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Interesting Links from December 2016

Interesting Links from December 2016
UFO Attack! Turkey Experiences Shocking Mass UFO Sighting
...A fleet of mysterious aircrafts hovering over the skies of Turkey
on Nov. 27 has prompted a mass panic.
... As per Inquistr, the mysterious objects were very similar in
appearance to the famous Phoenix Lights incident back in 1997. There
were also a number of similar UFO sightings in Denver and Texas.
... The story begins with Sultan Erdogan's newest policy reversal in a
year that has seen many such reversals from the Sultan. Initially of
course, the animus of Ankara was directed against Assad's government
in Damascus, and Erdogan was aiding the US-ISIS effort to topple that
government, and along the way, collect a lot of swag from ISIS's oil
smuggling. Then, of course, we had the Russian intervention, the
sudden reversal of the radicals' military fortunes thanks to a few
well-laced Russian bombs and ordnance, then the downing of the Russian
fighter by Turkey. Tensions rose, Russia placed an embargo on against
Turkey and demanded an apology and compensation.
... Equally as suddenly, we saw the abortive coup attempt against Mr.
Erdogan, his bizarre flight from Istanbul accompanied by two Turkish
coup fighters that did not shoot him down, Frau Merkel's refusal to
grant him asylum, his flight back to Istanbul and his twitters and
tweets calling out "the people," and the subsequent collapse of the
coup, which Mr. Erdogan promptly blamed on U.S.-protected Gullen. The
Turks blocked power to Insirlik airbase while the USA quickly shuttled
its nuclear weapons there to eastern Europe and out of Turkey's reach.
This was followed equally quickly by a complete reversal of policy of
Erdogan's part, with visits to Russia, letters of apology to that
country for shooting down its fighter, full compensation for the
family, and re-establishment of relations with Israel, accompanied by
some stiff anti-NATO and anti-EU rhetoric out of Ankara.
... Then, Mr. Erdogan did another apparent about-face, and invaded
Syria once again. This has been followed by some (no doubt sharp and
pointed) phone calls from Mr. Putin, which forced Mr. Erdogan to
reverse course yet again in just a matter of days, backing off from
his statements that Turkey was there to overthrow the Assad regime
once and for all. In reality, I suspect that Mr. Erdogan's target here
was not the Assad regime, but the Kurds, a constant source of
irritation to Ankara.
>> wow that's some good putting together of the pieces!
Erdogan: Turkish forces are in Syria to end Assad's rule
... However, many observers have said that Ankara aims to suppress
Kurdish forces in Syria and prevent them from connecting three de
facto autonomous Kurdish areas into one enclave south of the Turkish
... In October, Turkey's air forces killed between 160 and 200
fighters of the Kurdish YPG militia group in 26 airstrikes conducted
in just one night.
Another Bizarre 'Asthma Rain' Kills 5 People in Kuwait
... Last November, a freak illness called "thunderstorm asthma" had
hit the Australian city of Melbourne, killing at least eight people.
..."Hospitals received 844 emergency cases in two days, five of them
died, three in Mumbarak Hospital and two in the Amiri Hospital,"
Khaled Al-Sahlawi, health ministry undersecretary, said in the report.
"Twenty-six cases were admitted to intensive care units and 45 to
rooms. The rest received treatments."
... a sudden drop in temperature accompanied by severe thunderstorms
had triggered mass pollen allergy asthma attacks.
When rain falls, pollen grains absorb moisture and erupt, spreading
small allergenic particles that could irritate the lungs when inhaled.
These particles could irritate and inflame bronchial tubes, which are
filled with mucus and cause difficulty of breathing.
... After the incident, speculations have risen that the weather
phenomenon is caused by a "biological warfare" agent being tested on
humans, The Daily Sheeple reports.
New Discovery: Water Exists Far Deeper in the Earth Than Previously Thought
... However, the discovery of a high-pressure phase of brucite could
mean that water may be efficiently transported to far deeper into the
Earth without decomposing.
... Mookherjee emphasized that water deep in the Earth plays a
critical role in sustaining geological activity below the planet's
surface. If the planet dries up on the inside, geodynamic activity
ceases and this could lead to the Earth's death.
>> I don't get right now how that works
... Even Levin's fanciful "plotline" of Mengele conducting advanced
genetics projects may have had some kernel of truth, given that only a
few years ago a Brazilian village suddenly started producing children
with blonde hair and blue eyes from a predominantly Brazilian Indian
... it is exactly the point I have argued in my books: post-war Nazi
survival was far from a disorganized rabble simply hiding out in South
America. It was organized, financially very well off, deeply
interconnected with various levels and agencies of postwar governments
and corporations around the world, but it was also possessed of an
independent intelligence capability, including the ability to mount
covert and "wet" operations, and as well able to conduct and continue
some of its wartime black projects and research. Essentially, it is a
kind of extra-territorial state, deeply intertwined with other such
transnational power networks.
... for as I and others have pointed out, the postwar plans for a
continuation of Nazism were less concerned about government than they
were about manufacturing and financial institutions and corporations.
... In a series of laboratory tests the Russian prototype has fired
its projectile at a whopping 6.25 kilometers per second. A weapon
capable of firing at a speed like this renders useless all existing
means of ship, plane or tank protection.
... As the article notes, such technologies, scaled up and perfected,
could conceivable launch projectiles into space
... Additionally, a large enough space-based platform could function
as a non-nuclear strategic bombardment platform in the so-called "Rod
of God" scenario
... And for another thing, they would fall outside current
restrictions undertaken in treaty obligations by certain nations not
to build nuclear weapons: think Germany and Japan here.
>> Lockheed-Martin
... the hearings during the G.W. Bush administration, where Secretary
of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and his assistants were being grilled by
Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney(D- GA.) not only on the Pentagon's
budget procedures, but on the fact that the Pentagon's data processing
contracts were almost exclusively in the hands of corporations like
Boeing, Lockheed-Martin, and so on. In other words, the government was
not processing its data, defense contractors were.
... As we see the move toward the privatization and corporatization of
space in the matter of asteroid mining and so on, with countries (the
USA and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg leading the way) allowing
ownership to minerals mined or recovered from celestial bodies, the
same would seem to apply to any recovered artifacts from celestial
bodies, whether technological or not: these would become proprietary
assets, possibly even to the extent that any information revealed
about human history in these objects might also become proprietary
assets. In other words, one ends with control not only of any
potential (technological) artifacts, but of their historical
implications, and of the database management behind both.
... In the wake of some 48 executions in Saudi Arabia this last weekend...
>> again, remember that Hillary Clinton took major donations from these people..
... declining revenues from oil, the eventuality(?) that the
kingdom's oil reserves, its chief source of revenue, will play out,
lack of agriculture, lack of water, expensive deslination, and an
increasinigly reckless regime that has sponsored wars, has been a long
term sponsor of terrorist organizations, and now most recently is
engaged in what can best be a "crackdown" on "dissidents," none of
this bodes well for the desert kingdom.
... But earlier this year, the strain on the kingdom's finances began
to show when it announced an eight-year delay to its $109 billion
solar programme, which was supposed to produce a third of the nation's
electricity by 2032.
... State revenues also have been hit through blowback from the
kingdom's own short-sighted strategy to undermine competing oil
producers. As I previously reported, Saudi Arabia has maintained high
production levels precisely to keep global oil prices low, making new
ventures unprofitable for rivals such as the US shale gas industry and
other OPEC producers.
... The Saudi treasury has not escaped the fall-out from the resulting
oil profit squeeze – but the idea was that the kingdom's significant
financial reserves would allow it to weather the storm until its
rivals are forced out of the market, unable to cope with the chronic
lack of profitability.
... That hasn't quite happened yet. In the meantime, Saudi Arabia's
considerable reserves are being depleted at unprecedented levels,
dropping from their August 2014 peak of $737 billion to $672bn in May
– falling by about $12bn a month.
... At this rate, by late 2018, the kingdom's reserves could deplete
as low as $200bn, an eventuality that would likely be anticipated by
markets much earlier, triggering capital flight.
... To make up for this prospect, King Salman's approach has been to
accelerate borrowing.
... As with autocratic regimes like Egypt, Syria and Yemen – all of
which are facing various degrees of domestic unrest – one of the first
expenditures to slash in hard times will be lavish domestic subsidies.
... In the long term, with nothing else to export other than oil and
terrorism and beheadings and a barbaric and medieval "culture," the
kingdom has little to offer the world at large.
...In short, the regime is fragile, and increasingly reactionary, and
is showing no signs of change. Change will inevitably overtake and
overwhelm it, of course, but in the meantime, that very fragility
means that the kingdom will play an increasingly destablizing role.

>> And more stuff on Saudi Arabia from an year-old article:
>> this led me to the two articles below.
What is happening at the South Pole?
>> written in 2001. And still intriguing!
... In the 1970's, via airborne radar surveys, they belatedly began to
suspect that they had "inadvertently" (as the story goes) built their
base at the tip of a large subglacial lake. In the years since,
orbital radar mapping (shown below) combined with surface
seismological measurements have confirmed that "Lake Vostok," under
over two miles of solid ice, is the largest lake discovered in the
last 100 years -- roughly the size of Lake Ontario but much deeper in
places (more than 3000 feet! ~ 1000 meters), with about four times the
... The Lake, which is still liquid and not frozen, has been isolated
under the ice sheet since anywhere from 13,000 to 14 million years
ago, depending on who you talk to
... The water in the Lake (determined by surface thermal scans) ranges
from 50 to 65 degrees F, clearly indicating a sub-terranean heat
source. In addition, the whole Lake is covered by a sloping air "dome"
several thousand feet high that has formed (from the "hot" water
melting the overlying ice) just above the Lake's surface.
... Core samples taken by the Russians a couple years ago at their
Vostok Base -- when they drilled down very close to the bottom of the
ice sheet -- have revealed the presence of microbes, nutrients and
various gases -- like methane -- embedded in the clear, refrozen Lake
water just above the "dome."
... Almost immediately after the discovery of the Columbia "Vostok
magnetic anomaly," word began to leak out that JPL was inexplicably
"pulling back from its Vostok exploration program." The reason given
was the previously stated "environmental concerns." This was all well
and good, until unconfirmed reports began to surface that a JPL
spokesperson had admitted at a February press conference that the
National Security Agency (NSA) had literally taken over the JPL polar
research program at Lake Vostok. It was this report which created
something of a firestorm on the Internet.
... A December 2000 report, carried on this Continent by NPR, stated
that "someone at McMurdo had become disoriented" and began to spread
the rumor of a "UFO landing" in Antarctica. There was even a poster
circulating though the Base, depicting a giant spacecraft hovering
directly over McMurdo!
... The individual supposedly responsible was promptly "deported" from
the Continent -- literally put on the next plane back to New Zealand
(the official gateway to McMurdo)! Equally bizarre, at least three
scientists -- including the Russian discoverer of a remarkable set of
geometric "dunes," seen directly above the strongest region of the
Vostok anomaly -- have died on the Continent in the past two years.
Curiously, the causes of these deaths -- all of them young men in
their thirties and forties -- have not been reported.
... After the initial reports of "four emergency extractions," the
number changed to five ... and now twelve McMurdo personnel are
supposedly in need of a dangerous, "emergency medical evacuation" well
into the Antarctic winter season. At one level, this has all the
earmarks of "something" virulently spreading among the limited winter
population at the Base, something that even the fairly complete
medical facilities at McMurdo can no longer cope with.
... Complicating the picture is the fact that the "extractees" are not
research scientists or long-term support personnel, but are all
employees of Raytheon Corporation -- a high-tech firm that is deeply
involved in a variety of black-ops programs for the U.S. government
all around the world.
... This idea (that these two simultaneous "emergencies" are actually
due to some kind of "black ops fiasco" in Antarctica) is reinforced by
another little noticed story coming out of the Amundson-Scott Base --
that the doctor being brought in (to replace the ailing doctor) has
been asked to also bring in "an emergency supply of salt." She's even
been asked to "stuff her own pockets full of salt packets," ostensibly
because there is "no room on the rescue aircraft itself."
... Salt is crucial to survival in outdoor conditions in Antarctica.
The air is so dry, that unless someone exposed to the outdoors there
has a good supply of salt, they are likely to face the possibility of
death by mineral depletion and dehydration. Obviously the Base, after
years of operation, would have a pretty good handle on just how much
salt is needed until the next re-supply plane arrives. So how is it
that they suddenly find themselves desperately without any of it
... Maybe, because they suddenly had a unique situation. Maybe because
a team of scientists and engineers from Raytheon spent a lot of
unplanned days out on the windswept ice, frantically drilling against
the clock, in an all-out effort to break through to the Lake below --
and in the process, used far more than the normal complement of salt
to survive.
... What if these Raytheon black ops personnel did indeed find
"something" in their secret drilling under Vostok -- and needed to get
it back to civilization ASAP for in-depth study. Under this scenario,
the whole idea of an "outbreak" is simply a ruse to cover the need for
a large airplane (a New Zealand C-130 Hercules) dramatically visiting
McMurdo at a time never attempted in all its years before: the only
"way out" for something very important from the Continent. How do you
cover such an operation?
... This whole weird scenario, the discovery of a magnetic anomaly at
an isolated location, the secret digging to uncover an ancient
artifact, the danger of shattering social consequences if the
information is not properly contained, the concoction of an epidemic
as a cover story for the secret activities around the extraction of
the artifact -- is straight out of Clarke's "2001" playbook!
... It seems incredible that so shortly after a war that had decimated
most of Europe and crippled global economies, an expedition to
Antarctica was undertaken with so much haste (it took advantage of the
first available Antarctic summer after the war), at such cost, and
with so much military hardware - unless the operation was absolutely
essential to the security of the United States.
... In the end, the task force came steaming back to the United Sates
with their data, which then, immediately became classified "top
secret". Secretary of the Navy (by this time, Secretary of Defense)
James Forrestal retired... and started to "talk".... not only about
Highjump, but about other things, as well... He was put in Bethesda
Naval Hospital psychiatric ward where he was prevented from seeing or
talking to anyone, including his wife... and... after a short while he
was thrown out the window while trying to hang himself with a bed
... In fact Hitler had authorized several expeditions to the poles
shortly before WWII. Their stated objective was to either to rebuild
and enlarge Germany's whaling fleet or test out weaponry in severely
hostile conditions. Yet, if true, all of this could have been achieved
at the North Pole rather than at both poles and been much closer to
... Then, in the years directly preceding the Second World War, the
Germans laid claim to parts of Antarctica in order to set up a
permanent base there. Given that no country actually owned the
continent and it could not exactly be conquered as no-one lived there
during the winter months at least, it appeared to the Germans that the
most effective way to conquer part of the continent was to physically
travel there, claim it, let others know of their actions and await any
>> whoaa this is a lot of stuff! Will have to come back to this later!
...The concept is the result of an idea by Masayoshi Son, founder and
head of the telecom and Internet giant SoftBank Group. After the
devastation at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant following the 2011
Tohoku earthquake, Son was so shocked by events that he established
the Renewable Energy Institute soon aftewards to help develop and
promote renewable energy.
... His idea was to tap the wind and solar energy power available in
the Gobi Desert region of China, estimated to be equivalent to
thousands of nuclear reactors.
TIDBITS: DEMONSTRATIONS IN PARIS usual, anyone wanting to protect their national and cultural
identity, is labeled as "far right".
... The last time we saw such a disconnect between the people and the
political elite in France, was when a few of the latter ended up
loosing their heads a little over two hundred years ago.
Massive Rally AGAINST Islam In France
>> dated 15 nov 2016.
... Did you hear about this MASSIVE rally in France? You probably
didn't because it's exactly what the mainstream media doesn't want you
to see.
After Months of Hillary Clinton's Health Scandal, Chelsea Posts
Something STRANGE
>> one of the twitter replies:
After Election, the Woman Investigating Clinton Foundation Crimes, FOUND DEAD!
... It has been reported on Reddit that Monica Petersen, working for
the Human Trafficking Center, was in Haiti investigating possible
human trafficking connections to the Clinton Foundation.
... Peterson previously worked for the Colorado Human Trafficking
Council's Data & Research Task Force. Early in 2016, a friend shared
her blog post which was critical of Hillary Clinton's shady dealings
in Haiti.
>> from Jan 2016
People Can't Stop Talking About How Much Hillary's Appearance Has
Changed After the Election
... But in all seriousness, the change is more than a simple makeup
issue. Hillary Clinton has spent years hiding serious illnesses, and
it's clear that the stress from a brutal campaign season caught up
with her. She looks in bad shape, and may need medical attention.

>> My comment: It's surprising to see this attack on speech happening in the West! Were this witch-hunt taking place anywhere in the developing world, what would be your reaction? And where do the so-called liberals think this will end? Do they seriously believe the people should not be left to decide between what is fake and what isn't?
... Infowars, Breitbart, the Drudge Report and other independent
sources are destroying the mainstream media narrative like never
before, and the establishment is getting desperate.
... In an effort to try and censor the liberty movement and free
speech, the mainstream media is now attempting to label legitimate
news sources like Infowars as "fake news" to push towards a
government-led shut down of
... The Washington Post has even gone as far as to label sites like
Infowars as "Russian propaganda fake news" web sites, exemplifying the
last attempt of a dying media conglomerate to force out any and all
dissenting voices.
... Even more concerning, the United States House of Representatives
quietly passed legislation targeting 'Russian propaganda' websites.
...But the calls for censorship do not end with the United States.
The European Union is demanding that Twitter, YouTube and Facebook
censor "illegal hate speech" within 24 hours and content that includes
so-called "fake news," a term so broad that it includes perfectly
legitimate news content.
Microsoft, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter have also announced that they
will be ramping up efforts to remove "extremist" content from their
websites by using a shared database of offenders.
>> And who gave these web services the right to decide all this?? This calls for an exodus of social media users away from the big players.
Syrian Army suspends active military operation in Aleppo – Russian FM
... Syrian government forces have suspended "active military
activities" against militants in eastern Aleppo to enable the
withdrawal of civilians from the city, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey
Lavrov has announced while speaking in Hamburg, Germany.
... The Russian foreign minister also urged the UN special envoy to
Syria, Staffan de Mistura, to "stop sabotaging" the Geneva Syria peace
... Speaking to reporters, he also expressed hope that those
responsible for the recent attack on a Russian mobile hospital in
western Aleppo will be brought to justice. The assault happened
earlier this week and left two female paramedics dead and one chief
pediatrician severely injured.
Putin: Moscow will never accept attitude of intl bodies towards deaths
of Russian medics in Syria
Vote of the Dead: Thousands of 'zombie voters' could be taking part in
British elections
Election recount halted in Michigan, Stein plans appeal
... Goldsmith's ruling determined that there was no reason for the
recount to continue in light of the Michigan Court of Appeals 3-0
ruling against the recount. The Court of Appeals ruling determined
that due to Stein's low vote, she did not qualify as an aggrieved
>> bang on. Why doesn't Hillary ask for the recount herself? Why is she trying to do it through Stein?
... "To date, plaintiffs have not presented evidence of tampering or
mistake. Instead, they present speculative claims going to the
vulnerability of the voting machinery – but not actual injury,"
Goldsmith wrote after hearing arguments.
... Opponents were quick to explain that Michigan's recount law does
not exist in order to prove the legitimacy of the election but rather
to contend the results.
... "Her entire purpose is to audit the Michigan system," Michigan
Attorney General's Office John Bursh said in court, where he explained
that the recount would potentially cost Michigan taxpayers $5 million.
When there is ample evidence of fraud and downright criminality in the
trove of Podesta emails, why is the media hyping the pizza gate
Is it because they can throw in absurd made up stories and spurious
accusations and point to it all being fake?
Warns citizens it will be monitoring angry Facebook posts
... In reality, the German government's own statistics show that
violent crimes have skyrocketed since over a million migrants arrived
in the country.
... The only individual with a shred of common sense appears to be the
chairman of the DPoIG police union, Rainer Wendt, who said that the
murder could have been prevented. "We wouldn't have this victim, and
so many others, if our country had been better prepared for the
dangers that always go along with massive immigration," he told Bild.
... After the mass molestation of women in Cologne on New Year's Eve,
the German government and media conspired to cover-up the incident.
... Reports of rapes, sexual assaults, crime sprees and violent
attacks conducted by migrants in German cities are now commonplace and
have led to a surge in popularity for the right-wing Alternative For
Germany (AfD) party.
... "We are shocked by this crime and at the same time we see that our
warnings about the uncontrolled arrival of hundreds of thousands of
young men from Islamic-patriarchal cultures are written off as
populist," said AfD co-chief Joerg Meuthen.
Washington Post admits article on 'Russian propaganda' & 'fake news'
based on sham research
... Facing threats of legal action, the Washington Post has been
forced to add an editor's note distancing the paper from a dubious
website, PropOrNot, which it had initially endorsed as a group of
nonpartisan experts on "Russian propaganda."
... The Post came under fire on social media for its provocative hit
piece which claimed that "Russia's increasingly sophisticated
propaganda campaign" actually influenced the US presidential election.
... Award-winning journalist Glenn Greenwald, significant in bringing
Edward Snowden's US security revelations to the public, labeled the
Post story"total journalistic garbage."
... More troubling still, PropOrNot listed numerous organizations on
its website as 'allied' with it, yet many of these claimed 'allies'
told The Intercept, and complained on social media, they have nothing
to do with the group and had never even heard of it before the Post
published its story," Greenwald wrote in response to the article.
... In his article, the Post's Craig Timberg did not initially include
a link to PropOrNot's website. "If readers had the opportunity to
visit the site, it would have become instantly apparent that this
group of ostensible experts far more resembles amateur peddlers of
primitive, shallow propagandistic clichés than serious, substantive
analysis and expertise; that it has a blatant, demonstrable bias in
promoting NATO's narrative about the world; and that it is engaging in
extremely dubious McCarthyite tactics about a wide range of critics
and dissenters," Greenwald noted.
... Less than a week after the Post published the article, the US
House of Representatives passed an intelligence authorization bill
containing a provision aimed at tackling what Washington claims is
political interference by Russia on a global level.
Is it possible Jill Stein's recount will actually catch big city
Democrat Machine vote fraud?
Leaked email: Comedy skits produced to make Clintons look good
... The Colbert Report apparently colluded with the Clinton Foundation
to create a favorable public opinion of the controversial
organization, according to an email released by Wikileaks.
... "Sadly, when an earthquake rocked the nation of Haiti in 2010,
corruption moved in faster than the help so desperately needed," said
Bernard Sansaricq, the former president of the Haitian Senate. "Today,
the people of Haiti are still suffering despite the billions of
dollars that have flowed into the Clinton Foundation."
"The Clintons exploited this terrible disaster to steal billions of
dollars from the sick and starving people of Haiti. The world trusted
the Clintons to help the Haitian people during their most desperate
time of need and they were deceived."
...proving his point that he would gain votes in a recount and thus
win the popular vote.
The globalists are on the run, but that means the stakes are higher as
they launch their most desperate plans to enslave humanity
'Bhais' leave Kerala en masse, thanks to Modi's demonetization
... Though they waited more than two weeks without money to float on,
they are taking the train home now, as is evident by the unprecedented
rush in the Thiruvananthapuram-Guwahati Express in the past few days.
... As the cash-strapped local economy brought the construction sector
in Kerala to a standstill, the manual labourers from other states,
popularly known as Bhais in Kerala are leaving the state en masse.
... Pushed to the brink and without money even to book tickets in
advance, most Bhais were seen jostling to get into the overcrowded
general compartments. Kollam Railway Station alone recorded more than
500 general tickets to West Bengal and Assam in the
Thiruvananthapuram-Guwahati Express on this Sunday alone.
Bills of ₹ 2,000 worth ₹ 8 lakhs seized from beedi dealer
... The police suspect that a money laundering mafia was very active
and that they used poor daily labourers from other states to stand in
the queue at banks on a commission basis to get black money exchanged.
>> obvious, right?
... They are also probing the suspicious surge in the sale of used
vehicles in the state.
IT Raid: New currency notes worth ₹70 crore seized in Chennai
... A woman had filed a PIL to the Supreme Court to withdraw ₹500,
₹1000 ban orders
...₹2000 currency notes leave colour when put in water, she had said
>> what the hell is wrong with this journalist / editor? Don't they know that India has a rainy season? What exactly is the laughing matter here??
Demonetisation: After a month, Modi still pleads people to cooperate!
...The death toll due to side-effects of demonetisation has reached almost 100
...Banks, ATMs still do not have 'no cash' board
...Crores of rupees found in new currency
...Is fighting against black money the responsibility of common man alone?
... After exactly one month of announcement of demonetisation, banks
and ATMs have no cash, people are still struggling to withdraw money
and find change. Also, the IT department has seized crores of money in
new notes.
... In Karnataka too, a suicide note
of a government-appointed driver sent shockwaves as he claimed that
hundreds of crores of rupees were being converted into white money.
... Thus it looks like the prominent persons who have power, and the
black money has not been affected by the demonetisation to a great
extent. They have somehow managed to convert their black money into
... Even at this juncture, PM Modi's advise is for the common people
who are already struggling to make their ends meet as most of the
street-side vendors, daily wage workers and small enterprises have
lost their business.
... Modi has promised that everything will be set right within 20 more
days. However, it is quite doubtful that what could not be done in 30
days will be achieved in 20 days.
... Meanwhile, the government is asking people to use their cards and
online payment methods like Paytm, Freecharge etc. But all small shops
and even people are not familiar with this facility. Moreover, these
type of payments are also not always safe.
... The Bank associations themselves have put out a strong message to
the Centre and the RBI that "Please deposit more money in the banks or
let us close the banks." This frustration is the result of people
thronging the bank even before the banks are open and series of
arguments with people when the bank declares there is no cash.
Demonetisation: Bank guard fires shots to disperse ATM crowds in Punjab
... Things went a little crazy at an HDFC ATM in Budhlada, Punjab.
Class of their own
The homeschooling movement is gaining momentum as a growing tribe of
parents rejects the cookie-cutter approach to education.
The Permaculture Patshala comes to Native Place, Kamshet
>> blog on a workshop I attended
>> covers a lot more than what the title says.. on the vote recount attempt, Trump election etc
Washington Post Just Blew The Lid On #PizzaGate Big League

... A day before the shooting, CCTV cameras overlooking the place were
turned away, internet researchers were buzzing about something strange
Finland shooting: three women killed outside Imatra restaurant
... Man held in custody after local politician and two journalists
shot with rifle in centre of small town
... The three women were shot in the head and chest by a sniper who
opened fire on a pedestrian area in the nightlife district just before
midnight on Saturday.
>> And they're calling this a random shooting. My ass. This was an assassination. My God Europe is NOT a safe place to be living in anymore.

>> whoaa, more details have come up on this.
Assassination Of Finnish Reporters Investigating Bizarre "Pizzagate"
Plot Puzzles Russia
... In early May of this year (2016), this report continues,
FSB-BND-AISE investigators turned over to the Finnish Security
Intelligence Service (SUPO) their initial investigative findings, and
that resulted in the destruction of this international human smuggling
ring by Finland's border police authorities.
... Frustratingly, however, this report notes, SUPO investigators in
Finland failed to answer many "loose-end" questions posed by the FSB
relating to this human smuggling ring to include:
1.) Why were transport conveyances (boats/buses/planes/cars, etc.)
owned by a "shell corporation" linked to former Finnish Prime Minister
(and current Finance Minister) Alexander Stubb and Imatra council
leader Tiina Wilén-Jäppinen used by these human smugglers?
2.) Why were numerous underage girl and boy children given
"training/instruction" at the Vuoksenvahti Restaurant in Imatra on
preparing food (pizzas, sandwiches, salads, etc.) and then provided
with United States temporary hospitality worker E2 Visas and then
flown to America?
With these, and many other, questions left unanswered in this
international human smuggling investigation, this report details, FSB
investigators were receptive to a request last week from
Finland'sUutisvuoksi Newspaper (located in Imatra) for a briefing on
this investigations findings—and who sent two of their reporters,
Katri Ikävalko and Anne Vihavainen, to review file notes about this
still open FSB case.
... While reviewing the open case file on this human smuggling sex
ring, this report continues, Finnish reporters Katri Ikävalko and Anne
Vihavainen were, also, briefed by FSB investigators on Federation
documents alleging that Finland's Finance Minister Alexander Stubb is
a long known US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) "operative/agent"
... After informing Finnish journalists Katri Ikävalko and Anne
Vihavainen about all of these "matters/concerns" relating to this
Stubb-Clinton linked sex smuggling ring, this report says, FSB
investigators note that they left Svetogorsk (Russia) to return to
Imatra (Finland) at 13:00hr on 3 December.
... Less than 12 hours later, this report grimly states, Katri
Ikävalko and Anne Vihavainen were assassinated in front of the
Vuoksenvahti Restaurant in Imatra where they went to
"confront/question" council leader Tiina Wilén-Jäppinen (who was also
killed) about this international smuggling sex ring and its links to
her, Minister Stubb and, most importantly, Hillary Clinton.
Barack Obama orders 'full review' of possible Russian hacking in US election
>> bullshit.. more likely the investigation is being done to cover up evidence or plant fake evidence.
.. a comment there: Why is it that the Democrats are always demanding
an investigation of elections that happened when they were in office??
CPS Investigation Ends In Death of Sen Nancy Schaefer
>> She was assassinated alongwith her husband while sleeping (again written off as a murder-suicide by her husband.. how convenient! This seems SO common for the US! Kill two or more people, like the 9/11 author and his 2 kids, or that jounalist's twins and their nanny, and then declare that one of the victims killed the others and then killed self : case closed! ) in 2010 while she was investigating corruption in US's foster care system (and the vid shares statistics on how majority of fostered kids end up very badly), how like the prison system the officials are having financial incentives to adopt more and more kids out to strangers, and 3 days before her death she had revealed on a radio show that "the children were being shipped out to pedophiles..". Before dying she had initiated a documentary exposing this all.
... Last words from Nancy : "Abolish the Federal and State financial
incentives that have turned CPS (child protection services) into a
business that separates families for money." ... "many children
disappear and are never heard from again".
Open letter to PM Modi from a single mother of three
This was shared by a friend on facebook, who is the author. Keeping
identity anonymous to protect the lady from the bhakts.
Wikileaks releases Yemen files leaked from US Embassy in Yemen,
spanning 2009 to 15, covering Hillary's period as Secretart of State.
... "The war in Yemen has produced 3.15 million internally displaced
persons. Although the United States government has provided most of
the bombs and is deeply involved in the conduct of the war itself
reportage on the war in English is conspicuously rare."
... On Monday, Saudi Arabia celebrated the beheading of its 100th
prisoner this year. The story was nowhere to be seen on Arab media
despite the story's circulation on wire services. Even international
media was relatively mute about this milestone compared to what it
might have been if it had concerned a different country. How does a
story like this go unnoticed?
... One of the ways "neutralisation" and "containment" are ensured is
by purchasing hundreds or thousands of subscriptions in targeted
publications. These publications are then expected to return the
favour by becoming an "asset" in the Kingdom's propaganda strategy.
... The Saudi Cables are rife with similar examples, some detailing
the figures and the methods of payment. These range from small but
vital sums of around $2000/year to developing country media outlets –
a figure the Guinean News Agency "urgently needs" as "it would solve
many problems that the agency is facing" – to millions of dollars, as
in the case of Lebanese right-wing television station MTV.
... In cases where "containment" fails to produce the desired effect,
the Kingdom moves on to confrontation. In one example, the Foreign
Minister was following a Royal Decree dated 20 January 2010 to remove
Iran's new Arabic-language news network, Al-Alam, from the main
Riyadh-based regional communications satellite operator, Arabsat.
After the plan failed, Saud Al Faisal sought to "weaken its broadcast
... The cables note with concern that after the fall of Mubarak,
coverage of the upheavals in Egyptian media was "being driven by
public opinion instead of driving public opinion".
>> Ok this is clearly points to the "pizzas" being something, or someone else, entirely.
... "we also have 4 surviving pizzas from last month's session. All
are on sale at an extremely low price, as they are in poor health and
not expected to survive. A requirement is that you finish eating your
pizza after your session."
... and claims of a leaked memo from the US Justice Dept that plans on
making paedophilia legal.
>> more details on late Sen Nancy Schaefer's 4 year investigation into Child Protective Services
>> Confirmed! Go on google, search for anything, and the "News" tab is visible. But search for "comet ping pong pizza" and the "News" tab disappears.
A Clinton Fan Manufactured Fake News That MSNBC Personalities Spread
to Discredit WikiLeaks Docs
Anonymous Leaks to the WashPost About the CIA's Russia Beliefs Are No
Substitute for Evidence
>> two amazing articles by Glenn Greenwald. He pierces through all the rhetoric and digs back to the source of the lies.
Trump Makes America Goldman's Again! #MAGA
>> Nicely pointing out how Golman Sachs has had its moles in every one of the US administrations and how it has benefited from that. Including how both Hillary and Trump are under them. So this should be a big source of concern for the independent media.
... The headlines on Friday were that the director of Trump's National
Economic Council will be Gary Cohn, the president and chief operating
officer of Goldman Sachs. Meanwhile, Trump's pick for treasury
secretary is Steven Mnuchin, a one-time Goldman Sachs partner whose
father was also a Goldman partner. Stephen Bannon, Trump's chief
strategist, also once worked for Goldman.

>> this one is not by glenn greenwald, but by Jon Schwarz, an "unofficial source"
Infowars speaks with Lord Christopher Monckton at the Freedom Force
International conference in Phoenix, Arizona, who says he's pinpointed
the mistake climate scientists made in their exaggerated projection
Washington Post Retracts: Admits Russians Not Running Alt-Right
>> the video has an awesome analogy highlighting the fact that mainstream media is blaming Trump for things happening right now under Obama's presidency and already declaring him as failed when he hasn't even taken office yet.
Cellebrite Software Used to Prosecute Tortured Dissident
.. The Israel-based firm Cellebrite, which specializes in software
that breaches cellphones
... the company's marketing materials promise "unprecedented access"
to "the widest variety of mobile devices and operating systems"
through the use of its trademarked Universal Forensic Extraction
Device, which siphons virtually every scrap of data from a phone and
makes it searchable and browsable on a third-party computer.
Conveniently, the extraction process completely deactivates or
bypasses any password you might have put in place to prevent just this
kind of intrusion.
... As is typical, this report cited "the advancement of ISIS … deep
into Iraq and Syria" as the explanation for Cellebrite's sales to Gulf
and North African states, a rationale Cellebrite repeats in all of its
marketing materials. Left unmentioned was the possibility that
Cellebrite might sell its wares to countries that would buy this power
only to abuse it.
... This source also said that in the prosecution of a co-defendant of
Fateel's, the sole evidence presented against him was his presence in
a private WhatsApp group chat used to discuss Bahraini news.
... But whereas past regimes might have had to put in serious legwork
to find the friends of their political enemies (think long-term
wiretaps, visual surveillance, blackmail), Cellebrite has made
graphing an individual's entire digital network of association as easy
as a few touchscreen taps. Viewed through Cellebrite software, the
contents and connections of someone's phone are actually easier to
browse than they would be on the phone itself.
... It's worrying, at the very least, that a company whose services
have such a great and obvious potential for misuse would have a policy
of not talking about how their services are used.
... Amnesty International's Sara Hashash told The Intercept that
Cellebrite's obligations under international law "are laid out in the
U.N. Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs)," which
say that "companies have a responsibility to respect human rights
wherever they operate in the world" and must "take proactive steps to
ensure that they do not cause or contribute to human rights abuses
within their global operations and respond to any human rights abuses
when they do occur."
... There is a popular line of reasoning that all technologies are
neutral... But this approach misses — perhaps deliberately — that all
technologies have makers, and they're made for a purpose. The gun is
designed to kill, the bomb is designed to immolate, and Cellebrite is
designed to pry, making it inherently more weighty than, say,
Microsoft Excel. Cellebrite's raison d'etre is taking a completely
private thing (your smartphone) and neutralizing that privacy for the
consumption of strangers.

>> worth checking out this article to get a glimpse of what's coming for us in India too with the current trends going on as they are. And for those standing up against invasive and over-patriotic regimes, it helps to know the playing field. Tech as it today will be bane more than boon when the oppressors are running the government.
>> Sad incident, major fire at a building that was being used by young artists, several perished.
>> Did the paint and other materials used by artistes have any role in making the fire so sudden and extreme?
Demonetisation : One Step Forward, Two Steps Back
author, Kobad Ghandy is a political prisoner in Cherlapally Central
Jail, Rangareddy District, Telangana.
... The stated reasons for the 8 November announcement to demonetise
₹500 and ₹1,000 notes such as eradication of black money, counterfeit
currency, and paving the way for a cashless society are examined.
These issues are not addressed by demonetisation and do not justify
the suffering this move has unleashed on the poor and the middle
... Is India a weak state which punishes only the small and weak? The
rich and well-connected wrongdoer is virtually going scot-free … No
one wants to go after the rich and well-connected wrongdoer, which
means they get away with even more. If we are to have strong
sustainable growth, this culture of impunity should stop. (Indian
Express 2016) -- What Raghuram Rajan, the ex-governor of the Reserve
Bank of India (RBI), said in January 2016 is strikingly relevant to
what we see now with the demonetisation exercise.
... The recent month has seen millions of poor and middle-class
people, with no cash to buy food and medicines, standing in long
queues to access their own money from the ATMs and banks, while the
bigwigs of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) were celebrating a
five-day wedding ceremony of an ex-BJP minister (also famous as the
Bellary mining mafia chief) Janardhana Reddy's daughter. Neither the
Reddys nor his guests had any worry about converting their notes,
though this function began barely four days after the demonetisation

>> I was searching for "RBI 2000 note printing statistics" on google, didn't find much yet but look at what the search threw up:
- November 8, 2016 15:02 IST
- Oct 24 2016 - 12:29pm
>>nearly the same article obvious copy-pasting.. no attribution hence even here I can't say if this isn't copied from elsewhere.
- Nov 6
>> to their credit, all these pre-announcement articles only told about new notes coming; not old notes going. That also makes me wonder : what if yes, the new notes were coming as per plan, but the demonetization was an opportunity seen and immediately worked in to the original plan? "Chalo uske saath yeh bhi kar lete hain, it'll be brilliant" types.
Printing of Rs 100 Notes Stalled as Focus on Rs 2,000 and Rs 500
... The Reserve Bank of India's preoccupation with printing the new Rs
2,000 and Rs 500 notes has almost completely stopped the printing of
Rs 100 notes – at this point in time, the most sought after currency –
leaving the country staring at a potentially huge financial and
economic crisis.
... But the production rate of the new Rs 500 notes is "far, far less"
than the Rs 2,000 notes, sources disclosed.
... "is surprising that Rs 2,000 notes are being printed at much
larger volume compared to the Rs 500 notes, when the former suits
businesses while the latter is more commonly used by the public at
... Meanwhile, The Quint has learnt that more than 40,000 ATMs have
become non-functional in many parts of the country after an American
company, ACI Worldwide, recently cancelled the software licence of
Financial Software and Systems Ltd (FSSL), which runs the software
programmes of these ATMs that service at least 30 leading banks.
>> W.T.F
>> titanic sinking image with tipping-up side speech bubble : "Mitron, dekho desh upar jaa raha hai"
Rs 111.3 crore and counting: Here is a conservative list of new cash
seizures reported post-demonetisation
Demonetisation: Reasons and excuses that seem more like afterthoughts
Two things that the government itself is not denying are hardships
caused to people and setback to economy. It is, however, rationalising
these as the "price we need to pay to clean up the system".
... And with terrorist attacks continuing, the efficacy of
demonetisation in containing the menace has also come into serious
questioning. Now remains the cashless economy argument to support the
... Fair enough. But the question is do all these things need
demonetisation as a necessary prerequisite?
... Clearly, demonetisation was not needed to encourage use of plastic
currency or digital transactions. In fact, demonetisation wouldn't
have caused as much damage as it has done now had it been effected
after significantly enhancing the use of plastic currency and digital
transactions first thereby vastly reducing dependence on hard cash
currency use.
... Similarly, it is difficult to understand how and why electoral
reforms couldn't have been undertaken without demonetisation. They
could and should still have been. Not only would it have prevented
rise of speculation and conspiracy theories about the ruling political
party getting the privilege to exhaust its suspect funds before the
announcement but would also have lent a great "charity begins at home"
credibility to its reformist countenance.
... Clearly, the measures and steps being undertaken now as also the
silver lining that some experts are preferring to view about
demonetisation didn't need demonetisation and are either afterthoughts
or benign overlooking of the unnecessary and avoidable disturbance
demonetisation caused to national life.
Don't forget the danger of digital black money - By ANUPAM SARAPH | 10
December, 2016
... Bank accounts opened with UID number are indistinguishable from
'mule accounts' controlled by third parties.
... In the aftermath of the Prime Minister's call to clean out black
money, when Niti Aayog tweets promoting the digital money solutions of
a private company, should you be worried?
... Somewhere, the canvassing for digital platforms has diluted the
Prime Minister's bold call that countless were willing to stand in
long queues for. It transformed the narrative of black money and
shifted to going cashless and digital. The absence of any public
discussion, debate or a policy document by the Niti Aayog, while
promoting payment systems and digital platforms for transactions of
private non-government companies, calls to question our ability to
protect national interests and be free from private lobbies and
conflicts of interest.
... Is it an attempted takeover by private interests of the Prime
Minister's narrative in order to create havens to hide black money
... Strangely the argument for digital starts with the UID number. The
UID is a random number allotted to demographic and biometric data
submitted by private parties. It has never been verified or audited to
confirm the identity, address or even existence of a real person
associated with the number. This means that the existence of ghosts
(non existing persons), fakes (real persons with fake identities) and
duplicates cannot be denied. Using this number as the basis to open
bank accounts, as enabled by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) in
January 2011, onboards virtual customers. The use of the UID number as
the basis for KYC, therefore, allows the creation of bank accounts for
ghosts, fakes and duplicates.
...For sceptics who believe biometrics will prevent such a scenario,
there is no compulsion for biometrics to be used in the process of
onboarding a customer in a bank. Even if it were required, there is no
verification or audit of the biometric ever having happened.
Furthermore, if it was the biometric that uniquely identified you,
making it the safest identifier, why would your UID number ever be
needed to query the UIDAI database? Your biometric would have been the
sole requirement to open your bank account, not your UID number.
... UID based eKYC, or remotely accessing information associated with
an UID number as KYC, enables the creation of bank accounts without
physical presence of any individual. According to the UIDAI, eKYC
brings scale to the ease of onboarding customers. eKYC too was allowed
by the RBI in 2012 after having raised serious concerns and offering a
spirited resistance.
... The UIDAI eKYC procedures require that no data is kept by those
initiating the eKYC other than the response from UIDAI. This response
from the UIDAI is to be kept for at least six months for audit
purposes. The complex network of agencies providing eKYC, the absence
of audit processes being in place and the complete absence of
permanent record of customer information leave no means to verify and
audit the existence of real persons in whose name millions of bank
accounts may have been opened.
... Bank accounts opened solely with the UID number or with documents
obtained on the basis of an UID number are indistinguishable from mule
accounts, or accounts that are controlled by third parties for the
purposes of money laundering. Those in control of such bank accounts
can, therefore, use them to distribute income and accumulate black
wealth to keep it out of the tax radar.
... The orders of August 2015 of the Supreme Court of India actually
make linking, seeding or even doing a eKYC with UID numbers illegal.
The RBI has, however, yet to notify the banks and payment systems
operators to discontinue and disconnect the use of the UID number in
banking operations. The failure to take cognisance of the Supreme
Court's orders and even issue a simple notification prohibiting the
use of the UID number in banking is disregard and disrespect of the
rule of law and contempt of the Supreme Court's orders.
... Jan Dhan bank accounts are the tip of the iceberg in terms of bank
accounts opened with UID as the sole KYC. However, they are visible as
a category of accounts opened solely with UID. 76% of Jan Dhan
accounts were zero balance till one rupee was added to many accounts
to bring down zero balance accounts to 23% so that the concentration
of money deposits would not be noticed. There has been a rise Rs
32,000 crore in Jan Dhan deposits in the two weeks since
demonetisation. The RBI does not publish statistics of the number of
accounts with balances more than Rs 5,000…25,000, 35,000 and 45,000.
If it did, it may tell some stories.
... ANONYMISING MONEY TRANSFERS : When you link your UID number to
your bank accounts, your bank seeds it with the National Payments
Corporation of India (NPCI), a non government Section 8 company under
the Companies Act. The NPCI overwrites the account number associated
with your UID with the latest account number you associated with your
UID number. If you received money into your SBI account seeded with
your UID number and later linked your HDFC account with your UID
number, you have made the money transfer untraceable. This can allow
multiple accounts to receive money without being traceable by simply
associating them transiently with the same UID number.
... When you create a Virtual Payment Address (VPA) using NPCI's
Unified Payment Interface (UPI), you anonymise your money transfers.
Using the VPA your transactions will not reveal your account number to
the parties receiving your payments. So money you transfer from your
VPA to yourself (or any other person) cannot be traced back to you.
... Mobile wallets allow you to receive money into your mobile wallet
account. Mobile wallets need a mobile number. As long as you can
obtain SIM cards you can charge each with up to Rs 10,000 without
needing to do any KYC and Rs 100,000 if you do a KYC. If your mobile
number doesn't identify you, your money transfers will not be traced
back to you. If you used a ghost, fake, duplicate or third persons UID
number to obtain a SIM card, it does not trace back to you.
Unfortunately, TRAIz has been using UID numbers to do KYC for issuing
SIM cards.
... Anonymous or untraceable money transfers are considered by bankers
as money laundering. Money laundering is used to deposit or transfer
black money that may have arisen from corruption, illegal trade or
avoidance of tax during transactions.
... Digital platforms that anonymise the payments made into bank
accounts, accumulate black wealth and hide black income. These
platforms allow the income to stay out of the tax radar as it is
distributed across multiple bank accounts linked with different
identities. These platforms accumulate black wealth as they store the
operators' black income and make it indistinguishable from white money
in other bank accounts.
... Digital platforms offer masking, scale, automation and remote
operations, something cash cannot ever provide. It is, therefore, a
dream come true for black money hoarders, terrorists and organised
criminals. The combination of virtual accounts and anonymising money
transfers creates unprecedented opportunity to launder and hide black
... Going digital, therefore, does not enforce the Prevention of Money
Laundering Act or do away with the responsibilities under the Payment
and Settlement Systems Act. It does not automatically ensure that the
provisions of the Income Tax Act, Central Excise Act, Central Sales
Tax, Customs Act, Service Tax Act, Value Added Tax acts, Property Tax
Acts, Road Tax, Toll Tax etc are complied. It does not eliminate black
>> and now the recommendations:
... WHAT CAN -GOVERNMENT DO? : Firstly, the government needs to
eliminate virtual or benaami accounts. All UID based accounts need to
be frozen till they can be confirmed as legitimate accounts of real
people through pre-UID KYC with no ID or address proof obtained by
using UID numbers. Next, the government needs to end all payment and
settlement systems, digital wallets and payment interfaces that create
virtual addresses or anonymise the payer or payee. Digital transfers
should be through NEFT or RTGS.
... Digital should be a choice of the citizen, the consumer and not a
state dictate. Eliminating the choice is exclusion of those who cannot
or do not wish to be digital. In a country with 70% people living in
rural India, 95% of who are unbanked, and less than 9% of who have
access to internet, digital banking is exclusion of the people. Even
in urban India, mobiles experience call drops, their data plans don't
work, the complaints don't get addressed. Furthermore, there is no
inherent virtue in being digital, nor a constitutional requirement to
become a digital republic.
... The success of the Prime Minister's call for honesty and integrity
hinges on ... It hinges on a policy of governance that is driven by
the purposes of enabling fulfilling lives for all and not mere
digitisation or automation of their lives. It rests on revising
government processes to build trusting relationships with citizens and
tracking and auditing the government's implementation of its budget
and programmes, not people's expenditure on living their lives.
>> Mind-blowing article! Rips the entire Cashless Economy argument to shreds!

And here's a prelude to it, article by same author just before the
Demonetization move:
PM Modi must protect India's banking system from 'hack attack'
... Clayton Christenson, Harvard professor who coined the phrase
"disruptive innovation", has repeated that disruption was about
reaching the un-served and the under-served. Disruption was not about
destroying the existing business processes using technology.
... The common point between the reported banks whose customers are
among the 3.2 million customers compromised in the alleged debit card
hack last week is that they are part of the 17-19 banks of NPCI's
RuPay and UPI initiatives.
... The payment can be initiated by the payer or payee.
>> WTF?? Payee??
... According to reports the NCIIPC (National Critical Information
Infrastructure Protection Centre) has not received any reports of the
incidents as required under the rules. With every hour of delay in
getting independent cyber forensic experts to investigate such
incidents vital evidence to protect the national banking system and
ensure national interest is lost.
... With the government reportedly placing the Consolidated Fund of
India within the ambit of such technology "disruptions" by the NPCI, a
non government public company, the questions are not only of conflict
of public and private interests, but even more seriously about not how
but when will India in the grip of compromisable technologies witness
a cyberwar that will destroy the banking and financial system in
India just made a big mistake with its currency ban
... There are also questions of equity and efficacy. We strongly
suspect that those with the largest amount of ill-gotten gain do not
hold their wealth in cash but instead have long since converted it
into foreign exchange, gold, bitcoin or some other store of value. So
it is petty fortunes, not the hugest and most problematic ones, that
are being targeted.
... Without new measures to combat corruption, we doubt that this
currency reform will have lasting benefits. Corruption will continue
albeit with slightly different arrangements.
... We were not enthusiastic previously about the idea of withdrawing
existing notes from circulation because we judged the costs to exceed
the benefits. The ongoing chaos in India and the resulting loss of
trust in government fortify us in this judgment.
>> on more realistic and less flashy love stories coming in films
Pentagon Buries Evidence of $125 Billion in Bureaucratic Waste
Officials feared Congress would use findings as excuse to slash defense budget
... Pentagon leaders had requested the study to help make their
enormous back-office bureaucracy more efficient and reinvest any
savings in combat power. But after the project documented far more
wasteful spending than expected, senior defense officials moved
swiftly to kill it by discrediting and suppressing the results.
... Based on reams of personnel and cost data, their report revealed
for the first time that the Pentagon was spending almost a quarter of
its $580 billion budget on overhead and core business operations such
as accounting, human resources, logistics and property management.

>> 125 Billion dollars of wastage : Let's compare it with a list government budgets of countries of the world : . So here the Pentagon's waste comes at #28 in a list of 183. It wastes more money than what 84% of the world's countries spend!
Look Who Just Confirmed The Russians Were Not Responsible For
Wikileaks Hacks-The Dems Got It Wrong Again
John Podesta lost his cell phone not long before his emails were
shared on Wikileaks. He sent an email dated 19 July 2015
Understanding Evil: From Globalism To Pizzagate
>> deep, yet to the point.
... The concept of globalism is one of these ideologies that crosses
the line of conscience and pontificates to us about a "superior
method" of living. It relies on taboo, rather than moral compass, and
there is a big difference between the two.
... Globalism tells us that the collective is more important than the
individual, that the individual owes society a debt and that fealty to
society in every respect is the payment for that debt.
... Globalism also tells us that humanity's greatest potential cannot
be reached without collectivism and centralization. The assertion is
that the more single-minded a society is in its pursuits the more
likely it is to effectively achieve its goals. To this end, globalism
seeks to erase all sovereignty.
... At the heart of collectivism is the idea that human beings are
"blank slates;" that we are born empty and are completely dependent on
our environment in order to learn what is right and wrong and how to
be good people or good citizens. The environment becomes the arbiter
of decency, rather than conscience, and whoever controls the
environment, by extension, becomes god.
... To summarize, Jung found that much of the foundations of human
behavior are rooted in inborn psychological contents or "archetypes."
Contrary to the position of Sigmund Freud, Jung argued that while our
environment may affect our behavior to a certain extent, it does not
make us who we are. Rather, we are born with our own individual
personality and grow into our inherent characteristics over time.
... For if there is observable evidence of creative design, then it
would follow that there may every well be a reason for all the trials
and horrors that we experience as a species. Our lives, our failures
and our accomplishments are not random and meaningless. We are
striving toward something, whether we recognize it or not. It may be
beyond our comprehension at this time, but it is there.
The Real Reason Why Global Elites Are Implementing a Cash Ban
Student Accused of Rape By 'Mattress Girl' Sues Columbia U., Publishes
Dozens of Damning Texts
Sulkowicz made life a living hell for Nungesser
This LA Musician Built $1,200 Tiny Houses for the Homeless
Elvis Summers crowdfunded $100,000 to build dozens of tiny homes. City
officials looking to pass a $2 billion housing plan tried to shut him
Was Merely Code for Child Sex Trafficking
... "While the NY Times tries to soft peddle #PizzaGate, Reddit tries
to kill the Sub-Reddit investigation and Twitter attempts to censor
breaking news on the global pedophile ring – it's too late. The genie
is out of the bottle. We will not be stopped. Truth will be revealed.
pedos are running scared."
Pizzagate is a worldwide citizen investigation now
'60% drop in agriculture activity post demonetisation'
>> reported by a fertilizer seller as their sales saw a 60% drop. Now that might actually open a door to a good thing in the longer term, as in the absence of chemical fertilizers, many farmers might start experimenting with more natural methods, observe noteworthy results, attend some ZBNF type sessions and continue the experimentation in the future.
>> Huge numbers of precincts in Michigan have to be disqualified as evidence of fraud emerge that was pro-Hillary.
India's small businesses facing 'apocalypse' amid biggest financial
experiment in history
Demonetisation revolution hits firms and workers as cash runs out, but
now they are braced for the next stage – making all salary payments
... Sharma estimates around 80% of his workforce have left Delhi for
their villages in the past month.
>> whoaa, repopulation of villages? De-slumification? Farmhands returning to farming? What if??
...It is the largest-scale financial experiment in Indian history:
gutting 14 trillion rupees – 86% of the currency in circulation – from
the most cash-dependent major economy in the world.
... More than a month on, India's Reserve Bank has issued around 1.7
billion new notes, with less than one-third the value of what was
removed. The sixth-largest economy in the world is running on 60% less
currency than before. Lines outside banks continue to stretch, and
India's small business lobby says its members are facing an
"apocalypse". But Modi insists he isn't done.
... "How do you think I can pay the workers with a cheque if they
don't have a bank account?" he asks, in a tiny office thick with
incense smoke. "And it takes three days to clear a cheque. What will
they eat during those days?"
... A migrant labourer from Bihar state, she has a bank account, but
has not been able to access her money since early November.
... "I've been standing in [bank] queues from 7am until 5.30 in the
evening," she says. "I still cannot withdraw money, and I lose a day
of work each time."
... The experience has heightened her scepticism about being paid
online. "I am a daily wage worker and I'm not sure if I'll have a job
tomorrow," she says. "If I get [the cash] in hand, I know I have the
... "The downside is: we can't do it. It's a bit like say the
government has announced the end to all poverty by tomorrow. It's not
taking into account any of the obvious constraints that even a child
in India could see."
... Nagendra Sarkar, another of Sharma's employees, has been trying to
open an account in Delhi, but keeps running into an obstacle: he has
no fixed address. "The bank people are asking for papers to prove that
it's my account," he says.
... "Take an example of rickshaw puller who transfers goods from my
shop to the factories," says Pyarlal, a lace factory owner in Gandhi
Nagar. "For one trip I pay him 100 rupees. Does the government expect
me to give him a cheque? I mean, how do I pay him?"
... Such a major reform, even one that might benefit workers, can't be
enforced overnight, Aparna says. "You have to do it gradually, let the
system be put in place, create the infrastructure first."
... Digital payments might be novel, but the ambitious plan is "an old
Indian pathology", he says. "The belief that if you legislate
something, it happens."
Why the corrupt rich will welcome Modi's 'surgical strike on
corruption' - Jayati Ghosh
The sudden withdrawal of 500- and 1,000-rupee notes will batter
India's currency-reliant poor and middle classes, leaving tax evaders
... The most obvious steps – such as taking a strong line on the known
illegal accounts held in Swiss banks and tax havens, or ending the
ability to hold shares without revealing your identity, or making
funding of political parties transparent – have simply not been taken.
... In fact, only a small proportion of the funds received from
illicit tax-evading activities is kept in the form of cash, and almost
never by large players. They tend instead to buy real estate and other
property, hold gold and stocks and shares and, most of all, move the
money abroad. So this move touches only a tiny fraction of the assets
accumulated through illegal activities.
... In any case, it also does nothing to control the source: not just
bribery and corruption, but also inaccurate invoicing by companies,
under-reporting of sales values and overstating costs, reporting
non-existent transactions and so on. These don't require cash: they
are easier and faster using electronic means. Money on its own has no
particular colour; as it flows through different transactions, it
changes from white to black to grey.
... Ironically, the rich – more likely to be "cashless" – are
relatively unscathed; it is the poor and the middle classes, hugely
reliant on currency for daily activities, who are being battered.
.... People have been wasting hours in queues to collect small amounts
of cash that are insufficient for normal activity. The new notes have
come in the form of an even higher denomination (2,000 rupees) that is
unhelpful for daily transactions, since no one has enough change for
this amount.
>> WASTE : the key word here. Enormous amounts of time and resources of everyone are being wasted. The attitude of "if I waste your time then that is not my problem" is showing up like anything. In comparison, consider the oft-used quote in the West : "But I'll pay you for your time". The wisdom that time is money is lost on the people supporting this move.
... Farmers are in dire straits, some with freshly harvested crops
that cannot be sold, others unable to purchase inputs for the next
sowing season. They cannot afford to "bear the pain for 50 days", as
Modi asked in his emotional appeal, because they stand to lose
everything for the last crop and for the coming one. And Indian women,
80% of whom don't have a bank account, may now find they have to use
their stashes of cash, and risk losing control of it, especially in
the face of domestic abuse.
... Ironically, a flourishing black market has emerged for the old
notes, trading at a 20% discount. Big players can get away with a
small loss and plan on restarting their illegal activities once the
new notes are fully in circulation, since nothing is being done about
that. But no one will compensate the millions of Indians who have lost
incomes and employment in the intervening period. No wonder, when the
government claimed that its latest "surgical strike" would involve
some collateral damage, the Indian supreme court said this was more
like a carpet bombing.
... Modi's penchant for optics rather than substance was always
annoying; but this time it has acquired truly damaging proportions.
80 गांवों में पद यात्रा कर सरकार को सड़क पर घेरने की तैयारी में एकता परिषद
70% vegetables going waste, prices nose-dive
.... As wasted fruits and vegetables fill the area and raise a stink,
estimates show that at least 60-70% of the produce is going waste
because supply chain has been disrupted by cashlessness. It is the
same situation at most mandis that come under Uttar Pradesh State
Agricultural Produce Markets Board.
... Wastage at the fruit sellers' end was estimated to be around
40-50%. Tanveer Ahmed, who dealt with exotic fruits like kiwis,
kinnows and grapes said, "We dealt with these fruits on a daily basis
but there have been just one or two business days in the week. The
stock is going waste on a daily basis."
... Hand-to-mouth locals are perhaps the only happy ones in the mandi
because some vendors are giving away their vegetables free. Potato
dealer Mohammad Irshad said, "It will be disrespect of the Almighty if
food is thrown away so it is better some human consumes some it
without paying." Beneficiary of this benevolence, Gita from Birdibagh
said, "I will use the best part for the family while feed the cattle
on the rest."
In Rajasthan, Annapurna Rasoi to serve breakfast for Rs 5, meals Rs 8
Amit Shah's co-operative bank at Ahmedabad Ashramam road gets Rs 500
crore deposit, just after notes ban
... Major part of this 500 crore, is deposited on the same night of
announcement of demonitisation. There are 190 branches for this
co-operative bank. But the money in such large amount is deposited
only in its head office at Ashramam Road. The money has started
flowing to the bank just after the demonitisation announcement on
November 8.
Delhi government decides to slash DTC bus fares by 75% .
... The government has also decided to make DTC bus travel free for
students up to the age of 21-years.
... Government is also planning to reduce the rate of monthly bus pass
from Rs 800 to Rs 250 for non-AC buses and from Rs 1,000 to Rs 250 for
AC buses.
Corruption has increased after demonetisation: Arvind Kejriwal
... He said if Modi wanted to finish corruption or curb black money,
he should have taken action against the 648 people, whose accounts are
in the Swiss bank.
... "I asked Modi to give a date when we will be able to withdraw all
our hard earned money from the banks. It is my fundamental right to
withdraw money.
... "He is not ready to give date. Some people estimate that it will
take four to six months. I want to ask Modji, with all due respect,
please tell us what plan do you have to restore our economy back. They
(union government) don't have any plan," he said.
Stop the government from wasting Rs 3600 crores on building the
Shivaji statue in Mumbai
Don't expect party to do well: BJP's Uttar Pradesh MPs tells Amit Shah
... Most MPs complained about the ill effects of demonetisation in
their constituencies and said cash was still not reaching their areas
even one-and-a-half months after PM Modi's announcement of banning Rs
500 and Rs 1,000 notes.
...The MPs frankly told Shah that they did not expect the party to do
well in the coming UP elections largely because of the massive
inconvenience caused to the people by demonetisation and the fact that
this situation is not going to improve anytime soon.
Modi Is Wrong: His Govt Changed Law On Foreign-Funding Of Political Parties
What is the income of National Parties in India from Unknown Sources?
Desert Farm Grows 17,000 Tons Of Food Without Soil, Pesticides, Fossil
Fuels Or Groundwater
MY STORY: When I Met Anupam Mishra – Water Conservationist,
Environmentalist, a Man of Gentle Wit!
India Youth Jam 2017
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Putin knew Trump would win!
>> again, different article, but nice video of Q&A with Putin at Valdai conference on the charges of him rigging the US elections
Time to blow the whistle - Yogendra Yadav
Parliament is considering an amendment to the Prevention of Corruption
Act which would only end up helping the corrupt. Its passage would
administer a big blow to our already weak anti-corruption mechanism

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