Friday, October 2, 2009

11th hour for the fossil fuel dinosaurs, and we're buying them up!

I'm seeing so many print ads around me these days... so many awesome cars at unbelievable prices. I'm also reading in the news about India's automotive sector zooming ahead.

This is a conundrum : Higher demand, and cheaper cars??

There's got to be something we're not seeing. Well, at least something You're not seeing.
Electric cars are here. So are hybrids. Tesla Motors, Nissan, Toyota, even GM and all the Chinese makers are going into it big-time.
It's not just about economics. Look at your environment. The developed countries are smarter than you are, and they've started planning already, while you run around gaping at those ads.

All automakers are trying to dump as much petrol and diesel vehicles in India, Asia, Africa etc as they can, coz in a year they won't be able to sell their pollutant shit anywhere, with electric and hybrid coming in the thousands and revolutionizing the auto sector.

Meanwhile we're the idiots that are falling hook, line and stinker! We're buying brand-new petrol and diesel cars that will become a white elephant on our hands for the next 5 to 10 years as they live out their years of use.
Whereas clean, efficient modern technologies shall drive the new cars from next year itself. And we'll be at a loss, 'coz we fell for all those offers and bought thousands of fossil fuel-guzzling dinosaurs at the 11th hour.

We are dooming ourselves to 10 more years of dependence on petroleum, we shall fuel the next wars in the middle east, and ultimately we shall be sanctioned in about 5 years as the world switches over to a clean technology and we're left grappling with our dinosaurs.

No better way to prove how backward we really are, than to mimick the west in a 5-year time delay loop. I thought we were better than this. How could we fall for this? Why are we so stupid?

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