Saturday, January 6, 2018

What I mean by SJWs #FreeCountDankula

Hi friends,

If you have any confusions regarding what this whole SJW (Social
Justice Warrior) stuff that I keep critiquing actually means, look no
further. Go through this and I promise you you'll have a proper grip
on the whole thing.

Let's start with what I came across first:
NAZI DOG COURT VERDICT pt1 -Lauren Southern, 2018-01-05
Nazi Pug Trial PT2 -Lauren Southern, 2018-01-05

My comment at the first vid:
Scotland is jailing a man for teaching his dog a funny trick. (and if
you think it's not funny, then you must have absolutely hated Eurotrip
and that Charlie Chaplin movie and everything in between)
In all these SJW cases, the sheer absence of the value of FORGIVENESS;
the inability to forgive a slight or to let things go, really stands
out as a repeating pattern. So what if you think you're right; who the
bloody hell told you you can live out your entire life without having
to forgive anybody? It's because they're no longer seeing reality;
because everything is just a symbol of some or the other injustice or
patriarchy or whatever to these people. The cake is a symbol, the dog
is a symbol, the cartoon frog is a symbol, everything is a symbol to
these people. They've lost all sense of reality. #FreeCountDankula
Free Count Dankula! -Ogre, 2018-01-05

Here are two videos from the guy at the centre of this controversy,
Count Dankula himself:
Nazi Pug : Update #1 -Count Dankula, 2016-07-21
Nazi Pug : Update #3 -Count Dankula, 2017-03-09

>> They are ruining a perfectly nice bloke's entire life. It's for real. And they're not stopping or realizing what they're doing... look at Lauren Souther's videos linked above to know what's happening in the courtroom.

Tweet by Count Dankula :

One reply there: "Nazis banned mocking them. Now eccentric liberals
are persecuting just like the regime would have."

Another reply : "The most aggravating thing here is being a jew and
see it being done in your name.#freecountdankula #freepewdipie
#learntotakeafreakingjoke "

Article explaining the case and why "hate speech" laws are a bad idea:

>> Disclosure : As recent as 2012, I was this SJW myself (parts of it still lingering about.. old habits die hard). This inability to let things be, to forgive or to understand even, was my thing. I was totally ON the high horse. It's only because of some amazing people who came into my life (plug for: ) and showed me the mirror that I realized what an idiot I was being, how at the end of it all I was only screwing my own causes and making myself unnecessarily miserable. I'm especially thankful for all the people who saw the humour in my antics and had a good laugh off it. That really sent me into cognitive dissonance and made me question my certainties. And now I'm seeing people from my generation, just like myself, actually wrecking people's lives, ending all freedom of speech under the excuse of protecting "vulnerable" minds from "hate speech", turning the western world into police states and the damage is spreading everywhere with the profiteering social media giants deploying the same censorship mechanisms to aid dictatorial right-wing governments too (ironic seeing who campaigned to install them). We're screwing everyone with this urge to protect. That's what I mean by SJWs and why I criticise them so. They're paving the road to hell with their good intentions and if nothing else I'm at least going to laugh at them. Tyrants need to be laughed at.

PS: No you lazy-brain, this one case isn't what the Entire SJW thing
is about. It's one real-world, in-your-face example. There's SOOO many
cases across the spectrum, try seeing my monthly interesting links
posts to get a hold of them.

PPS: "Why isn't Huffpost or The Guardian or any mainstream, "socially
acceptable" outlet covering this or showing me this angle to the
topic? Why are they writing so much negative about these people but
never actually bringing the counter perspectives on board? Why will
Guardian never interview Lauren Southern despite having done hit
pieces on her?" >> Because they're FULL OF SJWs my dear. Welcome to
the real world!

One more, for the SJW readers : "Oh so you mean you support so and so
racist things?" >> Thank you for your binary thinking. Since your mom
was right about a few things, that must automatically make your dad
wrong about everything, right? Learn some nuance, dear. Reality may be
a little more complex than what the one-dimensional worldview tells

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