Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fools rush in...

Fools rush in, where Angels fear to tread
 ...And so the Fool can go ahead and live his life, whereas the Angel stays above, away, proud, haughty, untouchable, yet scared and lonely.

I believe the "fool" and the "angel" referred  to here aren't how we see them from the outside, but rather how we see ourselves, from the inside. Let's analyze the two, shall we?

1. The Fool
If we accept that we are but fools, then we will not fear to do the things in life that can change it for the better. We will be open to change, rather anxiously awaiting it. Another popular book's title comes to mind : "Stay hungry, Stay foolish".
A person who considers himself/herself as a fool, recognizes that there are things to be learned, wisdom to be gained, from all the people around them.
So we venture forth.
We make new friends.
We build bridges.
We learn.
We grow.
By treating ourselves as but fools, we make it possible to do the things that were once considered impossible.

Look around you. Could our entire world of today have been possible without some fool somewhere rushing into hitherto unexplored territory? At some point, while others saw things as they were and wondered why, our fool saw things that never were and wondered, why not?

2. The Angel
If we consider ourselves to be the Angel, then we think too...
highly of ourselves. We believe all the changes that could, have been done. By looking at ourselves as perfect beings, we become impervious to new wisdom. We stay trapped in our own comfort zones and start fearing everything and everyone outside it. Security and not enlightenment become our goal. We start distrusting others. Instead of making new friends, we lose them to our ego, our pride and our self-righteousness. We stop understanding and empathizing. We isolate ourselves, and ultimately, we stagnate and get lonely. We are all but fallible humans, after all. If we pretend to be the Angel, just who are we fooling?

So what should we see ourselves as? The Angel who fears to tread, or the Fool who rushes in?

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