Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Combined Transport for the Delhi Run 1 Nov 2009!

All runners from Gurgaon, let's do ourselves and our environment a favor, and have fun while at it: Let's organise a bus (or two!) to take everyone from Gurgaon and back!!
I'm from TCS - Tata consultancy Services, Gurgaon, and am one of the co-ordinators for the run. We have approx 20 runners coming from Gurgaon side and want to hire a bus to go to the venue together. Everyone is invited to join in, also to help us find a trustworthy service that will take us there safely and back!
1. No tension : Park your vehicle at the office, sit back and enjoy the long ride to Nehru Park, Delhi. Save all your energies for the run.
2. Enjoy : It's time to re-live those college trip days, with making new friends and a good dose of antakshiri and foot-tapping thrown in!
3. Save : Fuel, carbon footprint, climate, parking space, everything!
Please send me your list of runners, with name, email, contact number, running number; and pickup point in Gurgaon on nikhil.js@gmail.com and nikhil.sheth@tcs.com. All expenses will be shared on per head basis.

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Nikhil Sheth said...

Epilogue : It was an awesome event; and we had a great time aboard the bus!
Here's a link to the pics:
Also, youtube videos: http://www.youtube.com/user/nikjs

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