Saturday, June 10, 2017

RT's propaganda?

Here's an explanation on the conundrum about stuff broadcasted on RT,
on the question of russian propaganda, funding vis-a-vis the content
of many of the shows on their international news channel, RT. (like
Abby Martin, Lee Camp etc)

There is an argument that since it's funded by Russia, it must be
carrying their lies.

Given the present situation of the world and the lies about it being
told to us by the western-dominated mainstream media,

The most effective and successful and powerful propaganda on Russia's part,

Would be to give a platform to the truth.

And that is actually ridiculously easier than contriving false
narratives. They simply need to get a good collection of people on
board and let them do and say whatever they want, without the
hawk-like monitoring of higher-ups that is the everyday reality of
western news channel studios. There is no need of spending time and
resources on planning narratives, misrepresenting events and
synchronizing all the channels/shows to make sure they repeat the same

This is precisely why there's been moments recorded of RT where the
news anchor makes some anti-RT or anti-Russia declaration, publicly
resigns and walks off, etc. The reason why you don't see that kind of
stuff on say CNN is because the latter's every second is absolutely
controlled to never get to the point that something like that would
ever happen. The reason why you do see it on RT, is because they
simply don't bother doing the kind of over--regulating that western
media and their repeaters do.

Simply letting people speak their mind is actually the best and most
powerful propaganda that the Russian leadership can do to further
their best interests, under the present world climate.

Truth-telling can be a propaganda tactic with nothing evil about it,
and can be sufficient to counter the western media's propaganda.

Abby Martin Responds to Exploitation by NY Times

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