Sunday, September 23, 2018

The Guardian goes full 1984

A commentary on a publication that's branding practically every alternative voice out there as scheming terrorists and calling on universal censorship based on implied connections rather than actual content, which is being seconded and promoted by the mainstream media and major progressive institutions like the Guardian. I'm going to single out Guardian in this post because I see the most loyalty to them amongst my friends in the alternatives and they still see them as an "unbiased" source of news. Well, they're not, and they have used their influence to make bad things happen while you kept glorifying them.

Question: What "high level of influence" is this report's author talking about? More people still watch and believe everything BBC, CNN, MSNBC, Guardian et al say today than all the anti-SJW voices put together. One anchor of one of these channels probably makes more money than all the meager viewer-donations being earned by these independent voices put together. Why is this elephant so scared of the ant in the room? The only thing I know that can provoke this much crazed negative reaction is.. the truth.

This report demonstrates the warped mindset of the SJW cult that dominates western mainstream media and the social media giants Google (which owns Youtube and its search engine which is also heavily interfering with web search results), Apple, Twitter, Facebook, and it reveals the actual logic and belief systems used by them when they censored Infowars, NaturalNews and scores of other voices that have been silenced on all the mainstream platforms without, till date, any explicit body of evidence given to justify the censorship (no, merely saying he's a racist does not count as evidence). Guilt by association rather than own actions. When I see the actual content that is being branded as evil, I see how much the mainstream and progressive left (more regressive now) has been lying through their teeth to push their narratives. The fact that the Guardian and other prominent mainstream media voices are simply running with this and taking this published report as Gospel Truth without bothering to do even the most basic fact-checking or critiquing, reveals that there IS an SJW cult. 

I saw this exact same absence of fact checking with the James Damore episode. It was SO easy to simply read the small paper he had written and see how clearly the Guardian and others had lied about him when they falsely labelled it as an anti-diversity screed. They took full liberty to paint him as evil on their platforms, never allowed him any chance to come and defend himself on their platforms despite his repeated appeals, and they slandered everyone else who did. This video by a female engineer brings out the lying by the mainstream beautifully.

I also see evidence of the SJWs being a cult from how they have treated the people who were in their ranks, developed second thoughts on seeing the excesses being committed and chose to walk out. People like Candance Owens, Dave Rubin, Laci Green. The tell-tale sign of a cult is how they treat the people who choose to drop out.

The authoritarian cult that dominates the levers of modern day discourse and are committing actual crimes of censorship, are pointing at the small independent voices speaking out against them and accusing them of being.. rebels? Calling for full-on China-style punishment of people through vague connections? While they ARE getting scores of independent voices censored out day by day, why are they making such a big show of being helpless against "evil" and calling for even more censorship by removing the most basic of ethical safeguards? Is the near-total domination not enough that they want to wipe out even the smallest pockets of resistance? The language in that report would have one believe that as of today Youtube, Twitter, Facebook don't arbitrarily shut down, censor, demonetise, suspend, shadow ban anyone. Nothing could be farther from the truth. We are living in the most censored period of the internet right now.

Well, I'll gladly count myself as a rebel against any authoritarian cult, thank you very much. And those youtubers that have been branded as evil by that report : They are my heroes. I'll take a bullet for Milo and Dave Rubin and Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson and Roaming Millenial and SomeBlackGuy and Count Dankula and Lauren Southern and Brittany Pettibone and all of them. They are wonderful people. They are saying the politically incorrect things that need to be said. They are the little boys stepping out of line and telling the people that the Emperor is not wearing any clothes. I recommend you actually find their videos yourself and check out what they have to say rather than blindly believing what the Guardian is saying about them, before they get deleted off youtube and other platforms forever like they did to Alex Jones and Mike Adams and several others.

And to the people who see themselves as left-leaning and inclined towards social justice (which I have been for most of my adult life) : You need to wisen up about the authoritarians in your ranks. You need to start asking why the Left has such an affinity for censorship, and whether core concepts like oppressor-victim narratives, identity politics, anti-competition ("I don't believe in competition or free markets, hence I'll censor anyone who disagrees with me rather than competing with them in the free market of ideas" - classic!), prioritisation of feelings over facts ("I'll censor it because it hurts my feelings, I don't care if it's objectively true or not, because hey truth is completely relative!"), self-righteousness ("we are noble and they are evil so it's perfectly ok if we do terrible things to them, and rules, ethics don't apply" - same logic used by the Nazis methinks) etc have anything to do with it.

Another video commentary on that Guardian hit piece and the report:
The Guardian Hit Piece on Political YouTubers (Alternative Influence Network) -SomeBlackGuy, 2018-09-20

The Desperate Left | Data & Society Study -Blonde in the Belly of the Beast, 2018-09-21

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