Sacrifice Ritual Caught on Video at CERN (video)
NYT's Defense Of PizzaGate DC Pedophiles Blown Apart - by David Seaman
'Conspiracy Theorist' Max Spiers Found Dead Days After Texting His
Mother to Investigate if Anything 'Happened to Him'
..."Max was a very fit man who was in good health. All I have is a
death certificate from the Polish authorities that it was from natural
causes, but no post-mortem was done so how can they tell that?
...They are also refusing to release any paperwork about it to me
because, absurdly, I don't have his written permission.
Max Spiers: UK refuses to investigate 'suspicious' death of British
conspiracy theorist
39-year-old was 'incredibly strong and fit' until he died within days
of starting to complain of migraines and allegedly vomiting a black
... "If it wasn't true what he talks about then why would they kill
him? Healthy people don't just get sick and die, they get poisoned."
Election Reflections and an Open Letter to Donald Trump - From Foster Gamble
... I object strongly to any of Trump's proposals that are based in
violations, such as:
- expanding Guantánamo
- reinstituting torture
- condoning carpet bombing
- threatening to kill the families of those trying to defend
against imperialist attacks on their families, their cultures and/or
the theft of their country's gold
- supporting random "stop and frisk"
- punishing women for choosing what they do with their own bodies
- dividing immigrant families already here in the U.S.
- expanding nuclear, fracking, coal and other destructive and
unnecessary energy technologies

...I do, however, recognize Trump's equally powerful proposals for
non-violation that we can celebrate — and which demonstrate, by
contrast, how the principle of non-violation is missing in the
proposed policies above. For example, I deeply appreciate Trump's
stated intentions:
- to make peace with Russia
- to audit (and hopefully shut down) the Federal Reserve
- to disband NATO, which I am convinced has become simply the
emerging imperialist One World Army for the New World Order, and
obligates countries to commit soldiers, weapons and taxpayer money to
any member country that claims it is being threatened.

...I admire his informed positions against:
- mandatory vaccination
- coercive globalization
- establishment politics
- the TPP — The Trans-Pacific Partnership and other coercive
sovereignty destroying trade deals
- the bankers' scheme of using false premises about global warming
data to authorize a one world government structure, under their
control, and the mandatory global taxes to fund it.

...The destructive human-caused pollution of the air, soil and
waterways is very real and is one of the reasons our ThriveConnect
initiative is working so hard to bring forward new, clean energy
technologies. But pollution is not solved by Cap and Trade, nor by a
propagandized, false understanding of what causes climate change.
... The funds he will need for infrastructure and other projects could
be easily raised by eliminating the illegitimate Federal Reserve and
its debt and cutting imperialist spending rather than increasing the
military budget.
... Many of the Left and even some on the Right are calling Trump
"racist, bigoted, sexist, misogynist, xenophobic," and even a
neo-Nazi. I have watched very carefully, and I fully understand how
tens of millions have gotten this impression, both here and abroad. He
fed right into it, as did the Liberal and even the Conservative media.
I still believe he and his team have the opportunity and the
obligation to meticulously clear this up, if I am correct in my
observation that these accusations are not actually accurate or to be
the basis of his policies.
... Our conversation on "refugees" from the Middle East is confused by
the lack of acknowledgment that the majority of them are fleeing their
home countries because of the violence of U.S. attacks, intended to
destroy their culture, infrastructure and currencies, followed by
taking over their gold, oil and banking system. Stop the wars and most
of the tragic and unmanageable exodus would stop, too. I believe this
would only have gotten worse with Hillary in charge.
... Forced acceptance of refugees or simply migrants, as we are now
clearly seeing throughout European countries like Germany, Italy,
Austria and Sweden, can lead to grave economic and social destruction
of the host countries. It doesn't work to penalize one group in the
course of attempting to help another.
... It requires that we stop creating the motive for such retaliation
and stop acting like we are not vulnerable to the consequences of
globalist terrorism of which the U.S. has been a central culprit.
... I perceive Trump as wanting to vet potentially dangerous
immigrants and uphold laws against illegal immigration. Kellyanne
Conway and others on his team do a pretty good job of describing this,
but Trump's inadequate and confusing rhetoric has millions angry and
afraid — I believe unnecessarily — although understandably.
... Any accomplished athlete, scientist or artist fails many times in
the process of reaching a high level of proficiency. The same holds
true for business. I believe Trump's bankruptcies may have trained him
well for dealing constructively with the $70+ trillion in government
and banking elite-created U.S. debt and unfunded liabilities that
threaten to enslave our grandchildren.
Trump destroys media stars face to face in his golden tower
... Way back at the beginning of the presidential campaign, I said
that if Trump does nothing but run against the media he'll be doing
the country a great service, because they're all snakes and cover-up
artists and liars and they've been hypnotizing the population for as
long as they've been around. Trump went on to exceed my expectations
in that regard.
... Trump is carrying out a sustained war against big media. He hasn't
stopped. There is no sign he will stop. He knows, and Bannon knows,
that the public is fed up with mainstream media.
... The unchallenged authority of The News has been cracked like an egg.
An open letter to Steve Bannon, Trump's inside man
... 1. .. There should be many, many urban farms in every city in
America. Plots of land where local residents grow and trade and eat
their own fresh, clean, nutritious food. It is a revolutionary act.
... TWO: With federal encouragement, let's have one state (pick one)
in which the following unimpeachable rule applies: any health
practitioner of any stripe can practice freely, as long as he doesn't
offer remedies which are more toxic than the standard medical remedies
for the condition he's treating.
... Deploy the cutting edge of new media—live streaming video on the
Web ... Trump (and perhaps you) do several broadcasts a week directly
to the people, bypassing the tired old media networks and putting them
further in the dumpster where they belong
Before Modi banned Rs 500, Rs 1000 notes BJP was busy investing in real estate
...The party, in power at the Centre, bought several land parcels in
Bihar up to the first week of November.
Bundelkhand farmers on note ban: We survived the drought but Modiji
broke our back
... the farmers are not getting seeds from the local block office. The
shopkeepers are not ready to accept old currency notes for seeds or
fertilisers. "The banks too won't lend us money under these
circumstances. What are we to do now? The delay in sowing is proving
costly for us. Around 80 per cent land of our village is still
uncultivated. We have not been able to sow wheat even though it's
nearly the end of November. There's no hope for the near future," he
"What is a farmer going to do? Suicide? How will we feed our families
during the year? How will we make ends meet? There is no bank in this
village. The nearest one is over 25 km away in Manikpur. This is why
all farmers in here keep their money in cash,"
... "Which farmer was hoarding black money? What was the urgency to
take such a decision during the harvesting and sowing season? The
weather is finally benevolent to us after many years. We were hoping
for a good crop. But the note ban has ruined everything,"
15 days. 10 amendments. Policy paralysis throws Common citizen into
chaos. Is this what minimum government, maximum governance looks like?
Farmers in #Nashik threw away 20 lakh Kg tomatoes on road. Prices
dropped massively.
Saudi Women Sentenced To 20 Lashes For Swearing On WhatsApp
>> from the people that funded Hillary Clinton's campaign
Kejri effect? Punjab govt releases arrested nurses in Patiala
... as 84 nurses were released from Nabha and Patiala jails just
before the scheduled arrival of Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal
at the hospital ...
... These nurses were arrested on November 16 after the president of
the state's nurses and ancillary staff union Karamjeet Kaur jumped
into the Bhakra canal while demanding full pay scales and other
allowances after regularisation of jobs.
... "It was the most inhumane and insensitive act by the government to
keep the nurses in the jail for the last one week even as one of them
was 8 months pregnant,"
Study says demonetisation may spell doom for the economy: Here's why
... The report said though some may presume that prices will fall as
supply would exceed demand, there is a possibility of prices rising if
supply too is curtailed.
... It is the sowing season for the Rabi crop in some parts of the
country and the harvesting season for the Kharif crop and most
purchases and sales in the segment would be made in cash. The report
said farmers would find it difficult to sell their Kharif crop due to
the cash crunch.
... This would then affect their bargaining power, preventing them
from getting a good price. Whereas, those planning to sow won't get
access to inputs. So the farmer won't be able to reap the full
benefits of a good monsoon.
... It further said if the demand for credit is not sensitive to
interest rates, then banks could take more risks while lending. The
housing loan bubble of the US economy might be one such example of
lending to more risky projects, thereby bringing in more volatility
into the system.
... Experts have said that most people with large amounts of black
money do not keep it in cash. So the government still has the
opportunity to take corrective action. It can either roll back the
move or allow people to use the old currency notes for a few more
months, or even postpone the deadline to submit them.
New Rs 500 notes with faulty printing valid: RBI
>> but this makes it easier for counterfeit notes to pass through : anyone can quote the RBI directive to pass off his note as real.
Modi's bank note ban has inflicted pointless suffering on India's poorest
In India, the spectre of black money - untaxed stashes of cash
hoarded by individuals - coexists with the world's highest number of
people living in extreme poverty. This contrast has been there for
... Or was it, as Modi's predecessor Manmohan Singh has called it,
"organised loot and legalised plunder"?
... As could have been anticipated, a crisis has engulfed the nation.
The degree of suffering directly relates to income, with the poorest
of the poor worst affected.
Note ban: How pro-Modi trolls are terrorising our Whatsapp groups
>> this is hilarious!
... Meanwhile, my milk supply had stopped, my domestic help took days
of leave to stand in snaking bank queues, each time being turned down
for lack of cash as she tried desperately to exchange her old notes,
and I was left with 100 rupees in my wallet.
The Battle Against Drought (Hindi) - by Paani Foundation
... This documentary is about the Satyamev Jayate Water Cup
competition that was organised by Paani Foundation in three talukas of
Maharashtra in April 2016. Several miracles were created and many
audacious dreams realised during the 45-day long competition.
... Paani Foundation is a not-for-profit company set up by Aamir Khan
and Kiran Rao in early 2016 in order to work towards creating a
drought-free Maharashtra. The Foundation's team comprises of the core
team members of the Satyamev Jayate show.
... To watch other videos about Paani Foundation's work, visit
Here's the real reason why your ATM has more Rs 2,000 & less of the
new Rs 500 notes
... "Secondly, there is a logistic issue that needs to be addressed.
Although there may be inventory of currency. Moving currency from one
place to another - be it from RBI printing press to currency chest or
from currency chest to bank branches and ATMs - it needs high level of
security and at times quality of road and manpower is an issue," said
a senior official from RBI.
>> What is the very last para in this article hinting at? When you have huge volumes of cash to move around, slip-ups are inevitable, and the officials in charge are having such large workload and pending deliverables that we can expect they will be prejudiced towards covering up rather than sounding alarms about missing cash. Meaning at some or the other place there would be people making off with the cash, new or old. Then co-relate this with the reports of far-flung areas banks still in shortage of money etc. What if money WAS dispatched to them but got lost in transit? Forget public disclosure - is even government tracking any of it? Or is this a free-for-all with enough new bills flying off the presses to cover up for the stashes that go missing?
Russia Claims Horrendous Pentagon Cover-Up in the Battle for Mosul
Extensive U.S. Casualties Unreported in the U.S. Media
Hundreds of porn sites run out of 1 sleepy English town
>> hundreds of locals earned some quick money by agreeing to have their name and address put on the sites as directors without actually being involved. Many of these "directors" had absolutely no clue their companies run porn sites. The motive for the sites is that by addressing here, they can sign up for merchant-level transaction accounts that charge much lower transaction fees. The interesting thing to note here is that it's all legal, and that this is just a fractal of the same thing being done by large corporations all over the world.
... The Peshawar mints will take a while to copy-print our new notes.
>> which means this isn't a long-term solution for the fake currency problem, right?
India Second Unequal Country In The World: Wealth Report
... India is the second most unequal country in the world with the top
one per cent of the population owning nearly 60 per cent of the total
wealth, according to a report.
... According to Global Wealth Report 2016 compiled by Credit Suisse
Research Institute, the gap between the world's haves and have-nots
does not appear to be getting any narrower and a mere 0.7 per cent of
the global population owns nearly half the world's wealth.
Demonetisation is a permanent transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich
Land lost, savings lost, commissions paid, loans bailed out – these
will not come back.
... This unequal impact starts from within households. Working-class
women married to alcoholic, abusive or simply irresponsible husbands
all keep cash squirrelled away for emergencies. Now that money has to
be either lost or revealed and, in either case, the woman loses her
security, exploiting her becomes easier.
... Farmers unable to sow their rabi crop or to sell their produce
will have to turn to moneylenders, especially since demonetisation has
effectively shut down cooperative banks, who are still not allowed to
change money. In the process, they will pay high rates of interest,
and if they can't repay the loan, they may lose their land too.
... The same applies to workers who are being laid off in droves and
small factory owners who are facing closure themselves. All of these
people are being forced to turn in desperation to informal finance and
risk losing assets in return.
... Everyone who has to change money in a hurry – for food, medical
expenses or emergencies – is being forced to approach brokers. ...
With these rates (Rs 400 for a Rs 500 note and Rs 800 for a Rs 1,000
note) being widely reported, whoever is changing money is losing 20%
of that money's value overnight.
>> important to note : The only people who are in a HURRY to change money are the ones who need it for genuine reasons and aren't criminals. The criminals can easily wait this out.
... Small vendors, shopkeepers and hawkers are all losing business to
those with card machines (to the extent that people are not postponing
purchases). Lest you believe in PayTM, you need a smartphone to use
it, and a tax information number if you want to earn more than Rs
10,000 through it. Vendors have begun to sell off their carts and
shopkeepers to close down their shops, and that process will only
... At the macro level, this pattern of wealth transfer is repeating
itself. Flush with cash sucked out of circulation, banks are lowering
interest rates. Some seem to expect this to lead to increased
investment, but it isn't clear why investment will occur when the cash
crunch means there is little or no demand.
... However, there is one group who will immediately benefit from
lower interest rates – those holding loans, the larger the better.
Consider this: according to data in March 2015, India's 10 most
indebted corporate groups were holding Rs 7.3 lakh crores in bank
debt. A drop in interest rates by a single percentage point would
benefit these 10 companies with Rs 7,300 crores this year alone. If
this just seems like good luck, consider that this benefit is
occurring purely because crores of people cannot access their own
money. Banks and corporates are effectively utilising that money
rather than its owners.
... that means Rs 11,400 crores in unreturned notes. What will happen
to this money?
... The most widely reported plan is for the Reserve Bank of India to
give the government a higher dividend based on unreturned notes,
despite the apparent illegality of such a move. If that happens, for
the amount taken from the poor at least, any dividend would be
straightforward robbery. If it does not happen, the savings are still
gone, and those without them will be forced into more desperate
situations – leading to the same losses outlined above.
... None of these shifts are going to be reversed after 50 days. Land
lost, savings lost, jobs lost, commissions paid, people dead from lack
of food or medicine – these will not come back. The gains and losses
are permanent. Moreover, the massive transfer of wealth that
demonetisation is causing is not due to any productive reason
whatsoever. Those who benefit have done nothing to earn their
windfalls, they gain purely because they are more powerful. There
cannot be a more textbook definition of a regressive economic policy.
... But there is no evidence that this government is serious about tax
evasion. India's biggest tax dodgers are large companies – the single
ongoing case against Vodafone is now worth over Rs 20,000 crores. Yet,
the General Anti-Avoidance Rules, which were brought in 2012 to close
the loopholes that the telecom firm Vodafone was using, were never
implemented. Since 2012, both the United Progressive Alliance and the
National Democratic Alliance have kept postponing implementation of
these rules. This year, the NDA also announced that the rules would
not apply to any transaction before April 2017 (penalising past tax
evasion is reserved for those with cash in suitcases, apparently).
Meanwhile, small tax evaders have faced at most a one-time loss, with
a likely return to normal channels (or new ones, such as Bitcoin) in
... A tax windfall – or an RBI dividend – will certainly lead to some
immediate welfare announcements. But this government has neither the
political intent nor the administrative capacity to implement the
long-term, massive hike in public spending that would be required to
even begin to offset the injustice of demonetisation. Demonetisation
is being portrayed as a crusade against tax evaders to help the poor.
Yet, it will leave India's economy more unequal than before, and its
gigantic population of vulnerable people even more vulnerable. A
masterstroke, indeed.

>> wow this article sums a lot of it up. This is exactly in line with global trends of big corporate-funded elite-funded governments. Well, I'm wondering now about how a response to all of this can be non-linear instead of linear. Quoting Steven Greer: "It's not about defeating them. It's about leaving them behind."
You say clean-up is your concern so why no Lokpal in 2 yrs, SC asks Govt
A bench led by Chief Justice of India T S Thakur observed that the law
to have Lokpal was passed after a prolonged struggle by civil society
and it must become functional regardless whether the incumbent
government wants it or not.
Wisconsin receives Stein and Del La Fuente recount petitions Wisconsin
receives Stein and Del La Fuente recount petitions
>> hmm. It could be for genuine reasons. But with the rapid fundraising success which is raising my suspicions, it could also be that Jill Stein is being used by the Hillary campaign to get the recount done, and they might insert their own operatives into the process to swing the result their way.

>> and here's the counter-view:
Breaking: Democrat Counter-Coup Against Trump in Progress
>> important point brought up : majority of the voting fraud being reported was of trump voters' votes being given to hillary, of people being bused around by hillary's side and voting for her several times over, of several counties having more registered voters than their whole populations, of illegal immigrants voting (and revealed by wikileaks that hillary camp intended to use them as vote banks), of people voting on behalf of dead people. These voting frauds were carried out in the swing states where Hillary won. But Jill Stein is targeting only the states where Trump won. So it does seem politically motivated to bring Trump down and make Hillary win instead.
>> talk about 9/11 truth is emerging along with this. I hope it comes out more.
WikiLeaks Delivers Damning Evidence State Department never Intended to
Prosecute HRC
more details here:
(from october)
Donald Trump cancels meeting with New York Times
>> much more here than what the title says. Analysis of Trump's first 100 days plan video, and the significance of how he delivered it (straight to youtube, departure from calling the press etc)
... there is an unprecedented inflow of illegal immigrants happening
at US's south border
... around 3:05, a mention of how when Obama was elected the press was
soo busy glorifying him.
Currency withdrawal: 50% tax, 4-year lock-in for unaccounted deposits
The change in tax law will empower tax officials to impose a minimum
50 per cent tax and a 4-year lock-in for half of the remaining amount
of unaccounted or suspicious deposits.
Jharkhand bandh: 9000 held as vehicles burn, markets are looted,
students protest
The administration said that they would be taking a strict action
against the perpetrators of violence.
>> what was this all about? Only revealed in the last para:
... Amid high drama, the government pushed ahead with amendments in
the tenancy laws – Chotanagpur Tenancy Act (CNTA) and Santhal Paragana
Tenancy Act (SPTA) – which allow the tribals to make commercial use of
their land, something that was prohibited till now. The opposition has
been saying that it would lead to the tribal getting dispossessed of
their land by the corporate.
Interview: Demonetisation move declares all Indians as possible
crooks, unless they can establish otherwise, says Amartya Sen
On the government's demonetisation move, Prof Amartya Sen, in an email
interview to The Indian Express says: "Only an authoritarian
government can calmly cause such misery to the people."
... This will be as much of a failure as the government's earlier
promise of bringing black money stacked away abroad back to India (and
giving all Indians a sudden gift — what an empty promise!). The people
who are best equipped to avoid the intended trap of demonetisation are
precisely the ones who are seasoned dealers in black money — not the
common people and small traders who are undergoing one more misery in
addition to all the deprivations and indignities from which they
It's permanent revolution
Law does not matter, form does not matter. There will be constant mobilisation
... Gambling on demonetisation commits the government, one way or the
other, to come up with new and radical moves with increasing
frequency. If demonetisation fails, the government will have to come
up with something equally radical to make up for this loss. If by some
chance demonetisation is considered a partial success, it will whet
the appetite for more gambling. Either way, expect new googlies from
the government with increasing frequency, whether it is on expenditure
or the taxation side or institutional reform proposals.
... Like all revolutionary talk, this doctrine will have nothing but
contempt for all bourgeois institutional forms. The fact that there is
no governing legislative or statutory provision for rationing money
(as opposed to demonetisation of particular series), will not give
anyone pause. There is no ordinance, no declaration of a financial
emergency. That the RBI's credibility has been severely decimated will
not matter much. It should be truly alarming that a secretary to the
government of India, by fiat, can stand up every morning and issue
more than a hundred and fifty directives regarding your own money. In
the history of independent India, we have not seen this arbitrary a
use of state power when it comes to the sanctity of money. The promise
on your note "I promise to pay the bearer a sum of X rupees" did not
say "only if you keep it in a bank account or only if you withdraw a
certain amount a day or spend it in a certain way or in the case of
marriage withdrawals give it only to people who you can prove do not
have a bank account." Whatever your substantive moves on
demonetisation, the fact that you have rationing without
accountability, seems not to bother us. It is not an infringement of
liberty or exercise of mad discretion. In the age of permanent
revolution, law does not matter, form does not matter. Even the
sovereign's breaking of a promise does not matter; after all, if a
sovereign promises, he can also withdraw the promise.
... The revolution started out by declaring the people as virtuous;
government directives then ended up declaring them cheats. Permanent
revolution begins by appealing to virtue, it ends up using state
>> wow
You have been warned
Demonetisation politics unfolds as a vast morality play. Its
imagination unleashes the state on you, in the name of protecting your
own virtue.
... Second, the measure has failed two reasonable administrative
tests. There is a shocking degree of callousness about the hardships
these measures impose. But equally importantly, as Suyash Rai of
NIPFP, has argued in a wonderful analysis, the policy falls short on
one test: Were there more reasonable, less risky, more predictable
policy measures that would have yielded as much benefit as this one?
The answer is: Yes.
... It would be churlish not to recognise that it comes from the prime
minister's depth of conviction and sincerity. But that is exactly its
danger. What it threatens to institutionalise is a new kind of
politics. This is politics as a vast morality play whose three central
elements are personification, puritanism and punitive imagination.
... When was the last time there was a policy measure that required,
in a manner of speaking, the total mobilisation of society on this
scale, where literally every citizen is being enlisted (or
conscripted, if you prefer) in a policy cause?
... When was the last time literally every citizen is being inducted
into a behaviour change, albeit temporarily?
... But this is exactly the danger, since this move is premised on
dark institutional undercurrents. The personification of policy works
at different levels. To work as a national project, all individuality,
all questions of distributive consequences, have to be effaced. Every
citizen will appear, alternatively, as a patriot or a criminal...
... But most of all, it is evident in the premise of this exercise:
The perfidy of the few can justify imposing hardship on all. We are
all criminals, who through the process of this dialysis, by the mere
act of standing in lines, will come out patriots.
... With personification comes a punitive imagination. The state is
telling you that the honest have nothing to fear. But there is every
sign of unleashing the worst aspects of the Indian state on even
ordinary citizens. The culture of raids on small shopkeepers and
business engaging at best in marginal perfidy of getting rid of
undeclared stocks has been reopened.
... The threat to audit cash injections into Jan Dhan accounts is
silly in the extreme. Even if a few poor are lending their accounts to
launder a lakh or two for commissions, it will probably be a net
redistributive gain.
... The state may want our patriotism. But it still does not trust us.
The state is still the font of virtue that stands above us. It is not
an accident that we are now reintroducing indelible ink marks on those
who try and withdraw even their own money more than once.Thebasic
paternalism and suspicion the state has of citizens will not go away.
That was the philosophical basis of the punitive imagination of the
Indian state, now remobilised under the guise of cleansing.
... There is also a moral puritanism in this: As if the world is
entirely black and white.
... It is manifested in this odd distinction between black and white
money, forgetting the elementary fact that whether money is black or
white depends on where it is at in the cycle of circulation. Hence
they have perpetuated the illusion that we can extract the black,
without hurting the chain of circulation of the white. It is not an
accident that this measure will largely be a wealth tax on those not
sophisticated enough to launder; those who have laundered will go
... I suspect the measure of this that will matter to most people is
not crony capitalism, but whether government officials at mid to lower
levels stop asking for cash bribes.
... But be very wary of the institutional imagination that underlies
it. It will again unleash the state on you, in the name of protecting
your own virtue. What starts as a morality play will end in more

>> Sudden realization : this sort of top-down, over-idealistic, punitive behaviour was predicted about Arvind Kejriwal and AAP during 2014 elections by critics. I see the uncontrolled rage, redirected towards our own brothers and sisters instead of the elites actually causing our problems and strengthened by ideology of war between good and evil that Charles Eisenstein and others have written about.
Demonetization is a foolish step… The poor will suffer the most: Prof Arun Kumar
... As someone gave a very good analogy, if you take out 85 percent
blood from somebody's body and then put five percent into it, what
will happen to that person? He will die. Similarly, when you take out
85 percent liquidity from the economy and slowly replace it by five
percent, then the circulation of income goes down. Footfalls in malls
are falling, charging of mobile phones is declining, the balloon
seller is not able to sell balloons, the small trader is not able to
sell goods. Even the large trader is not able to sell produce because
discretionary expenditure has slowed down. For example, instead of
buying a shirt I decide to buy it next month. So circulation of income
is slowing down, leading to a decrease in demand. When demand slows
down, production slows down, employment drops and investment falls.
And when investment falls it will have long-term consequences.

>> Bright side of #Demonetization ? Gives us a chance to question runaway consumerism and humanity's over-dependence on the state. In rural areas, there is going to be a clear advantage for the traditional organic farmers who save their seeds and grow their own food. With the loss of the illusion of government-backed financial security, resilient and sustainable ways of living will get an opportunity to shine in this storm.
RBI Announces Measures To Suck Liquidity From Banks As Deposits Surge
To tackle the surge in banking system liquidity the RBI relaxed its
liquidity auction rules by expanding its basket of securities that it
accepts as collateral.
>> That's all the content this article had?? What do they mean by this? Would this translate to allowing banks to make riskier investments with people's money? Derivatives trading?
Demonetisation drives 70 per cent trucks off India's roads
... The All India Motor Transport Congress (AIMTC) -- a representative
body for 9.3 million truckers, and more than five million bus
operators, tourist taxis and maxi cabs -- says 70 percent of the
vehicles of their members are already off the roads. The association
warns that if the situation is allowed to persist not only the
supplies of essential commodities like milk, fruits, vegetables and
medicines will get increasingly affected but it will also cripple the
lives of 200 million people directly or indirectly dependent on this
... Gupta said there is also a sharp drop in long-haul movement
because, apart from diesel and tolls, all the other expenses, like the
daily expenses of drivers, local taxes are also paid in cash.

>> This is all looking so wonderfully similar to the oil crunch that Cuba had faced! <3
Nothing Quite Explains The Mammoth Spike In Bank Deposits Just Ahead
Of Modi's Demonetisation Announcement
... RBI data collated by HuffPost India shows that aggregate deposits
with all scheduled commercial banks grew by Rs3.67 lakh crore between
August and September.
... Economics writer Vivek Kaul used data from the Centre for
Monitoring of the Indian Economy to find that the quarterly increase
in demand deposits (most commonly checking and savings accounts) and
time deposits (for example, fixed deposits) between the end of June
2016 and September 2016 was the highest in absolute terms since March
... Moreover, the spike occurred in one fortnight--significantly, the
latter fortnight--rather than in one month, RBI data shows. Aggregate
bank deposits declined in the first half of September and then shot up
by Rs 3.55 lakh crore in the last 15 days of the month. This was the
highest fortnightly increase in both absolute and percentage terms in
six years of RBI data.
... All of which is to say that something unusual, and thusfar
unexplained, happened in September 2016. Final data for October 2016
is as yet unavailable.
... This is significant because of the possibility this spike raises
of people being pre-warned of the upcoming demonetisation and deciding
to deposit large amounts of cash before it kicked in. The peak
occurring in the second half of the month, closer to the
demonetisation announcement, makes it particularly confounding.
... This is significant because of the possibility this spike raises
of people being pre-warned of the upcoming demonetisation and deciding
to deposit large amounts of cash before it kicked in. The peak
occurring in the second half of the month, closer to the
demonetisation announcement, makes it particularly confounding.
Agenda driving Modi govt's demonetisation move is clear: activist Bezwada Wilson
... Modi has a list of 2,000 people whose net worth is upward of $1.3
trillion. Why doesn't he go after them? If he wants to catch those
that mint black money and evade taxes, go after them. Surgically
strike them instead of going after the entire population of 120 crore.

>>got this over whatsapp:
How to convert all your black money into white following the #DeMonetization
-> Step 1 - Create a political party, and get registered under
Representation of People's Act, 1951. [Not a difficult task. There are
more than 1000 registered parties who didn't even contest 2014 Lok
Sabha Election, and EC cannot de-register a party]
-> Step 2 - Donate all your black money to your party in parts, each
part should be less than 20,000. You can make infinite such donations,
and say that they came from people.
[According to the RP Act 1951, the political parties are not required
to report (to the Election Commission of India (ECI)) the name of the
individuals or organizations from whom they have received donations of
amount less than Rs.20,000.]
-> Step 3 - Go to bank, deposit all this amount in the party's account.
[No need to pay any income tax. Political parties are 100% exempted
from income tax]
-> Step 4 - Withdraw the amount as and when you need, in 50/100/2000
rupee notes - It is all white.
[Since Political Parties are not under RTI, you can't ask them how
they spent their money]

So my appeal to Shri Narendra Modiji, Arun Jaitleyji, please cover
these loopholes ASAP.
-> Make it mandatory for Political Parties to disclose every rupee
they get as a donation.
-> Make it mandatory for every political party to come under RTI.
It will be minor inconvenience to Political Parties, but they can do
this for greater good of the country.

Association for Democratic Reforms has long been advocating for such
reforms. Time to implement them, and rid this country of #BlackMoney.

>> LOL, and whoa, what an amazing hack! Yes, yes, let's advocate for these to the leaders of parties who have themselves followed these very methods to get in power!
Modi government 'warns' Chief Justice of India to remain in lakshman rekha
>> essay on capture of large scale human communication by mainstream media
Fully organic in thirteen years :How did they do it - Sikkim's story
So how did they do it? Here are some of the actions they took to
ensure that they achieve this goal
1. Starting with awareness campaigns to explain the concept of organic farming
2. They continued with capacity building and training programmes for
all stakeholders
3. Stopped the purchase and supply of chemical pesticides and
fertilizers and also cancelled subsidies on chemicals
4. Help farmers with conversion into organics
5. Created units for Organic Marketing and Promotion
6. Established center for Excellence for organic farming
7. Set up laboratories for testing and analysis
8. Established accreditation and certification agencies
9. Put up a bio fertilizer production unit
10. Made soil testing mandatory
11. Started production of organic seeds
12. Opened livelihood schools for organic farming
13. Created a State Organic Board for policy decision
14. Introduced Organic farming as a subject in school curriculums!

Two articles by Charles Eisenstein on the US Elections
A Husband Shares How The Taboo Around Sex In Our Country Broke His Marriage

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