Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Open data mashup: 2017-22 Pune wards map and corporators

Hi Friends,

Just sharing one outcome of some work on open data:

Friends at CEE took the PDF released by PMC that listed the newly
elected corporators for 2017-22, and made a proper excel table of it.
I combined it with the new wards map of Pune (which I had digitized
earlier), and now you can see exactly which areas in Pune have which
corporators representing them:

What is your home's ward/prahag number? Who are the people
representing your neighborhood ?

The same map also contains the data for the previous wards layout and
2012-17 corporators! Click the "visible layers" at top right and turn
off the 2017-22 layer to be able to see that, with photos! (new
corporators photos coming soon.. get in touch if you want to help with
that!) So here you can see at the same place both present and past
elected representatives of Pune. This is what we mean by
applying/visualizing open data. There are 4 sets of open public data
working in combination here : 2 maps and 2 tables.

There are many such projects awaiting your involvement, and you too
can bring in similar projects that you are working on / want to work
on. Jump in!

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