Thursday, July 29, 2010

News that makes me think

With the onset of televised news coverage, I feel that we have stopped perceiving. We start seeing all events and happenings as disparate dots. But wouldn't intelligence require from us to connect the dots?

Their implications extend beyond the disparate events themselves; I advise you to read them with insight of what happens before and after - maybe then we can begin to see a pattern emerge and possibly predict a future trend?

Russia scientist fears arrest over Olympic warnings -
Decisions made by the top order sitting in Moscow, and implemented with an...
....Iron Fist. This attitude is what brought the Soviet Union down. No matter what the circumstances, we must remember one thing : Every human is fallible, including the greatest leaders.
I am seeing very similar things happening with the Commonwealth Games coming up this year in New Delhi.

One simple question : Would you invest your money with a man or a company who does not stand to lose anything if you lose on your investment? And what if such a person stands to GAIN from your loss?
If they'd brought a little bit of liability in this business, by way of which the money managers also lost out when their client did (instead of making a commission either way), I think this whole recession would never have happened. Neither would the infinite bonuses, but hey - look at the bigger picture...

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